Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pure F*ckery: Saggy Pants, Nigerian Stowaways, & White Men Flying in Panties

OK look, before I get into this piece, I want you folks to know that I'm really mad at y'all. No seriously, I'm mad that none of you told me the story about the brotha being kicked off the plane for saggy pants, and the white man being allowed to fly wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

You mean none of you felt that was racism worth me chasing? Y'all know it's hard out here for a racism chasing blogger these days and none of y'all even told me about that foolishness last week? That's cool; I'm still kinda mad, but I forgive y'all for it. Just know that the next time a news story involves a white man wearing bra and panties in public is out there, I'm interested.

OK, now that I've got that out of the way, let's move on to some more American-airport-racism brought to us by the good folks within the mainstream media. You know, that shill of a fourth establishment, and the current story surrounding the Nigerian man who somehow managed to sneak past TSA and fly for free:, using an old boarding pass in someone else's name, and expired identification. Yes, sounds crazy, but this is what he did:
LOS ANGELES - A Nigerian man who flew from New York City to Los Angeles International Airport using an expired boarding pass that belonged to someone else was in custody today after being arrested as a stowaway aboard an aircraft, authorities said.

Olajide Noibi was arrested Wednesday morning, said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller.

Noibi boarded Virgin American Flight 415 at JFK International Airport bound for LAX on Friday, Eimiller said.

After the plane took off, flight attendants noticed there was an extra passenger, and when they examined Noibi's boarding pass they noticed that it was from the previous day and bore the name of a different person, Eimiller said. He was questioned, but he was not arrested at that time.

On Wednesday, Noibi was arrested when he returned to LAX and tried to board Delta flight 46 for Atlanta, again trying to use an expired boarding pass belonging to someone else, Eimiller said. Other expired boarding passes allegedly were found by officials who searched his bags.

Noibi was arrested on a felony violation for "being a stowaway aboard an aircraft." He made an initial appearance in federal court on Wednesday, Eimiller said. The case was continued until 10:30 a.m. Friday, she said. (source)
Now I have to be honest, the first thing that bugged me about this story was in fact, the media coverage of it. All day long media outlets on and offline have been running the story about the "Nigerian" stowaway. Upon hearing the story aside from the obvious question of how did he do it? Naturally, you're gonna assume that he was maybe some terrorist operative. You may even ask, what if he was and do they know if he is a terrorist as of yet? And you would because by him being "Nigerian" he's obviously a foreigner, and of course, a threat.

A few weeks ago we had some other "African" dude wandering around in DC was picked up and is suspected of terrorist activities at military offices. Then there's Yemen and terrorists with bombs strapped to their genitals. So yes, naturally you're gonna assume the worst about this guy. Our post 9/11 media hysteria in lockstep with the government is responsible for this, so don't feel too bad after I tell you what I tell you. As you know, there's always a racial angle.

Did you know that the "Nigerian" in this story who I'm sure some are looking at as one of president Obama's terrorist cousins is actually an American citizen. I know, you didn't see that coming; and why would you, when all you hear is that he's "Nigerian". You know, like all the scams in this country involving bank accounts and emails are done by those Nigerian scam artists?

Remember those? Sure you do; and in your mind, being Nigerian is synonymous with being criminal, which should come as no surprise that this guy was caught doing this. Surely it wasn't his "American" side who essentially hoped the NYC subway turnstile - which is essentially what he did - no, it was the more ominous Nigerian who scammed the TSA

You might not see it like I do, but that's how racism and the media by whom our perceptions are shaped works. You probably don't agree with me, but ask yourself: would a Nigerian or an African American be allowed to walk through an airport and travel while wearing nothing but a bra and pannies?.

Is Michael Steele Hatin' On The GOP Now That He's An MSNBC Analyst?

I used to made it a habit to poke fun at Michael Steele whom I affectionately called "Captian Coontastic" for his many well publicized gaffes as RNC Chairman. But you know what? Now that he no longer fills this role, Steele looks amazingly smarter than perceived now that he's cashing MSNBC checks. Of course I always thought he'd be a mainstay at Fox being the perfect lapdog as he was. But then I remembered that Fox doesn't like Black people. That is, unless they're Republican, and not an embarrassment to the party. So here is Michael Steele working on MSNBC, and taking shots at the GOP establishment... In the above clip that's what it sounded like to me.

But maybe I'm just trippin'.

An Open Letter To Mark Halperin, From One "Dick" To Another

Dear Mark Halperin,

There's nothing wrong with thinking president Obama "acted like a dick yesterday," when he got all up in the ass of House Republicans. Furthermore, it's expected that one thinks he "acted like a dick," if one agrees with what House Republicans have in store for the country, and more importantly how they attempt to promote their policies by holding the country hostage. However, saying those exact words on live national television as you did, was a very poor attempt at humor; trust me, you're no Jon Stewart you idiot.

If you ask me, I thought the president did well yesterday; and, I wish he would act like a "dick" more often. Yes, in my opinion, we need more "dick" and less "pussy" from the POTUS. And see Mark, I can say or write these words because, I'm a blogger. Unlike you, I'm not on the payroll of a major media outlet. Unlike you, I don't genuflect , fellate, and kiss the rings of an asshole like Joe Scarborough five days a week. Incidentally, did you think saying those words were going to result in a pay raise? Sure I know there's money to be made by Republican dick-riding in the media. But damn Mark, did you forget that you were on MSNBC and not FOX News Channel? What in the world were you thinking? And why didn't you say what you said off camera, Mark?

In closing, I wish you the best of luck in your career now that you'll be forever known as the "dick" man. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure Rupert and company could use your talent for having turds spew from your mouth on a daily basis. Yes, you should fit right in pretty good with that crowd, Mark. Hell, just be sure to blame MSNBC's decision to suspend you indefinitely on that liberal media bias I hear so much about; at Fox, they love that sort of thing, you asshole.

Your hater for life,


P.S. Fuck your apology; I bet you feel like a real "dick" for getting fired

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Daily Show: One Nation, Overdrawn - Black Community Loyalty [VIDEO]

This was too funny, and I had to share...

Maybe one day Black people will be able to shed the monolithic stereotype, and the false assumption of voting for Barack Obama because of his skin color. Maybe one day we can prove it once and for all that we as Black people are more concerned about policy, and are informed on the voting record of potential candidates. Maybe that day will come once we have more than one Black candidate on the ballot. Hello, Herman Cain anyone? Oh yeah that's right; Herman Cain isn't Black nor is he African American. Oh well, there's always Cynthia McKinney... Or maybe even Al Sharpton? Somebody has to split the Black vote one of these days. Not sure who, but please, no rappers.

Dr. Jared Ball on Affordable Housing, Budget Cuts, & Empower DC [VIDEO]

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hypocrisy Watch: The GOP Opposed To Tax Cuts?

