Thursday, December 31, 2009

Please God Forgive Me! I ALMOST Wanted Rush Limbaugh Dead

(Slim here!  I'll be blogging for my Blogfather Rippa while he's out.)

As you may have heard by now, Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital yesterday with chest pains (and is now resting comfortably).  He was vacationing in Hawaii, when paramedics were called to his room.

God forgive me, I almost wanted him dead.  Damn it, part of me had resolved itself to not giving two damns if he croaked.  And I feel bad for it, because I am a Christian (not perfect, just Christian) and a human being.  I know it's not good to wish ill on others, but damn it if Rush Limbaugh wasn't reaping what he has sewn last night.

I don't know if that was God talking to him last night, urging him to get his life together or it will end, although I believe that was mostly it.  I do hope that he emerges from this a changed person, willing to bring people together, not set them apart.

For those people bitching about people "wishing Rush Limbaugh dead", I just have to say two simple words: Fuck off.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Systematic Failure: Stop Snitching as a threat to National Security

Well, hopefully Barack Obama doesn't have to appear as tired looking as he did the other day to talk about this one in a press conference to make "certain people" feel better. And thank God this one didn't involve a major airline, a Nigerian, dingy ass underwear, and a bomb. However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask: is this another one of those "systematic failures" he mentioned when assertively speaking on the recent terrorist attempt  as he did yesterday?

According to Barry-O somebody was asleep at the wheel, and as a result the "Undie Bomber" was able to sneak into the country by hopping over a fence all because he wanted to work at a food processing plant for $4.35 an hour. Which brings us to the above photo and the following story from Rikers Island, the beacon of competence when it comes to using other inmates to intimidate uncooperative prisoners at the facility.
A correction officer has been disciplined for dozing on the job after a colleague snapped a picture of her asleep while on post at a Rikers Island infirmary, officials said yesterday. 

A clearly conked-out Nadja Green is leaning in a chair with her head back, arms folded, eyes closed and mouth open. 

But even more alarming is an amused inmate seen hovering above her, mere inches from a set of keys that hangs from her belt. 

The picture was circulated around the department, and a source e-mailed it to The Post. 

Green was transferred on the island and placed on modified duty watching female inmates. She will face charges of sleeping on the job and other security- and performance-related charges. 

"We do not expect this type of behavior or performance from our officers, nor do we tolerate it," said city correction spokesman Steve Morello. 

The officer who took the picture, Claudel Barrau, was also transferred and placed on modified duty. 

Morello said possession and use of cellphones in jails, even by guards, is prohibited.(Source: New York Post)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Racial Profiling at Airports: "I'll take anal cavity search for $2 million Alex."

What do you do after a 23yr old Nigerian who is of the Islamic faith tries to blow up a plane in Detroit but fails miserably only to escape with 3rd degree burns on his nut-sack? Well, aside from being fearful of other Nigerian men who might be also Muslim, who just so happen to have the bubble guts and camp out in an airplane bathroom for an hour. If you're a wing-nut you do the obvious; you blame it on Obama. Then you get on Fox News because they have cornered the market on scaring a few million silly viewers and suggest the need for better racial profiling:

Michael Steele: "The Adventures of Captain Coontastic & Anglo Boy"

I just realized that it's been a while since I ripped into my black republican friends. I've also come to realize that going in on them just isn't as fun as it used to be. It's no secret that I relished engaging with the right-wing "enlightened" negro-mind intellectually and otherwise. Though they mostly sound like broken records every-time they speak. A spirited debate with them was akin clubbing baby seals - after which my conscience would get the best of me. I mean after all, though I consider them to be "mis-guided negroes" as I often refer to them, they're still black; and forget about class, that to me is the common denominator to our existence.

My man Max Reddick recently wrote a piece over at soulbrother v.2 centered on the recent leak of pictures of RNC Chairman Michael Steele goofing off with his interns. In his piece - which features the above picture - he asks the question: Do we act differently when we think white folks are watching? The piece in itself sought a definition of "coonery" by using Michael Steele as the case study. As for my take, I'll just say that I think the pejorative is often liberally misused by my melanin afflicted brothers and sisters.

In an attempt to distance ourselves from the likes of Michael Steele and others, many of us employ the very tactics once employed by the other man to further divides us as a people to their benefit. If any of you watched Glenn Beck's recent "Black Republican" episode, you can understand where I'm coming from. This is the reason I make a conscious effort to not be shackled mentally by using terms like "Uncle Tom", "Coon", and "Sell Out". If I ever have to go there based on the actions of one of our brothers and sisters, I prefer the term "Slave Catcher". In my book a slave catcher is just another negro misguided and used for profit, and this is how I view Michael Steele, and the people featured in the following video:

Saturday, December 26, 2009

HP Webcams are NOT racist, & here's why...

So what's this story I hear about an HP webcam that doesn't recognize big noses, big lips, and gold fronts? I've read a few headlines in the blogosphere, and being the racism ambulance chaser I had to check it out:

Friday, December 25, 2009

New Rule: No more Black Santa Claus!

Am I the only one with a problem when I see black men dressed as Santa Claus? I mean no joke, that shit bugs me. It's bad enough that we lie to our kids and have them believing that Santa is real. But damn, do we have to insult the intelligence of our children by presenting the fraud that is Black Santa? I mean c'mon! How many black men or black families are there with the last name Claus.

I'm sorry, but I seriously doubt whether the Claus' were plantation owners. And besides if Santa was Black, I'm sure he would have already been shot or in jail for breaking into the homes of white people to "allegedly"  drop off gifts. I'm all about diversity and all, but I have yet to see an Asian, East Indian, Arabian or Mexican Santa. Must "we" continue with this charade for the sake of assimilation.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Black police showin' out for the white cop

So a few days ago I heard about the talk about some cop pulling out a gun in DC to breakup a snowball fight. I'll be honest, I never read the story nor really cared to. But then I heard that it was caught on tape and my interest was piqued somewhat especially when I heard he was black. My voyeuristic fetish took hold and I couldn't help going over to YouTube to fulfill my need. And you know what? I'm glad that I did because it provided a much needed and timely break from the stress of life, because to me, the shit was funny:

Eutisha Rennix: Pregnant woman dies after being ignored by EMTs on coffee break (A Call For Justice!)

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest." - Elie Wiesel

My heart is breaking right now. Sadly, this case that I'm writing about reminds me of Public Enemy's 911 is a Joke.

I hadn't even read about this until today, this was the first time I am hearing about it. But then again, I am not surprised because Eutisha Rennix was a black woman, and we all know how bad it sucks to be aggrieved, black and female.

This should've been all over news stations, and it should've been blasted everywhere. I guess not even the fact that an unborn child was lost matters either.

