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Pas de justice pas de paix (No Justice No Peace) French Nazi Police Show the Real Story Behind France's Unresolved Racism

Evacuation de familles sans logement à la Courneuve Uploaded by Mediapart. - News videos from around the world.

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

I cringed in horror when I saw the video of a group of French police brutally dissolve a group of African immigrants who were peacefully protestoring in Paris on July 21. The city of love my black ass.
The group consisted of mainly of women, women with children and pregnant women. The part that makes my blood boil is the absolute ruthless way they drag women with children on their backs against the cement. Savages! And people wonder why the Black Panther Party called some cops, pigs.

According to news reports (Media Part and CNN) 190 adults and 49 children were protesting their eviction from the building they had been squatting in front of since the July 8 removal. Babies and children living on the street!

Some were documented and others were not, the news reports that all have said that they have attempted with great effort to get legalized, but were denied.

The immigrants were mostly from the Ivory Coast, but this is not the first time this has happened to specifically African immigrants.

In fact, Africans are treated horribly and denied jobs, the opportunity to be legalized, decent housing, and other resources. And immigrant blacks period experience severe segregationist and xenophobic behaviors and attitudes in France. Also, African immigrants are grossly exploited with cheap labor, and many live in poverty.

Right now the France Administration is redefining its "Frenchness" with new nationality codes. Part of these policies are implementing a selective immigrantion process that expels their unwanted such as the recent waves of Africans, some Portuguese and Spanish (specifically the Arabs) that have migrated to France.
Specifically, France's President Nicolaus Sarkozy wants to revoke citenship to immigrants that he thinks put the country's security at risk.

But when someone whispered, "The Africans are coming," all hell broke loose.
In 1995, then the Mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac expressed his disdain for African immigrants in his explanation of why the average "white" French citizen is becoming infuriated by their presence.

This is a translation of what he said, "The father lives in cramped quarters with three or four wives and some twenty kids. He gets 50.000 francs ($7000) from entitlements (welfare) benefits without, it goes without saying, working. If on top of that you add the smell and the noise, the French worker – he loses his mind."

This is the perspective: Africans come to France to get free benefits while they tax the economy and degrade the quality of life for true French citizens. Interestingly, when France was stealing people, natural resources, and forcing Africans to be speak proper French to benefit the French empire, it wasn't a problem.
And have you smelled the underarm pits on a French subway? Now that is some funky odor.
So now that Africans have been used in the worst way and France has reaped all the benefits through years of colonialism, they are no longer needed.

This is exactly what Arizona rednecks are salivating to do.

Though these nationality codes are part of a recent European xenophibic trend, this only follows a series of injustices and clear signs of serious racial disparities and conflict.

In 1996, there was a removal of about 200 immigrants from Mali who squatted in front of a church in Paris. They too attempted to be legalized and go through all of the proper steps and were denied.

Earlier this year in April almost 48 Africans died in a fire in a dilapidated hotel.

You think Arabs have it bad? And they have it real bad. Try being an African in France, sheeeiiittt.

Well Serena, now you know why the white folk don't bother you in your luxury Paris apartment. You are a nigglette like the rest of us.

Meanwhile, back in the projects...

Antoine Dodson saves the day...

...and all is right with the world now that the word is out about him and his band of vigilante homo-thugs "merry men" being on the lookout for mister would be attempted rapist guy, in the streets of Huntsville, Alabama.

The Friday Sex Blog [The Other and Sex]

-=[ Sex, Domination & Resistance ]=-

The term miscegenation was first used in the 1860’s when American journalists invented the word in order to discredit the Abolitionist movement by stirring up debate over the prospect of white-black intermarriage. (On a tangential note, I find the parallels between miscegenation and the current gay marriage “debate” utterly fascinating.) In any case, miscegenation refers to sex or marriage between two people of different races.

Let me start right off by stating that I am of Puerto Rican descent, a people that has one of the highest rates of interracial marriage in the world (I believe only Brazil has higher rates). The funny thing is that Puerto Ricans don’t see it as “interracial.” There’s no “white” Puerto Rican as opposed to a “black” Puerto Rican. We are Puerto Ricans first. In fact, we don’t even adhere to a black/ white dichotomy. This is not to imply that racism does not exist among Puerto Ricans, it does. However, how we view and construct race is drastically different from the way Gringos conceptualize it. But that’s another subject for another day...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Black Business for Hire, Why African-American Businesses Will Gain in this Economy

The Black Grape Bar, Afro-Caribe Restaurant & Performance Venue in London. Good Food & Music

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

In most urban black and brown areas in the United States, residents are grossly lacking access to the necessities of simple, quality living.

I have lived in Los Angeles, Atlanta and now Newark, and know the frustration of looking for some reasonably priced, non-rotten romaine lettuce for my tacos. Forget picking up something like cherries anywhere in the hood. A cherry is like an exotic fruit from New Zealand.

Since about the late 1980s when Affirmative Action reached its peak, integration was largely (but never fully) implemented and the brain drain of black professionals really hit black communities, the closing of black businesses in large numbers began.

The lack of businesses that knew, understood, and catered to ethnic enclaves of where it originated and blossomed created a devalued perception of black consumerism and thus the cheapened the expectations of black standards of living.

Between the pimpalicious churches, liquor stores, grimy bars, hole-in-the-wall hair salons and Chinese fast food grease spoons, people in metropolis are hurting for quality commercial presence.

I am sorry, but the Korean liquor store, the Indian 7/11 or the Arabic (or African) ran Dollar Store selling cotton panties that will give you a nasty yeast infection resulting in a fishy, dripping snatch is not the business we desire.

And if you don’t know, the hood is the first place where large chains pack up and go in a bad economy. Why? Because there is an assumption that we will not keep business afloat; but it is a fact that the working and poor class are the first to buy some shit to keep up with the Jones and the Petersons.

(R) Basil Marceaux: Candidate for Governor of Tennessee, & the White Alvin Greene

Jesus spoke to me and told me you needed a laugh today, so...

OK, I have no fucking words right now because I'm still laughing at this goober; God bless him. All I can say, is that I'm sure he's more "mainstream" than "fringe"; and is emblematic of the typical "everyday-redneck-rebublican" voter here in the south.

It's a wonder he didn't mention anything about free beer on Sundays.

You know, the ones pissed of about Bayrack Hussayne Obaama sleeping in the White House at night, while destroying their beloved A'muurcuh by day? Yeah, here's to hoping there are no action figures in the future of this chowderhead.

Damn I can't stop laughing!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So Shirley Sherrod's husband Charles Sherrod is the Real Racist of the Family?

Remember Shirley Sherrod? You know, that racist black lady who once worked for the USDA who created a stir last week? Well, just when you thought it was over, it looks like the fine folks from over at Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. (aka the right-wing asshats) aren't finished with this story.