I'm telling you, the GOP is only concerned with destroying president Obama. They don't care about anything else. So much so that if it came down to stopping another terrorist attack on U.S. soil? The GOP will be the welcome wagon. They'll be like, "Oh gee, come on in mister terrorist... yep, g'head and blow op as much shit as you like." They'll knowingly and willingly do this, and for political expediency, they'll blame Barack Obama. They'll blame the president and somehow spin it to suggest that he knew all along what those terrorist bastards were up to. After all, Barack is Muslim, right?

What these assholes are doing right now should piss you off if you're paying attention, if you haven't already. Thank God for these freedom loving American patriots otherwise known as the GOP. Without them, where exactly would we be, right? Well, according to Bloomberg today, not raising the Debt Ceiling would have dire consequences for an already struggling economy that is in slow recovery. Now why would the GOP wanna go and do that, huh?

The U.S. government wouldn’t be able to fund about 50 percent of its obligations and would have to furlough about 800,000 federal workers if Congress fails to approve an increase in the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, a coalition of former budget officials says.

Sometime in the first half of August, no funding would be available for the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Education and Housing and Urban Development as well as unemployment insurance and Internal Revenue Service refunds, according to a report by the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington.

The study by Jay Powell, a former Treasury undersecretary under President George H.W. Bush, represents a challenge to Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and other Republicans who dismiss the risks of a government default. Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty said today Republicans should hold out for deep spending cuts before raising the debt ceiling.

[...] There would be just enough to cover payments for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and military personnel, assuming Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner gives those programs priority, according to the study.

Drugs, White Folks, Fools, & Politics

[Editor's Note: I'm off and running to a few doctor appointments today. In the mean time, check out the following guest post from my man "Carey Carey" of the blog Carry Me Home. So show him some love.]

Shout out to all the hypocritical Negroes who complain about BET being an embarrassment to Black America, but still patronize the network. Bonus shout out to the fellas who dial those sex lines featuring white chicks advertised on BET. Yep, diversity is a good thing, son.

But check this, since my daddy said, “don’t be nobodies fool”, I am going to take his advise, so for this post I am going to change the skin color of my target audience. Are you kidding me, although a few black women (and men) could fit these shoes, I am not ready for another ass kicking. So today, it’s White Folks, Politics, Drugs and Zip Fools, because they all have something in common.

Let me start by saying I am leery of white people, okay. Now don’t take that wrong. I was raised around white folk (I was born in Iowa), and I am not a racist by any stretch of imagination. Wait, does that have the same feeling/flavor/sting as a white person saying “I have black friends’? Well, all the King’s horses and all the King’s friends couldn’t put Humpty Dumpy back together again. Yeah, figure out how that relates to anything I’ve said. Nevertheless, I am gonna say it, I have white friends - not many - but I do.

But listen, I hate white people. Yup, I said it. I really hate them. They are ugly, stupid and obnoxious. And they are a bunch of narrow minded privileged bigots. I see white people as a scourge that needs to be eliminated from the world. You are sitting there thinking "damn this motherfucker is crazy", aren't you? Well, therein lies the problem. Because you know what? Most of my opinions are really on point and need to be said. Only problem is, coming from my mouth they tend to lose legitimacy. I am a black man, but hold that thought.

Okay, white folks are now on the floor, so let me drag out drugs, politics and a few fools.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sticky Case of Reggae Artist Buju Banton, Sentenced to 10 Years to the Feds

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual
Tampa, FL - In a federal court filled with supporters, reggae artist Buju Banton, real name Mark Myrie, was sentenced to 10 years for being involved in a 2009 drug trade for 5 kilograms (roughly 11 pounds) of cocaine from undercover officers. His conviction for conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine, includes a drug trafficking offense, as well as a gun charge.

Banton pleaded not guilty with his lawyers using entrapment as their defense, but audio and video surveillance recorded Banton serving as the go-between for the dealers and buyers. Surveillance also showed him tasting cocaine and bragging about him being involved in previous drug trades.

According to the US District Judge James Moody, 10 years is the minimum federal sentence, and if you know anything about fed time, you are doing at least 80 percent of your sentence, so Bantan will not see the light of day for a minute.

Veteran Jamaican DJ and activist, Jason Walker began a campaign asking for leniency for Bantan during his trial. In a letter from one of his 15 children, his son Mark Myrie, Jr., asked that the courts have mercy upon a man who is a hard working father, artist, and philanthropist, who is a victim of his personal human imperfection.

There have been other free Buju campaigns, and celebs who have come out to support are son of Bob Marley, Stephen Marley, actor Danny Glover, and NBA player and poet, Etan Thomas. Glover wrote in his statement of support, "Society would not benefit from his incarceration."

A statement that is a true revelation on the failed drug policies in this country that highlight racial and economic disparities; hence the recent trials of Lindsey Lohan, or the admitted cocaine usage of two US presidents, Obama and Bush jr.

Banton is a well-celebrated reggae artist who has created music that has won him numerous accolades. As of late, he just garnered a Grammy for Best Reggae album for his work, Before the Dawn; but his 1992 song, Boom Bye Bye, won him the reputation of being a serious homophobe.

His lyrics, 'boom bye bye to a batty boy head" literally means to shoot a gay man, and is in support of the social practice in Jamaica (and in the Caribbean and Africa to a large degree) to harm and sometimes kill gays and lesbians by a mob if discovered.

Mixed with ultra-conservative Christian fanaticism, Rastafarian views that are against homosexuality, and a local culture that sees homosexuality as taboo, Boom Bye Bye became a war car for islanders (even local police officers) who participate and support the death of homosexuals.

Gay activists cited Jamaica as one of the most homophobic places in the world, especially at the height of anti-gay terrorism which included the murders of two of the island's most prominent gay activists, Brian Williamson (June 9, 2004) and Steve Harvey (November 30, 2005). Williamson who has hacked to death with a machete, and Harvey, found dead with multiple gun wounds, sounded off an alarm to protest famous Jamaicans who supported violence against gay and lesbians.

Myrie also was brought on charges in 2004, after a local gay man named Brian accused him and a group of men bursting into his house and beating him and five other men with a board. Bantan who was vocal about his views on homosexuality was slammed with a global anti-Bantan movement.

In the US, many of his concerts were shut down due to protests and in some cases, melee and protests broke out while he was on stage. As a result, promoters and Bantan were losing thousands of dollars. For a while, Banton was more of a liability to the entertainment world than an asset. You see reggae artists bank in their performances in California and on the West Coast, but the LGBT community frequently blocked and put political/economic pressure on Banton.

