Friday, April 11, 2008


Ok, so its no surprise that the issue of race has been played in this years presidential election campaign. The issue has sparked much needed conversations in my opinion. Unfortunatley, the issue of GENDER has been lost in this whole thing. Everybody is so focused on playing the race card that I think people now believe that Hillary Clinton has a penis. Unlike Barack Obama being black, her being a woman and making a strong bid for the democratic nomination says alot about how far women have come in America. You may look back at Affirmative Action and say that Obama is where he is because of it. This may be true, as its also debatable considering him having the privilige of educated parents, and being under the guidance of white grand-parents. But I doubt that even for a second you'd think the same of Hillary. The truth is, more white women benefited from Affirmative Action than black people in general. You might not wanna believe it, but its a fact; do your homework and see for yourself. But what if Hillary was black? Would she be considered a viable candidate, minus being the wife of a former president of course? Would there be less mudslinging among the democratic party if both candidates were the same race but different genders like they are now? What if Barack Obama was a black woman, would he still be the leading candidate that he is? I don't think he would. And thats because he would be black woman, and nothing else. I dunno, maybe America is afraid of strong black women. Or afraid of women period.

What do you think?


(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

'bout damn time! welcome to the 'real' internet.

TeeBoneZ said...

I think the REAL political force (the white male) will find it easier to manipulate another male of any race.

I dont think America is ready to see a female president, PARTICULARLY when it comes to international affairs.

AND When it comes to the issue of possibly having a BLACK female for a president...?

(you's a phunny dude)

PurpleZoe said...

Great question.
Considering a Black woman did run this time around and was granted little to no media coverage I'd say yes, America is afraid of strong black women.

Cynthia Mckinney has an excellent track record having stood for her principles in Congress. Despite being the Green Party's chosen candidate her name wasn't even printed on the ballot, though Nader's was...

Shine on


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