In an attempt to prove Sherrod to be the racist that she is (and by extension the NAACP), it looks like they've decided to drag her husband Charles into the mix by digging up the following video featuring an excerpt of a speech he gave back in January, 2010:

In a piece titled Forty Acres & a Mule -- Sherrod Style?, Rosslyn Smith, one of the goof folks over at American Thinker attempts to cast suspicion upon the Sherrods by tying in their $13 million settlement in the Pigford case, to the black power movement.

This would explain the new focus on the words of Charles Sherrod in the above clip. Obviously now that we know the full context of Shirley's speech, it's important for you-know-who to try and prove the real grand conspiracy and racist motivational intent of the Sherrods, and people like them:
“We have ideas, inventions, athletic talent, but our labors and our monies and our contracts usually end up in white folks hands and pockets. When will we trust our own? Finally, we must stop the white man and his Uncle Tom from stealing our elections. We must not be afraid to vote black. We must not be afraid to turn a black out who votes against our interests.”
I'm sorry, but if the words of Charles Sherrod above - taken in context, or not - appears to be indicative of a racist mind, I'll have to say that my right-wing buddies are clueless to just what racism is all about. Now mind you, he never said anything about "killing some crackas," nor is he standing holding one of those infamously racist Tea Party signs as he creams about taking his country back.

However, what he is saying is nothing that any black person has ever said when it comes to the empowerment of African Americans. But I suppose in America the juxtaposition of the word black and empowerment is a tad bit radical and dare I say racist?

What he said is indeed important in the interest of gaining economic equality, as well as building and sustaining wealth throughout the black community. But hey, I guess it's yet another one of those "black things" that privileged folk just don't understand.

Not much is said about Charles Sherrod outside of him being the husband of Shirley. But, as noted veteran political journalist Doug Ireland points out in a recent piece titled Charles Sherrod, A Hero Forgotten:
Charlie, who was known as "the soul of the movement in Georgia,"  left SNCC [Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee] when Stokely Carmichael took it over, expelled white folks, and adopted "black power" as its ideology, in order to continue building a black-and-white movement in Georgia. The notion that Charlie's wife could have been guilty of what's being called "reverse racism" against whites is therefore douibly ludicrous. Some of us who knew Charlie back when, however, haven't forgotten his shining example.
Charles Sherrod, like his wife Shirley, happens to be one of the many unsung heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. Even PBS in their documentary, "This Far By Faith", paid homage and highlighted his sacrifice and dedication to the movement:
"Sherrod was one of the first to practice the jail-no bail policy, which became a common tactic of the movement. When ten students were arrested for a sit-in in Rock Hill, South Carolina in February of 1961, Sherrod and three others went to Rock Hill, held a sit-in, were arrested, refused bail, and served thirty-day sentences in an attempt to dramatize the injustice of the law.

[...] "Early on, one of SNCC's areas of focus was southwest Georgia, where Sherrod went in the fall of 1961 at age 22. Two months after arriving in Albany, Georgia, Sherrod and SNCC field workers led a large series of demonstrations that would last for over three difficult years, during which hundreds were arrested. By printing up leaflets, registering voters, and holding seminars on non-violent resistance, they galvanized Albany's black students to rise up and challenge unjust laws of segregation. Throughout this time, Sherrod and SNCC field workers traveled throughout the surrounding counties to educate and register black voters in southwest Georgia's rural areas..."
It doesn't sound like Charles Sherrod is quite the radical racist as someone (sorry, I can't say whether Andrew Breibart is behind this one) is trying to paint him to be. If championing the cause for equality for a marginalized group of people, who just so happened to be black suddenly makes one racist. Then I suppose there are countless people - black & white - who are as guilty as the Sherrods; and you can count me in as one as well.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pure F*ckery: Man in Wheelchair on Trial for Sexual Assault of a New York City Judge

OK, so you remember the story I told you about the guy who beat up his girlfriend who was a double amputee? Yeah, she had no arms and legs and yet he said it was in self defense because she often kicks his ass with her nubs; remember that story? [read it here]

Yeah well, this one is even more jacked up. No seriously, just like that other story it made me laugh because it was ridiculously twisted and totally fucked up when I read it; and for that, I offer no apologies:

In honor of yesterday being the 20th anniversary of the signing of the American with Disabilities Act by George H.W. Bush, allow me to say a few words to a few people using this case (and video) as a point of reference:

If you're sitting on the couch playing Playstation 3 over at some fat chicks crib while you drink up the Juicy Juice meant for her kids for eight hous a day, you should kill yourself after watching the above video.

No seriously, if seeing what this guy has accomplished with his life in spite of his disability, and you're still going nowhere fast selling the occasional sack of weed left over from what you didn't smoke. I'd say your life needs some serious evaluation and maybe holy water.

But hey, maybe when your stupid ass catches a case you can give him a call and employ his services to get your dumb ass off. Just don't be mad if he grabs your booty. Real talk: people with disabilities are doing big things.

But anyway, isn't this some silly shit? How in the hell is a guy in a wheelchair, suffering with cerebral palsy gonna intentionally grab or slap some booty? And not just any booty; I'm talking judicial booty!

The muthafucka probably can't even pull his own zipper up and down to piss, but yet he 's gonna play grab ass with a judge? OK, so you might say that the fact that he's in a wheelchair and probably hasn't had ass since ass had him might have lead to some sexual frustrations which in turn predicated his actions.

OK, so a part of me wants to believe that too, especially after reading that he might have had a thing for this particular judge and would email her constantly until she (indirectly) asked him to stop (which he did).

Shit, people in wheelchairs have needs too! Shit, I once knew a guy who had only a half of his body that I worked with, who rode around his house on a skateboard who hung out with me at a strip club a time or two.

So yeah, maybe dude had fantasies of just what "Judge Judy" may have looked like under her robe. It's plausible; but I think to say that he intentionally attempted to cop a feel is a bit of a stretch.

I think the judge may have been freaked out by looking at the poor dude, much in the same way people are with clowns and midgets. if so, I understand. Wheelchair or not, any stalker-ish spastic guy who occasionally does the Harlem Shake in a courtroom would freak anyone out.

At any rate, I think she's full of shit, and I hope Chico Mertsaris wins this case.


Monday, July 26, 2010

New Financial Reform Bill Will Not Prevent Another Crisis As Being Sold By White House

Maybe it was a good thing Shirley Sherrod's ordeal dominated the news on the very week that the government passed its landmark financial reform bill. I don't know how much you may have been paying attention to the debate surrounding this bill. Given the fact that there were no angry mobs screaming on television about it in defiance as they did another landmark piece of legislation, I'd have to say you probably paid very little attention - yeah, thank the media for that one.

Yeah, I'm thinking that it was a good thing that we were all caught up with the issue of race and the necessity for a conversation on the subject in the face of yet another teachable moment. Yeah, and I'm thinking the president has to love the fact that the news cycle was more interested in the firing of a black woman than this much watered down version of proposed (and necessary) reform of the financial industry. The bill is being touted as a legislative victory for the administration. But the question remains: will it prevent another crisis?