In 2009, Banton agreed to meet with gay activists, but the meeting was unfruitful. The activists requested that the proceeds to Boom Bye Bye go to the J-FLAG organization and asked for Banton to hold a town hall in Jamaica addressing homophobia. Banton rejected the demands and later that night his concert was pepper sprayed by protestors.

On a radio program hosted by Mutabaruka, Banton said:
 Them come with demands which I and I a go flop dem right now, because give thanks to my culture and upbringing I coulda never endorse them things. I can't sell myself out, neither would I do that in a thousand years, "" he continued. " I love everyone in the world. I don't love no special group from another group. There are other needy organizations out there.
Banton who is a known philanthropist maintained his anti-gay stance, and has become the face of virulent homophobia in dancehall and reggae songs that are against homosexuality.

Banton's case presents a conundrum. On one hand, it is seen as justice served. While on the other, it is viewed as injustice upheld.

The reggae artist who never had any convictions is an example of failed American policies in this "War on Drugs" because the real issues with drug abuse in the US still has not been properly addressed. At the same time, gay activists and the LGBT community are shaking their heads and thinking that karma was the bitch who has him by the balls.

At the same time, the Banton case is loaded with political objectives and smoking mirrors covered by his culturally-religious-political views. The system took someone who is a bad guy in one arena, and unjustly stuck him in another way to allow him become the poster child for an absurd law that  is justified because of his actions dealing with something else. It is okay to some because they popped a rude boy one way or the other, not realizing that we all can suffer the same fate.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Impact of Failed Universal Healthcare

A couple of days ago I was floored to discover that one of my favorite paranormal writers, L.A. Banks was fighting late stage renal cancer. Her editor notes that she is in an "uphill battle" that also includes skyrocketing health care costs.

Ironically, this video is of Banks talking about her healthcare insurance issue a couple of years ago when Obama's universal healthcare system was being pushed. Eerily, Banks talks about an issue that she is now facing, not enough healthcare coverage to pay her bills.

Along with the F for failure in universal healthcare, I am ashamed to have voted for someone who is consistently turning their backs on those who put him in office.

I represent a new class of people, it is the professional poor, people who have degrees out of the ass, but are barely or not making it at all. In this recession we are either unemployed, underemployed, or being pimped out at a job paying us a for a portion of what we do. We are either without healthcare insurance or under-insured, and in serious debt. Just like Banks, my talents, my education, my contributions to American society bear very little significance when it comes to protecting greedy corporations and jack-legged politicians.

Though I know that healthcare is being dragged through the courts, I just hoped he'd fight for it as hard as he allowed banks to get the biggest welfare check after slavery, or him igging critics in his support to drop NATO bombs in Libya, though the African Union has called for a peaceful resolution.

Yep, change did come, and it its not the change we bargained to get.

In the meantime, please buy a book for LA Banks to help support her return to good health. The last thing we need is a writer who writes more than "street lit" to pass before their time.


Friday, June 24, 2011

The Friday Sex Blog [Mambo]

[Note: Aside from its better-known definition of a Latin@ dance form, Mambo is the term for a female High Priestess in the Vodou religion. They are the highest form of clergy in the religion, whose responsibility it is to preserve the rituals and songs and maintain the relationship between the spirits and the community as a whole (though some of this is the responsibility of the whole community as well). They are entrusted with leading the service of all of the spirits of their lineage.]
* * *
I had a friend once who fainted while getting his cocked sucked. This is true…

To be fair, the woman responsible was no ordinary woman. Her skin was an almost impossible shade of buttery brown and she was sublimely beautiful. Regal in her bearing, her prominently chiseled cheekbones framed eyes shaped like goldfish, her full lips, evoking her African ancestry, glistened with dew, her lush ripe breasts hung just right, and the possibilities and potentialities between her shy smile and her magnificently shaped ass were infinite. She walked as if she were royalty and the world syncopated itself to the sway of her curvaceous hips. A subtle but palpable energy enclosed her and her amber eyes shone with an intelligence and wisdom beyond her young years.

And she would have nothing to do with me. In fact, I believe at times she was downright scared of me. She once told a mutual friend that I had powerful spirits all around me -- some benevolent, but many evil.

Many would say she was just a whore, but many more whispered she was a bruja, a Vodou priestess, a succubus. She had many admirers, and she could’ve quite possibly enjoyed a comfortable life of leisure if she chose. I don’t k now if she was any of these things, but I do know she absolutely worshiped cock. I can still remember clearly all these years later. It was a summer night, the air hot as held breath. And we, my friends and I, we were on a drug and alcohol-induced prowl and somehow we ended up at her place -- in the middle of some crazy party.

My friend was absolutely taken by her and I wondered why she even bothered with him. If she was a whore, as many claimed, she was obviously a high-priced one and my friend was broke. In fact, we were all just a group of five horny motherfuckers barely into our twenties, just out for a good time. I had seen her around occasionally accompanied by an older man who walked around scowling all the time. Some said he was her husband, but that seemed unlikely to me. In any case, the scowling man jealously guarded her and word was he had stabbed Blackie just for looking at her wrong. And Blackie was a Golden Gloves champion, just starting out on a promising professional boxing career.

Anyway, my friend just had to have her and she seemed willing, but there was the problem of the old man, so we decided we would act as lookouts while he tried to get with the Black Angel.

North Carolina Seeks to Compensate Victims of Forced Sterilization by Eugenics Program

A good friend and longtime reader hit me up this week and mentioned that North Carolina was attempting to right their wrongs by compensating women who were sterilized via a Eugenics program. I kinda knew that this was the practice in many states back in the day, but when I really looked into it this week, I was surprised to find that this was the practice in 33 states total. And of course, these programs targeted poor, disenfranchised, and uneducated women and men; yes, and of course most of them were Black.

More surprising to me, was the fact that this practice was allowed to continue up until 1974 in the state of North Carolina. Some of these women were told that they would lose their public assistance should they refuse to be sterilized. Quite naturally, for many poor women, this was a life or death decision
RALEIGH, N.C. — Nearly 35 years after ending the country's most active post-war sterilization program, North Carolina is the only state trying to make amends to thousands of people who cannot have children because of eugenics-inspired theories about social improvement.

Next week, victims and their relatives will tell their stories to a state task force considering compensation to victims of sterilizations that continued into 1974. Roughly 85 percent of victims were women or girls, some as young as 10. North Carolina has more victims living than any other state because a majority was sterilized after World War II, said Charmaine Fuller Cooper, director of the state Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation.

Eugenics programs gained popularity in the U.S. and other countries in the early 1900s, but most abandoned those efforts after World War II because of the association with Nazi Germany's program aimed at racial purity. However, North Carolina's expanded, with sterilizations peaking in the 1950s and early 1960s. About 70 percent of the state's 7,600 sterilizations occurred after the war, state figures show.

