Sunday, November 30, 2008


As I've mentioned before on this blog, I'm married. I love being married, and I love being in love. I love my wife, I love my kids, and dammit, I'm a pretty happy guy. I'm not trying to rub it in the faces of you single readers out there, but being married and happy is the shit. Ok, ok, ok, so I'm not always happy, and yes there are times that the members of my family get on my nerves. But having them in my life makes it worth living inspite their shorcomings or quirks. What can I say, we all make compromises for or in the name of love because thats what love is about.

For example, the other day when I wanted to watch the football game, Ashley my 1yr old wanted to watch "The Wonder Pets" on Noggin. So there's more than one television in my house, so that wasn't the problem. Actaully I was in another room trying to watch the game when she brought me the remote from the other TV in the bedroom. When she does that, it usually means that she wants me to find her favorite show on TV. For the last couple of months watching those shows has become a favorite pastime of mine. Trust me, there's nothing like having my daughter curl up or lay on me watching "The Wonder Pets" or "Dora The Explorer". Its a special bonding moment between us ( not that she isn't glued to my side as is) that I look forward to every single day. Its become a habit of sorts and its what she expects. So instead of watching football, I opted to spend time with my 1yr old watching her now favorite cartoons because thats what love is about.

Thanksgiving was extra special this year because it also happened to fall on my wedding anniversary. It has been 4yrs now since my wife and I have been together, and I'm as happy today in having her in my life since the first day I laid eyes on her. As I mentioned before, I love my wife. Instead of us having or spending our anniversary by ourselves, unexpected to everyone, we opted to share our day with the rest of the family for Thanksgiving. See, thats what love is about. None of my family lives here in Tennessee, so spending time with my in-laws has become a welcomed substitute. And like most families, even with their share of issues, holiday gatherings are priceless because thats what love is about.

If you knew me, mor saw me, you'd see right away that I have a weight problem. Thats right, I can't wait to eat most of the times. So since mom is on the other side of the country, I was looking forward to Thanksgiveing dinner at my wife's grandmother's house were we all gathered. Its really funny that I've been in the family long enough for my wife's grandmother to know that I don't eat chitlins. I thought it was funny that when fixing us plates she brought that up. They all eat chitlins, and they have been known to come from far and wide just to eat grandma's chitlins. Now, I can't eat that nasty ass shit as much as I love food, but let them tell it, they can only eat grandma's chitlins and nobodyelse's. Even though I don't understand it, I guess I can only say thats what love is about.

Personally, I don't understand how anyone could eat the inner shit tube of a pig. Hell, I don't understand how in the world you can get past the smell of cleaning and cooking that stuff to even bring yourself to eat it. Have you ever smelled that stuff? It fuckin stinks! If you wanna know what the inside of your asshole smells like, g'head and run down to any kitchen in the south around Thanksgiving and take a wiff. I can’t believe that today, despite all the social, cultural, and economic strides black people have made over the years, so many of us still insist on eating that grimmey shit. I’m pretty sure that 50% of the reason MLK ever marched anywhere is so his children wouldn’t have to eat pig intestines ever again. But inspite of making great strides as a people, from the days of slavery, people still eat chitlins. My wife loves them, and in spite of that, I still love her and I won't hold it against her because that's what love is about.

After Thanksgiving dinner, we played spades, and drank beers all the while talkin shit, laughing and having fun. When it was time to go (it was close to midnight by the time we left) my wife made sure she fixed a plate of chitlins to take home. It was a big ass plate, and I expected that, as she does it every year. This year I was a little disapointed that she forgot to take home a plate of her grandma's dressing. Trust me, her dressing is the bomb. Considering that I had been drinking, my wife drove us home. The 1yr old was asleep in the backseat while I rode shotgun. During the ride home it was then that I realized that I was holding a plate of chitlins in my lap. Its probably the closest I've come to the stuff, and I swear it kinda freaked me out. I couldn't help but to think that in my lap were the shit tubes of a dead pig. In my mind I felt guilty of desecrating the memory of our fallen African American ancestors from the days of slavery by being an accomplice to my wife eating chitlins. But hey, thats what love is about.

It really bothered me, and at one point I even thought of just sitting it on the dashboard as she drove just to get it out of my hands. If I was drunk I probably would have done that. But the image of flying chitlin juice all over the place, or splashing in my face should we make a sudden stop changed that idea real quik. Hell I even thought of throwing it out the window, but I didn't wanna piss my wife off. The last thing I wanted to do after a nice day of giving thanks was to ruin my chances of getting some anniversary sex. Its hard enough trying to have sex with a cockblocking nosy 1yr old around the house much less to try and have sex with a woman you've angered by tossing out grandma's chitlins. But hey, thats what love is about.

We got home, she ate the chitlins, I made her brush her teeth, and I had a happy ending...


thats what love is about.

Friday, November 28, 2008


I don't know what it is, or why in American culture we worship the "bad guy". Everybody, or every Black dude that I know loves Al Pacino's character "Scarface". Hell, I'm not gonna lie, I love that nigga too. To me, he's the ultimate bad guy, and to date, no one has come close to duplicating that character. I promise you, every guy has a copy of "Scarface" on DVD, VHS or probably even BETAMAX to this day. And I'm sure that at least once a year, they take the time to pop it in, watch it with joy, and pretend to be the baddest muthafucka on the planet afterwards. Now that I think of it, all the dudes I've seen get knocked out at the club back in the day probably watched "Scarface" before they got all liqored up proceeded to play the resident "get knocked tha fuck out guy" at the local nightclub.

There were a couple people who died while Christmas shopping today. Reports say that two people at a Toys-R-Us in California had a dispute over a toy and shot and killed each other. It almost sounds cinematic when you think of it in a "climatic end of a movie" sorta way. Now, you may chalk it up to the hysteria of "Black Friday" and the fact that people lose their fuckin minds when it comes to getting a discount. Especially for Christmas, because Jesus really loves when you buy people expensive gifts, but more so when you get 20% off. You may also think that especially since a Walmart employee was trampled to death in New York after opening the doors to the store to a crowd of shoppers. So yeah, you might say that the shooting in California is just another example of the hysteria that is American consumerism. But the way I see it, its not. It all boils down to fools trynna prove just how hard and gangsta they are.

For the life of me, I can't remember going Christmas shopping and having to pack a pistol. I've packed a gun in some pretty shady places which is to be expected, but never in a Toys-R-Us. When you think of going toy shopping as an adult, packing a gun is the last thing on your mind. So why did two people pack a gun and both died after pulling the trigger on one another?, What, are they serving alcohol in Toys-R-Us now? A shootout at or outside of a club I understand because there's usually alcohol, and chicks involved. But at a toy store? This is just another example of a couple people trying to prove just how gangsta they are. Chances are they both watched "Scarface" or "Menace To Society" before deciding to go shopping. They had to. That dude "Tony Montana" will have you coked out thinking you can fight the Taliban. Its the only way you can fathom why two people would pull out guns in a dispute over possibly the last Nintendo Wii.