This bill has some good provisions, but much like the Health Care Reform bill, it is yet another one of those, "we'll take what we can get for right now," pieces of legislation, that I'm tired of being forced to accept. What can I say? I'm just a "get it right the first time," type of person who rails against the status quo. Checkout Bill Black* in an interview via The Real News Network on the strength and where this bill falls short:

NAACP, the Defunct, Delirious Dinosaur

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

There is one piece of humble advice I will give to the NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous. “Run far and run fast.”

The stagnant, antiquated, civil rights aristocrats who are stuck behind stuffy soirees and still exploit the works of King, Evers, Marshal, and Parks have flatlined. Unfortunately, the NAACP cannot be revived to its former splendor---even with the brilliance, tenacity and cojones of Jealous.

Frankly, the organization’s attempts to upgrade its face with elegant, hip-hop era faces are simple cosmetic changes that will not fix its outdated operations and narrow strategies of challenging the multi-headed monster child of racism.

Recently, the NAACP has lobbied the Obama Administration in terms of jobs for African-Americans. And they have been making great efforts to be a voice in the ears of Obama, especially by siding with the White House’s decision to ouster Shirley Sherrod. Though I made a satirical comment, Sherrod is a great illumination to the disjointedness

Though I hold a regard for Jealous, the explanation of the NAACP being, “snookered by Fox News and Tea Party Activist Andrew Breitbart into believing [Sherrod] had harmed white farmers because of racial bias,” is not an unacceptable answer from an organization that carries a history of stellar scholars and savvy strategists.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Netroots Nation 2010: Van Jones' keynote speech - "Hope & Heartbreak" [VIDEO]

"If you keep the hope alive, then change is still possible." - Van Jones (Netroots Nation 2010)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Netroots Nation 2010: Van Jones interviewed by Ari Melber [VIDEO]

"Remember, Obama volunteered to be the captain of the Titanic, after it hit the iceberg." - Van Jones (Netroots Nation 2010)

Friday, July 23, 2010

VOTE for Ieshuh Griffin, "NOT the White Man's Bitch."

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

Every now and again, someone has the courage to say, "Fuck Uncle Sam" with an intensity that cannot be ignored. Recently, that has manifested in Ieshuh Griffin, an Independent candidate for a State Assembly seat in Milwaukee.

Her slogan is very simple, "Not the White Man's Bitch." I wish she would've added, "Or an Uncle Tom's Ho." Now that would've summed up the state of affairs in the political realm.

A whole bunch of side-swiping, knee jerking, semen swallowing and finger-pointing non-sense has been going on, on the Hill and little is getting done.

On a historical note, black women have been known to just put it all on the table when our backs are up against the wall, and this country is about to make folk drop the soap in a hot steamy prison shower and fuck us all.

The Friday Sex Blog [The Big Bang]

... Warning: some might find the first portion of this post offensive.

I want to thank a dear friend and former lover for allowing me to use her photo and part of our story for today's post. She read it in advance and helped me edit some of it -- thought it was important to share. She doesn't live in the US, but we had an intense, loving affair one summer a few years back...

* * *

... I feel like a storm, like the ocean, the waves... I want to fuck everything into my womb. A woman suffers not giving her love. To be fully satisfied, she must absolutely live in the depth of her love.
-- Jennifer Garcia

She’s beyond beautiful, she’s feminine sexuality itself, but throughout all our sexing, there’s always this holding back. Sure, she does everything to please me: she happily goes doggy-style and lets me penetrate her deeply and she revels in my deep thrusts, looking back over her shoulder and urging me on, thrusting back herself. She takes me into her mouth to the point of gagging and even swallowed my sperm -- all for my pleasure. But somewhere inside, this is all something dirty and she’s afraid to be a slut for me because some part of her is ashamed.

I want her to show me, to tell me what she wants. I want to know her -- the real her. I want her to grind her cunt against my face and take her pleasure. It’s a gradual process. Little by little we talk, communicating openly, talking about what we like and what we want and who we are and she begins to open. At first, it’s just a little bit -- like when she looks into my eyes while we’re fucking. Or when she squeezes the opening to my cock and smells it, or licks at my pre cum greedily -- all things she was ashamed of doing before.
She opens slowly and I wait patiently for the day when the floodgates open. She tells me she’s never met a man who was so curious and interested in her sex and at first it frightened her, but she enjoys the openness, the permission to be what we want.

One day, while I’m fucking her from behind, she pleads for me to stop. She throws me on my back and tells me, “It’s my turn,” and proceeds to ride my cock in the way that brings her most pleasure -- on top of me, facing me and all I ask is that she stays in the moment with me, looking into my eyes. I lay back, a passive tool to her aggressive grasp for pleasure, and she takes the reins of our sexing and rides me for all she’s worth, not caring, throwing caution to the wind. I feel her moistness. She scrapes her fingers against my chest. Eventually, she takes me on waves of bliss until she comes in violent bursts, her petite taut body trembling, pulsing, and I can feel the walls of her vagina vibrate, exquisitely wrapping my cock in a tender and tight moist cocoon...

All sex, in fact all life, is about the meeting of masculine and feminine energy -- the yin/ yang of life. I envision masculine energy as consciousness and feminine essence as light. This does not mean that men always embody the masculine, or that women only embody feminine energy. What it means is that sexual union is always about a conscious (masculine) presence penetrating a yielding, loving surrender. With some couples, one partner holds more masculine energy, and the other feminine. Some more sexually conscious couples will alternate who is the leading, masculine polarity and who is the yielding feminine polarity. This has very little to do with physical positions and more to do with attitude -- disposition.

As soon as a woman becomes more assertive, initiating, and penetrating with her presence, and as soon as a man relaxes, waits, becomes soft and vulnerable the sexual polarities have been reversed. This can be a great thing to practice intentionally, to experience more deeply the opposite sexual essence. For a couple that has learned to polarize and merge, sex changes from merely a personal act for intensifying pleasure into something quite different. Orgasm is a glorified sneeze when compared to the potential that arises once we step out of the box of rubbing genitals to release pressure or to connect.

When partners are willing to manipulate and cultivate sexual energy, they both arrive to a sexual meeting of fullness. In this scenario, the man has not only realized himself as empty consciousness, but he has also brought that realization down into his body. The woman has not only experienced love and connection, but she has also practiced opening so much that she radiates love itself, from her whole body. She actually becomes the body of the divine feminine: the supreme strength of absolute surrender.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Negrophobia: What if Shirley Sherrod was Colorblind? Would We be Talking about Her?

I caught this interview live as I was getting ready for my day. I gotta tell you, this interview really made my day. Firstly, I think she exuded much grace and charm, which given the "angry black woman" narrative that often dominates the media, is so welcomed in these times. I even mentioned to friend on twitter that maybe her ordeal was one of those necessary evils given the obvious silver lining found in the truth that was her message, then, and now.