Overt rationalization for the programs ranged from protecting the potential offspring of mentally disabled parents to improving the overall health and intellectual competence of the human race. Before the atrocities of World War II, it was seen by many — both blacks and whites — as a legitimate effort to improve society.

"Sterilization was always a cost-cutting measure," said Paul Lombardo, a professor at Georgia State University's College of Law. "The argument was, anybody who generates social costs shouldn't be allowed to have children." (source)
I did some more digging and then I found the following story by CBS, which  features one of the victims of this practice in the state of North Carolina. Her story I'm sure is not unique; and, as heart-wrenching as her story happens to be, I'm pretty sure there are others with similar tales which have affected their lives. This week state officials heard testimony from many victims, but the following testimony, is a must see. Seriously, check it out:


Now, as you know, I'm not a woman: and obviously, I'm not able to bear a child. I also know a few women who for medical reasons aren't able to bring children into this world; and. The few that I know would love nothing more than to be able to have children; and in all honesty, for them, this is a source of pain. Having said that, being a man, I can only imagine what Elaine Riddick is feeling today. A rape victim at the age of 14 that produced a child? Being labeled promiscuous by folks who don't know you?, Then being "punished" by having your natural ability to have children away ? Can you imagine having to deal with this, or even being her?But yet some asshole who today reads a story involving what they deem "bad parenting" will always have the audacity to suggest that some parents shouldn't be allowed to have children.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear, White Men: Like the Women of Wal-Mart, You Fuckers Need Real Oppression in Your Lives

First of all, E-Verify isn't a "federal law," as the turd in the video above says - it has yet to be federally mandated. As of right now employers have the option of using it or not to check the employment eligibility of potential and current workers, But more on that in a future post, so, so me a favor and ignore Bubba above who strikes me as yet another racist-freedom-loving Conservative...

Listen up white men; we gotta talk. OK, so I've been watching you guys for a while now, and quite frankly, you guys are scaring me right about now. Yes I know that recent trends have given rise to your feelings if irrelevance. Your kid loves rap music and wears his hat backwards, the president is Black, and you just found out that your 17-year0old daughter lost her virginity to some Mexican kid named Jesus. So yes, I do realize just how traumatic you existence has been lately. No seriously, after centuries of world domination this type of thing can lead to alcoholism, punching your white mail order Russian wives in the face for no reason other than thinking O.J. Simpson might have been innocent, and even suicide. Yes, I know it's hard being a white man in America.

Of course the weak minded among you would be affected by all these changes this way. However, there's no way you guys could have dominated the world for as long as you have by being weak. So what do you guys do with your new-found fetish for all things nostalgic outside of a '37 Chevy? Well, of late I see you guys have focused on the obvious threat to your God-given right and entitlement that is American citizenship. That would be, women and immigrants. I mean nothing is more a threat than the thought of the current illegal immigrant explosion, and just how its miscegenation will undoubtedly lead to your near extinction. And of course we can't have that; I mean, what would Hitler think. More importantly, what would your ancestors think of you?

So what do you guys do? You do as always; you come up with ways to systematically oppress both groups; and you do so after yet another round table white man discussion where you guys drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, or whatever beer you guys drink these days. You get fellow white men to pass some of the most racist laws in Georgia and Alabama that targets illegal immigrants with brown skin specifically. Yes, I seriously doubt whether anyone will be labeled a criminal if they knowingly transported an illegal immigrant who who happens to love Cheese Wiz as all white people do unlike people of color. Nor do I think a Landlord in Alabama would be worried about the Canadian white family who has overstayed the limit of their visas seeking a potential threat of arrest, should they rent property to them. But don't tell that to Rush Limbaugh; yep, none of this is racist. Yep, there's no racism or discrimination when it comes to the enforcement of laws in the United States.

You Know, sorta like the Supreme Court did this week?

America's First Transgender Student Prom Queen is Latino [VIDEO]

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uninsured Man Robs Bank for $1 to Get Access to Medical Care via Prison

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to yet another example of what it's like for the working poor in America in 2011. Naturally if you've been following this site for some time you'll know, that unemployment if high, there are millions still uninsured as health care costs continue to rise, and most importantly, the government doesn't give a damn. Or, they don't give the impression that they do, whilr attempting to convince us otherwise.

So what's a person in need of medical care to do while wealthy politicians sit around and squabble over cutting necessary services for poor folk and also Medicare & Medicaid? Well, I'll leave that up to you because only you can determine your level of desperation. However, meet Richard James Verone, and check out what he did about his situation, and what he did about his need for medical attention, Clearly his is an example of American ingenuity, that can do spirit, and all out desperation. Or simply put: a man doing what he has to do:

STON, N.C -- A North Carolina man suffering from an undiagnosed growth on his chest and two ruptured disks walked into an RBC bank and handed a note to a teller demanding $1. He then sat by the door and waited for police to arrive.

Richard James Verone says he needs medical attention and hoped that by getting arrested, he would have access to health care in prison.

"I'm sort of a logical person and that was my logic, what I came up with," Verone told WCNC. "If it is called manipulation, then out of necessity because I need medical care, then I guess I am manipulating the courts to get medical care."

Three years ago, Verone was laid off from Coca-Cola after 17 years on the job. He says he has had part-time work since then, but nothing with health insurance.

He is hoping for a three-year sentence, enough time to collect social security and obtain the medical help he requires, Verone says.

"If you don't have your health, you don't have anything," he says.

The 59-year-old was unarmed at the time of the incident.

He is being charged with larceny and is held on a $2,000 bond. He will appear in court June 28. (source)
Lemme tell you, as a person who for the last four years has struggled with major health issues for the last four years, I empathize heavily with what this man has done. For the past four years I've struggled to deal with complications from 17yrs of diabetes with my eyes. And as I've mentioned before, at one point and for a very long time I was legally blind. Most important to note, is that I dealt with this while having insurance, as well as without having any. And to understand where I'm coming from, I've had at least six surgical procedures done dur8ng this time. Yep, and I have the bills to prove it, by God.

Check out Ricard's jailhouse interview:

With 2012 being an election year, Democrats are going to try to convince us that the Health Care Reform bill was the best thing for America, while Republicans attack it. Hopefully someone will be audacious by asking just how are people going to be able to afford coverage wityhout jobs as costs continue to ricse? No seriously, where is the jobs bill, and why hasn't health care reform controlled cost? Surely our wealthy elected officials will have honest answers...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

National Black Church Initiative Not Happy Wiith POTUS Over Gay Marriage [VIDEO]

This story is kinda old, but with the hoopla over gay marriage in New York coupled with the fact that I'm a bit under the weather with my eyes again. I figured throw this out there because I could imagine just how many Black church organizations out there are actively working against legislation in New York and pretty much everywhere else it pops up. As you folks know, I don't like the marriage of religion and politics. So with that said, lemme just say that I think this particular organization needs to go fuck themselves.