I laugh at people who try to play that gangsta role in public. You know, the ones who run around talking loud saying shit like, "I ain't afraid to go to jail." People like that don't scare me because I think they're stupid. Not that one should be afraid to go to jail. Thats not the point. The point is...who the fuck wants to go to jail! Jail ain't nice. I've been there before and I don't have it listed as one of the places I plan to revisit like Disney World in Orlando. But yet, you have people who run off at the mouth declaring their aversion to the fear of having to drop the soap. And they do this to show just how hard they are. They always run that "I ain't no punk" bullshit but hell there are alotta dead muthafukas who wasn't no punk either just like the idiots who shot each other to death while Christmas shopping.

You know what's gangsta to me? Gangsta to me is taking an oil tanker. Yeah, thats gangsta. Having the balls to get in a pirogue with a few crazy ass friends with guns, play pirate and succeed? To me, thats gangsta. Oh and after taking it, holding for a ransom of $25 million dollars? Yeah, thats gangsta. Its even more gangsta because they're black, and live in East Africa. I say that because for centuries colonists have taken so much from that continent without ever given any regard to the natives. Well, I'll take that back...they loved the natives so much, they decided to have a few boats go over there and give them all expense vacation trips to the new world hundreds of years ago. Ok, so what they didn't exactly have five star accomodations. The point is they paid for it.

So for me, seeing the news about the pirates of Africa gives me joy. For me, in my measure of gangstarism these guys have raised the bar. To date, they have captured at least 15 ships. From here on out all these wanna be thug niggas are punks in my book compared to these guys. Oh you shot two dudes yesterday? So what. You ain't shit. You been on America's Most Wanted? Oh word?? Well you still ain't shit. Matter of fact, even of you shoot me you ain't shit. Fly a couple planes into skyscrapers? You ain't shit, the U.S. gov't already pulled that one off. So what you shot a few niggas and now you're a most definitely ain't shit. Trust me, you ain't shit until you hi-jack an oil tanker dawg. Because to me, that's gangsta. As a matter of fact, I think they should pay the ransom money, get the ship back, and then have the pirates work security for Barack Obama. Nothing against the secret service. But I doubt anybody would wanna fuck with Barack with some of his African brethren doing security work. Yup, especially after they watch the movie "Scarface".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Is it me, or have all the right wingers who hung out on this site in hibernation? Seriously, I don't see any where near the same amount of Anti-Obama, Anti-Democrat, Anti-Liberal blogs being posted.

Now keep in mind that most of them were posted by white people, and most of them contained sprinkles of racist views. Where have they all gone? Hiding? Ashamed? Embarrased?

Well, given the sharp increase in hate crimes since the results of the elections have been announced, I'd hate to think that they're all taking time from being online to sick a few dogs, hang nooses, or man heavy fire hoses and spray Black people with the intent to intimidate them. Nah, I'd hate to think that type of stuff is happening. I mean, we do live in a "post racial" society don't we?

So while many Obama supporters have come to the realization that now that the elections are over, the work really begins. I have to wonder what are the right wingers up to. What kind of work are they putting in, and are they gonna strive to come together and help rebuild this country? It would really be nice to see us all unite for the cause of rebuilding. But unfortunately, given our history, and the fact that people are easily motivated by fear and ignorance, I think thats doubtful.

For example...

"I am telling you that there's gonna be a wholesale firing of competent white men in the United States government up and down the line, in police departments, in fire departments. Everywhere in America, you're going to see an exchange that you've never seen in history, and it's not gonna be necessarily for the betterment of this country."- Michael Savage

The quote above came from right wing talk radio show host Michael Savage about a week ago. It seems that Michael who is heard on 350 radio stations all across the country, is fearful of losing his job to a Black person now that Obama is gonna be president. Yup, it would seem that the hot topic for these racist people is whats known as "Social Promotion". According to him, Obama's success is a result of social promotion, or "preferential treatment" because he's Black.


Is it that easy for a black man to become president? Shit I wish I knew this all along or else I would have ran. Barack Obama has been given a pass to date because he's Black? Shit, who knew Affirmative Action policies applied to the presidency. Here I am all this time of the opinion that the man worked his ass off through college, graduated, went back to school to become an attorney, and hence became a "community organizer". You mean to tell me all this time he was destined to become president? You mean to tell me that of the millions of Black people in America, he was the one hand picked as a beneficiary of Affirmative Action?

Oh yeah, and because of him "able bodied white men" are all now gonna be given the shaft, and will be relegated to living a life of crime all while on welfare as they try to support their families?

"When you're socially promoted, you wind up as president of the United States. If you're socially promoted your whole life and nobody challenges you because you're of the proper constitution and composition and you look exactly right and no one's -- everyone's afraid to say a word to you, why, you then go to Harvard, you then go to the law review, you then get elected, you then get elected to the next level. This is what happens in a country that's intimidated by its own policies and its own fears."

Oh yeah, this is how this man thinks. He has even been on record of saying that Affirmative Action stole his "birthright"and his "manhood". He also said and Civil Rights was a "con" job.And like I said before, this man is heard on 350 stations, and has a listening audience of 8.25 million listeners according to Talkers Magazine. Thats right, thats a whole lot of white people listening and buying into this kind of crap.

And how does it affect anybody?

Well, as noted earlier, hate crimes have been on the rise. Hell, some clown in the KKK shot and killed a lady in Louisiana who wanted to back out of joining their country club. Something tells me that they didn't shoot and kill her because she was Black. I mean, if she was, I doubt they would have accepted her membership application in the first place.

But it doesn't just stop there.


In Michigan there was a KKK member who was brave enough to don his conehead outfit and protest on a street corner the election of Barack Obama. Yeah, thats him pictured above. And you wanna hear something else? The guy who did this was a GOP precinct delegate. Yup, the KKK was working the polls. Now ain't that a bitch?


Now all of this stuff is happening but yet we're supposed to be living in a "post racial" society remember. The one thing that I am proud of, is the fact that David Duke and his EURO group (European American Unity and Rights Conference) was kicked out of Memphis a few weeks ago. His organization was slated to have a conference here in Memphis but thanks to the complaints of a few "good citizens" him and his group were kicked out of damn near evey hotel in the city.

They were forced to run to Mississippi to hold their conference but they got kicked out of there as well. I laughed my ass off when I saw him interviewed on the news here because he said his group wasn't racist. He said contrary to popular belief, his group was all about WHITE CIVIL RIGHTS and not racism. White civil rights? Can you believe that shit??

I know to some this term is insulting when considering the struggle of the civil rights movement back in the 60's. But somehow, for me I find humor at the thought of White folks marching and having bus boycotts, lunch counter sit-ins and all other forms of civil protest all because of Barack Obama.

Now mind you, these clowns aren't out protesting the fact that this country has lost 1.2 million jobs just this year alone, and is in peril of losing 3 million more with the fall of the auto industry. Instead, they're protesting the fact that one Black man got the highest job in the land. Lemme guess, all those people who lost jobs or are in danger of losing jobs are Black.

I didn't write this to get any of you fired up or get pissed off. I just wanted to take the opportunity to show you guys whats really going on in this coluntry right now. This is the stuff that you don't hear on the 10 o'clock news. And its just a sign that although its been said that we've come a long way, we damn sure ain't too far removed from 40yrs ago.

I mean what else can you expect from a country with deep roots in racism and oppression. I wanna also be clear that the enemy isn't white people, but the idea of WHITE SUPREMACY clearly is. But I ain't scared of the KKK or the other assholes out there. Instead I'm laughing at these poor bastards. I'm laughing because Barack Obama dunked on their ass and he's now hangin on the rim swinging with his nuts in their faces. Damn, the shit is so beautiful right now it should be on ESPN's Sportscenter as the play of the century.

