Monday, November 30, 2009

Guest Blogger: In Praise of Precious... (by Invisible Woman)

(Editor's Note: RiPPa knows a few people; uh-huh, yes he does. That said, let's just say that he brought in a hired gun on this one. The following piece comes from one who is pretty much in the know of the film industry.)

I haven't blogged in a long time--it's not that I haven't wanted to, or had writers block, but somehow I couldn't seem to make the effort. Rippa challenged me to write my thoughts regarding the movie Precious, and the hoopla surrounding it, after reading my heartfelt tweets/anger about the sad folks that started a website to recruit people not to see the film. I mean WTF??

Listen people. I am what you would call the hugest Black Cinema enthusiast. I am completely involved in it every day, whether directly or indirectly via the internet. And for the life of me I cannot understand this backlash on Precious on any level--especially because the bulk of it seems to come from folks who've never even bothered to see it.

I have a blog on Black Cinema, entitled Black Cinema At Large...and on it we have discussed quite often and many times over the problem with Black film today. Most of the common complaints that I have read on my blog are actually addressed and handled beautifully in this film. Want some examples? Here we go:

All we ever get to represent us on screen is either a Tyler Perry film or a Black man in a dress.

This one is easy. Though Tyler Perry executive produced this film, there is absolutely no whiff whatsoever of any Perryism, and only real women play the women, and even 99% of them weren't wearing dresses.

1) Why can't we have a film starring Black people that is just a story? 2) Why do we always have film that puts our pain on screen?

The themes in Precious are universal. There are far, far too many people in the world that are suffering because of poverty and ignorance, not just us. Incest, poverty, and violence are real, in every culture, and happen every single day. Are they never to be addressed on film? This story could happen to anyone, and director Lee Daniels keeps the scenes involving the incest and violence to a minimum, if only just to show the challenges Precious had to break away from. The very focal point of the story is Precious' journey toward enlightenment from darkness. Would it have been easier to view if Precious was light, or was thin, or had long hair? Be honest when you answer that.

1) We are so tired of rappers and singers instead of Black Hollywood actors getting all of the roles in Black film. 2) We never get to see any up and comers given a chance, we see the same actors over and over.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiger Woods cheating? Beatdown by his wife? Car wreck? A "Safe Negro"...???!!!

It's been a so-so year for Black people; yes, there have been a lot of highs and lows. The first Black president was inaugurated just before spring; which pretty much set the tone for the entire year politically and otherwise. Then some months past that most uplifting and positive event, Michael Jackson dies this summer. And now here we are moving from fall into winter, about to close out the year, and Tiger Woods gets his ass beatdown by a white woman? His wife? For cheating?? I'm sorry, not that I know the guy, but he doesn't even look like he gets any ass or ever has! Yeah, he's one of those "safe negroes" so never in a million years you'd imagine a story like this, right? What's next, Bryant Gumbel on crack??

OK yeah, so it's a rumor that his wife "allegedly" beat his ass - I only said allegedly because I ain't trynna get sued; but truth is, we know she whooped the 1/4th black off his ass. Damn Tiger? How you gonna go out like that bruh? Yeah, I know how you Negroes do when you get rich. They forget where they come from, and the next thing you know is that they start creeping and cheating on their Caucasian wives with white girls. Uh-huh, Tiger lives next door to Wesley Snipes who is 175% black, and we all know how he gets down.

I can't help but to think that right now there's maybe a disgruntled sister from Tiger's past - maybe from the 6th grade - named Sharonda who back then called him Eldrick - um, that's his real name - as she pimped him for his ice cream money who is happy as hell because he got his ass beat by a white woman. She's probably talking shit about him just like the rest of the females in Black America; yep, I can hear them now.

Uh-huh, they dog Chris Brown out for puttin' speed knots on Rihanna's forehead, but laugh at Tiger for gettin' his cap peeled by a white girl. You know how that double standard thing works with Black folks. Oh you know the sisters are gonna talk shit about you when you get with a white girl or much less marry one. Which is funny as hell because if they had the chance to be the side chick, they would be right there with him - white wife and all.

Rumor has it - again, another attempt at me not trynna get sued - that "Cringer" has been having "relations" with some snow bunny named Rachel Uchitel. Yes, and this was "allegedly" the reason for his wife, Elin Nordegren  taking that nine iron upside his head and rearranging that ever popular winning smile of his. If your name is Gary Coleman, nobody cares that your Caucasian wife beats your ass because you're a broke midget with an attitude. But when you're Tiger Woods, any negative story about you will dominate the media cycle.

Car crash? Call it whatever sounds good, and less dramatic. But dude was trynna get the f*ck outta dodge behind the wheel of an automobile with a concession from where I'm sitting. This is Tiger Woods we're talking about here; I doubt he was leaving the house at 2am to catch that 2 for 1 dance special at the local strip club, or because he had a sudden craving for pancakes from IHOP.

SIDENOTE: Is it me, or when Tiger gets a white girl, this Negro gets them authentic, doesn't he? It's like he snatches them up fresh off the slave ships from Sweden! I could be wrong, but that's what I think. He gets the white girls that not even white dudes can get. Which would explain why the "white media" is intent on running this story into the ground.Yep, anything negative from a "safe negro" is just another one of those "see we told you," moments in history. Never-mind the fact that he's not a governor, or politician who left the country to have sex.

What's really messed up about this whole thing. Is that Tiger's wife has just given all white chicks in America some street cred. Because of her and her actions, white girls in interracial relationships all over the country will no longer take shit from these Negroes. Usually it's the other way around, ain't it? Oh c'mon, don't look at me funny - you know that's what the "brothers" say. Yep, they say white chicks are easier to control and that's why they get with them.

Yeah, that plus the whole "they give head and Black women don't," thing. Which is bullshit because I know plenty of Black women who are easy to control who don't give head. Yep, and maybe Tiger should have stuck with one of them instead of having everybody laughing at his ass right about now. I guess it's a good thing white women don't know how to cook grits. Or that my man Joey Greco from Cheaters wasn't around

Let's hope his Black side doesn't get blamed for his cheating ways.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Guest Blogger: When allies fail (by Tami of "What Tami Said")

(Editor's Note: I've been involved in some pretty heated debates lately centered around the feminist/womanist movement and race matters. At the end of the day, nothing was learned, and in my opinion, the discourse or exchanges did very little to dispel a few well known negative stereotypes of the parties involved. So, since I'm all about education unlike some blogs, I'm sharing a piece from Tami, of the blog What Tami Said. Take a few minutes to visit her blog and do yourself a favor of adding it to your blogroll as I have.)

Last week, in a post titled When Allies Fail - Part 1, we began a discussion about maintaining alliances in the face of failure.

What does it mean to be allied? The dictionary definition is to be joined in a group to advance common interests or causes. And what does this joining require? I think mutual respect, shared activism and adherence to mutual goals and objectives. Alliances are by nature two-sided affairs. Both sides bear the responsibility of maintaining the relationship. And this isn't easy. I have witnessed too many battles between members of marginalized groups and their professed allies to think otherwise. The disagreements are often raw, emotional and ultimately unsatisfying. Sometimes, I think we expect too much of our allies. Sometimes the privileged are too confident in their roles as allies and too slow to examine their own biases. As enlightened about race or gender a person may be, we are all products of a racist and sexist society. To expect any person, no matter how good-intentioned, to never reveal a racial or gender bias is to invite disappointment. If members of marginalized groups want to work with allies, we have to know that they will fail us sometimes. Our allies have to know that they will fail.
In that post, I tackled the responsibilities of anti-racist and feminist allies. What should an ally do when he or she has made an unwitting show of prejudice or privilege? Today, I want to talk about the responsibilities of marginalized people who want to work with allies. 'Responsibilities of marginalized people'...already I am hesitant to speak about allied relationships this way.