Sean Green, Melisa Jackson (and 10 firefighters sitting outside of the Au Bon Pain restaurant) let Eutisha Jackson go through seizures as if she were a dog or a mangy animal, too worthless to be saved.

They lied about their qualifications, so they could continue stuffing their vile faces and now they want their unions to save their asses.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Barack Obama to Black America: "You're on your own, bitches!"

"It doesn't do good to open doors for someone who doesn't have the price to get in. If he has the price, he may not need the laws. There is no law saying the Negro has to live in Harlem or Watts" - Ronald Reagan

My man Max Reddick has an interestingly powerful post on Barack Obama up on his blog that has me fired up right about now [read it here]. I originally planned to piggyback his post with some thoughts of my own on Obama and how he has handled the issue of Health Care Reform. But I woke up this morning to this story via News One, on what Barry-O had to say rebutting his recent critique by the Congressional Black Caucus.

In case you missed it, they have voiced their discontent with the prez and his lack of focus by way of policy to positively affect the African American community which is currently in crisis economically:
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Monday rebutted critics who say he isn’t showing enough compassion toward black America, citing his health care effort as one example he says “will be hugely important” for blacks.

Obama said another example is the billions of dollars in aid to states included in the economic stimulus bill, money that was used to save thousands of teachers, firefighters and police officers from losing their jobs. He said many of those workers are black.
 OK holdup, lemme step in here and call bullshit. First off, the negative effects of the economy on blacks and other minorities have been well documented. Yes, and states did receive federal funds through the Stimulus bill earlier this year as part of a rescue and recovery package. However, thus far only a 1/4th of the allotted $787 billion has been spent. And, according to the White House, that spending has been responsible for saving or creating anywhere from 600,000 to 1.6 million jobs.

Monday, December 21, 2009

White men with Negro penises?!

OK, so we're getting close to the end of the year and I have a few more 2009 race cards that I need to use before the ball drops. Let's face it, a 2009 race card just isn't as fresh and effective as a 2010 race card would be in it's current year. So I have a few of them left and I'm gonna throw it out on this post.

Now everybody knows the "all black men have large penises" stereotype is true, right? Of course it is; it's the only stereotype we have working in our favor in America. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know most racial stereotypes are untrue. But trust me, this one and the "white men can't jump," one, is true iight?!

Now of course there are exceptions to every rule, and every now and then there's a white guy who's secret gets out. You know the secret, right? The secret that there's a Negro tucked away in the limb of his family tree somewhere in Mississippi; uh-huh, just ask John McCain.

Yeah, a lot of them claim Sitting Bull before they do Chicken George, but don't let them fool you. At any rate, checkout how a few white women reacted to one of these anomalies of human existence in the following clip:

In my best Bevis & Butthead impression I laughed and snickered that his name was Peter. They picked the perfect name didn't they. Peter the pecker-wood sounds like helluva porn-star name to me. But just for kicks if I were him I would call myself Danmingo - the distant cousin of Mandingo who helped free the slaves with Harriet Tubman.

OK, all jokes aside and race card in mind. Do you think their reaction would have been the same if Peter were replaced with Raheem from the other side of the tracks? Like I said, I'm just trying to use the few race cards I have left before they expire.

So tell me, would it have made a difference if Peter was black? And what if occupying the table were all black women, would there be a difference in reaction? Holla at me and lemme know what you think.

BTW: My white genes compels me to say that size doesn't matter, right ladies?

A Christmas message from everybody's favorite uncle

Dear Wonderful Employee,

You're fired!!!

For some weaker-willed individuals with less faith in themselves this can be a devastating moment. But not for you, because you're a champion. You possess a strong sense of determination and commitment that not too many others are blessed with. That's the reason we hired you. You also possess the tendency to be quite an incompetent buffoon. That's the reason we fired you.

Anywhichaways, as the chipper for no apparent reason at all type of person you are, I'm sure you realize that the best things in life are free. So obviously you also realize that the mortgage on your home, your car note, your children's college education, and that luxury we humans commonly refer to as food are not amongst the best things. Don't forget, there are alternatives to earning and spending money.

I've heard that one of the most prosperous and rapidly growing industries in today's marketplace is crime. It doesn't require a great deal of start up money or vocational training. At this point, it would also be a good idea to minimize all of your dependents. Get rid of the dog before you end up sharing his bowl of Gravy Train with him. Keep the kids though. At least, they'll come in handy when you're applying for public assistance.

Since the holiday season has arrived, make sure you remind everybody that it's better to give than to receive. That's how I feel while writing this letter. I also want you to remember to never give up. Suicide doesn't solve anything. Allow me to share an anecdote with you. A few paragraphs ago, I ran out of ink. I contemplated delivering the news of your termination face to face. Then I thought about how much I really didn't feel like doing that. So I asked my lovely trophy wife to hand me one of the solid platinum pens, with all the tiny diamonds decorating the cap, that she keeps in her limited edition Dolce and Gabana handbag. She did and, as you can see, my perseverance has enabled me to continue writing this letter up to this point.

I want to reiterate that suicide is not the answer. You've probably decided to collect unemployment. Might as well make the company pay you that last bit of money they owe you since you aren't going to receive any severance pay, right? That line of thinking is not without merit. The worst thing that is certain to happen is that your wife will lose all respect for you. She will then engage in a torrid affair with an old acquaintance or several guys with bigger penis'. After the long, torturous nights spent arguing, she will finally decide to part ways. In the process of leaving she will take possession of the house, the car, the kids and ultimately your pride. That would be an ideal time to kill yourself.

So, in closing, remember that if you ever step foot on company property again you will be immediately arrested. Also don't forget that guns are cheap but peace of mind is priceless. Suicide is the answer...not! Godspeed and Good're gonna need it. Oh yeah, Health Care Reform is coming soon, so, um, Merry Christmas.

Head of Human Resources/ Director of Dream Destruction,

 Happily & well paid Corporate CEO,

Uncle Sam

P.S. Everybody said that your office secret Santa gift was the best this year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stuff White People Don't Like: Polar Bears, Eskimos & Rain Forests

I get the feeling that Black people don't really give a damn about climate change unless it involves ashy legs and crusty lips. But I can't overlook all the hype and the talk about Climate Change with the current talks over in Copenhagen. I mean after all, America's first Black president even showed up over there bitching about how Global Warming has had an adverse effect on Jheri Curl wearing Negroes in California and Zimbabwe.

He even went as far as proposing $100 billion to give to help poor people in Third World countries in Africa to help them to grow snow, or some shit like that. Of course not everybody is happy about it, and just as you guessed, they're white. I caught this episode of Hardball with Chris Mathews when it aired and I had to upload it and share. In this clip you'll see a roundtable discussion hosted by Mathews with Democratic strategist Bob Crum, and America's favorite angry white man Pat "I Love Black People" Buchanan.