In ya face bitches!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I don't consider myself a violent person, nor do I think I have an ill temper. Ok, so everybody gets mad and flies off the handle from time to time, but we're human, and that's to be expected. Having said that, I'm not feeling the whole "I Bust The Windows Out Your Car" song. Why is this a hit?

Ok, yeah, so a car if often a man's prized possession and vandalizing said prized possession would probably hurt. Hell, it may even hurt as bad as getting kicked in the balls, but is it really neccessary? I'm sure there are people who can identify with the song. Uh huh, I'm sure some of you women out there reading this have fucked up a guys ride at one point in time. And I'm sure that there is a guy reading this who could relate to having your ride fucked up by a woman.

Now whether a man deserves this is irrelevant. Fuckin with a man's ride just aint right. And its not right that Jazmine Sullivan has a hit with this song. I mean, what if I came out with a song where the hook says, "I Bust You In Yo Fukin Mouth." Would that be nice? Would that be cool? Hell no it wouldn't because the guys who have done shit like that to their mates have usually ended up in jail. I've yet to see or hear of a woman going to jail for bustin out the car windows of a dude she's dating, with whom she has a problem.

Ok, so maybe its the fact that I had a chick flatten all four of my tires once. Maybe thats why this is sensitive for me. Ok, yeah, so it happened a long time ago, and I should be over it. But fuck that! I wasted a whole day of work getting my wheels back in order while I had my best friend run me around the city, trynna find her, laughing at my ass because of what she did.

"Well you probably deserved it RiPPa."

Thats probably what most women reading this would think. But would they feel the same way about a woman gettin punched in the face for talkin slick or doin some other foul shit in the relationship? Hell, why don't you women go about resolving conflicts from now on by bustin out car windows. The next person who pisses you off in life, just find them and bust out their car windows. Uh huh, do that because Jazmine Sullivan made it cool. Yeah, and be sure to give her a call or sue her for making you do it.

Trust me, you won't go to jail. You'll probably just end up on Judge Judy or some court show like that. For which you'll become famous in your city with your stupid female friends, and be met with infamy by all the guys who saw you on TV. I've heard of some of the foulest shit women have done to men in anger, but fuckin with a man's ride?? Shit, thats why I'm glad I'm married and not single. If my wife bust the windows out my car, she ain't doin shit but hurting herself anyway.


I woke up this morning to hear the news that the rapper MC Breed died this weekend. I wasn't blown away by the news as I was when I heard that The Notorious Big was shot and killed in Los Angeles years ago. As a hip hop fan I can still remember getting that call from my brother in Brooklyn to tell me the news as I was living in Indiana at that time. But with the news of the passing of MC Breed, its a little different. I guess the fact that he's never mentioned as one of the greats made it different in comparison. But then again, I read that he was sick a while back. The death of Biggie hit me because for me, he was the epitome of that Brooklyn shit, and was a hero to many headz like me. And being a Brooklyn transplant, or hip hop junkie like me, I'm sure you can understand.

But hearing about Breed's death took me back to my days of living in the Midwest. Yup, my college years. I could remember when his song "Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin" was hot on the airwaves back then. You see, back in that day, hip hop was still an east coast-west coast thing. There was none of the crap we hear now coming from the south. Nope, none of that bullshit. Not saying that there wasn't any southern rappers. Hell, back then the "Ghetto Boys" out of Houston was my shit! But being from NYC, I was biased as hell, and refused to listen to anything other than my east coast shit. Of course, there was the occasional "N.W.A." joints in heavy rotation, but thats where it stopped for me. I was living in the Midwest and I was reppin hard for NY.

Back then, it was inconceivable to think that a Midwest rapper would ever make it mainstream. I used to think that back then especially, and I used to laugh at all the "local" cats I knew who were trying to get in the game. And then I heard "Ain't No Future In Yo Frontin". The first time I heard the song I was blown away. The track itself, with that funk sample, and the shit he was saying was dope! He was tellin fake niggas to keep it real, and I loved it. I thought he was probably just another west coast rapper, but then I found out he was from Flint Michigan. Yes, the midwest. Who woulda thunk it? It was 1991, and that song went on to be a huge smash that summer, and probably for a couple years on the national scene. Back then I was drinkin 40's and partyin my ass off. And trust me when I say muthafukas lost their minds when it came on in the club or house party. Damn those were good times, and I often wish I were 21yrs old again.

Because of this dude, the midwest got some shine. Think about it, back then there were no rappers blowin up from the midwest. A region which has since produced platinum selling artists the likes of Nelly, Eminem, and Kanye West just to name a few. These cats never mention him as a musical influence, but I'm sure they will acknowledge him as a pioneer in the industry, at least for the midwest. Hell, he was probably the first no name rapper to have Tupac Shakur featured on an album. Yup, the dude worked with Tupac. Fuckin Tupac!!! Shit there are dudes today who would kill to have Tupac on their tracks. You know Tupac is still alive, and I'm sure he's gonna go to MC Breed's funeral. Could you imagine all the dudes who would be there begging to get his phone number? Not to mention the chicks who still wanna give him some coochie??

As I look at all these rappers in the industry who "talk" about all the money they're making ( and no I'm not talking about the ones who are obviously managing their money well enough to be listed by Forbes Magazine), you know, the ones who love to make it rain on bitches? You know, the ones who "say" they drive Bentleys to the grocery store? You know, guys like that? I often wonder if they have health insurance. In recent years there have been rappers who have fallen due to ill health, and not by the bullet. MC Breed was sick for quite some time, and now that he's dead, I'm wondering if he had health insurance. I mean, he recently did time in jail for non-payment of child support. And from was exposed, he owed something like $200,000 in back support. Surely rappers are not dying sitting in hospital waiting rooms like poor people. But them muthafukas are getting sick and are dying. There are about 47 million people in America without health insurance, who as a result, are unable to get preventive care. Sad ain't it? Thank God we don't have that many rappers. I'd hate to hear them do songs about laying in hospital beds, or waiting in the ER for hours to be seen by a doctor, only to be given a prescription that they can't even afford to pay for without insurance.

So next time your young'un comes to you for advice because he's contemplating a rap career. Be sure to tell him that money, hoes, and clothes is cool, and it might look good on BET. But tell him that having health insurance and a 401K might be a better route. Tell him to get a job and do his best to keep it; staying out late at night making it rain on bitches in strip clubs might make him late for work; or get him suspended like NFL player Pacman Jones. Tell him that there's always work at the post office because there is no retirement plan for rappers. Tell him to give up on that shit at least up until Def Jam has a pension. Shit, just show him a pic of LL Cool J's old ass, and tell him that at 40yrs old he may be as lucky as LL to be able to hock Old Spice and get a check, but its pretty unlikely.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I've been seeing all over the blogosphere comments which imply that Barack Obama is not the messiah. People feel that they must convey this opinion whenever the discussion is Barack Obama. Could it be that its often said in fear of his failure? Do we feel the need to protect him because, well, he's the epitome of hope? Or at least instilled hope in the minds of many?

The truth is, he's not Black Jesus! He's not because if he were Jesus, a multitude of you followers would miss his message just like the millions of people who call themselves christians do every day. Obama is a man, a politician. A man who works for us the people. Don't get it twisted when people say that "we gotta do our part" and support him. I say support him, but lets not do it blindly. Lets challenge him to be the best employee we've had in a long time.