The irony of her message, was that I recently received an email from a longtime friend who happens to be white. My friend is also an avid reader of this blog, and we've been friends for about sixteen years after being hired by myself, for our then corporate slave-master. So when I say that him and I go back some years and he knows me, that's not an understatement. Truth be told, I moved in with him after my first wife and I were separated.

So my buddy emails me to mention that he's probably not going to read my blog anymore because in his opinion, it has gotten a little bit too "kill whitey" for his taste. It was after reading my latest interview with Brother X-Squared, that he arrived at that opinion. When I read that, I laughed my ass off. I was still laughing my ass off when I responded to his email letting him know that Brother X-Squared wasn't real; it's satire.

Of course he had a good laugh himself and was relieved to know that I hadn't become one of those radical "we gotta kill Crackas," types. I was glad that he respected our friendship and my character enough to raise his concern; I truly was. But the only thing that bothered me in his initial email, was him mentioning the fact that he couldn't be down with all this "racial shit" because he's colorblind.

Now the only reason I'm bringing up the "I'm colorblind," thing, is because this is the second white friend who has said this to me in the last week. Usually when I hear the term colorblind used by a non-minority as an adjective describing themselves, I usually toss it up as being the difference between ignorance and apathy. Whenever someone says that to me, what I hear is, "I don't know, and I don't care," when it comes to racial issues.

Of course it's wrong for me to think that this represents the iniquitous nature of the person who proclaims colorblindness . But, I think it's as silly a defense as the "I'm not racist, I have black friends," cliche. Listen white people, take it from me: black people do not walk around in a state of paranoia as to whether their white friends are racist. Chances are, we would have known if you were and we wouldn't associate with you.

That is, unless you've got some money; then...

Listen, the truth is, we do not live in a colorblind world, or society. Hell, Stevie Wonder was born blind but I'm sure even he knows what the word nigger means, or how historically the issue of race has played out in the annals of American history. Now that I think about it, maybe that's why he makes beautiful music that brings people of all walks of life together.

Having said that, maybe this is the reason Shirley Sherrod does what she does, or has done, as a civil rights activist. She didn't exactly defiantly sit on a bus and became famous. But for every celebrated and well recognized hero of that era, like Shirley, there are countless unknown and unsung heroes who championed the cause.

Could you imagine how the world would be without her if she was colorblind? Where would be as a society if in the face of racist ideologues we all chose to be colorblind? In the interest of freedom, justice, and equality, how exactly can we come together and make a difference socially should we all walk around colorblind? Sorry, I'm not buying the "I'm colorblind," rhetoric: and I'm glad there there are people among us able to see.

People who aren't afraid to make a difference:

Land Grabbing, the Road to Landless African Americans

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

In 1986, white land grabbing in the South was the norm in the United States and had been for a very long time.

In fact, while unjustly ousted USDA employee Shirley Sherrod was overcoming her notions of race and humanity in an extremely racist and toxic Georgian Confederate agricultural circle in 1986, the federal government was supporting institutionalized racism and classism that still runs rampant in the production of food sources within the United States.

Unlike the white farmer Sherrod helped over twenty years ago, black farmers have been losing their land due to the lack of government assistance and the “good ole white boy” network at extremely disproportionately high rates.

As well, African-American heirs to farmlands across this country have lost millions of acreage since the turn of the nineteenth century due to unknown taxes or the lack of awareness of land ownership because of properties that were abandoned by their forebears who had to flee the South and Mid-West for safety.

Unfortunately, these stories have gone untold and remain part of the problem of the current land grabbing that has rapidly dwindled black farms, black generational lands, the Gullah Islands, and now black urban communities. 40 Acres and a mule is nothing compared to what blacks have lost.

It blows my mind to think of how blacks have become landless when you read the except below.

In 1910 at the peak of land acquisition, African American farmers owned 15 million acres of land; in 2002 just 1,500,000 acres of land was owned by only 16,560 African American farmers. Ellie Hurley Reports

The report goes on to explain the reasons for the loss of land. One of the major issues is heir land, where descendants become owners of land from a relative who did not leave a will nor a plan on how the land should be used. Also, land is being lost because black farmland is being lost due to loss of monies to maintain them.

The loss of land by African-Americans is also documented in a 500-page study released in November 1980 called, "The Impact of Heir Property on Black Rural Land Tenure in the Southeastern Region of the United States," by Joseph Brooks.

The research starts with the talks of an Emergency Land Fund, an institution founded by Robert S. Brown in 1972. It was an organization who had a mission to create US policies that supported and protected black land ownership, especially among black farmers.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The High-Tech Lynching of Shirley Sherrod: What's worse, Right Wing Lies, or Liberal Fears?

By Tracie Powell

The only thing worse than right-wing conservatives who lie, mislead and consistently play the race card are liberals who jump to wrong-headed conclusions.

Such is the case in this week’s saga of Shirley Sherrod.

Sherrod is the former USDA employee who was fired after conservatives, including those over at Fox News, aired an edited video clip of her speaking at a NAACP event in March about an experience that happened 20 years ago. First publicized by right-wing zealot Andrew Brietbart, the video clip duped many – including the NAACP – into believing Sherrod had used her position of authority to hurt a white farmer in Georgia, when in fact she simply chronicled a very powerful and personal journey of transcending race in America when helping a white Georgia farmer two decades ago.

That white farmer and his wife were first to publicly praise Sherrod for helping them save their farm.

As a child of the South, having been born and raised in Georgia, I can state with authority that life is viewed through a racial lens of black and white. My parents, both black, had me bussed to a mostly-white high school because they believed - as many did in years past and some still do now - that white meant better: Better teachers, better books, better future. That’s all Sherrod was saying. She sent a white farmer to a white lawyer, thinking “his own kind would take care of him.” I don’t anticipate Brietbart, anyone at Fox News, few in the mainstream media or even a certain someone inhabiting the White House to relate to the invaluable lessons Sherrod spoke of or my upbringing; such thinking is a distinctly Southern thing and those folks probably wouldn’t understand.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black USDA Official Shirley Sherrod Resigns After Bigoted Remarks at NAACP Banquet

Listen, it's common knowledge that like our last president, George W. Bush, Fox News doesn't like black people. That's with the exception of Barack Obama of course; they love him. But everyone else, umm, not so much.

So, if you're a member of the New Black Panther Party; a former employee of ACORN; a one-time member of the Harlem Boys Choir; or even sold Girl Scout cookies in the hood; I suggest that you watch your back out here in these streets.

There's a certain segment of folks in this country who are currently not so happy with a certain historic organization that champions civil rights black people; and, as a result, Fox News is on the lookout, and will be on a rampage to cast black folks in a negative light even more than they already do.