Check it out:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bitch is NOT the New Black: Are You Really Lowering Your Standards or Becoming Reasonable?

Over at Racialicious they've been discussing Helena Andrews' book "Bitch Is the New Black" via a piece at the Washington Post that once again seeks to figure out why black women are single and apparently lonely.

Andrews and others go on about their misfortune with dating (what I gather to be black men) in the DC area:

Andrews writes about what it is like for a young, black woman dating in D.C., trying to find a mate who seems ever elusive. The futile rituals are familiar: the dressing up, the eager cab ride over to the party, the hold-your-breath as you walk in, scanning the room quickly for any looks returned. The mantra sounding in the back of your head: "So-and-so found a man last year at a party like this. Maybe tonight is my night." Then one by one, the men prove to be disappointments and disappointing: married, uninteresting or uninterested.

The disappointment as you end up at the bar once again, committing straw violence in your drink (stirring the drink frantically and unconsciously).

Andrews writes the truth of those nights. The truth is for too many, they never work out. Not for Andrews and not for her friend, Gina, who is a prominent character in her life and in the book.

You know I get tired of reading about how single black women are and how lonely and basically unloved we are if we are "successful" (more on that later).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drunk 4yr old breaks into neighbors home and steals Christmas presents

OK, this one isn't funny, but I'm sorry, I laughed when I watched this:

Often there's talk about absentee fathers in the black community, and this kid's father is as white as the driven snow. Did you hear what the mother said about this kid purposely getting in trouble just so he can go to jail and be with his dad? Yep, from the looks of it absentee fathers can be a problem not exclusive to African Americans; somehow it's never presented that way.

Uh-huh, and what's up with him putting on a dress? Never mind, I forgot he was drunk. It must be pretty unnerving finding out that your 4yr old son is a cross dressing alcoholic thief just before Christmas. I'm just glad he had a beer and not a foil and a lighter toking away on some meth or some shit like that.

Stuff White People Don't Like: Educated Negroes and their Conspiracy Theories

As you can see I'm really making an effort to close the racial divide here in America. Personally, I think the only way we can come together and solve some of the issues surrounding race relations is to be honest in speaking on the subject. This is why I see it fit that I have an ongoing meme like the good folks over at Stuff Black People Don't Like as they "educate" their readership on people of color, specifically black people. Sure some may say their site is racist, but I think they're wrong. Like me, they're just doing their part in helping to bridge the gap in race relations.

So anyway, Glenn Beck has been obviously trying to make amends with the sponsors he lost over his "Obama is racist," comment a few months ago. Yep, so much so that last month he did a show featuring Black Conservatives. I've been holding off on posting my thoughts about the show having watched it twice, but I think I'm about due. Before I do that, I wanna touch on something that happened on his radio show the other day when a black listener called in. I'll get to those Black Republicans a little bit later, but you gotta hear this first.

Check it out:

Now see, recently I wrote a post - Stuff White People Don't Like: Other White People Bringing Up Slavery - where I showed you just how much credence is put into what this black caller said to Glenn Beck. Now see, if another white person would have said the very same thing, Beck would have been mad; yep, and he probably would have used some colorful language while live on air. Instead, did you notice his very first question to the caller who obviously took creative license to history with his revisionist approach?

Yep, Beck asked him where did he learn that, and I appreciate him going there because you know how much the gov't has done to try and save these Negroes with that whole "No Child Left Behind" thing. Nice move Glenn; way to go showing that "brother" just how inferior his "intellect" actually was on the issue of slavery. How in the world would he know anything about slavery? Not only was slavery 400yrs ago, his ancestors never owned slaves like Glenn Beck's did! The nerve of that caller with that conspiracy theorist crap!

But see, thanks to Beck this racist black man now understands the truth about the three-fifths clause written in the constitution back in the day. See if Beck allowed this guy to continue he would have lived the rest of his life with the idea that our ancestors were actually midgets and hence being considered three-fifths of a man because of their height, and not the color of their skin. Yep, let these so-called educated black dudes tell it, all the slaves brought from Africa were little people.

Of course you might think Glenn Beck is full of shit. Yeah, and so what it only took 700 years after the constitution was written before slaves were officially emancipated. What's important was the intent of the framers of the constitution. Sure some of them owned slaves, and yes many of them were from the south, but does that really matter? What's important is that they counted their black employees as three-fifths human because calling them midgets would have been very derogatory and dehumanizing. And in America we can't have that sort of thing, can we? Uh-huh, but unlike Glenn Beck, let some of you tell it, it had something to do with taxation and congressional representation.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do Christians have Oral or Anal Sex?

So in Washington DC yesterday they voted and approved gay marriages; way to go DC not giving in to the pressure from the black church! But ironically on the very same day world renowned Televangelist minister Oral Roberts dies at the age of 91. Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but is God trying to tell us something here? I mean is this his way of promoting "Oral" sex? I'm sure the kids at Oral Roberts University would like to know as well be cause the fate of them becoming a noted party school in America rests on this information. Yeah I know that wasn't funny but I had to go there... sue me.

But since I'm already there I have to ask this next question. Since God doesn't like homosexuality of any kind per the religious fundies among us, does he get pissed off when hetero-minded people engage in oral or anal sex? By chance was that rule on that piece of rock Moses accidentally dropped and broke? I mean I'd like to know because the last thing I'd like to happen is to be standing at the pearly gates and getting turned away by the bouncer because, well, you get my drift. I mean the Christian Porn genre hasn't actually taken off just yet as I think it should so I'm curious.

And one last thing: am I wrong every time I hear the term "pearly gates" and the image of my wife's vagina comes to mind? I mean that's my version of heaven and I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the idea of other people lining up to get through those gates. So can one of you bible thumpers clue me in on some of this stuff in my head today? Inquiring and horny minds would love to know, and hopefully one of you can help me out here because that whole Missionary Position thing is hella old and I think having to pray before sex would be a major downer.

QUESTION: Would you be comfortable with your partner wanting to pray before sex?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Gift for Shaniya Davis

Hopefully not erased from your memory is the case of 5yr old Shaniya Davis. I discussed her case in a recent post on child prostitution on this blog. With Christmas day being a day that brings out the inner child in us all just around the corner, unfortunately, Shaniya won't be opening any presents this year - Shanyia Davis is dead. However, be that as it may, you can still do something for her and the other millions of innocent children here in America and across the world. And the best thing about it is that it's not going to cost you a dime.

