Friday, April 25, 2008


Being someone who all around thinks too much, I wanted to share something that I've been tossing around in my head for the last couple of days. The idea that, somewhere on this planet, at this very moment, someone is doing something. It doesn't matter what it is you can think of, odds are, whatever it is, somewhere on this globe, somebody's doing it!!!! That just floors me. The idea that right now, in different parts of the globe, or possibly all in one specific city, someone is being born, someone is dying, someone is being conceived, someone is being robbed, someone is getting peed on during sex and enjoying it...hell, somewhere, right this very moment, a dude is telling a chick, "Baby you know I love you, that girl in there on the bed is a Jehova Witness that jus stopped by and we were jus praying!!"




And speaking of cheating, I've heard some excuses given when busted. My ex-wife for example cheated on me a number of times, and was never able to give me an excuse that made me think....ummm ok?!?! And to me thats the problem with cheating. I mean the thought of your man/woman being buttnaked with somebody else hurts enough. But then to confront the situation, and hear "the story" hurts even more. I think its at this point where some murders are decided. Now let me be clear....I have no intentions of cheating on my wife ever. Other than being in love with her, she's too smart anyway. I swear I think she works for the C.I.A. , and I doubt wether I'd be able to pull it off. She's also very spiritual, so lets say that I did cheat. Do you guys think she'd go for this story....

"I didn't cheat! And you know what, there were no physical relations, you know why? Because I wore a condom! That's right, not cheating because nothing is touching! I've never cheated, my mind is on you. That's right, I thought about you the whole time. She had my body, so what? You got my mind. All right, you think I'm full of shit and you're angry. It's not my fault. If you want to get angry, blame God, he made us in his image. Apparently, God is one horny dude. And an ass man. Only God could have created that curvaceous spectacle, the way they start from the back and form two perfect orbs...God is good! I'm getting off topic. Point is, it's not my FAULT that "He" wants me to get laid. So it's godly, I'm not cheating, I'm with you, and you're stuck with me!!"

I gotta admit it does sound pretty logical! I know you guys agree with me....right?

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Recently, I was described as being an angry black man. Nevermind the person who said this, its nothing new. Black men are always percieved as being angry. Some of you have been around me for a while now, and I'm sure that you know that I posses a sense of humor. As a matter of fact, I use humor to convey messages with my blogs. Though, I love to laugh as much as the next man, there are issues with which I have a passion for. If you've paid any attention, you'll know by now that I've been critical of religion. More specifically, I'm very critical of christianity. Have you ever wondered why I'm like that? No I've never walked in on a preacher fuckin my wife like Cosmic Brotha did, nor am I an atheist. As I've explained to a few of you via previous blog comments, I have a different outlook on spirituality than most.

Also, if you've been paying attention, I tend to look at things from an Afrocentric point of view. Hence the blogs about racism, and African history. You see folks, what I subscribe to is known as African Liberation Theology. It has nothing to do with a revolution in the sense of what the Black Panthers, or other black power revolutionaries spoke of. Its more or less a revolution of the mind, or a de-programming if you will. Its no secret that for black people, christianity was a major tool used to "civillize" us as a people. In doing so, combined with the atrocity of slavery, as black people we have lost ourselves. So you see, for me, African Liberation Theology, is my way of educating myself and regaining myself, as well as regaining my culture as a black man. But for doing that, I, like many others, are percieved as being angry.

Martin Luther King Jr once said that the most segregated hour in America is 11am on a Sunday morning. He was right then, as he would still be right today. Here we are 40yrs later after the man was killed and things are no different. As much as I'm against religion right now, even I would have to admit, that the black church has been a necessary institution in this country given the history of racial discrimination. If the black church wasn't important, those racist bastards would have never started burning them down, or bombing them like they've done throughout the history of this country. Remember the 4 little black girls that died as a result of the bombing in the church in Birmingham? The black church has always been a means of congregation. If you remember, there were laws against black people even congregating in the streets. But even then, the black church was there to bring black people together. Hell, the gov't didnt even wanna take the time to count black people whenever they took stats for the census back in the day, so they turned to the black church for them to get an accurate count of their members to represent the black population. As much as I know now about the history of christianity, and the reality of the bible which so many refuse to believe, I still have to respect the black church as a necessary institution, just like the barbershop in the hood.

Hell, they probably forgot that as recent as the late 90's or early in the new millinuim churches were still being burned by racists white people. But I guess black people should be used to turning the other cheek. Only black people can do that, right?

"Fuck you nigger, get over it!"

Yeah, thats what I'm supposed to accept, right?!! I mean, thats what Martin Luther King Jr was about and they killed his black ass! Hell, J. Edgar Hoover used to refer to him as a nigger openly. So this thing with associating Barack Obama, and Rev. Wright is no different. This was their way of trying to prove to America...

"Look, I told you he was a nigger just like the rest of them."

Thats what that bullshit was about. Its like these clowns have all caught a sudden case of amnesia.They're so stupid in calling him racist, because he subscribes to African Liberation Theology as well. Its nothing new actually, and there are many black preachers who are waking up to reality, and speaking and teaching this way. But hey, niggers are supposed to be happy, and remain ignorant.