Obama 2012... BITCHES!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Michelle Alexander on the Hypocrisy of the Obama Administration on the War On Drugs


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

I don't know how much of a stir Michelle Alexander's statements have created throughout the blogosphere. But, as it has been seen throughout the Obama era, any critique of president Obama that links his race or cultural upbringing is a no-no. Let's be honest, "certain people" aren't too happy whenever his "blackness" is questioned. However, in the context of the War On Drugs and its obvious attack on people of color over the last 40yrs, Michelle is right in her commentary. Unfortunately, the central message will be missed in defense of Barack Obama as it always is; and, it's a damn shame.

On Facebook, Michelle Alexander said:
I was on MSNBC last night talking about the failed drug war. I called out Obama as a bit of a hypocrite, given that he, himself, has admitted to using cocaine and marijuana. If he had been raised in the 'hood rather than in Hawaii by white grandparents, the odds are good that he would have been arrested. Far from being president of the United States, he might not even have the right to vote today.
As I pointed out in a recent post, Obama has flip flopped on his position regarding the war on drugs. In 2006 he clearly stated that said war has been ineffective, and questioned its method of application in the criminalization of certain illegal substances. Back then, he also recognized the egregious targeting of communities of color. But today, his stance is different; he has asked for more federal funds for the upcoming fiscal year 2012 to further increase enforcement of a now 40-year0old failed policy.

Of course some of you may see nothing wrong with this much like the guy I had a conversation with last week. In his opinion, there is no racial bias associated with the war on drugs. According to him, Black folks should be like white folks and not walk around with drugs in their possession. Which is bullshit because there is no empirical evidence to support the idea that people of color are genetically predisposed to drug use or sales. If anything, studies have shown that unlike white folks, people of color are more likely to face time in prison for drug convictions relative to white people.

Of course these facts don't matter; as long as Blacks and other poor minorities retain the stereotype, all is well with America. I refuse to get into any debates over this today with anyone, especially a person of color as was the guy I spoke with last week. I'll  however say this: If you think nothing is wrong with the War On Drugs targeting communities of color? Or that white folks are more just as likely to use drugs but get less time in prison? That's fine! Don't say shit when you get stopped by the cops and they go up your rectum with a Roto-Rooter without any probable cause other than your stupid ass being Black.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sunday Morning Sex Blog [Relationship Challenges]

I am playing the game I suppose,
out of habits
learned long ago,
but I have been in these waters
far longer than
even my tired eyes could tell you.

Okay, so I’m going to start out by copping to the fact that I’m not all that great in the relationship arena. I don’t even have a pet… Therefore, take the rest with a grain of salt.

Something happens when I realize I’m feeling deeply for a woman and how painfully clear it is that considering a relationship is a lot like standing at the abyss and jumping. In other words, along with feelings, there comes the realization that I am also becoming vulnerable to that person I have feelings for. And that’s not a great revelation for me because, I have to admit, it’s scary.

There, I said it: relationships scare me.

It’s not a fear of commitment, that’s not it. I have and can commit to living with another person. The part that’s fearful is the part of being vulnerable. Believe me, there are plenty of people who are in committed relationships who choose not to be vulnerable. It’s not that hard. You can be in a long-term, committed relationship and not really share deep intimacy. I see it all the time. But because of the kind of person I am, when I open and give, it’s about going…




That’s why I’ve previously admitted that beginnings are extremely difficult at times with yours truly. If I’m seeing you and we both know there’s a surrender looming in the near future -- we’re both feeling these feelings and we know it’s headed somewhere -- then I’m not holding much of anything back. I’m not saying that I’m blabbing everything out by the third date, or that I immediately go overboard. LOL! That’s closer to codependency, not love. I am saying that I work at being transparent. I don’t play hide and seek. If I’m feeling something, I will look you in the eyes and let you know, “Sweetie, I don’t know how or why, but I’m starting to have these feelings… ” I won’t play The Game. The one thing you can always count on with me, is that you will always know where I stand (sometimes this is not such a good thing).

Saturday, June 18, 2011

25 Ways to Support Black Farmers

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

Food and water shortages will be the next major issue worldwide, and we have the opportunity to prevent hunger and the rapidly developing diseases that are occurring due to GMO foods, foods with too many pesticides, and mass produced produce that just ain't produce any more.

This statement will not sound like anything close to a conspiracy theory when we are hungry. Hell, we already are fat and sick due to the chemicals in the food.

At one time, US agriculture was solely done with black hands, nowadays, African-Americans can barely maintain farmland since they are only 1% of the agricultural population in the country.

However, black farmers are still fighting and need the resources of the blogging community to step up, and let their stories be known, and as well, our dollars to support.

Black farmers market in Savannah.

  1. Donate to the National Black Farmers Association, or Save Black Farmers, or the Southeastern African American Farmers Network.
  2. Volunteer time in preparing farmers, assessing needs, and recovery process
  3. Get your university and school involved in sponsoring and advocating for black farmers
  4. Purchase as much of your goods as possible from black producers
  5. Provide legal services especially in the following areas: land preservation assistance and remediation Services
  6. First Response Services
  7. Use social media and Internet skills to provide free Media Services
  8. Research and Implementation Services needed for farmers to know the various resources available
  9. Provide the following supplies: Seeds (untreated or organic only, Seedlings (untreated or organic only, Compost, Hoop houses, Fruit trees, Tractors, Wood, Nails
  10. Remediation Equipment, First Aid Supplies, Tillers, Green Houses, Pole Buildings
  11. Field trips to visit black farms
  12. Encourage your local stores to purchase from black producers during this week
  13. Do community events around issues in black agriculture,
  14. Youth outreach and engagement to encourage more children of color to go into agriculture
  15. Host a black farmers market
  16. Run stories in news papers about Black Agriculture
  17. Advocate for more services and programs that help increase the number of black producers
  18. Advocate and help make black producers self-sustaining
  19. Help create innovative ways that allow farmers to get their produce consumed by the larger communities, especially in the cities.
  20. Donate transportation services like drivers and refrigerated trucks
  21. Seek mentorship and plant knowledge from a black farmer because the average age is 63-years
  22. Create list of farmers markets where black farmers and/or growers are featured.
  23. Join an urban growers network like the urban growers network primarily in the boroughs of New York. Click here for more information.
  24. Add to this list of black farmers. This list was taken from the Southeaster African American Farmers Network's list of organic farmers. For list, click here.
  25. Grow your own shit. At least a vegetable, an herb (cannabis doesn't count) or something!