You see folks, child prostitution is a huge problem. Yes, and right now children are being trafficked for sex in American-owned hotels all around the world. But thankfully, a child protection-focused non profit organization, EPCAT-USA, has stepped up to do something about this as it has since 2004. In their attempt to eradicate the problem of child trafficking and prostitution, they have created an EPCAT CODE OF CONDUCT ( Amanda Kloer of had this to say, and this is where you can help:

"Beginning in  2004, the child protection-focused nonprofit ECPAT-USA has asked major U.S.-based hotel chains to sign the Code of Conduct. Carlson Companies -- owners of Radisson, Country Inn & Suites, and others -- proudly declared their commitment to protecting children. A few others made some positive steps, but ultimately failed to embrace the full range of actions they can and should take. Choice Hotels has not returned correspondence regarding the recent tragedy at one of their hotels or outlined the steps they intend to take to prevent what happened to Shaniya from happening to other girls. Why won't Choice Hotels prevent child prostitution?

The most shocking thing about the pimping of Shaniya Davis for sex at a North Carolina Choice Hotels property is that this is not the first child prostitution scandal the brand has faced. Earlier this year, a 14-year-old girl was reported to have been forced into prostitution at a Quality Inn in Ontario, also owned by Choice. In Pittsburgh, law enforcement agents caught one man trying to buy sex with a 10-year-old girl in the parking lot of another Quality Inn. Given these troublesome incidents, you would think Choice Hotels would want to address this problem before it grows. How many more children must be sold on their properties before they take action?" - (Source:

If you remember what happened to Shaniya, it was at a North Carolina Comfort Inn Hotel where she was caught on surveillance tape after being sold for sex shortly before she met her demise. Choice Hotels is the parent company that owns Comfort Inn where Shaniya was last seen alive before she met her eventual and unfortunate death as a 5yr old child at the hands of a very sick individual.

Choice Hotels has not signed the EPCAT-USA CODE OF CONDUCT as have very few American owned companies - to date, over 900 companies worldwide has signed in an attempt to stop child prostitution. You can send a letter to Choice Hotels CEO Steve Joyce, urging him to commit to the prevention of child sex trafficking in Choice Hotel owned establishments across the country and worldwide below. One last thing: can you do a huge favor of sharing this information with as much people as you can?


Monday, December 14, 2009

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Racist Christmas Songs

Most of you, probably get annoyed by Christmas music on the radio, in the office, being played 24/7. Wouldn't it totally suck if there was a Christmas music radio station that played nothing but Christmas music all year long? And wouldn't it be really messed up if your boss was raised by elves and he kept the office radio on that station all year long? Yeah, the though that it's not like that, is what gets me through this season at the office every year. Although I hate the music, I'm thankful that my boss wasn't raised by an Amish guy with a weight problem who has a fetish for midgets and reindeer.

My favorite Christmas song on the radio is a classic; come to think of it, they're all classics! But my favorite song every year is "Feliz Navidad". I don't know who sings it but I know its done by a Mexican dude; a pretty nice Mexican dude, I might add. He was so nice, that he saw it fit to sing and record the song in part Spanish and part English - yeah, yeah, sure some of you may think he was probably really trynna get a green card when he did that, and I understand. Now I'll be honest, for a long time I didn't know what Feliz Navidad meant, and actually, every time I heard it, I thought he was saying..."RELEASE NAVIDAD."

Yup, I thought it was a song about a Hispanic dude named Navidad sitting in jail for fence jumping or some other one of the many crimes those "illegal aliens" are known to commit. I always thought it was pretty cool how the dude who sung it remembered his friend at Christmas. Not many people think about people in jail at Christmas time, so I thought it was quite noble of the guy. I mean, he wanted his friend released from jail for the holidays, and I'm sure everyone in jail around Christmas time wishes they were at home with their families.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Teacher punishes 7yr old Black child by cutting off one of her braids in class

The worst thing in the world is the possible loss of innocence of a child at the hand of an adult. I just read the story of  7yr old Lamya Cammon in Milwaukee and now I'm left to wonder just how this would impact her life as she moves forward from this incident:

OK, first off, I watched another video on the story and Lamya said the teacher told her to come to her desk to get some candy and then cut her braid. I'm sorry, but that negates the whole "I'm sorry, but I was stressed out," bullshit claim. Sure she may have been bothered by what this kid was doing with her hair. But it's quite apparent that she put some thought into just how she was going to "punish" Lamaya, so miss me with that bullshit teacher lady. Yes I understand that the teaching profession is a thankless job. But damn maybe this woman needs to re-evaluate her career choice and go to barber school instead.

Secondly, what the fuck is up with the District Attorney not filing charges on this teacher? Yep, why did it take the police the department to hold her accountable via a ticket for disorderly conduct? And further, why in the hell does this teacher still employed? Why not at least paid administrative leave? What's next? Does she have to put a gun to a students head before someone decides to take action or lord forbid hold her accountable for her actions? I don't know what in the world is going on in Milwaukee and these District Attorneys. Apparently this is no big deal to them as is being a state social worker and tricking your client into having sex just so that she can keep her kids.

This is a bunch of bullshit. You best believe if Lamaya's mother went up to that school and did what Mrs. RiPPa said she would have done had it been one of our kids, that she would not be held accountable for her actions by the District Attorney's office. But above and beyond the obvious, how do you think this impacts the life of this child? What message does this send not only to her, but also to the rest of the children in that class who laughed at her? I mean what does this do to her self worth and pride and a young black child?

Well RiPPa the news story never said the teacher was white!

You're right it didn't, but I find it hard to believe that she was in fact black. You know why? Well other than the fact that black women don't play when it comes to hair and would never consider such fuckery; nope, not a child of a black woman they would. If this teacher was black the media would have plastered her face all over that story. So yeah, I might be wrong in my assumption but I doubt it. That said and assuming that this teacher was white, everything else considered, how would you handle this if this was your child?

Disorderly conduct?


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods quits golf? Oh well, they'll have a new n*gga next year

Tiger's latest "press release" about his "indefinite break" from golf is the dumbest thing ever. People may think it is noble of him to put his family first at a time like this given all that has happened. But the truth to me is that this is a well timed move all in an attempt to draw sympathy and shift focus from what we know about him right now. I think his decision especially reeks of sheer arrogance given the fact that he could have stood up as a man two weeks ago and faced this head on, rather than lie or attempt to dodge the bullets, but hey that's just me. Yep, great timing there good buddy!

First he said it was a private matter and that all the chatter around the internet about his "infidelity" were lies. Uh-huh, and I almost forgot to mention that his wife was courageous is using that golf club to bash the windows of his Escalade and pull him out from that twisted burning wreckage after he drove off a cliff on accident. Yep, after all of that he ran with that "stay the fuck outta my business," line. Now mind you, this Negro did all of this all on his website and never once with a mic in his face in the presence of any journalist.

What, did he think this shit was just gonna go away? I'm just sayin', he had to be a fool to think that some chick wasn't gonna save one of his used condoms to use as evidence someday should the word ever get out or she ended up on Maury - you know how Maury LOVES black babies. Oh I forgot, condoms gave him an adverse skin condition so he never wore them - yep, blame it on the latex Eldrick. And why do we now know this? Because as I said his punkass didn't stand up and like a man and say "Yeah I did it, and I'm sorry," at the outset.