But don't worry, you can rest assured that their reporting will be fair and balanced, as they give their targets the benefit of the doubt. Take for example, the hot story involving former USDA official, Shirley Sherrod, and her remarks as a speaker at an NAACP banquet on March 27th 2010.


I mean what the hell was she thinking? Was she even thinking at all? Sure people say certain things behind closed doors that they otherwise won't in public. But I'm sorry, Shirley felt a tad bit too comfortable, and now she's out of a job as we're left to wonder just who was the snitch in this situation.

What Shirley did to that white farmer was wrong; and, I find it to be just as abhorrent as Mark Williams' "satirical" letter to Abraham Lincoln. With that said, am I the only one who finds the timely release of this video quite peculiar? I mean why now, and why did it take almost four months for this to surface?


Oh well, you Obama supporters might as well go ahead and accept the fact that this is all Barack Obama's fault. Shirley worked for the USDA, and obviously her words represents more of that racist Obama agenda.

Hell, if Obama is indeed going to usher in an era of white slavery, what better place to start such a plan other than with white farmers. But because of Fox News, their bigoted supporters are able to sleep better at night knowing that at least one piece of Obama's agenda has been exposed and foiled.

See how those chickens come home to roost?


Jessi Slaughter: Bad Parenting and The Sexualization of an 11 Year Old Girl

If you are unfamiliar with 11 year old Jessi Slaughter (aka Kerligirl13), then you could either count yourself lucky or blissfully unaware. I admit that I saw the tail end of this unfold on the internet last Thursday, and I almost wish I hadn't. I guess it is one of those things that has you seriously questioning our future if this child went so far for so long.

Jessi Slaughter is an 11 year old girl who damn near had the internet going nuts, attracted the ire of the guys and gals at 4Chan's /b/ board (something that you really don't want to do at 11 years old that's for sure) and Tumblr and fed the internet a Double Down-size of schadenfreude.

As Gawker (they also have the back story there) put it, "the internet beat up an 11 year old girl."  It wasn't pretty.  It looked an e-Mike Tyson fight when Iron Mike was in his prime, only that would've been akin to Mike beating up your mom. They literally went in on her.

To summarize, Jessi Slaughter is an 11 year old girl who had foul mouthed YouTube videos (like the one above; her account has been closed) and very foul, extremely vile posts with borderline child pornographic photos on her Tumblr account (which has also been closed).

Voodoo Economics

“What we might call, by way of eminence, the Dismal Science.”
-- Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881) Scottish philosopher on economics

One day, spurred by a comment left on my blog, I called my friend who works on Wall St. My friend is a staunch conservative who majored in economics. His wife, bless her soul, doesn’t like me too much and thinks I should be excommunicated for my sexual views. LOL!

Anyway, I’m not very bright when it comes to economics and finances, I believe my ex-wife is correct in her observation that I should never be allowed to handle my own finances, let alone talk about them. Whenever I have a question on economics, I always call my Wall St. friend. Lately he hasn’t been returning my calls, but I was able to reach him yesterday and he agreed to talk to me on condition that I would never tell his wife we met and if I didn’t interrupt him with my “radical” views. I agreed and even offered to buy him lunch considering the market is right now more radical (anarchy!) than I could ever dream of being. LOL

We met at a popular eatery near Wall St and when we sat down, I immediately blurted out, “Laffer Curve! Tell me about it!” That prompted a hush over the mid afternoon crowd -- nervous glances from others in the restaurant. My friend begged me to lower my voice, “Eddie, things are pretty much volatile around here these days, please don’t start a stampede.”

I promised to be quiet and he began to tell me about this mysterious, all-knowing talisman -- the Laffer Curve.

Now, keep in kind my friend, though a conservative, believes supply-side economics to be the biggest con ever perpetrated on the American people. He’s an “old school” republican: republicans that concerned themselves mostly about such things as deficits, inflation, and excessive spending; republicans who didn’t care much about cutting taxes and were quite willing (like Eisenhower and Ford) to raise taxes in order to balance the budget.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sodomizing our children with hot branding irons!


Got your attention? Good! Maybe we can get our heads out the fvcking sand long enough to see the suffering on our children's faces as we rape them of their futures for our own pride.

How can we as a country continue to lie to our children as we rape them of the opportunity of the future because we are too afraid of our own ignorance and to selfish to even consider giving up something for their success. America has become full of political pussies, governmental dildos, and us ordinary citizens have collectively become nothing more than crack heads looking for another d!ck to suck for a dollar!
"For the second time in less than a decade, Illinois is eliminating the state writing exam for elementary and junior high students, provoking concerns that writing instruction will taper off and fewer students will master the critical skill.

Education officials blamed the state's budget crisis, saying canceling the writing test this year will save $3.5 million at a time when cuts are being forced in a variety of education programs.

That $3.5 million "is not going to balance the state budget," said Barbara Kato, director of the Chicago Area Writing Project, which trains teachers in writing instruction.

[read more from source: Chicago Tribune]

Instead of political figures reducing their pay, teaching volunteering to reduce their pay or put in time for the children's sake, parents taking to the streets and burning shyt up in protest, most people are just counting it up as there is nothing "we" can do.

This shyt infuriates Folk! And it should infuriate you.

Crazy thing is first generation immigrants are sending their children abroad for their children's continued education. Those children return and take the top tier jobs because of their prestigious educations grant them a better chance of naming their pay and choose their job. Folk know these people! Folk know of several immigrants that are doing this! Yet, our own children here is America... The land of the free. Home of the brave. The land of hopes and dreams!

But those hopes and dreams are only as good as the education our children receive! And we are responsible for that eduction! We are responsible for them! We are! You. Me. Everyone!

How does it feel to watch our kids burn in flames of ignorance as you lie to them saying it will be okay because America is #1? How does it feel to hear their screams as they are sodomized by the incompetence of our failure as we turn and walk in complete pessimism.

America has become the bully of the world. We grew up fast and was able to dominate the other kids. As a result of our dominance we skipped school and now we are entering the age where the bully is becoming the bi!tch.

Real Talk

::drops mike and wanders off stage::

EXCLUSIVE: Brother X-Squared Speaks on The New Black Panther Party, Voter Intimidation, & the Obama Administration

The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network (WARNNN) in partnership with the website The Intersection of Madness and Reality is proud to bring you the latest installment in our recurring series of interviews with Brother X-Squared, president of the North American Chapter of the Renewed Black Panther Party. As you know, Brother X-Squared has become a legendary force on the Internet following his stunning debut on WARNNN last year. In this latest installment in our series with Brother X-Squared, The We Are Respectable Negroes News Network has decided to hand the reigns over to Brother Rippa, founder of The Intersection of Madness and Reality for a special expose on Brother X-Squared's relationship with The New Black Panther Party, President Obama, and the Department of Justice.

RIPPA: It's good to finally catch up with your Brother X-Squared; it's really been tough. In particular I wanted to have a chat about the situation concerning the New Black Panther Party's Philadelphia chapter. Are you familiar with their voter intimidation case? The very case that has been dropped by the DOJ?