Even Jesus had to die because he was human...

but thank God he's back...

Lets just hope you people don't miss the message.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Allow me to weigh in on this Gay issue. You know, proposition 8 in California has been a hot topic. Hot enough to spark protests all across the country. I've read many a blog about the issue all across the blogosphere, but I have yet to actually speak on it. As some of you who have been around me for some time may know, I consider myself to be somewhat of a progressive mind. So having said that, I think most of you already know where I stand on the issue. For those of you that don't know...




Unfortunately, there are alot of people who don't think like me. Unfortunately, some people are just bigots as my brother Eddie pointed out last week on his blog ("If You're Against Gay Marriage, You're A Bigot"). But you know me, I'll always point out the hypocrisy that is the United States Of America. Like it or not, thats what I do, and that's what my third eye in effect is for. Without it, I'd be lost in this world, or forced to accept whatever I'm told as the truth, or "the way it is and should be". Another interesting read on this subject was done by Siditty("Proposition 8 Passed, And Black People Are To Blame?"), a sister with a good head on her shoulders, who always presents great blog topics. On this one, she laid it down you hear me? And lastly before moving along, you guys have to checkout Kit aka Keep It Trill's entry on the subject as well ("Proposition 8 Ban On Gay Marriage: When The Yes We Can Crowd Said No You Can't"). I urge you guys to be sure to give these blogs the nod, and even add them to your blogroll if you haven't all ready. They may not be "kid tested" but they are "RiPPa Approved".

So lets talk about gay marriage.

Do you know that 20% of all married people in America are cousins?

Did you know that?


Now, don't think for a minute that they all live in the back hills of Kentucky, Virginia or Georgia and are all rednecks. Yes I know that's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the subject of cousins being married. Trust me, even I have a hard time with getting the image of "Jethro Bodine" and "Ellie Mae" getting butt naked and doing the nasty. But the facts are, they do it. Not only do they do it, but their "union" is recognized by the gov't. Now, this isn't permissible by law in every one of the 50 states. But its permissible in enough of them to make up the 20% statistic of all married people.

But something like this is taboo in our society just like gay marriages. Its enough of a taboo that the religious right raised enough of a bitch about it, that George Bush won the elections in 2004 because of it. Its so much of a taboo that the religious right once again appealed to the fear and ignorance of many to get Proposition 8 passed in California. The sad thing about it, is that it was legal for them to get married, but now they're not? This is California remember? The same state where its legal, and has been for a long time to have a doctor prescribe you weed. This is something that's not widely practiced everywhere else, but in California your doctor can give you a pass to purchase a dime bag but you can't get married if you're gay? Yes folks, the same California where if it wasn't for the weirdos, the rest of the world would would not be entertained. Personally, being a New York City transplant, I always thought California was full of fake ass people. But even in thinking that, I always applauded them for being the most liberal state in the union. Well, that plus the fact that they corner the market on the porn industry helped as well for me.

But yet the religious right targets the gay community. How come they don't spend millions as they have in an attempt to stop cousins from being able to get married. Why don't they do that? I mean, they're so "moral" and all...why not? Seems like the same people who are against abortion would be against inbreeding and the production of kids with birth defects. But no, instead, they are against same sex marriages when neither one of them (the sexes involved) are able to have normal kids naturally as do heterosexual couples . Well, that's unless you're the pregnant man and his wife, but that's besides the point. Oh yeah, shout out to Arkansas for voting to prevent gay couples to adopt kids and be foster parents as well.

Image Hosted by

The bottom line, its hypocrisy, and discriminatory...period! Its not right that they deny these people the right to a civil union, but yet allow cousins to be married. Allow it enough that inbred marriages account for 20% of all married couples. To me, that's whats wrong with America. Aside from the hypocrisy, there are just too many stupid people alive who through their fears are motivated to vote against their own principles. I'm seriously begining to think that some of these said stupid people are infact products of inbreeding. And whats worse, is that said stupid people are always easily influenced by the CHRISTIAN church because anything else would be too much like they do in Islam or other cultures. Having said that, I wonder if anyone can tell me the sex of God, or his sexual preference.

In closing, I say until you stop the continued growth of the inbred community because of the "immorality" of the practice (currently its legal for 1st cousins to marry in 20 states), they should allow same sex marriages all across this country. Either that, or they do something about inbred couples first. If they do, there'd be less people like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity running around on on our streets, on our airwaves, and that would be a good thing. But then again, if there were no inbreeding or cousins having sex or getting married, the movie "Deliverance" would not have been made. And that would suck because that's one of my favorite movies of all time. Come to think about it, wasn't that movie filmed in Georgia? And was there not a scene in the movie where one of the inbred rednecks raped one of the city boys?


No wonder Atlanta is the Black gay capital of the United States.

Hopefully there are no Black gay rednecks running around down there.

That state has given us much bullshit for too long dammit.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


You know, I consider myself to be a pretty liberal kinda guy. But even as liberal as I am, there are just some things that I don't understand. Usually when I seek to come to an understanding of human behavior, I try to have an open mind. Me being almost 38yrs old, I've come to realize that "it takes all kinds" as they say in this world. Rather than be judgmental and dismiss people as being fucked up, I try to understand them. I try to take the time to figure out where they've come from, and what their "experiences" have been about. I do that because I realize that our experiences generally shape who we are or what we've become. And having said that, just in time with all the protests of Proposition 8 in California, the pregnant dude from last year comes out and announces that he's pregnant again. I'm all about gay couples having the right to marry, but damn, did this hack have to use this as an opportunity to tell the world that he's pregnant again, and has a new book set to hit the shelves? Oh well, some people are opportunists I guess.

You know what I don't understand? I don't understand how a woman can consider herself to be a lesbian, love having sexual relationships strictly with women, and yet dress and act like a man. What the fuck is up with that? The same is true with gay men. I don't understand how a man can consider himself to be gay, and yet he dresses and acts like a woman. What the fuck is up with that shit?!! You'd think that the "roles" and the rules would be clear when observing such relationships. I mean, fuck....if I'm a man, and I love men, and choose to have a man to have sex with me instead of women, why in the fuck would I KNOWINGLY engage myself with a dude like this...

Image Hosted by


Or if I were a lesbian, and I felt the need to feel the soft skin, and scent of a woman to get my juices flowing unlike a man can, why would I wanna fuck a woman who dresses like a man, acts like a man, and probably shaves her beard every morning like men do?

Image Hosted by


Thats just a couple things that I don't understand. And yes, I do care to understand! I need somebody to explain this bullshit to me pronto. Yeah, and how come most bi-sexual people always look and act pretty fuckin hetero-sexual? I'm sorry, but I just don't understand it. What's the psychology behind this shit? When it comes to sex, there's alotta shit that I just don't understand. I mean damn, I know variety is the spice of life and all, but some of the shit people do is more of a mental head trip than some physical, "this feels good" type shit to me.