Ultimately it would have been a move that would have prevented the three ring circus that his life had become in the public eye as the naked body count of women and affairs continues to rise. Oh and let's not forget to mention the nude photos of his little putter that are in the possession of some porn rag after he so wisely sent them to one of his concubines using a camera phone. Which now that I think about it, that may be the real reason he decided to take an "indefinite break" from the sport of golf.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hoes wit no clothes showin' love, shakin' that ass in the club, n*gga wh'ut (NSFW)

I haven't been to a nightclub in quite some time. The last time I went I vaguely remember what happened and that was 10mths ago. Luckily my wife was with me and I had her and other people watching my back. Nobody ever wants to be drunk dude who gets knocked tha fuck out just because he had a little too much to drink in public, right? But for women, the consumption of alcohol without moderation in the club, bar, or wherever could have some serious consequences. Never mind ones reputation; it can be worse than that.

Like this:

Image Hosted by

OK, I know women take that panty line shit seriously and at times venture into the wild outdoors without underwear. But did this woman really have to take it to that extreme. And somebody tell me she's not pregnant. Ok, so yeah this may have been a wardrobe malfunction, but dammit this ain't just some Janet Jackson titty falling out. This woman's whole behind and vajay-jay is saying his to the world knowingly!

Image Hosted by

Yep, and obviously she likes the attention she's getting from the fellas. Which is really sad because I get the feeling that any minute a baby would fall from her crotch as one of them gets her pregnant just from looking. What club is this where this type of thing is allowed? OK, don't answer that because I could imagine the type of things some of you have been witness to.This doesn't look good and I'm afraid that this has the potential to have a bad ending. You know the type where she may have to lie about being raped, or a gang bang gone bad?

Image Hosted by

Wait, is dude on the right smiling and holding his dick? Seewhumsayin? Uh-huh, and yet people were outraged when a teenager left a high school dance and was raped by a group of guys after she took a swig of an alcoholic beverage. Not making excuses or blaming the victim; just pointing out how stuff goes down. Hopefully she makes it out of this joint unscathed other than being felt up by a few dudes. Which brings us back to the very first picture above of her outside of the club.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hey Barack, can you spare a brotha a job?

"Black unemployment is terrible. The black frame of mind is terrible. They’re depressed. They’re down, Obama not doing anything for them. How’s that hoax and change working for ya?" - Rush Limbaugh

You know, some people talk about all the negative things about being in "the hood", and it's understandable because for some it is a tragic existence. However, in doing so I have to wonder if the potential for greatness by people born into circumstances of economic inequity is overlooked. I wonder how many roses get stepped on, or wither a cold death as they attempt to seek the sunlight fighting through the cracks of concrete sidewalks as they seek life?

I'm guessing this is why the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) decided last week to heavily critique Barack Obama for not doing much by the way of job creation in urban centers predominantly inhabited by people of color. A pretty bold move considering that to some with whom he shares the same skin color, he's beyond reproach. But with the black unemployment rate for young people currently at 30.5%, I'd say it's time to ring the alarm.

QUESTION: Do you think they were out of order to do just that?

Well, here's a positive story from "the hood" that you won't see on the news, but it must be told. To be honest with you I believe if some of that TARP money is dedicated to this program in the short term it could be effective.Checkout the following video, and if you're interested do yourself and everybody a favor by reaching out to your elected officials at the state and federal level to make it happen.

A "Black Criminal" and a Dead Body Does NOT a Teachable Moment Make

As you may have seen on the news, the memorial and procession for the four murdered Lakewood Police officers was held on Monday in Tacoma. It was a somber, sad day and the memorial was touching and heart wrenching.

As I watched the evening news, recaps of the event were shown. My eldest, who is seven years old, told me he saw that at school. I didn't know if it was entirely appropriate, but I understood. I was privy to many news events at my son's age, and I remember the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger vividly. I understood why it was shown.

I decided to use that time as a teachable moment for my son. I asked him if he knew what happened.

"Four police officers were killed."

I asked if he knew what happened, how they were murdered. I don't usually believe in hiding current events from my son, because I wasn't sheltered and I credit that with my need to stay informed about the world I live in. I don't like ignorance, and I have a voracious appetite for knowledge as a result. I only hope to continue this trend with my children. The response he gave me, albeit true, was crass and blunt and I knew that it didn't come from him.

"A black criminal did it."

My jaw dropped. I think I laughed in shock and then I grew serious.

"Who told you that?"

"My bus driver."

To add insult to injury, my son went on to tell me that the same bus driver went on to show the kids on her bus a picture of Maurice Clemmons' dead body on a gurney (Google it if you must. There's nothing remarkable and it's incredibly tacky).

When I saw my first dead body, was the day I became a fatalist. If you're a fatalist, then you know how terrible a burden it is to be because it, in my opinion, takes the fear of dying WAY far. Granted, I am more careful, but I spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about "fate." I wish I didn't because it's not in my hands ultimately.

I saw the smashed head of a man who had been killed in a terrible accident in Panama. His car collided with a bus, and the photographers didn't pull any punches in taking pictures. My grandfather had brought the newspaper with him when he came to visit, and I, eager to stay abreast of all the goings on at home, I was confronted with a terribly graphic image.

I can't take back the fact that he was shown the body of Clemmons, but I can use that as a way to teach him that living by the sword most assuredly will mean you will die by the sword. Luckily it wasn't too bad in the sense that it only showed his wound in his stomach (bullet wounds, depending on the weapon, can be pretty clean...At least the entry wounds. Thank God the exit wasn't shown). The wound to his eye was not visible thanks be to God. Not in that photo anyway, luckily she only found one of the two. The first one showed brain matter.

That's it, I'm "Going Rogue"...!!!

Yeah I realize that's kinda hard for a black guy to pull off. I mean nine times out of ten people of color are perceived as being "rogues" - especially if they're progressive or slightly left of center politically by the color aroused folks among us. But going rogue I'm sure has it's benefits like it did for this white lady I never heard of before September 2008.

Shit, going rogue is so cool that it allows you to walk off your job and travel the country - something that I've been dying to do by the way. Who cares that have to put together some convenient untruths in the form of a best seller further proving how effective the dumbing down of America has become. I wouldn't mind it one bit especially if there is free clothes in it for me and my family because that's just the American way; nothing like a well dressed mavericky/rogue-ish family.

Starting with this very blog post I am about to become the rogue-est of the rogues out there...I'm broke nigga, I'm broke! Now let's see if I could find supporters like these to make this happen:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stuff White People Don't Like: Other White People Bringing Up Slavery

Yep, who wants to be reminded of an institution that existed so long ago that exploited human beings as they were the engine of the economy, right? Well I don't blame them, and I'd be pissed off too. If I were white every time someone white brings up slavery or makes any mention of it, suppression of guilt would be a bitch.