Brother X-Squared: It is good to speak with you again. As I always have to do with that sad respectable Negro Chauncey DeVega, I need to correct your questions as well. You are growing in knowledge, but like many confused captive Nubians you do not understand the power of words. First, what of this "catch up" and "tough" that you speak of? Brother X-Squared is a leader of men. I am in the front line of intellectual battle with the evils of the White Man in America and his colored supplicants--yes I am talking about Obama and his minions--I don't have to catch up to anything. It is the world that is behind Brother X-Squared. "Tough" is a word that implies that there is weakness to be overcome. Brother X-Squared and the other saved New Black Men in America have never been weak.

Weakness is for the sagging hip hop coon show minstrel hoppers and those basketball chasing negroes who follow Lebron James and the NBA...what I call the "nigger ball association" because they are a bunch of million dollar slaves. The fools obsessed with that nonsense are similarly brainwashed! We have black people that know nothing of their history and don't even know how much money they have in their checking accounts who can wax poetic about all manner of stupidity and sports. Most sadly, we have black queens who will lay with these sad humanzees because of their knowledge of basketball or how well they play some foolish sports related video game. All of which is tricknology that the White man has laid for the unsaved Black man in America. You don't need Willie Lynch, another lie perpetrated by the White man by the way, to hold down the captive negro. No, just give him a basketball and ESPN.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Abraham Lincoln, Can the 'Colored Folks' Get That Wide-Screen TV You Promised? Yeah, Mark Williams is a Douche

Between the antics of Mel Gibson, and Tea Party leader Mark Williams, I’d say that White America is in serious need of a PR person this week. May I suggest Ryan Seacrest? Seriously, anytime you have Newt Gingrich stepping in as mediator between the NAACP and the Tea party much like Dr Benjamin Chavis; and, suggesting a ‘dialogue’ or sit down between them both? Yeah, you have to realize that the GOP doesn’t want their image any more tarnished than is. This in my book makes for good politics.

Now of course I realize that asking Tea Party leaders to condemn or root out the racist element(s) among them is pretty much like trying to force Affirmative Action on the Klu Klux Klan. However, for the GOP’s sake, Gingrich’s suggestion is one which in the interest of a talk show make-over is genius. Sure it may not last; and yes, the make-up may soon fade away. But this is the very opportunity sought after by the NAACP in my book. Sadly, Mark Williams rightfully went into defense mode, but went about it the wrong way.

I’m sorry, but the following letter to Abraham Lincoln posted to Williams’ blog the other day doesn’t help matters any. If it was meant to be a satirical approach to the issue, he failed miserably; and if anything, helped to prove the NAACP’s claim. Yep, certainly not a good look for a supposed “leader” within the Tea Party movement. Hell, now I’m left to wonder if he was the brains behind the “Yup, I’m a Racist” T-Shirts being sold in Lexington Kentucky on the fourth of July.

Check out the letter:
Dear Mr. Lincoln,

We Coloreds have taken a vote and decided that we don’t cotton to that whole emancipation thing. Freedom means having to work for real, think for ourselves, and take consequences along with the rewards. That is just far too much to ask of us Colored People and we demand that it stop!

In fact we held a big meeting and took a vote in Kansas City this week. We voted to condemn a political revival of that old abolitionist spirit called the ‘tea party movement’.

The tea party position to “end the bailouts” for example is just silly. Bailouts are just big money welfare and isn’t that what we want all Coloreds to strive for? What kind of racist would want to end big money welfare? What they need to do is start handing the bail outs directly to us coloreds! Of course, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is the only responsible party that should be granted the right to disperse the funds.

And the ridiculous idea of “reduce[ing] the size and intrusiveness of government.” What kind of massa would ever not want to control my life? As Coloreds we must have somebody care for us otherwise we would be on our own, have to think for ourselves and make decisions!

The racist tea parties also demand that the government “stop the out of control spending.” Again, they directly target coloreds. That means we Coloreds would have to compete for jobs like everybody else and that is just not right.

Perhaps the most racist point of all in the tea parties is their demand that government “stop raising our taxes.” That is outrageous! How will we coloreds ever get a wide screen TV in every room if non-coloreds get to keep what they earn? Totally racist! The tea party expects coloreds to be productive members of society?

Mr. Lincoln, you were the greatest racist ever. We had a great gig. Three squares, room and board, all our decisions made by the massa in the house. Please repeal the 13th and 14th Amendments and let us get back to where we belong.


Precious Ben Jealous, Tom’s Nephew NAACP Head Colored Person
Now the letter has since been removed from Williams’ site; and, Williams’ Tea Party Express has been expelled by the Tea Party Federation. This really begs to question whether such a move is symbolic, or if actually done with the full intent of distancing themselves from such a racially insensitive mindset in the face of the public.

But maybe Williams knows something we don’t know. Word on the street is that Barack Obama is looking to push for an additional economic stimulus. Surely black folks are going to expect wide-screen televisions this time around to go with the reparation that was Health Care Reform. I mean, why should everyone living in the projects not want (or expect) wide-screen TVs on their walls and some of that Obama money?

Now of course you folks who’ve been reading this site for while are probably of the opinion that much of what I say is not different satirically relative to Williams’ blog post titled, Colored People Change Minds about Emancipation. But, the thing is, unlike Williams, I don’t represent a national political organization. And, like all black people, I have no aversion to a “hand out”. The truth is, I’m just a colored boy who would love nothing better that to get a wide-screen TV up on my wall just in time for football season.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade: "Sober Up and Take a Job."

If I am to believe the latest running conservative meme that the unemployed are all lazy drug-addicted alcoholics. In the interest of job creation in this economic shit-storm, it seems it would behoove our government to invest in individual drug dealers, corner store bodegas, and the 'round the way bootleg-liquor-man. Yep, be sure to hurry up and make that unemployment extension thing happen an shortly thereafter follow through on my suggestion; how's that for free market economics.

I mean after all, according to them, there's no stimulative effect to the economy when people spend their unemployment checks. Not only that, the safety net that is unemployment insurance - ironically, like weed - happens to be a de-motivator. Think about it, why would anyone wanna work when they are able to sit on their asses and get paid for doing anything productive. Why should they be forced to worry about anything but the possibility of maybe a drug overdose, right?

But just in case nobody takes me and my idea seriously, here are some thoughts from a pretty smart white guy who in his infinite Nobel Prize for economics wisdom, takes a moment to speak on the subject of unemployment benefits and just how at this time are beneficial to the economy. Paul Krugman is my dude and all, and he makes a compelling case; but I'm sorry, I'm sticking with the "lazy drug addict" meme in an effort to make a come-up off of those loser unemployed people. I mean since they're all drug-addicted drunks, I think I'll open up a bar and name it, "The Senate":
Do unemployment benefits reduce the incentive to seek work? Yes: workers receiving unemployment benefits aren’t quite as desperate as workers without benefits, and are likely to be slightly more choosy about accepting new jobs. The operative word here is “slightly”: recent economic research suggests that the effect of unemployment benefits on worker behavior is much weaker than was previously believed. Still, it’s a real effect when the economy is doing well.