First, marginalized people are the owners of the anti-racist and feminist/womanist movements. The outcomes of the movement are about our humanity, our treatment, our futures, our children. Our fight is based not on empathy, but lived reality. Yes, racism and sexism ultimately effect everyone, no matter their race or gender. But, for instance, women involved in the feminist movement feel the urgency for change much more strongly than our male allies. We are more invested, I think. I say this not as a slight against men. It is the rare human being who is not most invested in things that effect them directly.

Second, marginalized people, like POC, have historically been oppressed. As a result, we adapt to living in a society that does not treat us as equals and sees us as 'other.' We try to conform. We code switch. We hide our culture. We change our physicality to match that of the majority culture. We hold our tongues in the face of the everyday dull aches of racism. We do this every day, both consciously and unconsciously.

It does not seem right, then, that historically oppressed people, while working within our own safe spaces in movements for our own liberation, have some responsibility to the feelings of privileged people--the historic oppressors--even those who call themselves allies. Haven't we earned a permanent high ground through centuries of mistreatment? Surely we don't have to make gentle our words, hide our anger, wear the mask (TM Paul Laurence Dunbar) even while fighting for our own equality. Do feminists have a responsibility for maintaining relationships with men? Do anti-racist people of color have a responsibility for maintaining relationships for white people?

If we want them as allies...yes.

We have a responsibility to treat our allies with respect and humanity. It is the same responsibility that every person has to another. This notion of human regard is the very foundation of equality movements. We cannot demand justice while mirroring injustice. We definitely should not feel a need to 'wear the mask' in our own safe spaces in order to make privileged people more comfortable. But we can act with compassion. When we do not, we fail at maintaining alliances. And allied relationships are too important to lose.

Allies are important to any equality movement. It does not help people of color if we are the only ones who understand racism and how it still exists in society. It does not help women if we are the only ones that believe we deserve equal treatment. This is especially true considering the ways that women and people of color have been kept from places of power. The battles are ours to fight, and we can win them, but we need allies.
So how should marginalized people navigate allied relationships?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guest Blogger: Invisible Lives of Caribbean Nannies (by EcoSoul)

(Editor's Note: With it being Thanksgiving, and given that everyone is in a thankful and reflective mood. I wanted to share a post from one of the blogs I frequent: Organic.Intellectual. This post had me particularly thinking of all the Caribbean female relatives in my life who came before me; and, the women who are responsible for the very  the fabric of my soul today. Have a Happy Thanksgiving folks.)

On any given Sunday in Central Park, upscale Washington D.C. parks, or in the parking lots of frou-frou stores in Livingston, NJ you become aware that many upper class white women do not raise their children.

Often times, it is a Caribbean woman who must take care of other peoples' children six or seven days out of the week, while leaving her children behind or at home to be cared for by extended family.

Caribbean nannies are invisible women that have replaced African-American domestics. There are of course Latinas, especially from Mexico and Central America, but it seems to be something about a black nanny that soothes childhood memories of the rich, white soul.

These diligent women cannot be forgotten. It was one from Guyana who blessed me one day when I was on the train job-hunting in West Orange. She sat next to me and we began to talk about our lives. She told me that she worked 5-6 days a week in West Orange. Usually, she went home to Queens on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. She told me she did this to put her children through school.

When I told her I was in school for my PhD, she beamed in pride and began to whisper, 'You know it is hard for us.' She rubbed the skin on the back of her hand signaling her blackness and mine as well. I smiled and said, 'Yes ma'am, you are right. It is very hard.'

She asked me where I was going. I told her I was reluctantly going back to Newark. I was trying to follow-up on a job and spent my last money taking the train to trek down a professor at a conference. You see I really wanted to go to this conference at CUNY on Blackness (this was a year or so ago), but did not have the money.

Without thinking, she pulled out a $20 bill and told me to go to New York and keep the change. She gave me blessings and said if we never saw each other again, she prayed to the Lord that I finished. Now that was some deep love I need and wasn't expecting on a cold Northeastern day.

To me, this is one of the reasons why I persevere on the hardest days, because this doctoral thing is not just for me, but for the people's whose shoulders I stand.

When we got off of the train, I saw her gait had a little limp. Maybe arthritis, maybe years of picking up other peoples' kids and tending to the them when her back and hip did not permit.

I can never forget the Guyanese woman who helped me that day. It was on a Friday and she was coming from work and had given me some of her work money she just got from her 'employer' who paid her in cash and under the table. That woman and all the women who clean stinky booties, scrub nasty floors, and go grocery shopping for people who pay them pennies, but have millions stashed, are the invisible we really need to see.

I thought of both of my grandmothers who were domestics in the South and the reality of the past hit me in the face. Where you had extended families of the South often rearing the children of family members, these Caribbean women may have limited support systems, or newly inducted kinship ties to make it through.

Rarely anyone addresses the high numbers of black Caribbean women tending to wealthy women's babies. A juxtaposed irony, one privileged white woman and one working-class black immigrant woman. One who exploits, but is ever so dependent on the emotional and physical labor of the very person that is exploited.

Especially in the celebrity world where women fashionably have technologically implanted embryos, show off baby bumps to paparazzi, only to dump them onto nannies who silently rear the children as if they are their own mammy.

Or you have the other scenario of the celebs who adopt babies from brown and black countries as if they are socially conscious accessories. They show these children off in public with hair sticking up all over the place. Then they have Little Azziz smile for the camera on the way to Kabbalah class without a clue that they are being pimped.

Monday, November 23, 2009

'Precious': Racial Stereotypes & The Petite Bourgeoisie of the Negro Mind

So here I am, somewhere at the intersection of Billie Holiday's "God Bless The Child" and Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come". I'm not confused or lost in applesauce as is the expression, because maybe I'm something like "Black Caesar"  or that old James Brown classic "A Blind Man Can See It". Quite frankly, I'm a bit disappointed, and disturbed by the negative backlash the movie "Precious" is receiving from and within the so-called Black community.

I hate to be cynical about this, but I have to ask: will Black people ever be happy? We have people who are bothered by this movie who see it as just another one in a long line of stereotypically negative images of Black people (or more specifically Black women) in the mainstream. Then there are people like me who totally see this movie for what it is: a necessary film that promotes and draws attention to various pathologies that are often overlooked and rarely discussed within our so-called Black community. Hello, Shaniya Davis anyone?

"Not since The Birth of a Nation has a mainstream movie demeaned the idea of black American life as much as Precious. Full of brazenly racist clichés (Precious steals and eats an entire bucket of fried chicken), it is a sociological horror show." - Armond White (Source:

What gets me, is that people are caught up in the idea that maybe this movie is representative of all people of color in America - a rather foolish line of thinking in my book when you consider that we're not a monolithic people. However, rich or poor, upper or middle class, the central themes of this movie knows no discrimination, and is not exclusive to any family of a certain socio-economic class. Yet and still, some of us are hell bent on promoting the idea that this is all fantasy which has the effect of making us look bad. I'm sorry, but I don't quite get you "image-conscious" individuals, and I'm going to need some help with that.

