Friday, July 16, 2010

The Friday Sex Blog [In Praise of Women]

It's Friday... it's summer... and it should be all about sex...

As men, we are conditioned to respond to challenges as a way of growth. As boys, other boys challenge us into inspiration: “I bet you can’t run faster than Flaco.” In the armed forces, you are called a worthless piece of shit, and this insult is supposed to challenge you to be your best ::sigh:: Therefore, as men, we are probably conditioned to challenge others, including our women, in order to get them to grow and improve.

However, if you do this, you will only succeed in developing your woman’s masculine aspect. The divine feminine thrives on support and praise. For example, telling her, “I hope you stop gaining weight,” is a lot less effective than telling her, “I love the shape of your ass.”

I often am accused of being a manipulative because I use praise a lot. But all my praise, especially when it comes to women, is genuine. Praise always magnifies the radiance of the woman you praise. “You’re so beautiful when you smile,” is much more effective than, “You’re ugly when you frown,” although both indicate a desire for a smile. It is my experience that when it comes to women, it is always better to call the glass half full than half empty. And this is not merely about superficial choices or manipulation. My praise is not intended as a strategy to get my ego-needs fulfilled.

You might say that this should hold true for anyone, not just women, but I beg to differ. While praise is an effective tool for all, it is what the feminine essence craves most. She opens like a flower when you praise your woman. Praise is like sustenance for the feminine essence. If you truly want your woman to shine, to radiate health and happiness, love and beauty, praise those qualities. Praise her daily, many times.

I often joke that all my women develop more beautiful asses as a result of being with me, because that's all I do is praise their asses. Shit, I've been know to genuflect and pray to a woman's behind. LOL

This is not an easy task for most men to learn, but we must learn to praise the very qualities we feel are least worthy of it in order for those qualities to become worthy. In less convoluted language, praise the quality which you desire to see grow. If you want your woman to be healthier through exercise, don’t tell her that. It will feel like an insult to her -- a rejection of the way she is now (and it is). Instead try telling her how sexy she looks when she sweats in her workout tights. Tell her how much it turns you to watch her move her body. Whatever parts of her body you really like, tell her, and tell her often.

Praising the things you enjoy when she exercises will magnify her exercising. On the flip side, telling her she should exercise indicates that she is unacceptable to you the way she is. Praise heals and nurtures. Challenge and subtle condemnation destroys your woman’s feminine essence.

See what happens...



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