See, black people can bring that shit up all day long to white people, but they get ignored, because, well, they did the Negroes a favor by freeing them but they seek solace in being victims. But when a white person mentions it to make a point like Democratic Senator Harry Reid did in the video above when discussing Health care Reform, guilt surfaces in the form of outrage.

The only white people immune to the guilt of the dreaded S-word are those tree hugging Liberals. Sure it was a Republican president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, but the way they see it, they've done enough for the Negro kind - sorry Kunta you're on your own there buddy. I mean who wants to feel guilty about some ole shit like a race of people working for free this close to Christmas, right?

Yep, and now because of Harry Reid, white folks will now have to go out and find some homeless illiterate Negro somewhere in Mississippi. Yep, one of those big corn fed black guys to to put through college while he plays football with the hope of making it to the NFL. Yeah, they gotta do stuff like that to feel better about themselves. Never mind the fact that Harry Reid never said the GOP attempted to stop the movement that ended slavery. The important point is that it's not cool for white people to pull the race card to make other white people feel bad.

Stuff White People Don't Like: Shitty Customer Service

Unlike white people, black folks don't really care when they receive shitty customer service. Nine times out of ten black people are either providing said shitty service, or as a customer trying to get the hook up from said shitty service provider. White people on the other hand are guaranteed excellent customer service per the Constitution - no shit, it's in the Bill of Rights; or was that the 46th amendment?

At any rate, white folks are privileged enough to print their own money, so it's only natural that they expect top shelf service wherever they go. Being melanin afflicted as some of my brothers and sisters are we don't get the privilege to do something like this:

I'm guessing the Burger King "Have it your way" line didn't help matters any. Sure you might think that this lady was wrong to dial 911 for something as trivial as this. And yeah, you might think this wasn't an emergency which required the attention it received, but don't tell that to the lady who called. She's white and she's American, and by God she deserves good customer service. Hell I'm surprised she didn't call the FBI!

So what somebody may have died somewhere else because they weren't able to get through to a 911 operator - they probably didn't have health insurance anyway. Yeah, and just in case any of you feel the need to remind me about the black lady who called 911 to complain about McNuggets? Um, that was indeed an emergency - she was black and she ordered chicken, remember? But that didn't matter because she was eventually arrested. Obviously she wasn't able to print her own money.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Does this guy look racist to you?

Does the guy in the picture above look racist? No seriously, does he? I mean, what exactly does a person who's racist look like? OK, so he isn't wearing a white robe and a pointy hat as he rides a horse enthused to act on his pyromania somewhere in the south. Truth is, he's black. Yep, and well, there's no way that a black guy can be racist, right? Especially when he's opposed to Barack Obama's proposed Health Care Reform, right? Let's be real: how can a black man be racist aginst another?

Well, someone got the bright idea to run the following ad campaign currently being aired on Fox News to prove a point. I guess "certain people" are tired of being called racist because they oppose Barack Obama and his policies. What's funny about it is that it's being ran on Fox and nowhere else as far as I can tell, but that's not important. What's important is that these people are not racist by being opposed to what they call Obamacare:

However, I feel the need to tell these fine folks - the producers of this commercial - that this was a pretty weak-ass attempt to make a point. True, being opposed to Health Care doesn't mean you're racist because the president just happens to be black. What it means is that you're stupid, but that's a whole different post in itself - and quite frankly I've talked about Health care Reform a time or two on this blog; plus, the Public Option is all but dead anyway.

I feel the need to tell the producers of this ad that nobody has ever said that "they" were racist for being opposed to reform. What we - Jimmy Carter included since they went there in the ad - is that the reactions, or actions of some of the protesters were racist in nature. You see one can be racist by nature and thought but never act on it, and we'd never know. It's kinda hard to do because so a man thinketh so he acts. Yep, especially when Obamacare was touted as reparations for African-Americans.

It's been well documented the nuance of race and racism at these protests over the past year. As a matter of fact, I've found this pretty cool website that you should check out. The site is called Look At This Fucking Teabagger, and they've compiled pictures of these racist assholes dissenters protesters from all over the country. Since racism is not an opinion per se, it's quite obvious to me that these protests were an excuse to bring out the worst in the disgruntled folks. I mean why not do all you can but hang the man since everybody was doing it, right? Shit, I don't have a problem with racist individuals as long as they don't act on it...

But anyway, that was some real slick shit with the ad above - throw in a few black faces to make a point; hell, everybody is going to believe that those paid black actors could not be possibl;y racist because they're opposed to Health care Reform. Oh well, I'm glad that it's only a commercial and that we don't have to go around the country rescuing some of the mis-guided Negroes among us like this following clip shows...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Renting space in Aunt Esther's head (UPDATED)

Well it would seem that April Ryan isn't so bad after all. In my last post I discussed the recent skirmish she had with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. In that post in my commentary my position was that she had the wrong approach with her line of questioning. Well, it's good to know that April is woman enough to admit that she was wrong in the way she handled the situation:

Well, don't tell that to my good friend Renee author of the blog Womanist Musings who actually was the focus of my last blog and not April Ryan. You see, just like I mentioned in that post about people missing the message because they're more focused on shooting the messenger? Renee did just that as I expected. Yes, she took the bait hook line and sinker with my last post as I designed. Yep, and did she ever! Today I was the subject of her blog once again...

READ: When Black Men and White Men Partner in Sexism

You see, Renee has a problem when it comes to communication as do many people. I've pointed this out to her in a recent exchange on my blog and on Twitter, but me having a penis, she didn't take to my advice about her approach. Like April Ryan above, she occasionally visits this blog and unappropriately engages with me (and other commenters) as she pushes "her agenda" and derails the conversation piece of the post at hand - she has done this on more than one occasion. Rarely has she ever showed up here and commented on anything without championing her womanist battle cry. Which is funny because what she does here, you're not allowed to do at her blog without being threatened to be banned from commenting on her blog ever again.

But I forgot, unlike my blog, hers has standards as she told one commenter.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Black Women: Learn when to shut the fuck up! Or learn to communicate!!

Yep, you read that right, and yes I said it - Black women need to learn when to shut the fuck up! Oh well, I guess I am as sexist as I've been labeled recently by one of my readers. But anyway, let's get on to the subject of this post, shall we? OK, are you still with me Black women? I hope you are and at least allow me to kick some knowledge before you shoot the messenger... because some of you need to be told some shit.