Yes I know we don't all have the same story, and yes I know there are many different narratives of the Black experience in America. But isn't the "Black experience" and our various stories riddled with conflict and pathologies (some of which we don't even realize) that may be detrimental to our survival? I'm sorry, but when a film is put together and produced by two of the most powerful Black people in the entertainment industry (Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry), it's hard for me to overlook the films message and focus on the "Blaxploitation" meme. Who better is there to bring to life a narrative such as this than a person of color?

"Winfrey, Perry and Daniels make an unholy triumvirate.They come together at some intersection of race exploitation and opportunism. These two media titans—plus one shrewd pathology pimp—use Precious to rework Booker T. Washington’s early 20th-century manifesto Up From Slavery into extreme drama for the new millennium: Up From Incest, Child Abuse,Teenage Pregnancy, Poverty and AIDS. Regardless of its narrative details about class and gender, Precious is an orgy of prurience." - Armond White (Source:

That said, should people of color with power and influence in the industry, ignore any attempts to bring to life subject matter that's considered taboo to the Black petite bourgeoisie, and the Black community at large? Come to think of it, maybe that's why there aren't as many "quality" Black movies of substance being produced, no? Precious is a movie produced by people of color that has already created an Oscar buzz, but yet Negroes are mad because it's not exactly Terms Of Endearment or Guess Who's Coming To Dinner material? Which is funny because when a white person makes a movie like Hotel Rwanda, Black folks never have anything negative to say, or even support it for that matter.

Well RiPPa we need to see more Black movies with more than one narrative! True, we do; but let's not act like they haven't been produced. It's disingenuous to give the impression that everything coming out of Hollywood for and about Black people by Black people are just bastardly negative. But then maybe therein lies the problem - that would be, the thought that each of these movies reflect us and our individual and personal story.

One thing that should not be ignored, is just how hard it is for a person of color to break into the Hollywood movie making industry; an industry dominated by people who pretty much determine American culture. What's funny about that, is while we as Black people remain image conscious, the power elite steals our culture and promotes it.  

Where are the "image conscious" Black folks among us when little white sub-urban kids run around looking and acting as if they too had the privilege of growing up in the ghettos we despise and sweep under the rug?

Listen, "Precious" is no more representative of the Negro collective anymore than "Nino Brown" is - they are both representative of a reality that exists among us, and we should never feel shameful about these movies or these characterizations. Ironically, it is this very shame which may become a major factor in this being Gabourey Sidibe's only leading role in a movie while we bitch about all the light skin people who somehow dominate the media market. So yeah, you guys can continue to beat that tired drum and stay with the whole shooting the messenger, and missing the message thing. You're gonna need it when there are no more Black production companies in Hollywood especially when somebody like Steven Spielberg decides to do Boyz In The Hood II.

Has anyone seen John Singleton lately?


How Much Longer Will We Tolerate Savage Homophobia In Our Community?

By Seattle Slim

Look, let me premise this by saying that I don't agree with homosexuality. Yes, I said it. And I don't care if anyone agrees with me or not on that. It is just a sexual preference, and I think people, straight and gay, put way too much stock into who people ultimately choose to screw.

Because of that, I am patently against homophobia and the attack on this poor child, 9th grader Jayron Martin, is nothing short of savage. He was threatened with an ass kicking by some bully punks for being gay. He went to his school leadership for help and they turned their backs on him (Click here for more info).

While I may not agree with homosexuality, they are fellow human beings. I'm a Christian and I know full and damned well that we are supposed to treat others the way we want to be treated. I also know that the Bible clearly states that God loves us all, even the people we as humans don't believe are worthy of His love. Thank God it's not up to us, and it's up to Him.

I sure as hell wouldn't want to be beaten for being straight, or being in an interracial relationship with a white guy. Even though I don't agree, I don't think, nay, I know it's wrong as hell to attack people for their sexual preferences, specifically for being homosexual. That's not alright.

Just this April, Carl Joseph Walker committed suicide because kids taunted him by calling him gay. No one even knows if he was gay or not, he was just different, and that was enough to start the gay taunts. Sadly, he was not the first suicide, nor the last, due to sickening homophobia.

Young black boys have this screwed up idea of masculinity because the fathers aren't in the home, or the fathers don't give a shit. That's bad in and of itself, and harmful to them, but if you add homophobia, you've got a toxic cocktail of disdain and hatred.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shaniya Davis: Child Prostitution, Sex Trafficking & Necessary Evil

I don't like to get into discussions about "good" vs. "evil" from a religious or biblical standpoint. But who are we bullshittin'? Neither one would exist without the other; yes, there is necessary good, and then there is necessary evil as Eddie Murphy pointed out as he played the crazy looking preacher in the movie Vampire in Brooklyn. The death of 5yr old Shaniya Davis is one of those necessary evil cases - necessary to shine some light on a taboo that we often overlook: Child Prostitution, and sex trafficking of minors.

Now mind you, I'm not suggesting that the way she died was necessary in the sense that her life had no worth. Hopefully I'm not obfuscating my position. I am saying that this situation, though horrifically blood-curdling and shocking, should draw attention to a larger societal problem. Of course when you heard about a 5yr old being traded for sex by a mother it was shocking, but yet we act as if this never happens in America or across the globe. The sad truth about it, is that it happens - it's not right, but it happens a lot more than we even imagine. And to be honest with you, it shouldn't really be a surprise!

Hell, many of us sat glued to the television every week as America's most feared white man, Chris Hanson, lured would be child molesters off the internet and into our homes exposing their vile and iniquitous intentions. That said, is there any surprise that there is indeed a market for sex with minors? According to the United States Department of Justice: there are an estimated 293,000 American youth who are currently at risk of becoming victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Yes, and many of these kids are not your typical runaways out in the streets, and are in fact just like Shaniya as far as closeness in age.

At the end of the day, while we're all looking at the mother of this child rightfully with disgust as we are. It's important to remember, that there are some sick individuals out there who would willingly pay money to fulfill their carnal pleasures by exploiting children. Also, we must never forget that the disease that is drug addiction, is responsible for some of the outrageous things that people do. Yes, Shaniya's mother was just as sick psychologically in accommodating the wishes of another nebulous individual.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Here they go with this stuff again - racist Barack Obama billboard in Colorado

Ok people, no seriously, isn't this shit getting old? I'm just sayin': this shit is as tired as an old Negro spiritual. Apparently it's profitable to cash in on racist advertising targeting Barack Obama. Yes, racism and marketing has obviously made a comeback in America. First we had the ass-hat down in Mississippi who felt the need to protest health-care alluding that Obama's health care plan was "NIGGER-RIGGED".

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — A billboard showing President Barack Obama wearing a turban has sparked a lot of attention at the suburban Denver used car dealership that put it up.

The sign, completed Friday by artist David Lee, shows a grinning, cartoonish Obama and bears the words "PRESIDENT or JIHAD?"

Underneath the president's image is a big yellow square with the phrase, "BIRTH CERTIFICATE, PROVE IT!"

The words "WAKE UP AMERICA! REMEMBER FT. HOOD" appear at the bottom of the billboard at Wolf Interstate Leasing and Sales, about seven miles west of Denver. The sign is visible from Interstate 70. 

