Monday, December 14, 2009

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Racist Christmas Songs

Most of you, probably get annoyed by Christmas music on the radio, in the office, being played 24/7. Wouldn't it totally suck if there was a Christmas music radio station that played nothing but Christmas music all year long? And wouldn't it be really messed up if your boss was raised by elves and he kept the office radio on that station all year long? Yeah, the though that it's not like that, is what gets me through this season at the office every year. Although I hate the music, I'm thankful that my boss wasn't raised by an Amish guy with a weight problem who has a fetish for midgets and reindeer.

My favorite Christmas song on the radio is a classic; come to think of it, they're all classics! But my favorite song every year is "Feliz Navidad". I don't know who sings it but I know its done by a Mexican dude; a pretty nice Mexican dude, I might add. He was so nice, that he saw it fit to sing and record the song in part Spanish and part English - yeah, yeah, sure some of you may think he was probably really trynna get a green card when he did that, and I understand. Now I'll be honest, for a long time I didn't know what Feliz Navidad meant, and actually, every time I heard it, I thought he was saying..."RELEASE NAVIDAD."

Yup, I thought it was a song about a Hispanic dude named Navidad sitting in jail for fence jumping or some other one of the many crimes those "illegal aliens" are known to commit. I always thought it was pretty cool how the dude who sung it remembered his friend at Christmas. Not many people think about people in jail at Christmas time, so I thought it was quite noble of the guy. I mean, he wanted his friend released from jail for the holidays, and I'm sure everyone in jail around Christmas time wishes they were at home with their families.

A few years ago at work this lady actually told me what the words of the song really meant. But, I still hold on to the idea of Navidad being released for Christmas every time I hear it, because, well, nobody in this country ever thinks about the thousands of detained immigrants languishing virtually in limbo in our federal penal system awaiting deportation. Some of whom never get the chance because of death due to poor medical treatment while in custody.

You'd think by now, since Christmas is like 2000yrs old somebody would invent some new Christmas songs. New lyrics instead of the same old stuff we hear every year. If that happened, it would make for an interesting Christmas radio season. Actually, what they should do, is they should do that and have like a Grammy Award category for just Christmas music. That alone should motivate a few artists out there. Hell, they'd all be dropping Christmas albums with all new material, instead of the same old tired audio assaults on our ears.

I mean, every year some loser artist makes a Christmas album, and I often wonder who buys that crap (yeah Brian McKnight, what the fuck?!). I mean, duh, we already know the songs, and there's only so many ways that they can change it up anyway! Lets be real folks, its not like it's the Star Spangled Banner ya know; that's the only song thats everybody knows that has a Pdiddy remix. But if the Grammy's had a Christmas category that crap would stop, and we'd have new Christmas music every year.

Yes, we'd be happy instead of irritated by the idiot in the office who walks around singing the same songs and spreading holiday cheer. However, I doubt that would ever happen. Instead, we're stuck with life as we know it in the office with stupid, repetitive Christmas songs.Speaking of which, checkout the link to this next song. It shows just how welcoming some Americans who call themselves conservatives from the website Human Events are, of our Hispanic neighbors as they spread their holiday cheer...


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