Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Too Big to Fail: Welfare by Another Name

Yep, what's the deal with this "Too Big to Fail" doctrine? Yeah, why is the Obama administration intent on feeding these bankers more pizza? Uh-huh, if you haven't figured it out, and just in case you thought the pic above to be sexist as it takes shots at "big girls" (a term embraced by overweight women I might add), you're dead ass wrong. Instead the picture metaphorically represents our banking industry. And when you think about Obama's retention of Timothy Geitner, one has to wonder if the game is rigged considering just who his old boss was. Here's a hint: his last name rhymes with "Push". But don't get it confused, even so, there are Republicans against this legislation.

Yes indeed, when you look at what's happened in our financial industry over the last year one can only conclude that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. But hey, when you're that powerful who needs transparency, right? Yeah, just keep on shoving our hard earned money by way of tax dollars well baked pizza down their throats as they continue to get fat from the fruits of our labor. The man on the street may be disgusted by this as he sees it, but even so, he doesn't realize that this has been the design from day one.

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Yeah, pretty soon "Too Big to Fail" is gonna transform into "Too Legit to Quit" and I'm sure somewhere a washed up "I used to have money" rapper will be happy like a Nigerian scam artists who just cashed a check. The sad thing about that is the fact that it is us the American tax payers who were, and are being scammed. Only difference is that we have not fallen victim to some dude in Africa with an internet access. So yeah, I'm down with proposed legislation giving the government the power to dismantle mammoth financial firms preventing future bailouts of these presumed "Too Big to Fail" financial institutions.

As usual, Republicans are against this proposed legislation. Yep, they scream all day long about runaway spending and denigrate the names and lives of poor people and reference the lady in the pic above as a "Welfare Queen", all the while in full support of "Corporate Welfare"  as they continue screw us with no Vaseline.

I'll stop for now, and maybe pick this up at a later date.

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