Lee said there were plenty of honks as he painted it. "One lady came by and gave me the 'shame, shame' look," said Lee, of Arvada, another suburb of Denver.

Dealership owner Phil Wolf was unavailable for comment Friday, but General Manager Wayne Means said the business has seen strong opinions about its sign.

"We've had people come by and say, 'Keep it up.' We've had people come by and say, 'Take it down,'" Means said. "We can have differences of opinion. This is America." (Source: Associated Press

Now we have a freshly painted billboad out in Wheat Ridge Colorado connecting Barack Obama to being a Muslim terrorist, sanctioned by an auto dealership. Yes, a car dealership. Apparently this guy wishes the whole "Cash For Clunkers" program was still around and he's upset. But hey, this isn't about race; it's about policy, right? Oh well, I guess they're right, this is America and you're free to do as you please. currently has a petition up and running in an attempt to boycott the dealership who has four locations in Colorado. You may not have any plans of buying a car from these folks in Colorado. But this is America, and you're free to click the link below and sign the petition; that's if you see the racism that is.


Pastor James David Manning is going to jail? I'm gonna miss that silly Negro!

Ok listen, if you haven't realized it just yet, I thoroughly enjoy watching Pastor James David Manning's videos on YouTube. My love for this religious nutjob as he assaults Barack Obama is purely therapeutic because, well, they say that laughter is the best medicine. And  just as he's referred to by the good folks over at We Are Respectable Negroes, he is indeed, my weekly happiness pill.

Added to the list of reasons why I love the guy is the fact that my Republican/Conservative buddies send me his videos and tout him as a scholar - if only they knew this fool is a convicted criminal they would stop using him as the poster child for Black conservatism; yeah, to them, he's one of the "Good Negroes".

According to his latest video, he received a visit from the Department of Homeland Security, the CIA, and the NYPD the other night for something he may have said about Barack Obama. I kinda knew something was up when his latest video when being the comedian he is, he invited Barack Obama's Kenyan grandmother to his house for Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Oprah Winfrey set to call it quits on daytime talk

Say it ain't so Harpo!How are you just gonna up and leave us like that?!! I loved you when you were fat!!! Yes, and I even overlook all the lesbian rumors. You're a Black woman doing ya thing and you made me proud Oprah:

CHICAGO -- Oprah Winfrey's production company says Winfrey will announce Friday that her talk show will end in 2011 after its 25th season on the air. Chicago-based Harpo Productions Inc. said Thursday night that the talk show host will give more details live on the "The Oprah Winfrey Show" broadcast Friday.

 Winfrey started her broadcasting career in Nashville, Tenn., and Baltimore, Md., before relocating to Chicago in 1984 to host WLS-TV's morning talk show "A.M. Chicago."

That show was renamed "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 1985.

A year later, Winfrey established Harpo and her talk show went into syndication. In 1990, Winfrey opened Harpo Studios in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. (source)

Oh lawd Jesus, what is we gon' do?!!! Oprah has been on TV for 25yrs, and has become the wealthiest Black women in America. Oprah has even little white girls wishing they could grow up to be Black and sucessful as her. Surely her show will forever be the standard by which all talk shows are measured, and I'm sure she will be missed by many. Maybe now she'll have time for her and I to get together and have kids.

Yes, I love Oprah Winfrey!

There I said it!

Yes, I love Oprah and I'm not ashamed of it.

Hell, everybody loves Oprah...

Well, probably not this guy:

Aaron Hall needs some money y'all!

It seems like my man Charlie Wilson from the super group The Gap Band never gets old. Every time I'm in the ride cruising to the grown folks radio station, it's like I always hear something new from the brother. Yep, and I'm talking quality music too, and not just some bullshit record either. I'm talking grown folks music. Charlie has come a long way and beating his drug addiction, as well as being able to be relevant in the music industry as he is today, is a testament in itself to talent and will power.

I always thought my man Aaron Hall from the group Guy back in the late 80s sounded a lot like Charlie Wilson. Matter of fact, if it wasn't for the Teddy Riley ad-lib "Yep Yep," every 20 seconds on a track, you probably would have thought it was The Gap Band with a spash of Hip Hop. When Guy covered The Gap Band's classic "Yearning For Your Love" it didn't help either.Thinking back now, I'm sure even Charlie Wilson was proud of that cover.; I thought it was well done.

I loved the group Guy, and I kinda wished they would have stayed around a lot longer than hey did. If not just for people like me who did the Roger Rabbit when "Groove Me" came on, but for Aaron Hall. Have you seen what that brother is up to these days? Yeah, I know you probably caught him on the BET Awards this year during the old school segment like I did. Yeah, I know, dude couldn't even breathe, while he danced and sang. Uh-huh, I thought he was gonna fall out on the stage. It's obvious that he hasn't been singing much lately, just take a look at what he's up to now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christians protest the Hate Crimes Bill, and some of them are Black?!!

I am not a religious or spiritual person. I figure as I get older, as do every damn body, then maybe I too shall seek counsel with a higher power. The one thing that scares me about me eventually doing it, is becoming as ignorant and foolishly bigoted as some of the religious fundamentalists currently alive. I mentioned before about "certain religious folk" not taking a liking to the recently passed Hate Crimes Bill.

Well, these "children of God" held a protest a few days ago to air out their disgust. The recent legislation has already been signed into law by president Barack Obama, but yet they feel the need to protest instead of abiding by the laws of the land as the bible says. As usual, among the protesters, there were a few mis-guided Negroes in the mix, who foolishly made compromise on the prosecution of people who commit hate crimes on minorities and other people of color because of the color of their skin.

Check it out:

I'm sorry, but the idea that this legislation is designed to infringe on the First Amendment protection that is free speech, is very disingenious. It has nothing to do with throwing anyone in jail for voicing their opinion(s) about homosexuality. But hey, don't tell that to these crazy burning bush believers. According to them the gov't just created a law that infringes on what they say in the pulpit. Yeah, like now there's gonna be a cop at every church making sure one of them says the wrong thing about homosexuality.

And as for the silly Negroes protesting with them? I guess the fact that then president Bill Clinton signed legislation known as the Church Arson Prevention Act in 1996, to aid in the prosecution of racist assholes who have a fetish for burning down Black churches must be a bad thing as well. Yeah, I suppose it too infringes on the freedom to be a bigoted assclown and act on it as well. Not only that, that bill helped Black churches in accessing loans from financial institutions in the wake of such a hateful act. Uh-huh, how come these Negro preachers we not protesting that bill being signed into law back then? I guess the KKK firebombing a Black church is an act of love and not hate; oh how times and Black people have changed.

Silly Negroes...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Just An Ass!!!

“I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist And a round thing in your face You get sprung!”

Seriously Sir Mix-A-Lot??? Yes, today as with most days I am both perplexed and amazed by the reaction that ‘thing’ back there gets. A simple but massive ass can cause a 50-car pile up, cause life long friends to never speak again, make a blind man see and make a priest turn in his rosary. AN ASS PEOPLE! A plain ole, garden variety ass…..

I happen to have a wide load ass, this thing is pretty muthaeffin huge! And yes it gets stares and glares, I get asked by women “how did that happen to it?” like it’s a birth defect, I’ve had the parents of certain men I’ve dated in the past say right in front of me “whoooo weeee son how you gonna manage all that?” UGH! And fa real….. IT’S JUST AN ASS!!!!