Lately I've observed alotta people on online social network sites who are into BDSM. Thats some other shit that I really don't understand. I know that we're all different people, but, how the fuck do you get to a point where you wanna dominate your partner or be submissive in a slave type sexual game. Can anyone explain this shit to me? What's the attraction? As for me and my wife, we have a healthy sex life, but I doubt I'd wake up tomorrow and ask her to start kicking me in my balls because it would turn me on. If any of you have answers please don't hesitate to enlighten me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This morning was another shopping day....GROCERY SHOPPING!! Yup its the time of the week when we go to SAMS and hunt food for the family. I get exited when I go to SAM's because at that store Im important. Something about showing your card before you enter makes me feel like I have VIP status. You know...kinda like at the club. I have an exclusive membership to get in here, but I just wish they served alcohol. But if they did, it wouldn't take some idiot long to get a DUI after leaving the place, and that shit would stop.

The one thing I like about being there is the fact that they feed you. If you've never been, they have employees strategically placed around the store passing out samples of food. When I'm there I hit em all. I sometimes save my appetite just for this occasion. I usually hit em up from different directions just to look like I'm a different person each time. Not that I'm worried about the sample lady. I'm more concerned about looking like the greedy bastard that I am to the other customers. I mean hey! They might have a premium membership and I'd hate to look like the "nigger" that just won the lottery who just moved into the neighborhood.

But the one thing that gets me everytime I'm there do you get the job at the grocery store cooking meat and serving it on toothpicks? I've never seen that ad in the paper.

"WANTED: Motivated individual to serve questionable pieces of meat to people. 20 Hrs a week!!! Free Meals. Submit Resume now ! 901-555-5555. Must have own crock pot. EOE"

But now that I'm "domesticated" unlike my single days, Ive been doing lots of cooking. I've been gettin down in the kitchen for a while now, and I usually get ideas from those cooking shows on TV. Right now my favorite is "Take Home Chef" on TLC. If you haven't seen it. Here's the premise: A chef goes around the city and stalks chicks in grocery stores and convinces them to take him to their house so he can prepare them dinner. I think this dude is an out of work chef who just got out of jail on a stalking charge. Seriously, he's a weird looking dude, and that chuckle combined with the Australian accent is kinda creepy.

He's Australian and now he's in the USA doing what he likes...and getting paid to do it; just another reason to love this country; nowhere else in this world one is able to stalk women in grocery stores with a camera crew in tow. But I gotta give it to him he gets down on his meals. Probably my only beef with the show, is that he rarely picks up Black women. I don't wanna assume he's racist, so I'll just go ahead and say that he probably sucks at making chitlins, fried chicken, and all the other greasy food we Black people crave and love so much. Come to think about it, I don't think there are any Black people in Australia. I know they have Aboriginies, but I doubt they know anything about fried chicken. Fried Kangaroo maybe, but definitely, not chitlins.

Which when you think about it, its too bad. I don't know about you, but I think it would be funny seeing a white man with a funny accent in a kitchen in the hood cleaning chitlins, frying pork chops, or fixing anyone of the other slave dishes we love so much. Even funnier, would be to see him get robbed by some wannabe thug who still lives with his momma. To hell with the food, that shit would make for some interesting TV. Yup, it would be just what TLC needs. But then again, now that we have a Black president, and we're so past race, maybe we'll see more Black women approached on his show. I'd love to see if he knows how to clean chitlins. Hell, I wish he would be at SAMS the next time I'm there so I can ask.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


You know what? Some of you ladies are a trip! Yes you are!

Ok follow me on this....

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See this guy in the pic above, you know him right? Of course you do. That's Prince! Not only is he one of the most gifted entertainers on the planet. He's also considered a sex symbol to most. Would any of you have sex with Prince? Aside from him being filthy rich, the majority of you would do it because he's a freaky muthafucka. Well I think he is, just based on his lyrics. Am I wrong? Of course not, I'm never wrong. If Prince walked up to you right now and said lets have sex I believe that 80% of you ladies reading this wouldn't even think twice about doing it. The other 20% would probably piss him off and make him walk away asking for money. But see this isn't about Prince, it's about you.

Here's what I mean...

you ladies would willingly give up the coochie to Prince right?

But would you do the same if this guy approached you....

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I doubt that you would. You know why? Because he's nobody and his hair looks kinda funny. I mean who would fuck a guy with a perm right? I mean, unless you're Al Sharpton's wife, you probably wouldn't have sex with a man with a perm. I mean look at the poor guy, he looks like a woman! No woman would want that next to them in bed or even have him lay on top of them with a stiff one up in 'em even if he's the last man on the planet, and his penis was 12 inches long.

I mean look at him! He looks like a fuckin pre-op transvestite wearing a throwback jersey. Well guess what? Prince looks like that too. What?!! You think he walks around the crib wearing the same shit you see him wear on stage? You think he wears those 6 inch heels when he makes pancakes, or plays XBOX? Huh? Do you really think that midget wears heels around the house when he vacuums? Get real! Hell I'm sure Prince has been to a Walmart before. Of course he can't go as PRINCE, but instead he throws on some bullshit clothes to be incognito. And even in those bullshit clothes he still looks like a chick. I mean that's what I think.

Look I'm not hatin on Prince but I'm just saying! What exactly is it about him that you chicks are attracted to? Surely its not the idea that he looks like a woman. I mean if that was the case, LL Cool J wouldn't have the six pack that he has. As hard as it is for him to make a dollar in the music industry, I'm sure he'd start wearing heels and eyeliner instead of having to hock Old Spice like he does nowadays. Look, I know having money gives a person options. But its pretty sad that a rich dude who wears heels and wears makeup can get some pussy before the average guy can.

The moral of the story...

have sex with fat guys!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


OK, so the story begins sometime early last week. My wife gets a call from her sister with a tip on this hot job here in the city making $21/hr. She was told that it was listed on, and that positions were filling up fast. My wife's sister applied online, and was contacted almost immediately, and an interview was set. After her interview, she called my wife to tell her that she got the job. My wife was contacted by the company and an interview was scheduled.

Now, my wife, I swear, works for the FBI or CIA undercover. This is something I've said to her and about her since way back when we were just dating. I promise you, she needs a job with CSI or something. Matter of fact, I hate watching shows like that with her because she always nabs the bad guy like within the first 15 minutes! So anyway, her being her, she decided to investigate this company. Sure she was skeptical, as always, and decided to take to the internet to check this company out. It was then that she found this site (click here). She discovered that the company was a fraud. One in a long list of fake companies that have been used to rip people off, by stealing their identity.

So what does she do? She calls the cops. Yup, my wife is a snitch. Uh huh, since we've been together I've all but stopped my dark side. I've even went as far as to tell her before that if it wasn't for her, there's alotta shit that I could have and would have done. Yeah, I used to be grimey like that. So she calls the cops, but the good ole Memphis Police Dept. told her they couldn't do anything since she wasn't a victim of any crime. Really?? Here we have an individual or individuals wanted in at least 4 states by the FBI, and you won't do anything?? Well that didn't stop her. She contacted her sister (the one who had already been interviewed and got the job) and told her what she had found out. My sister-in-law was pissed because naturally in the hiring process she gave them her info. Well she soon afterward took steps to protect her shit should her social security number ever pop up anywhere on some unknown gank move which would render her credit shot. Cool, she was embarrassed, but at least she felt safe after doing what she had to do.