OK, good. Recently there's been talk around the blogosphere about the recent White House press conference where Press Secretary Robert Gibbs had a, how do I say it... not so favorable exchange with April Ryan, a Black female reporter from American Urban Radio Networks? Yeah, that's it; according to some he exerted his white male privilege and, well, was talking down to the "sister" in a Q&A session concerning those party crashers at the State Dinner last week. Check it out and tell me what you think:

I'm sorry, and I realized that April Ryan was doing her job as a journalist asking the "appropriate" questions. But it seems to me, from where I'm sitting, she could have been a bit more tactful in her approach. I don't give a shit that she's black and he's white, or the fact that she's a woman and he's a man. The bottom line for me is that, she should have been more tactful, personable, conversation-able, rather than coming off as the wannabe "Super Bitch" cop in an interrogation.

Clearly she attempted to take the "conversation" in a direction Gibbs didn't feel necessary, and I think he did the right thing telling her to relax and breath. I mean, had he said "Sit'cho ass down and shut tha fuck up bitch!!" Or slapped the shit out of her with his pimp hand, I could understand all the negative talk in favor of April on this one. But in truth, Gibbs was clearly the adult, or the bigger person in this situation.

But let some people tell it, him having a penis and being white he was wrong.

In sales and marketing  there's a theory called Rape vs. Seduction. What April did as far as communicating was RAPE the shit out of Robert Gibbs, or at least tried to. Had she used a "seductive" approach, she may have been able to control the conversation and have her questions answered instead of having to rebut Robert Gibbs and leaving the angry black bitch perception on the table. Yep, especially when she felt the need to "check him" after he attempted to gain control of the conversation from her badgering.

Oh, and by "seductive" I'm not implying that she should have given him the whole 1(900) phone sex operator bit. Yeah, she should have taken a deep breath or two - instead, she can look forward to getting all of her questions "waved off" at any other White House Press Conference. But hey, what do I know, I'm just another sexist, misogynist Black man who takes pleasure in telling bitches... you know... people with pussy?... To shut the fuck up...

Look, I'm done with this one for now, but if you'd like to hear more from me on this and other topics. Check me out on air tonight at 8PM EST on the show Freedom Through Speech Radio where myself, and my co-hosts Max Reddick of soulbrother v.2, and OneChele of the blog Black 'n Bougie will be chopping up topics of interest with a no holds barred approach. Yes, and you too can call in to the show to share your thoughts and opinions just as you do on this very blog. Look forward to seeing or hearing from you there.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Aretha Franklin, Aretha Franklin, Aretha Franklin lemme rock ya Aretha Franklin that's all I wanna do Aretha Franklinnnn!

Every time I read, hear, or see the name Lady Gaga I think of fellatio, but when I see her I think of puke. Yep, and then there was this mess. What the fuck is wrong with Aretha Franklin? I mean I know it gets cold in the city of Detroit, but that's not exactly the reason to leave your house looking like a cross be tween the lion from The Wiz and Chewbacca. Seriously Aretha, this shit has to stop, and stop right now.

I could be wrong, but when someone is the queen of soul, I'd like to think they take more care as to how they present themselves when in the spotlight. I dunno, things in Detroit are tough economically and people are in need of money and all. But did you really have to hire Stevie Wonder to pick out your wardrobe?

Have you seen Stevie's hairline lately Aretha?!

Aretha, you're Black royalty, and especially since Michael Jackson is now dead and gone, I'm gonna need you to take this Queen shit more seriously. Earlier this year when you wore that big-ass ugly green puke colored hat at the presidential inauguration and people roasted you I figured you'd get the hint. But what did you do for an encore Aretha? You show up at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting looking like a grizzly bear pissed off because someone woke him up from hibernation too early.

Lemme guess, PETA offered to save your house from foreclosure last year if you would stop wearing fur, and you're mad that they put you, your highness, on blast, right? I understand, I wouldn't want people to know that I'm broke or having financial troubles either. Yep, fuck PETA! I hate them skinny salad eating vegetarian fuckers Aretha. They should have gave you the money on the low and not put you out there like that.

But one question: weren't your titties cold in that Manhattan air? Surely your head, face and ass wasn't with all that dead rabbit covering it, but what about the titties Aretha? Yeah, I know them things are huge and you love putting them out there like that; and trust me, I like them. But damn, you're like 84yrs old Aretha! Your titties could have caught pneumonia, or worse, the Swine Flu. I'm just sayin'... in the summer time that's cool if you wanna come out in a tank-top from Forever 21 as you're known to do, but, er, um, in the dead of winter Aretha?

Look, I'm gonna stop for now because the last thing I wanna do is not R-E-S-P-E-C-T the queen. But I'd be damned if her face in the pic above doesn't look like the head of a penis poking out from under the extra uncircumcised foreskin of some Negroes dick....[pause].... um, definitely not a good look there your majesty.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Day of Blogging For Justice: Stop Taser Torture (2009)

Today, just like last year, there are bloggers all over the world dedicated to posting today to raise awareness to an issue that is overlooked: taser torture. In this virtual medium it's great that we can come together to raise awareness to what I consider to be government sanctioned murder. There are blogs out there who chronicle countless daily news stories which involves a loss of life at the hands of police officers by the use of tasers; a supposed non-lethal weapon employed by police departments here in the United States and abroad.

The one incident I'd like to focus on today to highlight this problem, involves the gentleman pictured at the beginning of this post - Oscar Grant. You do remember him, don't you? Sure, I know not very many people are talking about him these days and he may be a distant memory for some. But just to remind you, he was the young man killed by a police officer at a train station in Oakland California. Yeah, his murder was caught on tape and spread across the internet like wild fire. Remember him now? Uh-huh, it happened last New Year's Eve; yes, it has almost been a year - hard to believe, right?

Well I read recently that the trial of the officer in question, Johannes Mehserle, has been moved to Los Angeles for fear of the threats of violence, and the pre-trial publicity of the case. If you remember, there were riots out in Oakland for a day or so after the incident where Grant was killed by said officer. OK, so I know you're wondering what the hell does this have to do with taser torture, right? I mean surely Oscar Grant didn't die because several thousand volts of electricity was purposely sent through his body by a police officer, no? Well, the accused police officer, in his defense, is alleging that he was reaching for his taser and accidentally drew his gun; a defense that is plausible I might add, although some may not agree.

You see, with taser being considered as a "non-lethal" weapon, it was easy for this officer to consider using this in a manner so as to gain control of a situation. Never mind the fact that there have been at least 50 taser related deaths this year at the hands of police officers here in America alone; 21 of the victims were African American males But, none of this is important, because, well, tasers are non-lethal. And guess what? Oscar Grant isn't even mentioned as one of these victims, but indirectly he is.

Had the police officer actually used his taser on Oscar Grant, there's a chance he may be be alive today as opposed to being shot at point blank range with a service revolver which was mistaken for a taser. Maybe Grant may have been luckier than the 450 people who have died from taser use in North America  by police to date. Maybe if tasers were seen as a lethal weapon more caution would be taken in applying them to civilians?