It can’t solve world peace, it can’t figure out an algebra equation, it can’t cure cancer, it can’t be the designated driver, it can’t think, or talk. All it does is poo and pass the winds (even now as I type this the winds are escaping from it). So what’s my point you wonder?

I want the obsession with monstrous tail to stop, AT ONCE!! You fellas will overlook an amazing woman just cause she doesn’t have a lard ass, that is insane!!! One lard ass does not a wife make, you remember that ya hear?! This does not mean I hate my ass or wish I had another, I believe in playing the hand you were dealt but it does mean that I wish people; men in particular would stop making something so pointless a big issue. An ass or rather the size of it should not be on the list of considerations for the person you would want to settle down with. I mean let’s imagine if women started saying “ I will not settle down with anyone packing less than 10 inches” man suffice it to say that about 98% of the worlds population of men would be single (boy I can’t help but think of the poor lad who humped the dickens outta my thigh thinking he was beatin the vagicat up……. po thang)

But seriously, toddler sized peens aside, be reasonable. Don’t cast aside a quality chick just cause she’s buttock deficient. Let’s get back to appreciating ass for its fundamental worth, getting the winds out of us and the poo in the toilet……

Asstastically Yours,


Want more of me?? Visit:

Who said those people protesting immigration reform were racist?

Occasionally I post stuff about the immigration debate here in our most wonderful nation. I do this because as an immigrant myself, I know all too well about the need for reform. That, plus the racism associated with the topic cannot be ignored. Last week DHS (Department of Homeland Security) secretary Janet Napolitano held a press conference announcing plans to attack the immigration reform issue by next January. Hopefully we'll be past the health care reform quagmire so that we can focus solely on this issue.

Last weekend, there were anti-immigration tea parties held all across the nation to express the usual vitriol as anti-immigration groups and organizations do. Organizations who are well connected and heavily funded by recognized hate groups. One such hate group is the organization founded by John Tanton known as F.A.I.R. (Federation for American Immigrant Reform) - group that got its start by funds from the Pioneer Foundation, a conservative organization who are of the belief that some races are genetically superior to others.

"As Whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion?" - John Tanton (F.A.I.R.  Founder & Director)

[Click to checkout a list of Congressmen connected to FAIR]

A key figure in the Pioneer Fund nexus is Roger Pearson. He was one of the main PF recipients ($787,400 as of 1993) and was editor of two important racist journals:  The Mankind Quarterly (articles from which are frequently cited in The Bell Curve) and The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies  (which has published racist articles by Jensen, Levin, Gottfredson, and other PF recipients). A book Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party, by Russ Bellant, provides the following information about Pearson:

In spite of, or perhaps because of, his fascist past, Pearson became an influential political player when he moved to Washington, D.C. in 1975. He became the editor of the American Security Council's Journal of International Relations and served on the board of the ASC's American Foreign Policy Institute. The ASC was formed and run by retired military officers, corporate executives, and conservative politicians to promote a program of heavy military spending, support for cold war policies, aid to the Nicaraguan contras and UNITA in Angola, etc. Its political arm is the Coalition for Peace Through Strength, whose constituent organizations have ties to the fascist right, which Bellant details. The ASC was a highly influential organization during the Reagan and Bush administrations, with close ties to the military, the National Security Council, and State Dept. officials. Pearson's co-editors on the ASC's journal was James Angleton, former CIA deputy director for counterintelligence, and Robert Richardson, a retired Air Force general later revealed to be aiding gunrunning to Libya. So Pearson moved in high governmental and political circles.

During this time Pearson became associated with the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank influential in forming Reagan administration policy. Pearson was close to Edwin Fuelner, president of the Heritage Foundation, and joined the editorial board of Policy Review, the monthly HF magazine. In turn HF official Stuart Butler and editorial board member Ernest van den Haag (the long time writer for the National Review, who has publicly stated his opposition to school integration and support for Shockley's sterilization proposals), joined the advisory committee of Pearson's Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies. (Read More Here)

So as you can see, just with this one organization alone, just like Big Pharma and the anti-health care reform "grass-roots" organizations, their influence and power extends well beyond the normal eye can see. Yes folks, there is power in the almighty dollar. And coupled with a voice - or a bunch of noisemakers, depending on how you're looking at it - they can be quite effective, just like the voice of  a young man who goes by the name of "Robert Erickson". Check him out as he spoke at an anti-immigration tea party last weekend:

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Time to Kill: Enraged father shoots and kills his 15yr old son in the back of the head execution style

I don't know what the fuck is really going on anymore. We have a 5yr old girl found dead in North Carolina who was sold into prostitution by her mother, and her no count fuckin' boyfriend, and now this shit:

Police said a father fatally shot his 15-year-old son in the back of the head Monday in Highland Park after they got into an argument.

Jamarr Pinkney, Jr. was shot in a field in the area of Rosa Parks Boulevard and North Street around 2:15 p.m., said police. He was transported to an area hospital where he later died.

Police have confirmed that the shooting was a result of an argument between the father and son.

Witnesses at the scene told Local 4 that they saw Jamarr Pinkney, Sr. order the naked teen out of the home and to an empty field.

A woman, who did not want her identity revealed, told Local 4 what she saw.

"He brought him out the house, he walked him over there and said, 'Get on the ground' and he's like, 'No daddy, no daddy' and next thing you know, he grabbed his head and he shot him," said the witness.

The witness said the father calmly got into his vehicle and drove away.

"He was calm and drove off like a regular person, like he didn't do anything, and I am like, 'wow,'" said the witness.

Police were looking for the father after he fled the area, but he was caught a few hours later.

"Whatever my grandson did there, there is nothing in this world that was worth taking his life. He got him down on his knees and killed him," said the boy's grandfather, who did not want his face on camera.

The teenager's aunt Yolanda Cherry told Local 4 the fight happened inside her home.

"He beat my nephew real bad in the head wher he had knots like he had been in a boxing ring," said Cherry.

When Cherry tried to intervene, she said the father pulled out a gun.

"I ran down the street to get police down here and I heard a gun shot," said Cherry.

Jamarr was a sophomore at Martin Luther King High School. Family members said he was active in sports.

 When I read this story, like you, I was completely at a loss for words. What argument does a father have with his son that motivates him to shoot him in the back of the head executioner style? I mean seriously, what the fuck did this kid do to warrant this action? Well, according to the word on the street in Detroit, via the commentary on the news website. It was said that the father walked in on his 15yr old having sex with his 3yr old sibling.

Now I don't know how true that might be, but like I said, it's the word on the streets. I've heard people say that they would do to someone who rapes or harms one of their own. But after reading about this one, I'd hate to believe that a person would have the heart to knowingly do something like this while in the right frame of mind. I know for the most part people talk shit, but is there ever a time to kill? I don't know what's worse, the actions of this man, or the people who on the news site who feel he's justified in doing what he did.

What say you?

watch the news video

Negroes, Terrorists, Empty Prisons & Constructive Feedback

So I caught some shit on CNN after I got out of bed this morning. They were talking about all the hoopla with Al Queda coming from Gitmo, and being in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York or some shit like that.