But it’s an effect that is completely irrelevant to our current situation. When the economy is booming, and lack of sufficient willing workers is limiting growth, generous unemployment benefits may keep employment lower than it would have been otherwise. But as you may have noticed, right now the economy isn’t booming — again, there are five unemployed workers for every job opening. Cutting off benefits to the unemployed will make them even more desperate for work — but they can’t take jobs that aren’t there.

Wait: there’s more. One main reason there aren’t enough jobs right now is weak consumer demand. Helping the unemployed, by putting money in the pockets of people who badly need it, helps support consumer spending. That’s why the Congressional Budget Office rates aid to the unemployed as a highly cost-effective form of economic stimulus. And unlike, say, large infrastructure projects, aid to the unemployed creates jobs quickly — while allowing that aid to lapse, which is what is happening right now, is a recipe for even weaker job growth, not in the distant future but over the next few months.

The Friday Sex Blog [In Praise of Women]

It's Friday... it's summer... and it should be all about sex...

As men, we are conditioned to respond to challenges as a way of growth. As boys, other boys challenge us into inspiration: “I bet you can’t run faster than Flaco.” In the armed forces, you are called a worthless piece of shit, and this insult is supposed to challenge you to be your best ::sigh:: Therefore, as men, we are probably conditioned to challenge others, including our women, in order to get them to grow and improve.

However, if you do this, you will only succeed in developing your woman’s masculine aspect. The divine feminine thrives on support and praise. For example, telling her, “I hope you stop gaining weight,” is a lot less effective than telling her, “I love the shape of your ass.”

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pregnant Burgular Faces Life in Prison

So on more than one occasion we've discussed the Scott Sisters who are currently serving life sentences for a robbery which netted eleven dollars. Which brings me to this post as the fact that the female rate of incarceration has surpassed that of males in the United States. This is a little known fact in any outside discussion of the Prison Industrial Complex.


Well here's a current case out of Ohio that involves a pregnant woman who is facing a life sentence for burglary. Check out her story and lemme know if she deserves life in prison, how much time should she receive should she receive any. I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this one, folks.

If you were the judge, how would you sentence her, and why?

What if the Tea Party was Black?

Ok look, for some of you I realize the NAACP's decision to formally go in on the Tea Party with a formal resolution seems ill-timed and ridiculous; as in a, tell-me-something-I-don't-know kinda way NAACP ridiculous. Yes, and when you look at it, you can't help but to think of the NAACP as MC HAMMER trynna make a comeback by bringing some beef to Gucci Mane as a last ditch effort to garner that ever elusive street cred (can you picture that shit!).

Yes I realize the NAACP loves colored folks and Barack Obama as the next racism chasing blogger. But c'mon NAACP; what exactly is supposed to happen other than Sarah Palin butchering the Queens English in interviews about you guys dropping that resolution, in defense of her beloved non-racist Teabaggers. Are we supposed to all of a sudden jump behind your back and toss the occasional dub sack money into the collection plate? Son, we've been going in on the Tea Party since day one!

OK so I know that lately you guys have lost your way chasing greeting card racism in Walmart; and then there's that whole co-signing the legalization of marijuana in California, thing. And yes I know those ungrateful black folks have been giving y'all hell, so you felt the need to drop some bows on the biggest bully in the political playground. But why the Tea Party, NAACP? Why not go hard on the sponsors of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity et al.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chris Brown: Epic Fail or Big Middle Finger?

By Seattle Slim

I was over at Crunk and Disorderly and noticed that it was a teaser/trailer for some abomination called 12 Strands featuring Chris Brown. At first, I wasn't going to click on it. Then again, I decided that Chris Brown seems to invite fuckery. So I clicked and was assaulted by this:

12 Strands (Matrix) Teaser from Gloob Marketing on Vimeo.


Now, my first question is, why would someone in his position--having been convicted of domestic violence and still generally seen as a pariah despite his coalition of the naive and gullible--be engaged in various acts of physical violence in a trailer?

I realize that Chris Brown stans will see nothing wrong with this, but then again, what afflicts them is out of my psychology textbook, so we might as well leave their opinions to science. For those of us who are not bamboozled easily, this video comes as no surprise. It, for those of us who weren't fooled by some tears, whining, a Messiah complex and a silly bow tie, gives credence to our warnings and our understanding of this grown ass man who has yet to show the masses some semblance of growth.

In this trailer, Chris Brown can be seen engaging in his usual "I am so troubled and persecuted" dramatics, but he goes on to do some serious fight scenes, complete with hooks to the freaking dome! Rihanna game proper, eh, Chris? Then, he engages in a lusty kiss with some model, while another model watches. He sure does respect the ladies!

A little misogyny, a whole lot of violence and some inner turmoil. Sounds like he grew up. We should TOTALLY give him a chance, because he's young and he's changed, right?

This would be like a convicted drug dealer or addict putting out their own bootleg version of Scarface. Is this something that someone who is on a quest for self-improvement after a brutal crime would do? The fact that Mr. Brown sees fit to engage in this foolish and vain trailer at this juncture in his "career" shows that he does not have the ingredients or the brain power necessary to succeed.

At the end of the day, I thought the kid was a mediocre singer at best, and he was unattractive to me. I was never wowed by the kid, so I've no special reason to see his career ruined. I never supported it in the first place. And as for me personally forgiving him, that would mean that I would have to give a damn about the guy on a personal level. However, from the consumer aspect, Chris Brown has just shown us with this little video that he is incapable and unworthy of being a celebrity that is celebrated and showered with accolades.  To hell with anyone else, I am talking about Chris.

Either he is plain stupid, his PR is out to sabotage him or he just doesn't give a damn.  Of course his stans will enable him long enough for him to have a little money to live comfortably, but he can kiss world domination  and a global empire goodbye.  While that cat was sleeping, Justin Bieber came up, and took all his work.  And honestly, he could've stood some semblance of a chance, but engaging in behavior that would be conducive to putting out tripe on video, is exactly why Chris Brown won't ever be what he once was. 

We all know the name of the game in the industry.  Don Imus and Dog the Bounty Hunter are good examples of this.  And those are just the white guys.  There have been plenty of embattled black artists who did some public penitence, T.I. comes to mind with his MTV specials, who've gone on to keep the money flowing and keep it moving.  Hell, Kanye will still make money after assaulting white people's favorite white girl, Taylor Swift, verbally last year.  That, to white folks, was worse than anything Chris could've done to Rihanna.  You know, Taylor was a sugary, sweet blonde haired, blue eyed country singer.  They would've lynched 'Ye if they could've... Fuck a Rihanna.  Penitence and some time away does a career good in this industry.  It's not like the American masses are that much smarter than Chris Brown's most rabid fans. 