Meanwhile, my wife, the po-po, was contacted by the company and scheduled an interview with them. I forgot to mention that her being contacted happened BEFORE she checked them out thoroughly. So knowing what she knew, and having contacted the police, she decided not to go to the interview. Instead, a friend of her sister who had also been contacted by the company went to the interview, and called the cops while there. The cops showed up and dude was arrested. The funny thing about this, is that there was a story ran locally on the news just days prior to this happening. We didn't see it, and that was the irony of the whole thing.

So dude goes to jail, and you'd think that would be the end of the story, right? Wrong, its not. A day after dude was booked into the county jail, another news story broke here locally. Turns out, a jailer got in trouble for "accidentally" booking a woman into the all male jail. Uh uh, can you believe that shit? A woman gets arrested and they take her to jail thinking she's a man. Well it turns out, the shim who was arrested, was actually the same dude who was running around rippin people off. Yup, dude looked like a lady. It was only then that they (the cops) came to the realization of who this person really was. It was only then did they discover that this clown had been wanted all over the country, and the local news ran with it.

And this is why the news crew came my house. They contacted my wife after some other victims came out the wood works. I think they found her information on the site linked above thats responsible for this criminals behavior. So they came to the house and did the interview, and her interview was on the 5 o'clock news. When I watched the segment and saw her I laughed. Why did I laugh? I laughed because they said her name was Tasha Phillips. Well, that's not her damn name. She gave them a fake first name (and told them she would) because she's leary of her shit being stolen. I swear, this woman is like agent 007 around this camp. I'm just glad I'm married to her, and I now walk on the right side of the law. Cuz I'd sure hate to be taken down by somebody like her.

She has since removed her resume from In this economy where people are struggling to make it. Where people are losing jobs and have lost jobs, its really sad that there are opportunists who will take advantage of the situation to make a buck. Yes, its really sad. But then again, this is America, land of the free, and the home of the people brave enough to capitalize on the next man. Be careful out there folks because anybody can be got in these desperate times.

My advice: Be careful of who you come across on these job sites. Be sure to screen them properly as you would when meeting and considering bringing a person you meet online to your home to have sex.

You can see the interview HERE

P.S. I love you "Tasha"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Did you know that the Obama family is not Black? Nope, they're not, and its not because Barack Obama is the product of an interracial marriage either.


What the hell are you talking about RiPPa?

I'm talking about him and his family not being Black.

But they look every bit like a Black family to me RiPPa.

Sure they do, but they're not Black.

Says who?

Says this guy...

That my friends was the voice of George Bush's brain, Karl Rove. He's often credited as being a political genius. Having said that, I have to say that he's a pretty smart man, and hence he's right. Some of you may be offended by what he said, but y'all better wake up, and recognize.


Yes he's right because he's a white man, and white men have been defining our culture or the cultures of minorities for years. I mean, they are the dominant culture in this country, so what they say goes. They were the ones who made us niggers right? Am I right? And they were the ones who had us questioning using it as a term of endearment because all of a sudden it was disrespectful and politically incorrect to say nigger anymore, right? Never mind the fact that some Blacks took away the power of the word, and turned it into a source of motivation. Never mind that. Because of them, nigger has been reduced to whats now known as the N-WORD.

The N-WORD is more socially acceptable, and carries less weight of degradation as the word nigger. And since that's how it is, Karl Rove is right to say that the Obama family is not Black.


Image Hosted by

Thank God for Bill Cosby and The Cosby Show from back in the day. If it wasn't for him, Barack Obama, and all the rest of us African American families in the country would have been Black. Because of Bill Cosby, Black families are no longer looked down upon like the hopelessly downtrodden Evans family who lived in the Cabrini Green projects in Chicago in the 70's. Sucks to be them in their situation back then, but hey, there are no more African American families struggling to make it anymore.

You see, to be African American and struggle would mean that you're Black. But thanks to Dr. Huxtable, and his attorney wife, their success made them an American family. And by virtue of them being Black...oops, African American, they're America's family. Thank God there aren't anymore projects or poor people, and thank God there aren't any more Black people in America. So much for the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's, we all owe our progress to Bill Cosby.

We have truly came a long way.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We've heard so much about "The Bradley Effect" in the weeks prior to the presidential election. It was widely discussed in the media that it could lead to an Obama loss. Well, it didn't happen. And now, I hear the media pundits discussing "The Reverse Bradley Effect". In other words, instead of white people going against their disclosure to vote for the Black candidate, they decided to do just that. I suspect that there were quite a few people who swore not to ever vote for the Black guy decided to vote for him once inside of the booth unknownst to their friends. Boy I would have loved to be inside the head of one of those people when they voted.

But something the media hasn't discussed is whats known as "The Jordan Effect". Never heard of it huh? Well aren't you glad I'm here to educate you. Remember Michael Jordan? You know, ole number 23 himself? You know, the guy who played for the Chicago Bulls back in the day? Yeah, the guy who arguably changed the whole game? Yes, that Michael Jordan. Just like Michael Jordan, Barack Obama has changed the political game similar to how Jordan did the NBA. The irony of this, is that they both represented Chicago. Until Jordan came along players were not receiving paid endorsements like Mike. His "brand" revolutionized marketing, and I could remember when Jordan's face and name was everywhere.

I suspect Barack Obama is gonna be the same way. Not that he's gonna do commercials, but his popularity will leave a lasting effect worldwide. Not only that, but his campaign has set a new standard in politics. It will be forever studied, and adopted from here out by everyone running for office, including the kid who wants to be kindergarten class president. Lets be honest, you don't raise $700,000,000 for your campaign and not expect others to come along and duplicate, copy or bite your style. Ask Kobe Bryant, that's what he did when he came into the league, he wanted to be the next Michael Jordan. He could have been, but an ill timed romp in the sack with a trashy white girl sure as hell killed any hopes of that.

The one thing that bugs me about Obama's success, is the "Jordan Effect". No, I'm not afriad of Obama becoming too popular and saturating the market. Not that at all. As a matter of fact, if anything, by him being the first Black president, his face should be plastered everywhere. Shit, if I could have it my way, I'd put his face on a $20 bill right now where it would forever stay. The thing that bugs me though, are all the people having kids from here on out. I'm afraid that everybody is gonna wanna name their kid Barack or even Obama. Thats the tacky shit that I'm not looking forward to. Don't be surprised when you hear someone at the grocery store say something like, "Get over here Obamashay!" Or, "Barackeema stop hitting your brother!!"

Just like when Jordan became popular, everybody started naming their kids Jordan. There are probably thousands of kids running around here named Jordan who can't even dunk. That's the real tragedy folks. You give a kid the name Jordan, buy him a copy of "Space Jam", and then you expect him to be able to dunk. You expect the kid to become a basketball star, but instead the kid grows up to be fat and lazy and wants nothing to do with sports. Hell, when you look at the kid now, you probably wished you could give him back to the doctor that smacked him on the ass when he was born. You wanted Jordan the athlete, and all you got was Jordan the kid who still has shit stains in his draws because he so trifflin he doesn't wipe his ass properly. How's that for a let down?

The same thing is gonna happen with all these little Barack's and Barackiesha's of the world. People are gonna be all over the country naming their kids and placing these great expectations on them because of their names. Not that having great expectations for your kids are bad. But damn, at least realize that giving them a name has nothing to do with success. Well, that's unless you name them something like Mercedes or Sunshine, and she grows up to be a stripper. Or maybe even Nightrain, the little boy who grows up to become a featured act at those private strip shows for fat chicks at the VFW. That's the only way I'd say that would work. But other than that, the name you give to your kids are not indicative of them becoming something great in life. Believe you me, I know a couple cats named Martin after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who are still wondering if they'll ever have a dream. Hell, some of them are still living at home with mom at 40yrs old!

