Friday, October 30, 2009

Where art thou Mandingo II: If you exclusively date interracial, your sex organ is obviously racist (NSFW)

Let's talk about interracial relationships, shall we? When I look around and see interracial couples in everyday life, I often wonder if any of them are aware that at one point in time in America, it was illegal for blacks & whites to even marry in this country. It’s become so common to see interracial couples these days that it’s no big deal, really. So why are you talking about it RiPPa? Why do you even care? Your racist Black ass is married to a Black woman anyway! Because I can muthaf*cka! That’s why!

Most people, who have and or do date inter-racially, will always say that they don't see color when they choose who they choose to be with. They'll often say, “love doesn't know color.” Or something stupid like, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world!” OK, that last line I made that up. But here’s the thing: if the world or society was really like that, you know, color blind? There would be no stigma attached to pursuing relationships outside of your race, no? But let’s be honest; it was the dominant culture who created the rules of engagement and set up barriers, right? Yes, and they damn sure didn't do it with love or Jesus in mind. Am I lying? Maybe I made that up too.

I look around today and see people not afraid to step outdoors with someone of a different race as a mate. Gone are the days when a black man would be shot and killed, or maybe even hung for even looking at a white woman. Gone are the days when a white woman would cry rape, after having sex with a black man out of shame and maybe even fear upon being found out, even though the act was consensual. OK, maybe that stuff still happens, but anyway. Gone are the days when a Black man could be arrested and thrown in jail for taking a white woman across state lines for carnal pleasures.

Yup, that was a long time ago. Never mind the Genarlow Wilson case in Georgia just a few years ago; that was just a fluke; that stuff almost never happens. Hell, interracial dating is "cool" now and also accepted. Yes, interracial dating is long past the stage where it was just a trend. As a matter of fact, as far as Black women are concerned it is even encouraged. I mean that’s if they don’t mind growing old and alone that is.

But even so, in this country we still frame the subject of interracial dating suggesting it to be something exclusive to the intermingling of Black and White people. What about other ethnicities? Surely for them they have their issues with it, no? Yes they do and to date outside of your race is considered to be an act of rebellion even for them.

F*ck it, I'm just telling you the truth.


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Since I am, I might as well tell you, at one point, it was considered to be more so rebellious for white women to date, or seek the companionship of Black men; than it was for a White man to date a Black woman. After all, Black folks were beneath White folks, and how dare a White woman have sex with a black man – the sexual deviant beast that he is. Never mind that white men have always had sex with black women whenever they wanted, never mind that. Hell, the white man ruled and the Black woman has always been his dispensable toy [checkout to see what I mean]. His friends would even know and it was no big deal. Double standard? Yes. But hell, they made the rules, and that’s the way it was.

But you know what’s funny? Though it’s become “tolerable” today, it’s obvious that even still, class is a big factor. Think about it; you never see a broke-ass Black dude with a White woman who's considered well to do openly dating and daddy is happy. Sheeeeit! In cases like that they’re almost always sneaking around. Conversely, you never see a successful Black man with a White woman straight out of the trailer park on his arm walking with his head in the air proud. Ok, ok, ok, so that might happen a time or two, but you see where I’m going with this.

If you noticed, I used these examples excluding Black women. I did because it’s a documented fact, that more black men date outside of their race than black women do; and trust me, that’s no accident. In my opinion, I still think Black men “choose” to date white women as a measure of success, and in turn acceptability. Yeah I know its clichéd and a bit stereotypical. But even so, I think it holds some truth which can be traced to the early days of post slavery. No, it’s not a payback thing either as some of Negroes would tell you. Like I said, for them it’s a measure of success. Yep, and for some Black women who do date White men exclusively, I hate to say it, but there’s pathology to that as well. Though I don't agree with it, I understand the pathology involved.

Yep, and now today you have White women who date black men exclusively. And sadly for them they probably don't understand the pathology associated such behavior. For some of them (white women), though it’s still an act of rebellion on their part, it’s the “in” thing. But then again, I guess it has to be an “in thing” because of the old saying “Once you go black you can’t go back.”

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Yep, and that’s when you see or meet these white chicks who run around with the claim that Black men are their “preference”. No honey, I’m sorry but I think you have that wrong; it’s not your preference per se. In truth, what it tells me, is that your vagina is racist just like the sex organs of people who date outside of their race, exclusively.


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