The real question is: how much longer will we allow taser use by the police to continue at the rate that it has, all the while being responsible for the loss of lives before something is done? Do we need more Oscar Grant-like cases before this becomes a serious enough issue? What needs to happen is a Congressional hearing on the subject. If you're interested in making this happen, do yourself and the love of humanity a favor and help by signing the petition below as has been done by 2000 other people.


Fall Of The Cablanasian Sensation.......

By Cruz

Soooooo, Tiger Woo is a big ole stankin cheatbag! well lookie lookie here....... Now I happen to be of the vagina persuasion and I'm not exactly all up in arms about this Tiger-gate thing as everyone else. I think as long as a man has a fully functional, adult sized penis where all the bells and whistles work (meaning it still skeets babies and such) that he might sometimes get a hankering for a cocktail waitress here and there. I mean he absolutely HAD to have a nanny so why not a waitress? I hear everyone saying "damn he coulda at least upgraded" but for what? and upgraded to who? a fellow pro athlete? a doctor? lawyer?

Tiger has no use for a woman of that caliber, in fact no cheating man does because that kind of woman more than likely has self esteem and the ability and desire to snag an unwed penis. Just like when Kobe stuck his 3 pointer in that 'towel girl/masseuse booty scratcher', of course he coulda done better, but better wants more shit and let's face it, a cheating pro athlete may have an abundant amount of cash to spend but he is very short on time or desire to wine and dine someone he's humping on the side.

Now what I love best about all this is the sex-ting:

"I will wear you out...when was the last time you got (bleeped)?"

"Send me something very naughty...Go to the bathroom and take (a picture)."

Say word Tiger! RRRRRGGHHHH!!! I mean that "wear you out" one gave me a girl woody like fa real fa real, who woulda ever thunk proper Tiger and his 400 teeth could utter such filth from his fingertips......... HOLE IN ONE!!! I hear that playa!

From where I stand, the Swedish nanny is one lucky broad. Her husband who is worth nearly a billion dollars cheated on her, she needs to be celebrating, this is a joyous occasion, IT'S A CELEBRATION BITCH!

I mean come on nanny lady, the man is worth a billion dollars, he can't sessy text a few undesireables every now and then?? Your're pretty tough on a brother aren't cha? I don't know how it goes down in Sweden but over here in the states us ladies see the value in being able to sit on our ass all day and get pregnant, we would never let some silly sexting get in the way of that, something tells me you have caught on to the ways of the worthless Amercan woman Swedish nanny and to that I say, good for you! I have a knack for getting cheated on by transit workers and church organ players and my consolation usually involves tears and a Subway sandwich, from where I'm sitting you are on Easy Street like a mug! Sheeeiiittttt........

Perhaps none of this is about money at all and you actually love the Tiger, I mean I don't wanna be a cynic just cause love keeps passing me by and shittin on my hopes and dreams, that's the last thing I wanna do. In the end it's between you and the 'man of many teeth', public opinion ain't worth squat but if you're reading this Tiger, just know that I woulda kept my mouth shut and it woulda only cost you a pound of the finest Peruvian weave and maybe a dime bag. It's the little things that bring me joy......

Want more from Cruz? Visit her at Witches Brew

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Barack Obama's war in Afghanistan: Crack Pipe, Peace Pipe... Same difference!

"It should be incandescently clear that no one who has any concern for the integrity and life of America today can ignore the present war." - Martin Luther King Jr.

So I woke up yesterday only to be greeted by one of my Black Republican buddies on Facebook by the question: So what are your thoughts on Obama's war? The question didn't throw me off as it is what I have come to expect from Conservatives. Obama's war? Wait a minute, didn't we invade Afghanistan a little over 8yrs ago? Shit, they way they've spun this, you would swear that there aren't any troops currently deployed to that God forsaken depleted part of the world. My buddy then went on to criticize Barack Obama as I expect all now rehabilitated warmongering neoconservatives and their legion of lemmings to do.

My man said Obama was a hypocrite because he was an anti-war candidate while he campaigned for the highest office in the land. I laughed at after I questioned myself as to whether there has ever been an anti-war candidate, or whether there was ever one to successfully become president. I had to check my buddy again and remind him that Barack Obama was against the Iraq war, didn't vote for the then "surge", but always stated that the focus should have been Afghanistan.

Of course he didn't believe me; it's just like conservatives and their selective amnesia. But anyway, my man went in on Obama and said that the war in Afghanistan was stupid, and his decision to escalate troops was foolish because people in Afghanistan were too primitive to be fighting and as a result as he said "We'll never win!." Of course I laughed again because this was the same guy all gung ho about the "War on Terror," and tracking down some boogieman hooked up to a dialysis machine as he sat in a cave sipping ice tea, and reading the latest Taliban Playboy magazine edition.

These conservatives are a trip and a half. It's obvious that Dick Cheney has something against his cousin Barack Obama. I dunno, maybe he didn't get much love at the last family reunion, and he's a little salty. This fool had the nerve to come out of the lair he shares with the Grinch who stole Christmas and suggest that Obama was taking too long to make a decision on Afghanistan. And when Barack finally made the move, Dick Cheney had the nerve to say that Obama was "weak". Yeah Obama is weak but it took him and George Bush took only 50 days to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan when they went in just after the events of 9/11.

You know, for a war criminal Cheney is a bold muthafucka!

Really Dickhead Cheney? Mission accomplished? Different country, but do you remember that shit? Lemme guess, all this time troops in Afghanistan have been dying from boredom as they made finger puppets, right? Yeah, all those American casualties were as a result of paper cuts and the fact that like America, there is no Universal Health-care in Afghanistan? Yep, and Obama is sending in 30,000 extra troops just in time for Christmas to drop off toys for little Muslim children who pray every-night to Jesus for a Zhu Zhu Pet.

Look, personally, I think Obama made a bad move with this, and I wish he would have decided on bringing those troops home rather than add to quagmire that it already is. Of course I know that he had always lobbied for Afghanistan. But I thought it was just a front while he campaigned because, well, you know how Negroes go out of the way "To show how hard dey is." Yeah, I thought he was just trying to gain support from all those John Wayne war movie loving folks who are clueless as to what war really looks like. But hey, his approval rating with the "white folks" is now at a paltry 39%, so I could see him doing what he's doing to, well, "Show dem how hard him is!"

I'm an anti-war kinda guy and yes I'm disappointed by his decision. Uh-huh, and as an Obama supporter myself, I'm not hearing anymore of that talk about what George W. Bush did in the past from him or any of you other Obama supporters - especially those of you of the Negro kind who are comfortable with the "Give the prez a chance, he has only been in office 2 weeks" bullshit line.


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