Monday, December 21, 2009

White men with Negro penises?!

OK, so we're getting close to the end of the year and I have a few more 2009 race cards that I need to use before the ball drops. Let's face it, a 2009 race card just isn't as fresh and effective as a 2010 race card would be in it's current year. So I have a few of them left and I'm gonna throw it out on this post.

Now everybody knows the "all black men have large penises" stereotype is true, right? Of course it is; it's the only stereotype we have working in our favor in America. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know most racial stereotypes are untrue. But trust me, this one and the "white men can't jump," one, is true iight?!

Now of course there are exceptions to every rule, and every now and then there's a white guy who's secret gets out. You know the secret, right? The secret that there's a Negro tucked away in the limb of his family tree somewhere in Mississippi; uh-huh, just ask John McCain.

Yeah, a lot of them claim Sitting Bull before they do Chicken George, but don't let them fool you. At any rate, checkout how a few white women reacted to one of these anomalies of human existence in the following clip:

In my best Bevis & Butthead impression I laughed and snickered that his name was Peter. They picked the perfect name didn't they. Peter the pecker-wood sounds like helluva porn-star name to me. But just for kicks if I were him I would call myself Danmingo - the distant cousin of Mandingo who helped free the slaves with Harriet Tubman.

OK, all jokes aside and race card in mind. Do you think their reaction would have been the same if Peter were replaced with Raheem from the other side of the tracks? Like I said, I'm just trying to use the few race cards I have left before they expire.

So tell me, would it have made a difference if Peter was black? And what if occupying the table were all black women, would there be a difference in reaction? Holla at me and lemme know what you think.

BTW: My white genes compels me to say that size doesn't matter, right ladies?


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