Saturday, April 19, 2008


I'm not a Snoop Dogg fan, and sometimes I can say that I can't stand the dude. But hey, he's gettin his money thats for sure. I was flippin thru channels and I caught his reality show on TV, and thats when it hit me...

"This muthafucka name Snoop Dogg always finds a way to stay current with is old ass!"

Yeah, thats what I thought. The dude has no style in my opinion, and I guess thats what makes him..Snoop Dogg. But hey, at the end of the day, its all about re-invention. Look at Madonna. She's 87yrs old and she's done it 46 times in her career and she's still making dance music. Its not a bad thing especially when money is involved. And come to think about it, money is the bottom line to everything.

Some may call it being a sellout to re-invent yourself. But, its usually those loser ass "has been" folks who have the biggest problem with it. I mean, its obvious that their hate is fueled by jealousy. Its probably more self hate than anything else for the fact that they "used to be" somebody. I see people like this all the time here on the internet. And you wonder why? Because the internet affords you the ability to reach out and act like an asshole, and lie about your lives. Listen, nobody here on 360 is getting paid to do this, so why even try to make yourself bigger than you really are? People who do this, should really get up out of your seat, turn around, bend over and smell the chair they've been sitting in. If the chair smaells like ass, you've been on the NET for too long, and chances are, you need to log off. Yeah, log off and spend some time re-inventing yourself in the real world. People in "real life" do it all the time. There are many people who change career paths everyday. And not because they have to, they do it because they just want to. For many, it happens as a wake up call, and for some, its just something that they've always wanted to do. Do you know how many people switch careers?
Case in point...

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Remember them? Yeah, thats the Jackson 5. I was a fan of these cats when I was growing up, and they were huge. If you don't know the story of the Jackson 5 or even Michael Jackson and his family, you really ought to slap yourself. These dudes made millions back in the day. But we haven't heard from them in a while. We all know about Michael Jackson and his sucess, but what about his brothers? Coming from a musically talented family, these dudes have to still in the game somehow right?


Check this out....

Marlon Jackson, 51, an original Jackson Five member who stocks shelves at a Vons supermarket in San Diego, had to temporarily move into an extended-stay hotel.

Randy, 46, does odd jobs, including fixing cars in a Los Angeles garage owned by a family friend. He recently claimed Michael was going to give him $1.7 million - "a pipe dream," said another brother last week.

Jackie, 56, the oldest and most debonair of the brothers, is struggling to manage his son Siggy's aspiring rap career after an Internet clothing business startup and attempts to produce music failed.

Jermaine, 54, shuttles back and forth from his girlfriend's home in Ventura County, Calif., to his parents' mansion in Encino, where Jackie and Randy still bunk.

Tito, 55, is the only brother still making music, but it's a meager living. The guitarist fronts a blues and jazz band that plays small venues and nets him $500 and $1,500 per occasional gig - a far cry from the days when the Jacksons could pull in 50,000 people at $30 a ticket.


These cats are broke. How are you gonna be broke when you were once the American dream? How in the hell you're gonna be broke when you're the brother of Michael and Janet Jackson? How are you gonna be broke after Joe whooped your ass almost everyday and made you a star? The answer, is real simple...they failed to reinvent themselves, and now they're has beens. I'm sorry but if I had the money that they had, besides investing in the financial market, I would've took my ass to college, and got a degree. Hell even DeVry wouldn't have been a bad move for these cats. Can you imagine walking into your local grocery store and bumping into a member of the Jackson 5 stocking shelves? I mean damn! Would you even ask for an autograph? Thats a sad thought ain't it?!!

After hearing about the woes of these dudes, I can honestly say that I'm not mad at Snoop Dogg. I'm happy for the brother. I'm happy that he's still making music. I'm even happier that he has his own reality show surrounding his life as a father, and a husband. I'm glad he's re-invented himself.


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If you don't know by now, Doggy Dogg is a freak...feak...freeeeeeak!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Ok, so its no surprise that the issue of race has been played in this years presidential election campaign. The issue has sparked much needed conversations in my opinion. Unfortunatley, the issue of GENDER has been lost in this whole thing. Everybody is so focused on playing the race card that I think people now believe that Hillary Clinton has a penis. Unlike Barack Obama being black, her being a woman and making a strong bid for the democratic nomination says alot about how far women have come in America. You may look back at Affirmative Action and say that Obama is where he is because of it. This may be true, as its also debatable considering him having the privilige of educated parents, and being under the guidance of white grand-parents. But I doubt that even for a second you'd think the same of Hillary. The truth is, more white women benefited from Affirmative Action than black people in general. You might not wanna believe it, but its a fact; do your homework and see for yourself. But what if Hillary was black? Would she be considered a viable candidate, minus being the wife of a former president of course? Would there be less mudslinging among the democratic party if both candidates were the same race but different genders like they are now? What if Barack Obama was a black woman, would he still be the leading candidate that he is? I don't think he would. And thats because he would be black woman, and nothing else. I dunno, maybe America is afraid of strong black women. Or afraid of women period.

What do you think?


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