I mentioned this in a recent post and even submitted a proposal as to how this situation should be handled, and I'm still sticking to it. But from what I saw on CNN, this whole thing needs yet another proposed solution, for yet another concern - national security.

Check this out:

These fuckers have an empty prison that has been sitting practically empty for 8yrs. Do you hear me? Eight friggin years! And now they're pitching the idea to get them there terrorists so as to create jobs? Lemme guess, all the colored folks in Illinois, particularly 110 mls away in Chicago have been on good behavior for the last 8yrs? I mean that's the only explanation for this prison being empty as long as it has, right?

And then there was this:

These people as you can see, just like the good and broke folks in Thompson Illinois are also trying to get the gov't to bring those Al Queda limo drivers terrorists to their prison. When I first watched this, it was then I realized, that the real problem for them, is that there are only 8 people of color in the state of Montana. Yep, not enough Negroes or Messikans to arrest to fill a prison. Think about it: this isn't exactly a problem in the south or the north east, now is it?

So how do we fix this?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Washing Machines Are For Clothes, Not Babies!

By Timothy Fitz

I remember those good ole days when I used to wash my clothes at the local Laundromat. Boy o‘boy! Those sure were good times! Even though I usually brought along a book or an Ipod to pass the hours, I could always count on a gaggle of unsupervised, mischievous rug-rats, to keep me entertained. The funny thing is… their parents never seemed to mind, or even notice, just how “entertaining” their little darlings were. Based on those past experiences, my spidey senses are telling me that this next story, is about one of those “entertaining” children.

In D’Iberville, Mississippi, a 7-month-old baby, brought the crowd to their feet at Terry‘s Coin Laundry, when he wound up in a running washing machine. The machine was filled with water, detergent, and a potentially drowning toddler. The mother and an unidentified woman, who did not speak English, were frantically pointing at the machine and screaming the word, “Baby!” With the help of Mike Adams, a nearby restaurant owner, and two other men, they were able to pry the machine’s door open. The little boy survived the ordeal, but he still has visible bruises on his forehead and body.

Mississippi cops are saying that the little boy was playing in a clothes basket, when he crawled into the washing machine, and his 4-year-old brother shut the door on him. You can't see me, but right now, I am shaking my head so damn hard, it hurts!

News Coverage:

READ MORE: TheBigBlackNewsBlog

Sarah Palin has a lot in common with black women? Did you know that?

I went over to The Grio and came across an article on Sarah Palin's similarities with black women. I just about wanted to throw up. How utterly dreadful!

I'd wager that, unlike me, most black women - being liberal Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents - have a pretty negative view of Palin. She's been called "white trash" by white elites, and even by some blacks. Yet ironically, Palin probably has just as much - and arguably more - in common with many black women than most female politicians. Palin is from a working-class family. She's not from the "right" part of the country. She doesn't possess the elite background that many folks have come to expect out of political leaders.

While she went through four different colleges and universities - eventually returning to the University of Idaho to finish - she did stick with it and get that degree. Like most black women, she has Christian faith. Palin tells you what she thinks. She has come up in a mostly male-dominated field. She is the breadwinner in her family, and she balances work and family commitments. She's even had to deal with a teen daughter who had an out-of-wedlock child and "baby daddy" drama, an issue that America's black moms disproportionately deal with regarding their daughters and suitors.
The author, Shamara Riley, could not have been any more condescending if she wanted to. Aside from completely and conveniently ignoring the "privilege" that enabled Palin to "rise" (if you would call it that) to various positions without merit, she compares us to Palin because of her daughter's baby daddy drama, and completely disregarding upper and middle class blacks who don't have any of the "issues" she talks about.

Then by her standards, we have a lot in common with other human pieces of sh*t. What a way to praise black women by comparing them to the walking mess that is Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin has never been a friend to African-Americans or blacks period. She was mean, condescending, and she instigated violence and hatred against the black man that was running against her by using her divisive talk. She belittled community organizers, used a teenage boy for her own ends, exploited her daughter and her family, and flaunted her stunning idiocy because the redneck trash that loved her wanted to screw her.

Sarah Palin is a simp, and she's the anti-black woman. Women like Sarah Palin will get picked for jobs and promotions over qualified black women, men, other minorities and even white men. She's proud of her lack of intellectuality, the same thing we cannot afford to allow in the black community. I take exception to the "distinction," and ask that Miss Riley examine her issues with her own people.

READ MORE: The Happy Nappy Head

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed: Coming to America II

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed should have changed his last name to McVeigh or some other American white Anglo Saxon name the minute he decided to plot the attack on the World Trade Center. Let's face it: the Mohammad's and Hassan's haven't actually been receiving much love here in the United States for some time now. Hell, the U.S. Government under the auspices of the Bush administration all but named the Patriot Act after them. Which essentially has made life harder for the other brown man. No, not the fence jumpers, silly; the ones affectionately referred to as sand n*ggers.

So now Milk Shake Mohammed is being brought to the scene of the crime, New York City, to be put on trial, and certain people are not happy about it. So much so that it promted my man the Field Negro to suggest: Why don't we just stone him to death in Times Square.Well, knowing our cultural mindset as it relates to violence in this country, I'd say that it's not a bad idea. Only problem, some asshole would still be unhappy and raise all types of hell about the 8th Amendment and that whole "cruel and unusual punishment" thing.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Black folks protesting: "Obama is nothing but White power in Black face."

Last year Black folks represented and came out in record numbers to vote for Barack Obama in the presidential elections. This was a good thing I suppose; even in casting a shadow of blind support in the eyes of many and used as ammunition by the Nay Sayers - you know who I'm talking about, right?

I guess this is why it was big enough news when an exclusively Black organization that looks nothing like the NAACP recently protested the war in Afghanistan by marching in Washington DC. The march was put together by Omali Yeshitela's Black is Black Coalition.

One headline that ran the story read "Black radicals protest Obama":

A coalition of black radicals and their allies gathered in Washington DC to assert the continued need for the Black Nationalist and anti-war agendas in the era of Barack Obama.

After a marathon rally in Malcolm X Park lasting over 5 hours, the Black Is Back Coalition led a march to the White House.

Speaker after speaker lambasted Barack Obama (as well as other members of the black political elite) as nothing more than a new black face on the same old white capitalist imperialism.

“Sure Obama is better than George Bush,” anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan said. “The corn on my big toe is better than George W. Bush. That doesn’t mean we should elect him president.” “The amount of money Obama is giving to the banks is reaching Alice in Wonderland numbers,” journalist Glenn Ford maintained. Pam Africa of the Move Coalition was harshest of all, referring to Obama as a “punk”.

A number of issues were addressed in addition to the Obama administration. The connection between attacks on Muslim immigrants and racism against African Americans was a constant theme, and a poster of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah was in prominent display at the front of the rally. Speakers stressed the continued need for reparations for slavery as well as for solidarity with the Palestinians against the Israeli State. Obama’s refusal to support Durban II was mentioned briefly as well as gentrification, the sub-prime housing crisis and the difficulty of mobilizing anti-war forces in the age of Obama.

Black radicals? Wow, I never knew that 60s meme was still alive. But hey, I guess when a group of people lead by the efforts of a Black organization in a protest against Obama, they must be radical. I mean after all: every single solitary Black person voted for the man because of the color of his skin, right?