Good News: Detroit's Catherine Ferguson Acedemy To Stay Open As Charter School [VIDEO]

Friday, June 17, 2011

Anthony Weiner's Resignation, & the Pussification of Democrats in Congress

I don't think Anthony Weiner should have resigned. OK, lemme rephrase that: I don't think Anthony Weiner should have been forced to resign by members of his own party. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they say he was a distraction. But I'm sorry, the distraction meme wasn't being pushed by Republicans; it was done by Democrats. And you know what I think? Calling it a distraction when you don't even command the majority in the House to affect change is some bitchass shit. Yes, and president Obama giving the dude the kiss of death was another bitch move on the part of the White House. Not Shirley Sherrod bad, but still.

I mean, what exactly did Weiner do other than have the unfortunate pleasure of having his last name and sending pictures of his crotch to a few females online? I could be wrong, but I don't remember Democrats calling for president Bill Clinton to step down after getting some head and leaving cum stains on a dress at the Oval office? So why play the card now? Why not leave it up to the Republican glass-house-dwellers to do the stone throwing? Why not leave it up to them to ask r suggest that he resign? No seriously, did Democrats hate him that much? What, are certain Democrats still upset about his fight for the Public Option?

Did he upset the applecart by being a bit too loud and ambitious?

So now that the distraction is gone. I suppose Democrats are now going to be able to convince Republicans to put forth a real jobs bill. Yep, now that the Weiner has pulled out, now Democrats are going to be able to get back to the job of making things right in America that they failed to do when they gad the majority before last November. I'm sorry, but I think Nancy Pelosi, president Obama, and all the other Democrats in leadership who suggested his resignation are spineless. Weiner should still be in Congress, and it should have been up to his constituents to decide whether he stays or goes much like they did for Charlie Rangel. Yes he lied, but he also apologized. The only thing he should have done differently aside from sending those pics was to change his last name before he did. To me, that was the distraction the media pounced on.

Big Bank Take Little Bank: Inequity in the War on Drugs

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

The Obama Administration has justifiably been hit with a flood of criticism for pouring money into the failed "War on Drugs." Not only is this new war redirecting needed resources to rebuild the US infrastructure, but everyone knows at this point and time that the "war" is simply for profit, and the war on drugs is about as real as the Toothfairy and Candyman.

Freeway Rick Ross
In Los Angeles, it was revealed some years ago that local police officers were using information gathered from the D.A.R.E. programs to later on slap gang affiliations on youth who were not even in a gang.

And everyone should know about the infamous C.I.A's scheme during the Reagan Era which pumped millions of tons of crack cocaine into South Los Angeles (formerly known as South Central) in the 80s and 90s to fund its drug war in Central America. Ironically, the news reporter Gary Webb who broke the story in the Mercury News in 1995 was found with two bullets in his head several years back. The death was ruled a suicide.

Gary Webb
Thanks to the former prison guard turned thug rapper, Rick Ross for reviving the legendary local drug lord, "Freeway" Rick Ross, and his large contribution in ensuring that black Los Angeles would socially and economically implode.

The question about this funding for fighting drugs should be, "What is the war on drugs covering this time?"

For years, people have been screaming and shouting about the disproportionate sentencing of individuals buying or selling crack cocaine versus cocaine. But that is not the largest disparity, as a recent federal government ruling revealed.

While Pookie, Tom and Mr. Juarvez get jail time for peddling anywhere from a couple of hundred to even a cool million or two, Wachovia Bank, now a part of Wells Fargo, gets a simple fine for laundering billions of drug money on behalf of Mexican drug lords.

In an article on Black Agenda Report:

Wachovia recently completed what amounted to a year-long probation arising from a March 2010 settlement deal with federal prosecutors who were pursuing criminal proceedings against Wachovia for its facilitating of illegal money transfers from Mexico totaling $378-billion…a staggering sum greater than half of the Pentagon's annual budget, which included billions of dollars traced directly to violent Mexican drug cartels.
“The fine amounted to less than two percent of Wachovia's profits.”
The record $160-million fine slapped on Wachovia under terms of that settlement deal included a $50-million assessment for failing to monitor cash used to ship into the US 22 tons of cocaine. (That fine amounted to less than two percent of Wachovia's profits during the prior year.)

Wells Fargo now owns Wachovia. Wells Fargo, federal prosecutors stress, was not involvement in the misdeeds that landed Wachovia in court, where it received a deferred prosecution deal.
As the article reads, Wachovia bank, and might I add was originally started and seed money is from slavery, operated largely from money transfers from Mexico by the drug trade, a drug trade that is a global business.

The drug wars in Mexico and its subsequent trade includes players from Russia, Middle East, Nigeria, India, and of course America. It is easier to funnel drugs through the Mexican borders due to the open border trade system that was established during the Clinton Era and strengthened under the Bush Regime.

The whole issue of border safety and border protection from immigrants who cross the imaginary line is really using poor Mexicans and the various minions in the Mexican Mafia as pawns to cover up the billion-dollar-a-month operation of shipping in shit loads of drugs in a sophisticated network that is funneled by banks and mega-corporations.

Though there are actual law enforcement who think they are doing the right thing and capturing drugs, their strong arm tactics are being exploited as well because the big boys never go to trial. They pay to play.

The Friday Sex Blog [Transmutation]

[Note: if you’ve been itching to meet yours truly or to kick my ass (or try motherfucker) I will be hanging out tomorrow at New Jersey’s Palisades Interstate Park with some friends (quite a few from the internet). Any of my trolls who don't show up are hereby documented as twats. LOL! If you’re interested check out the Evite for details (click here). (Ladies: I promise not to try to fuck you in the ass)]

* * *

-=[ Flipping the Script]=-

A young lady had just begun menstruating, and was suffering from debilitating cramps. Unfortunately, massive doses of ibuprofen did nothing to relieve the distress, so she went to her acupuncturist, Dr. Lily Ming, to get relief.

Dr. Ming had her lie down on the table and proceeded to insert several needles in her belly and hand and ear. Then Dr. Ming did something our intrepid heroine was unfamiliar with: She light pounded on the nail of the young lady’s big toe with a silver hammer for a few minutes.

“Why are you doing that?” the young lady asked.

“It’s good for the uterus,” the doctor replied.

And sure enough, the young lady’s cramps dramatically decreased as the doctor thumped, and in the days to come they did not return.

After the session, as our young lady prepared to leave, the usually quiet and reserved Dr. Ming started up a conversation. Surprised, the young lady listened as the doctor made a series of revelations. By far the most surprising was Dr. Ming’s description of a traumatic event from her own childhood.

During the military occupation of her native Manchuria, a province of China, she was forced to witness Japanese soldiers torturing people she loved. Their primary act of atrocity was using hammers to drive bamboo shoots through their victims’ big toes.

The moral of the story you ask? (Okay, you didn’t ask, but I like to pretend you ask shit like that. ) Dr. Ming has accomplished the heroic feat of reversing the meaning of her most traumatic imprint. She has turned a symbol of pain into a symbol and tool for healing.