You people are not gonna see it now, or realize that what I say is true. Most likely, you're gonna see it maybe 15yrs from now. Hell, I'm willing to bet, that Barack is gonna become the standard name given to all mixed kids from here on out. But if you doubt what I say, just think of all the slacker kids of some of your friends. I'm pretty sure somewhere in there, a few of them are named Jordan. And I'm willing to bet that even though they wear $150 Nikes, they don't have their own commercials on TV, nor can they dunk. Lets just hope the young Barack's of the future don't grow up to be crackheads. Or worse, get busted cheating on their wives with trashy white women in hotels.

Hopefully there's a reverse Jordan Effect.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ok, so you folks know that I'm proud because of the fact that the next president is gonna be a Black man, right? You guys know this especially if you've been around my page for some time now. Well, I've been observing comments from people all across the blogosphere, and the one thing that stands out, is that many people are saying that they're proud of our country because they looked past his race and voted for him.

Did they really?

Now, I'm not trying to trivialize Obama's accomplishment, or take away from the historic nature of it. However, I've been thinking about this: Did the electorate really look past his race? Or did we have no other choice given the state of the economy, combined with John McCain's inability to truly address our needs as the world comes crashing down around us financially.

I really would like you to think about this for a few and lemme know what you think in your commentary. Like I said before, this is in no way an attempt to take away from the historic significance of his election. Its merely an attempt to look back and break it down for what it was. My concern is that today, while some of us still celebrate this victory, others are gonna look to this as its being advertised. The last thing I'd hate to see is people coming to the conclusion that we do live in a "post racial" society given his success to date. Oh and please don't give me that "we've come a long way" talk because I already know that we have.

I'm looking for an honest dialogue.

Lets be honest, if the economy wasn't in shambles...

and if George Bush wasn't as unpopular as he is...

do you think Barack Obama would have beaten John McCain?

Would the electorate "look past race" as its been said, and elect him president?

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I don't know if its the religion or the drugs. Either way, they're a deadly combination in the hands of idiots like the lady above. I gotta give it to her though, at least she taught her kid something. Lets just hope the kid grows up to know not to draw a 666 image upside down on his forehead like mom did. Yeah, that 999 thing would really suck.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I just got through listening to Barack Obama address the press after his meeting with his economic team. Lemme tell you, shits fucked up. Yeah I knew it was bad, but after hearing them discuss the latest jobless figures, its really scary.

THE BAD NEWS: There are a total of 1.2 million jobs lost to date this year, and there are a total of 10 million unemployed people in the country right now.

Suddenly working in a chicken processing plant like an undicumented worker doesn't sound too bad now does it?

THE GOOD NEWS: Given the astronomical figures of unemployed people, the number of sexual harassment claims are down. Its kinda hard to be harassed or harass people sexually when they don't have jobs.

Yeah, I know, I'm dumb.

But I'm just trying to bring you people the good with the bad.

Hell, if you have a job right now, it might be a good idea to start making sexual advances towards your boss. I know it sounds kinda crazy. But hey, it could possibly do you wonders by the way of job security.


get felt up...

suck a dick..

you too fellas....

your employment future depends on it.

hee hee


Independent candidate Ralph Nader has come under fire recently for a comment he made concerning Barack Obama recently on the radio. He was speaking on the choice that Obama has to make once in office as far as governing. He was confronted by Fox News Channel host Shepherd Smith on his comment.

Check it out...

Now, you tell me, was he wrong to say what he said?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


The last 48hrs has been quite an experience to say the least. Honestly, I wanted to write and share my feelings about this historic event in our country and how it has affected me before now. But like most of you, I was so elated at the realization of having a Black man lead this nation, that I couldn't even think straight. Not that him being Black makes him any more qualified than any of the other presidents in history. But by virtue of him being an American and being of color makes it special. Lets be honest, something like this only happens every 232 years in this country.

This as some may say is the dawn of a new day here in America. Some folks are saying that this is the change we need. I don't know, but this change thing is kinda scary. The last 24hrs or so, some really weird things have been happening to me. I'm telling you, some really weird things. It started with a phone call this morning. I woke up, just like any other day, but with just a little bit more hope than usual. What can I say, the next president is gonna be a Black man.

My phone rang, and it was a friend of mine I hadn't heard from in years. He was an old college friend of mine, who took a wrong turn somewhere and landed in prison on a drug charge. I was shocked to hear from him because last I heard, he still had 10yrs on his sentence to serve. He told me they let him out early as they did a bunch of Black men who have been in prison. Imagine that, Negroes being released from prison early. We spoke, shared some laughs, promised to stay in touch, and kept it moving. I then logged online to check my bank account, and I noticed a large deposit was made into my account.

Now, I'm fuckin broke and I have no idea where the money came from. I called the bank about it, and did some investigation. Turns out, the money was from the gov't. They said something about being overcharged on taxes or some shit like that. Anyway, they sent me some money. Money I didn't have before I woke up. I was scared to touch it because you know how they fuck up from time to time. I'd be damned if I spend some money that's not mine and have to pay it back. Feel me? Plus, I've been a victim of identity theft before so I was leary. Hell, for all I know, there might have been another person using my shit and it fuckin paid off!

That's when I decided to checkout my credit report as I do from time to time. It was then that I noticed that my credit score went up 200 points. That's when I was really trippin cuz my shit had been jacked up for a long ass time. Hell, if it wasn't for bad credit, I'd have no credit at all. But not anymore. My shit is platinum now son!! Hell, I could go out and do all sort of different stuff that I wanted to do before now but couldn't afford. But, the economy is jacked up so I'll just lay my ass down and be conservative. It was my irresponsibility that got me in the mess I was anyway. After all, its good to know that I might actually be able to get loans to send my kids to college.

I'm telling y'all, this change thing is a trip. We get a Black president and all these good things are happening to me. And I'm sure its happening to other black people across the country as well. I'd hate to think that the only reason its happening is because him and I share the same skin color. But if that's the reason, I ain't mad at all. My life has been good in spite of some rough spots. But what else is new when you're Black? I dunno about you, but I'm gonna embrace this change thing. I have to because I will no longer have an excuse. I'm gonna welcome not being looked at like a criminal when I'm in stores shopping. I'm gonna welcome being treated like any upstanding citizen should I be pulled over by the cops. I'm gonna welcome the rebirth of this country. A rebirth where all the sins of being Black has been washed away by our lord and savior Barack Obama.

I'm gonna welcome this post racial society I've been hearing the media talk so much about. I will because it wasn't that long ago people were hanging nooses in an attempt to intimidate Black people. With a Black president, I'm looking forward to newly converted racists showing up at the doorsteps of Black people just to give them bouquets of flowers, and bags of groceries. I'm telling y'all, all of a sudden money is gonna start turning up mysteriously. And when it does, just realize its coming from white people who now have a change of heart. Oh yeah, and don't be surprised when you see commercials on TV soliciting you to send money to support poor white kids who live in poverty.