I guess this is a fair assumption considering that the perception seems to be that all the protests by teabagers and fringe elements of the right-wing to be racist in nature. Also, I guess speaking out and up about racism is in fact a radical act considering our climate of post-racialness.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Church ordered by Phoenix Arizona judge to stop feeding the homeless

With Thanksgiving right around the corner this is a pretty messed up story. It's bad enough that there's a "problem" with homeless people all across the country, but it's especially troubling when a judge acts in the interest of the public decides to sweep them under a rug and deny them access to one of the most critical resources....


The homeless in Phoenix, Ariz. will have to find a new place for a pancake breakfast after a court ruling forced a neighborhood church to shut down its charity dining hall. The ruling sets a precedent for all churches zoned in residential areas of Phoenix, which will force church volunteers to relocate their homeless food services to commercial parts of the city or end their meal services entirely, reports

Check out the video:

Ain't America grand? Considering that the state of Arizona ranks pretty high as far as home foreclosures, this is pretty messed up don't you think? I mean people are sympathetic and make effort to feed the kids they show on TV with flies on their faces. Yeah, they'll listen to Sally Struthers and pull out that bank card or credit card and dial that one eith hundred number. But yet, with homeless and hungry people here, they're more concerned about the rise in homeless people in their neighborhoods who are just trying to eat?

Yeah I don't exactly like the idea of somebody taking a dump on my lawn either. But I just happen to think this is wrong to order a church to stop feeding the homeless. It's what they do for crying out loud! It's not like they were running a friggin needle exchange program! Lord forbid they extend a hand to the downtrodden.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

High School student arrested for trying to get a college scholarship

You ever wonder what happened to those "Super Seniors" from your high school days? You know, those people who just wasn't smart enough or applied themselves well enough to graduate on time? My 16yr old who is a junior and I shared a few laughs recently when she told me the the story of this kid in her school who was due to graduate this year. According to her, dude is almost 21yrs old with a beard about as full as the rapper Rick Ross.

I told her even though it may be a running joke among her classmates, you still have to give him credit for actually being able to finish when you consider the current high school dropout rate nationally. I don't know what its going to take to solve the drop out problem nationally or more specifically among minority high school kids, but something has to be done. According to research: every nine seconds a student becomes a drop out here in the United States [click here to read more]. It's estimated that our nation’s 50 largest cities graduate only 50% of their high school students.

Dropping out of high school is just something I don't understand. Maybe things are just different now, but there was no place I would rather be than high school when I was a teenager. Well, that's with the exception of the one day a couple of friends and myself skipped school to go to this kids house to play Atari and watch porn. I had fun that day, but my ass paid for it dearly with the beating of a lifetime from my father.

When Black Youth Learn To Lack Respect For Each Other...

They brag about sleeping with each other's close friends.

They disrespect and denigrate each other as loud as they possibly can.

They invade each other's personal space.

They don't keep their hands to themselves.

They don't drop the freaking camera to help a girl or woman who's been attacked.

They put a slam on a woman that would make the WWE's John Cena wince with pain.

They simply don't walk away. They keep going without stopping.

When you watch the video, it goes a little beyond the fact that the teenage boy in the video was dead ass wrong for manhandling a female. Period. End of story. There's no argument. He was wrong.

She was wrong too. She should've respected his personal space, and she should've had self-respect for herself. At the same time, I've been heated with my boyfriend, and I have at times nagged him mercilessly. Guess what? He would never lift a finger to hit me, nor has he. And you know what? That doesn't make him a "good" man. That makes him a "man." Unless the boy taped in this video gets his shit together, he never will be a man, and he will always be a boy who will find himself in crappy relationships that go nowhere.

"But she was all in his face?"

And? He started threatening her with bodily harm simply because he felt his "manhood" was being insulted, or he felt like he had to protect his "honor." We are in 2009, there is no reason for us to continue to perpetuate the fuckery that is an honor culture anyway. Matter of fact, that's what's killing black men anyway. There is a certain level of honor that comes with simply letting people act a fool by themselves, embarrassing themselves. A real man would've told her to simply stop invading his personal space, and had she continued talking shit, just walk away.

He is the only person who can control his boundaries. There's nothing wrong with moving away from the person who is not respecting your boundaries. And it's sad to see that this is one "brother" who has been taught to believe that black women deserve to be manhandled if they get too "sassy." Way to go!

She is not innocent. It is clear, by his bragging about sleeping with her friends, that he's a piece of work, and I don't mean that in a good way. Let him be the only one to humiliate himself, and show himself for the walking piece of offal that he is. While it is never okay to hit a man, it is never okay to invade and wage war against someone's personal space. She, like him, fell into the trap that makes black women fall prey to believing that they need to be loud, menacing and obnoxious to prove their point and get their way. I personally would've kicked his balls in had he done that to me, but then again, while I've nagged, I would not put myself in her position over something as brain draining as some teenaged simp not keeping his dick in his pants.

We need to teach black boys, LIKE black girls, that respect for themselves is way more important than protecting some idea of what "honor" is. We need to teach them to respect each other as well. When black women are taught that black men "ain't shit," and when black men are taught that black women "ain't shit," stuff like this happens.

And you know what? We all lose.

Father Turns on Oven With His Son Inside

William Hurley. The Minneapolis father who tried to bake his son.

By Timothy Fitz

What kind of monster turns an oven on with their child inside?!!! This kind of behavior goes way beyond that shit that went down with Penny on "Good Times". This is some Mommy Dearest meets Hitler, type-bullshit!

The monster in question is William Hurley. He is the loving Minneapolis father who punched, burned, whipped, and tried to BAKE his own son. Sounds terrible, huh? Well, the madness doesn’t stop there. When the 10-year-old boy escaped and ran out into the hallway crying, his beloved mother dragged him back into the apartment, so the boy’s father could continue his reign of terror. It looks like this poor kid has absolutely no one to protect him.

Folks, this is how boogie-men like the D.C. Sniper and the Ohio Serial Killer are created. Some baby monsters are created by adult monsters, who try to bake them in ovens and burn them with irons. The psychological damage being done to this child may be irreversible, and society won’t realize the extent of the damage, until the house next door starts to smell like 13 rotting corpses.

Obama needs to add another line to his health care bill, because America needs to do something to stop stupid people from reproducing. This shit is getting way out of pocket! And since I’m a thinker, I‘ve come up with a solution: When every American reaches puberty, they, along with their parents, will be tested for mental deficiencies, low IQs, possible traces of mental illness, and crack and meth usage. If any of these markers are discovered, they will be carted off to a dark, white room with no windows; strapped to a cold metal table and sterilized - by any means necessary!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

According to Fox News, Barack Obama is the new DC sniper

I don't know; maybe it's my inner truther conspiracy theorist, but did they really just have to pronounce the DC Sniper John Muhammad dead at 9:11PM? Especially at a time when there is much arousal concerning Muslim extremist terrorists in the wake of the Ft. Hood shooting? Yep, way to go sending that "9/11" subliminal message to the Muslim terrorists of the world - yep, especially on the night before Veteran's Day.

Yeah, yeah, I know it's a reach, but I notice things like that from time to time.

Speaking of subliminal messages, did you hear what Fox News did with this teaser clip of John Allen Muhammad? Oh you didn't hear about that? Yeah, according to Fox News on their show Fox & Friends yesterday morning, Barack Obama was to be executed last night because, well, he's the DC Sniper.