Dr. Ming is a power of example for me and challenges me to ask others and myself: what’s your excuse?



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Robert Reich: The Truth About the Economy [VIDEO]

Black Male Oedipus Complex

I don't know if it's just me, but Kanye West's song brings up memories of me dating black men who never stopped dating their mothers, and really never removed themselves off of the tit. I think I'm going to throw up as these flashes of men who had these bizarre pseudo-sexual, intimate relationships. This song is honestly raw and disturbing as it shows that Kanye is still a young boy trying to navigate his affections for his mother and his mother's affections for another male.

I never thought that a man calling his mother every night and regulating her evening activities was healthy. And real talk, I got a cousin who said his mother can never have a boyfriend. He's married with children and lives miles away, while she is alone and going through major health complications. So she's been dickless for about the last 15 years.

Interestingly, in time for father's day, I would like to thank all the men who planted seeds and left little black boys to create a manhood that was wrapped around their mother's frustrations from absentee father's and complicated dating life. And I want to congratulate all the mother's who kept their children from their father's as a tactic of vengeance due to a funky relationship with their baby's father.

All of you's who were raised by women, this is not a stab. Black women have raised millions of beautiful children. But I'm not going to front, some of my friends biggest pains are men who simply cannot let go of their mother's to develop an intimate relationship.

BTW, single mothers, your son is not your n*gga, and never will be. He is not the man of the house, and please let him be a child. But I forewarn you, don't take him anywhere near Eddie Long's church or Longfellow program.

Mama Jones Is The HBIC: "In this bonus clip from Episode 7 of Love & Hip Hop, Mama Jones is furious with curious for not giving her a heads up about the proposal!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pure F*ckery: Man "Acidentally" Rapes 10-Year-Old Deaf Girl, & Another Dies While Raping 77-Year-Old Elderly Woman

Just last night while watching Law & Order: SVU with Mrs. RiPPa I mentioned that I couldn't be a cop investigating rape cases. I told her that if I was I'd probably lose my job for kicking the asses of the perps I encountered or arrested. And then today of all days, I get the following stories in my inbox. This first one right here? Man do I want to fuck this dude up. Yeah, you "accidentally" raped a 10-year-old girl, dude?

No seriously, this is the story you're sticking with?

Now how in the blue hell do you not know that you're having sex with a 10-year-old child? Seriously, Tristian; how in the world can you explain this to a jury. I don't know how but I'd love to be the fly on the wall in the courtroom on that day. Hopefully this ass wipe saves the tax payers their money and pleads guilty. Anything else would be not only an insult, but a waste of time, energy, and money. And speaking of justice, check out what happened down in Texas:
REFUGIO, Texas - Investigators say a man died while in the act of raping an elderly South Texas woman.

The Refugio County Sheriff's Office identified the man as 53-year-old Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez.

Sheriff's Sgt. Gary Wright said the incident happened June 2 after he rode two miles by bicycle from his home to that of his 77-year-old victim in the tiny coastal community of Tivoli.

He said the 5-feet-7-inches tall, 230-to-250 pound man sneaked into the woman's house and raped her at knife point. During the attack, he said he wasn't feeling well, rolled over and died.

His body was sent to the Nueces County medical examiner in Corpus Christi for autopsy.

Gutierrez was a registered sexual offender on parole from a sentence for aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a child. (source)
Now that's some poetic justice for that ass! Too bad for the victim this turd didn't croak once he hopped off of his bike. And yes his death is no consolation to her; but at least she can find solace and comfort in knowing that he will never be able to do what he did to her, to anyone ever again.

Turn Right USA Pushes The Most Racist & Sexist GOP Campaign Attack Ad Ever

Clearly when it comes to the GOP and their offspring old habits die hard. I gotta give it to them, they've practically cornered the market on the polarization of America with their race-baiting over the years. And they've done this year in and year out. Wanna convince voters to pull the lever for a Republican candidate? Well, getting that done is simple; you find a Black or Brown face and you exploit it. Yep, nothing like a good this guy might rape or kill you narrative when the face is Black or Brown. Gee, thanks a lot Willie Horton.

Yep, pretty much like the organization Turn Right USA did earlier this week with a campaign attack ad which targets Democratic candidate, Janice Hahn, out in Los Angles. The campaign ad was released as a web only feature, and thankfully so. It's being dubbed as the most racist and sexist GOP ad by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) who have since asked that the ad be condemned by the GOP. No word on any condemnation, however, it's a good thing this ad isn't aired on television.

Check it out:

This would be funny if it were a Chappelle Show skit, but in real life not so much. And even as twisted as my sense of humor happens to be, I was totally shocked and appalled by this ad. But this ad reinforces what we already know about the GOP. That is, they are masters at appealing to the racial sensitivities of their reactionary base, which includes the enablers or minorities within.

Unfortunately, this type of thing actually works. I'm pretty sure that somewhere right now someone who just saw this video is pulling out a check book to donate to th4 GOP cause of winning that seat. After all, we can't have politicians who are in the habit of giving away tax payer dollars to gang-bangers, right? Yep, gang-banger reform and rehabilitation is just as much a bad idea as is gov't funded abortions. Oh, and it's especially bad when it's a white woman endorsing it. White women are more virtuous than that.

As inaccurate as the the theme of the ad - paying gang-bangers to rape and kill - you better believe someone right now is believing this, and is on board with stopping Janice Hahn. Which is a damn shame because I didn't think there were gangs in Los Angele anymore. I'm just saying, you don't hear about them in the media nationally like we used to back in the 90s, but I guess they're back.

Kreayshawn: Jim Crow, Black Women, and Boundaries

Last week, buzz surrouding a white female rapper named Kreayshawn and her signing by Sony was all over the blogosphere. Some people were all for her, and others were underestandably displeased.

The Crunk Feminist Collective dissected Kreayshawn in a very well-written piece that resonated with me on so many levels:

The White Girl Mob media darling blowing up the interwebs whose potential deal with Sony is making waves makes me angry in a way I haven’t been in a long time. Her appropriative swag is yet another reminder (not that we needed any more this month) of how little black women are valued in our society, even in genres we co-create. In a moment where cool is synonymous with swag, a particular manifestation of black masculinity, Kreayshawn’s dismissiveness and denigration of black women animate her success.

However, The Clutch really got to the heart of my issue with Kreayshawn and her general persona:

It’s ironic how the White girl mimicking Black culture has been viewed as quirky, cute, and interesting in the past. But sisters who fashionably rock bamboo earrings, gold nameplate necklaces, and blonde streaked weaves, will inevitably be considered “ghetto” by society. It’s equally problematic that every female emcee post Queen Latifah and MC Lyte who has had massive mainstream success all had to sell sex. Kreayshawn, on the other hand, is able to avoid an over sexualized image because of her whiteness.