I want him to join Mel Gibson (and a couple of other knuckleheads that are too many to name) on a barge to some tiny, uninhabited island in the South Pacific and stay there bashing each other into the sand...

Mel: "Chris, if you get raped by a pack of n****rs, it will be your fault!"

Chris: *punch* *kick* *slap*

I see a match made in heaven. Roman Polanski can film the entire thing, and it will be all good.

R.I.P. Sugar Minott

Lincoln Barrington "Sugar" Minott died Saturday, July 10 at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Jamaica's capital, Kingston. He was only 54. Wow.

Silky, silky reggae singer known I remember wining' many a night off of his voice. He is credited for being one of the bridges from old school reggae to reggae dancehall. Very influential in the reggae scene, he started out as a sound selecter in a sound system crew, then went on to be a singer, musicians, and eventually producer.

In his songs, Sugar Minott was known to sing about upliftment, cultural pride, and love. Ecosoulintellectual

Dear Sarah Palin, "refudiate" is not a word...

...oh, and that "divisive in times of turmoil," thing? You're a fuckin hypocrite!
"I just spent a few beautiful Alaskan days with some beautiful Americans in my husband's birthplace - they are Todd's family and they are Yupik Eskimo. In the decades that our families have blended, I have never heard one proud, patriotic member judge another member based on skin color. Both Todd and I were raised to measure a person according to their capacity and willingness to love, work, forgive, contribute, and show good character. We're joined by the vast majority of Americans in this belief whereby we measure a man by his character, not his color. Because of amazing efforts and accomplishments by those who came before my generation, it is foreign to us to consider condemning or condoning anyone's actions based on race or gender. Being with our diverse family in a melting pot that is a Native village just days ago reminded me of that." (source)
I guess that would explain why Palin wouldn't hire black folks when she was governor:
While meeting with Black leaders concerning the absence of any African Americans on her staff, Gov. Palin responded that she doesn’t have to hire any Blacks and was not intending to hire any.
Now if they were half-white or Eskimo? Things would have been very different, right? Yep, you can put lipstick on a hypocritical-racist-pig but it's still a pig, folks.

NOLA Cops Indicted for Cover-Up of Shootings After Hurricane Katrina

Back in December toward the end of 2008, I told you folks about Hurricane Katrina and the hidden race war in the aftermath of this country's largest natural disaster. In that post I highlighted just how people of color had to go into extreme survivalist mode by having to duck being the targets of armed racist citizens.

Back then, as highlighted in the post, the cops were too busy to investigate those claims. Today, it's reasonable to assume that those very cops were to busy doing some covering up of their misdeeds:

Now of course our good friends on the right side of the aisle who recently have been championing the fight for civil rights as they focused on the non-prosecution of the New Black Panther Party's Philadelphia chapter's voter intimidation charges, are shockingly silent on this one.

I'm guessing the loss of life and murder of people of color while George Bush did nothing but a fly-over, is not as important as getting white folks to pull the lever  for John McCain intimidation free back in 2008. But then again maybe the embarrassment of finding out that it was George Bush who dropped those charges can be attributed to said silence.

Four of the men pictured above - Bowen, Gisevius, Faulcon and Villavaso - were part of the "Danzinger 7," who were originally indicted for the Danzinger bridge shooting in 2006. The case was eventually dismissed due to prosecutor errors which invalidated the case (see how that justice thing works?).

But in the fall of 2008, federal investigators picked up the case which subsequently lead to a string of guilty pleas by officers earlier this year. Here's to hoping that these officers who were sworm to protect and serve the community get what they deserve.

Yep, stay in that ass Attorney General Eric Holder. And big-ups to the concerned citizens who actively petitioned the gov't (via my blog and others) in the interest of justice.

Up Close & Personal With A Wing-Nut: Glenn Beck For President 2012! (Because Obama is Racist)

Ever wonder what a real right-wing nutjob looks like?

Well look no further; for I have found one:

Yes, Tammy Faye Baker lives, folks.

You know how they say if you wanna know what your girlfriend or potential wife will look when she gets older you should look at her mother. Well America, this is what the future of douche-baggery, and tinfoil-hatness actually looks like.  Yep, bug-eyed white women angry about paying that Obama tanning tax.

Oh the reverse racism...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slave Catcher Of The Week: Whoopi Goldberg Defending Mel Gibson's Racism

Ok y'all, so I realize I haven't done one of these posts in a while - what can I say, Negroes have been on their best behavior. I also know that I have yet to personally weigh in on the subject that is Mel Gibson and his racist rant - I keep getting emails from people asking me to give my take on it, but up until now I've refused.

I mean it's Mel Gibson; that fool ain't been right ever since The Passion of the Christ! I expect turds to fall out of his mouth at any given time. But today, I can no longer be silent. Nope, just when I thought black people have been on their best behavior, in comes Whoopi Goldberg to completely fuck everything up for us:

OK, so by now you know the story and how recorded conversations between Mel Gibson are being leaked all over the internet. Yes, and I'm sure you know that according to Mel Gibson, niggers run around in packs raping women. Yeah, it doesn't matter that 52% of imprisoned rapists happens to be white; blacks get away with it I suppose.

My question to Whoopi, I mean, since she's a friend of Mel and all, and he's obviously not racist, is just how many niggers does a pack actually make? I mean does a pack of niggers constitute a group of three or more? I mean what exactly is the cut off? Better yet, just how many women do they rape daily?

I mean inquiring minds would like to know... because I'm sure her and Mel discussed this sort of thing at her house. I mean I'm curious because, well, this isn't the first time she has felt the need to be a Negro apologist. She defended Ted Danson's blackface schtick at the Friars Club remember that?

Hell, Ted Danson was so much of a friend that she was sleeping with him. Then recently, she donned her slave-catching net once again by defending child rapist Roman Polanski; you know, the guy who  left the country to duck charges for child rape only to be caught recently somewhere in Europe. Yeah, she said, "it wasn't rape-rape."

So yeah, maybe I'm wrong about Whoopi especially when it comes to her defense of Mel Gibson. Yep, maybe Mel Gibson isn't racist because Whoopi doesn't have to worry about being raped by a pack of niggers because she looks like a man. Surely if she dressed like Mel's ex, she would have a problem, right?

Yep, maybe Mel's just a nice guy and we're all wrong about him; maybe he's not a raging drunk misogynist woman beater. Shit maybe the people I personally know who were friends of mine sitting in prison for drug trafficking aren't really drug dealers. I dunno, but this shit is too much to think about as hot as it is out here.

There's no way Mel is racist; hell, if Whoopi can make a conscious (and successful) effort to remove the word "nigger" from her act as she has. Surely she would know who is and isn't racist when they use the word, right?

NOTE: My sincere apologies to the ugly man-like looking women for this one.


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