Check it out:

OK Fox News, I know people say you guys are racist and all, and you folks probably say you're not because Juan Williams and Jesse Lee Peterson works for you. But um, this doesn't bode well for you guys and the "All Negroes look alike," line of thinking. No seriously, other than the fact that they're both Muslim, what else do they have in common?

But hey, this could have been an honest mistake and has nothing to do with the beef between Fox and the White House. I mean never mind that their top dog Rupert Murdoch said that he agrees with Glenn Beck and the "Barack Obama is racist," thing. I wonder if he thought Beck was right about the Van Jones is a Communist talk.

The only people who are concerning themselves with that are the good folks over at who are currently running a campaign against Fox after what Rupert Murdoch said in an interview with Sky News Australia last week. According to Rupert, Glenn Beck was right, and well, Obama is racist. Ruppy Boy must've had a brain fart when he spoke because now through a spokesperson he's saying that he doesn't agree with Beck.

I can't tell you what to do or what you should do, but if you think Fox is racist and that Murdoch should be held accountable, just like Glenn Beck, you can CLICK HERE to sign Color of Change's petition. Through their work, they were responsible for Glenn Beck losing 81 sponsors for his show on Fox. I dunno, but I'd like to know how Rupert Murdoch would answer the question as to the perception of his network being racist. Something tells me that in a fair and balanced way he would deny such a claim.

Veteran's Day: Over 2,200 US Veterans Died in 2008 Due to Lack of Health Insurance

Today is the day that America honors the men and women who have bravely served with courage to protect our freedoms. While most Americans are in a reflective mood as they "honor" and thank veterans for their service. Here's a little bit of reality I'm sure our veterans would appreciate some focus on:

On Veterans Day, a new study estimates four times as many US Army veterans died last year because they lacked health insurance than the total number of US soldiers who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the same period. A research team at Harvard Medical School says 2,266 veterans under the age of sixty-five died in 2008 because they were uninsured. (source)
Yes, estimates show that there are approximately 2 million uninsured veterans in the United States. These are men and women, who though serving their country and labeled with the highest honor, are unable to access health care not even at VA Hospitals. Yes, it is a huge misconception that veterans automatically receive medical care at VA hospitals for the rest of their lives. In fact, they are only treated for service related injuries and or ailments they encountered while serving.

“Like other uninsured Americans, most uninsured vets are working people - too poor to afford private coverage but not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid or means-tested VA care,” said Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, a professor at Harvard Medical School who testified before CongressU.S., and thousands die each year. It’s a disgrace.” about uninsured veterans in 2007 and carried out the analysis released today [Tuesday]. “As a result, veterans go without the care they need every day in the

Dr. David Himmelstein, the co-author of the analysis and associate professor of medicine at Harvard, commented, “On this Veterans Day we should not only honor the nearly 500 soldiers who have died this year in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also the more than 2,200 veterans who were killed by our broken health insurance system. That’s six preventable deaths a day.”

He continued: “These unnecessary deaths will continue under the legislation now before the House and Senate. Those bills would do virtually nothing for the uninsured until 2013, and leave at least 17 million uninsured over the long run. We need a solution that works for all veterans - and for all Americans - single-payer national health insurance.” (source)

 In the following video co-author of the report on veterans and health care Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, professor of medicine at Harvard University and a primary care physician in Cambridge explains in detail the results of this report. I seriously hope that the many "patriotic" Americans who observe this day used their energy to affect change in this regard. It's bad enough that "regular" folks are dying due to being unable to access affordable health care. But it's a damn shame when the very people we choose to honor each year have to suffer the same fate.

Watch the video:

Read More Here

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The DC Sniper: Didn't take them long to kill this Negro

So Black people, who are we hatin' on this week? You people need to keep me up to date with that. Y'all still mad at Tyler Perry? The movie "Precious" is only showing on five screens so I know y'all ain't hatin' on him too bad. Is the whole "Good Hair" vs. "Bad Hair" thing still goin' on? Or wait, have y'all started talkin' shit about Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence making Black people look bad as they come out with that "Wanda" and "Shenene" movie? Please somebody tell me because it's been hard to keep up around here. Oh well, not even I can escape the haterism that befuddles us melanin afflicted peoples in North America. So since nobody is talkin' about this one I'll weigh in for a bit. I know, it's probably hypocritical of me, but yet people wonder why we struggle with Black on Black crime n' shit. Hell, Tyler Perry ain't gave no n*gger no gun.

Speaking of guns n' shit. Is it me or they was madd quick to execute the DC Sniper dude John Muhammad, or what? Wasn't it just last February they found him and that lil' dude sleeping in the car in DC at the Barack Obama inauguration? Damn they moved quick on this Negro. Which I'm kinda conflicted about because I'm not down with the death penalty. But then again, this fool had Negroes hanging their heads in shame for about a month when we found out he was Black. Which is kinda messed up because the minute we heard the muthafucka called the police asking for $1 million to stop picking folks off at the gas pump, we should've known then that he was Black - ex-military crazy white dudes don't ever ask for money, but a Negro will. Yep, give a n*gga some money and he'll do whatever you ask.

Nationally, it takes on average 153 months – almost 13 years – between sentencing and execution for death-row inmates, according to 2007 data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. 

The Supreme Court noted the accelerated pace of Muhammad's execution in its decision Monday not to hear his case or delay his execution. 

"By denying Muhammad's stay application, we have allowed Virginia to truncate our deliberative process on a matter – involving a death row inmate – that demands the most careful attention," Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in a statement explaining the court's rejection of the Muhammad appeal. "This result is particularly unfortunate in light of the limited time Muhammad was given to make his case in the District Court." 

Death-penalty expert Michael Radelet, a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, agrees that Muhammad's case is "quicker than most cases."- (Source)
 I'm against the death penalty, and having said that, I'm a bit bothered right now. How come nobody is coming from all over the country protesting the execution of the DC Sniper n*gga (you know that's what "they" call him, right?) like they did for Tookie Williams in California a several years ago? I mean seems like if you're against the death penalty you won't miss an opportunity and use it for political expediency to advance your cause. I mean this n*gga didn't write any children books or nuthin (shit, he didn't have enough time to even do that!), but hell he served his country in the military unlike Tookie Williams who did nuthin but serve mayhem in the hood. Shouldn't that count for something?

What? Does he need to be shouted out on a rap song by Snoop Dogg before people get involved in his fight to stay alive? Not that I'm sayin they should give his ass a Swine Flu shot instead of whatever that other deadly shit they put in those lethal injections. I'm just sayin that I'm a lil' bit conflicted about this whole thing. I get the feeling that "certain people" are staying away from this one because, well, he killed a few white folks. Then there's that whole Muslim thing too, and that would probably explain just how fast he got to the front of the death chamber line. Shit, they'd probably execute Malik Hassan 20 minutes after he's found guilty for what he did at Ft. Hood!  Had John Muhammed killed nothing but Black people he might have lived on death row for decades. All in all, I think a lot of people are pretty happy that he's getting what he had coming to him. In the eyes of many justice is served I guess. Somehow I'm a bit bothered that it happened as quickly as it did.

I bet that DMX look-a-like rapist in Cleveland sits on death row for 20yrs...

 He raped and killed poor Black women...

that should buy him some time...

Oh well, as Dave Chappelle would say...

peace n*gger


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