That is my problem with her, aside from the fact that her music is garbage, overplayed and overly hyped up. She is able to build buzz and make a name for herself because she's a modern day version of Jim Crow.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eddie Long Accepts a Stack of Money From Woman During Sermon (Like A Pimp!!)

Recession? What recession? This nigga has to cut a check for $15 million to cover that whole feeling on your booty thing with those cats from his church. And look at how the faithful women of the Lord and his church are dropping stacks on this fool. What, did the sister put a down payment on her or her son's booty gettin' felt up? Shit, is this how they get down in the house that God Eddie Long built? You can't convince me otherwise, but this nigga's a pimp.

So Apparently LeBron's Taking This "King James" Thing A Bit Too Seriously

I gotta admit, this year, the NBA playoffs and finals have completely rejuvenated my love for professional basketball. I can't remember when or how that love left me, but suffice it to say, it's back. As you know, the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat last night to win this years, and it's first ever championship. Disappointing for the Heat and their famdiom which suddenly were made up of dick-riders galore. But not the same for the Mavs whose new motto should be: who needs "The Big #" when all you need is great defensive teamwork and "The Big 1" who happens to be an imported white dude..

After the game, I couldn't wait to listen to the post game press conference featuring none other than larger than life superstar, LeBron James, and his partner in crime Dwayne Wade. But with LeBron taking a lot of heat from fans and critics alike, I was more interested in hearing what he had to say. In a previous game in the series, I couldn't help but to notice that LeBron failed to hold himself accountable for his poor performances particularly in the fourth quarter. So having lost yet another trip to the NBA championship when projected as the hands-down favorite to win.

Surely King James being the stand up guy he is, he'd own his shit.

At least this is what I thought until he was asked how he felt about his haters. He admitted that he was indeed hurt and for it seemed like a "personal failure," but he also said, "I'm not going to hang my head low." Nothing wrong with that; it's what you'd expect him to say. But it was the following that threw me for a loop when LeBron said that he wouldn't let it bother him that so many people wanted to see him fail:
"Absolutely not, because at the end of the day, all the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today... They have the same personal problems they had today. I'm going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that." -- LeBron James
Now this bothered me, and I don't know if anyone caught it. But LeBron pretty much said that he doesn't care what his "haters" may say because at the end of the day they're broke and unhappy, while he's pretty wealthy and able to do things with his family that they're not. Again, I could be wrong but that's what I took away from that. And you know what? Though a true statement - yes, he's richer than the average hater - I thought it to be quite arrogant and in poor taste. He might as well have said, "So what I didn't win? I don't care about winning a championship; shit, as long as I have money, unlike you peasants, I'm good." Sorry pal, you'll never be on of the great ones with that attitude.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

¡Despierta Boricua!

Today is the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Contrary to what you may (or may not) have heard, the parade isn’t a rape fest, or an organized crime spree. The following was posted by a Boricua* for the NY Post several years ago and it features the many highlights of what is still one of the largest (if not the largest) outdoor event in the U.S. A little personal side note: one of my sisters was a PR Parade Beauty queen (in the mid 70s).
* * *
“Grito de Lares” by Augusto Marin
El Grito de Lares: Several hundred women and men revolted against Spain for Puerto Rican independence on Sept. 23, 1868. The main leader was Ramón Betances. The insurrection failed because the upper class was apathetic, the rebels lacked adequate training and equipment, and because the Spanish authorities knew (with the help of Puerto Rican traitors -- aka conservatives) of the rebels' plans in advance.
-=[ Puerto Rican Parade ]=-
50 Greatest Moments
By Eneida del Valle
Last Updated: 5:00 AM, June 6, 2007 / Posted: 5:00 AM, June 6, 2007

From beauty queens who marched in heels to politicians who sported fake smiles to win some votes, to the controversial 'Seinfeld' episode, the Puerto Rican Parade has made Big Apple history for over half a century.

March 1958: Leaders from the Puerto Rican community decide to break away from the Hispanic Day Parade and create the Puerto Rican Day Parade. According to an editorial in "El Diario," the main objective of the Hispanic Day Parade, which was mainly run by Puerto Ricans, is to unite all peoples of the Spanish language. The Puerto Rican Day Parade is founded by Victor Lopez, the march’s first president; coordinator Jose “Chuito” Caballero; Peter Ortiz; Luisa Quintero; Luis Amando Feliciano; Vicente Hernández; Angel M. Arroyo; Atanacio Rivera Feliciano; and Amalio Maisanave Ríos.

April 1958: The first Puerto Rican Day parade is held on Fifth Avenue on April 14 as 5,000 Boricuas march in front of a crowd of 125,000. It’s a huge success, receiving a hail of positive reviews from the media. The Herald Tribune says, “There are longer and larger parades but none encompass the spirit of the Puerto Rican Day Parade,” and the New York Times says, “The Puerto Ricans have taken over Fifth Avenue.” Then-New York Mayor Robert F. Wagner is quoted in the New York Times, as saying “The Puerto Ricans have demonstrated their civic and cultural contributions to the City of New York.” But what really got tongues wagging was when Gloria Burgos, the queen of the parade, and her court, walked all 34 blocks in high heels after the float she was supposed to appear on never showed up. Attendees included then-Governor of Puerto Rico Don Luis Muñoz Marin and Oscar González Suarez, Esq. as the Grand Marshall.

April 12, 1959: The second parade goes off -- but not without a hitch. Community leaders and the media form an alliance called Un Frente Unido por un Solo Desfile (A United Front for One Parade) in an effort to unite the Hispanic Day Parade and the Puerto Rican Day Parade, urging organizers for unity and harmony. But to no avail. The president of the parade, Mr. Victor Lopez, is quoted in El Diario de Nueva York as saying, “The parade will definitely not unite with any other Hispanic parade in New York City.” Despite the 40-degree weather, it’s attended by 160,000 people and more than 10,000 people make their way up Fifth Avenue. Then-New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller is in attendance.

April 1960 & 1961: Parade continues its success up Fifth Avenue with more than 165,000 in attendance both years.

June 1962: It’s official! The parade is held on June 10, the second Sunday in June and that date has not changed since. In order to have the legislators from the main island attend the parade – they’re all tied up until May 30 -- organizers decide to change the date to accommodate them and the route is extended from 44th-86th streets. Good thing they waited! The ‘62 parade is billed as the best, brightest, biggest and most expensive ever, costing $100,000 with 50 floats and 40 bands -- and half a million Boricuas in attendance. Yet it was former Mayor of San Juan Felisa Rincón who stole the show. Instead of staying with the rest of the politicians at the stage on 64th Street, she made the decision to ride in a convertible, causing an outpouring of love and support from the crowd.


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