I'm telling y'all, the last 48hrs have been a trip, and its scary. I'm afraid that I'll have to reprogram my mind to be able to accept all of this. Before the elections, the question has always been: is America ready for a Black president? I don't think anybody ever thought that Black people like me would ever be ready. Or ever gave it thought as to the new found responsibility it would be for me being Black and having a Black president. I swear to y'all, this is uncharted territory for me and my people, so we'll need some help. I'm thinking I need to take some classes on entitlement from a white person. This way I'd know how to act, and I'd know how to embrace such a historic change here in America. After all, who else better would be able to teach me.

Are you ready for change?

I don't know if Black people are ready...

but I know I could get used to it.

My old boss whenever he was asked how things were would answer...


Well, with Barack Obama as president, I'd say we're on the moon....

Hopefully this won't be the last time we're there.


Monday, November 3, 2008


I've been waiting for Rev. Wright to make a comeback. And I noticed this weekend that the GOP didn't disappoint me. All weekend long, they've been running campaign ads featuring those now infamous Rev. Wright soundbites. Hail Mary pass? Definitely. But what else is to be expected when you're about to lose to the Black guy and you're the great white hype.

I could remember several months ago arguing with my fellow melanin afflicted brothers and sisters about the relevance of the good reverend. Most of them were pissed off at the guy and even suggested that he was a hater trying to harm Barack. I thought it was sad that there were black people who were so afraid of Obama losing that they would throw this man and his statements under the bus. But hey, fear would make you do and say the dumbest shit.

This man said nothing but the truth in my book, and its only the scared assimilated Negroes who were against him. I stood by that then, and I still do now. So here we are today, and the GOP has brought him back like sexy. Sadly, this is not gonna work. Its just gonna be viewed as just another racist attack which is not anything groundbreaking considering where its coming from.

And you know why its not gonna work? Because Congressman John Lewis was brave enough to say what he said a few weeks ago about the McCain campaign. He took some heat for it, and McCain himself said his feelings were hurt. Yeah, McNasty said that his feelings were hurt because Congressman Lewis linked him and Sarah Palin to church bombings. The truth is he didn't. He simply said the tone of his campaign was reminiscent to a time when segregation was the law of the land with his divisive rhetoric.

To paint the picture a bit clearer Congressman Lewis said what he said, but McCain tried to twist it into something other than what it was...THE TRUTH! This is why here in the closing minutes of the game this latest attack ad has no effect. What it does do, is to reinforce and serve as the exclamation point on an already racist campaign. Having said that, I believe the electorate is sophisticated enough to realize this. Well, thats except for the aforementioned scared ass assimilated Negroes, who are probably pissing in their pants seeing these ads. You know, the Black folks who refuse to accept the fact that forces of white supremacy is what the good reverend spoke out against?

I'm guessing John McCain didn't get the memo the other day...

"Hey John, you're losing, its time to start kissing Black babies!"

Somehow I can't help but to picture fat ladies across the country tuning up to sing real loud.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Remember when we were kids, when after Trick or Treating your mom would be sure to inspect your candy? Remember that? Mom always gave you a story about somebody putting razor blades in the candy. Remember that shit? Back then I understood, being a kid and all, but somehow, I never heard of anyone actually putting razor blades in the candy. I'm guessing somebody did it to warrant mothers being vigilant. If only mothers, or parents were as vigilant of their kids and their online activities. But thats a whole other topic.

Its hard to think that there are "bad people" in this country who would knowingly do harm to kids. But, you know as well as I do, that there are some sicko's out there. Yup, there are some sick, and downright mean people in this world. People who wouldn't think twice about hurting a child.

Like this woman for example...

Clearly this woman doesn't like children. I don't know, but after watching this, I get the feeling that she, doesn't want Barack Obama to win. Could she be racist? Hell if I know. She did look kinda like the wicked witch of the west. However, I did notice that there were black kids in her neighborhood Trick or Treating. Having said that, maybe she's just mad at all the poor black kids from the ghetto who chose to come to her exclusive wealthy neighborhood to beg for candy?

Oh don't act like you don't know some people who intentionally take their kids to the "other side" of town to Trick or Treat. I know if I know some people like that, you do too. Maybe this was the year that this lady had enough. She might be a nice person ordinarily, but the racist overtones of the McCain campaign may have gotten to her. For all I know, she might be down with the whole "spreading the wealth" thing. But thanks to all those ghetto kids, Obama won't get her vote. I just wish she chose to turn out all of her lights, and pretend that she's not at home, instead of hurting the feeling of those poor kids.

Hell, its not their fault that they all live in the projects.


I was sitting here thinking about Barack Obama, and more specifically his success. I read a story about his aunt being found living in a housing project in Boston. Here he is a millionaire, and about to become president, but his aunt who immigrated from Africa is still alive after his African family lost touch with them years ago. The beautiful thing about the story, is that even as down and out she maybe financially, she donated to his campaign.


You can say what you want,but you gotta love America. Its easy to sit around and criticize this country. Think about it,its not hard to take a look around and see some of the most ridiculous shit here. But hey,perfection is a myth,anybody who tells you any different is a fool. As bad as it is,people come here every year to seek a better life for themselves and their families. Its like I noted in a previous blog,its about LIFE,LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I want you to take the time to think about some of the things you love about this country. I'd like you to really think about it and share this with me in your comments.

Remember career day back in grade school? They brought in different people to tell us about their jobs. This was supposed to give us as kids something to shoot for in life. After career day we all wanted to be fire-fighters, policemen, doctors, lawyers, nurses etc. Me, I always wanted to be a lawyer. I guess at an early age I liked the idea of having a commanding presence in a crowd,while having the ability to impact lives. Hey I was only 7yrs old when I came to that conclusion. One time I cried when they didn't pick me to play the part of a lawyer in a school play! Yeah thats how serious that shit was to me. But somewhere along the line I lost sight of my goal. So as it stands right now,instead of practicing law....I blog. Umm that was a were supposed to laugh DUH. But the one thing that career day didn't show us, is the fact that failure is an option.

Right now I know you're looking at the screen like WTF!

Ok,lemme rewind that....


Yeah thats right,this is America! You have the freedom to fail as much as you have the freedom to succeed. Failure is responsible for some good stuff in this country. Hell if it wasn't for failure,there would be no lap dances and strip clubs! Yeah, thats right! Did you REALLY think all those girls were stripping just to pay for college?!?!? So you see my friend, thats one of the things that I love about this country. We take forgranted the freedom that we have, and along the way we become unappreciative of what we have.

Allow me to introduce you to Mark Griffin...

check out this clip....

You probably cried at this poor guys story didn't you? You know what I did? I laughed! I laughed because his idea was the dumbest shit I've seen in a long time. Plus, its as though this dude was hearing NO, for the first time about his invention. I'm pretty sure his wife, or one of his homies told him his shit was stupid. But noooo, he didn't listen. Having a dream in life is a good thing. People do make it in this world. But people also fail....and some people are just stupid. Don't be afraid to say that I'm wrong in your comment if you don't agree with me (I hate when everybody agrees with me,it makes me think I'm crazy like the guy in the clip). But see this is America and this is what you can do in America. You have the freedom to be an idiot if you choose! Nobody is gonna get mad at you. People like me are gonna laugh at your ass, and you're probably gonna get some strange looks but other than that? Nah!. And this again,is one of the reasons why I love America. As messed up as it may be, be happy that you are free to do stupid shit and have me write about you.


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