Monday, December 29, 2008


This year for Christmas, our family decided to donate some toys to a needy family. I can't take credit for the idea, as it was all inspired by my wife. In her online activities, she came across a single parent family online here in Memphis who was in need. As a former single mom herself, she made the decision to donate toys to this woman and her 3 kids who are all girls.

As a family we spoke about it, and decided that since we're financially strapped like so many, we would donate the old toys of the kids. Now mind you, we donated old used toys, but please believe, the majority of them were like brand new. Some of them were hardly even used over the years. My wife met the lady, gave her the toys, and she was truly appreciative. She even sent us an email expressing her gratitude, as she said that she was unable to provide for her kids due to financial constraints. I must admit, it felt really good to do something as small as that for someone else. Hopefully God caught that act on surveillance tape.

Thinking of toys, and seeing commercials for toys this year, I couldn't help but to think of the impact these toys have on kids. They have so much of an impact that there's a rating system for appropriateness. And hell why not? Violent acts are often blamed on video games these days. I guess its just the sign of the times. Back in my day, as a kid, playing with those little green army men and the many cap guns didn't have a negative effect on me.

But then again, maybe its because I had responsible parents. Not saying that parents today or in recent years are irresponsible and not in tune with the type of toys they give to their kids. But if you're gonna blame toys for today's violent and insensitive society on video games, and toy guns, can't we blame today's problem with teenage pregnancies on little girls receiving baby dolls? Seriously, let me know in your comments your thoughts on this.

I don't have a son, but if I did, I'd be conscientious of the toys I gave him as I am with my daughters. Trust me, I took good care not to buy the pregnant teenage project Barbie years ago for my now teenage daughters. As a matter of fact, what they need to produce are doll babies that actually spit real puke on little girls. Sure they have fake ones, but nothing is as good as the real thing. I'm willing to bet (since I can't blame parenting...*wink*) that the trauma of having real puke on your face. Or even having to clean stinky baby doll poop, might be a deterrent for teenage pregnancies.

This is why next Christmas I'm gonna have a special charity in my heart. Thanks to my wife, I now have a new focus for the holidays. Starting next year, I'm gonna do my part and donate toys. I'm gonna concentrate my efforts on boys. Yup, I sure am. Matter of fact, I think I'll just start a foundation. Its gonna be called...

Toys For Jehovah Witness Tots.


Have you seen Michael Jackson lately?

Image Hosted by

He grew up in a Jehovah Witness household; a very strict one I might add. And look at how fucked up he turned out. I mean look at him. He looks like a cross between the Green Hornet and a Ninja Turtle. And you wanna know why? Because as a Jehovah Witness kid, he grew up in a household where they didn't celebrate Christmas. He played with mice for Christ sakes!

Sure he was/is a talented entertainer, but had he gotten toys for Christmas, he would have probably been a normal kid. Seriously, were he given baby dolls as a kid for Christmas, he probably would have never grown up to be an "alleged" molester of little boys. He may have been more like RuPaul if that had happened. But at least he would not have been hanging babies out of windows. The same thing could probably be said for kids raised in Jewish or Muslim homes, but they don't walk around looking lost like poor Mike.

I'm just sayin...

maybe it could help reduce the door knocking thing...

its the thought that counts.

QUESTION: Do you believe kids are impacted by the toys they receive? Are gender roles defined by the type of toys they receive as opposed to the effect of parenting?

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Like most of you, I made it through Christmas unscathed. Though modest, this year in comparison to others, our family had a good time. It was my 1yr old's first actual Christmas and I learned one important lesson: 1yr olds don't give a shit about the gifts; its the wrapping paper that's important. Who knew?

Shit, just like switching to GEICO, I could've saved a lot of money, by just purchasing wrapping paper alone. I thought that was an important lesson learned. She taught me in just one day that its the simple stuff that matter; to hell with the elaborate presentation. Oh well, if only we as adults adopted that line of thinking, maybe life would be different for all. Instead of trying to impress others, maybe we should concentrate on the simple things like....


You know, something as small and insignificant like good ole American justice? You know, something that as an American, you're guaranteed per the constitution? What the hell are you talking about RiPPa? I'm talking about the gentleman pictured above. His name is Donnell Herrington. He's from New Orleans. He's not a rapper, nor has he been nominated for 8 Grammy Awards like a now famous New Orleans resident. Nope, he's not that famous, but he should be. Well, maybe not Grammy famous, but never the less, his story should be heard.

Thanks to the fine folks at The Nation magazine, and the good people at Democracy Now, I now know this man's story. You see, he is a survivor of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy of 2005. Surely by now you people all know how that episode went down. Like the majority of the people left stranded as they waited for their tax payer dollars to go to work, Donnell endured. Though the images of people on rooftops will (and should) never be forgotten by many, his story must be heard. You see, while Donnell was caught in the struggle of trying to survive a few days after the storm, he was shot, and almost lost his life. Oh well, thats what he gets for looting and tearing up the place like the rest of those Negroes! Yeah, I know that's what some of you may think, but he was no looter. He was just a man trying to stay alive.

Check it out...

Are you with me so far?

So why no investigation? Here we are 3yrs later, and still nothing? Hell, in the first few days after the storm, we were inundated with media images of Black people looting; people who were looked upon as savages. Somehow, someway, Donnell's story was swept under the rug. Why? Because he, like so many others were Black victims. I can't help but to think that if he were White, and his assailants were Black, things would have been different.

Conveniently, the New Orleans Police Department, are now looking into the story. Yup, 3yrs after the fact that Donnell and others sought justice, they now see it fit to do their jobs. What if A.C. Thompson, a White investigative reporter never divulged this information? Why did it have to take a White reporter to validate and spark interest in this story?

So why are you bringing all of this up RiPPa? I am because there's a level of vigilance that's required within any democracy. If there isn't any justice for all, how can we call ourselves the greatest nation in the world? I'm sorry, but I believe an injustice anywhere affects us all whether we believe it or not. This is why it's important that you take the time to do something about this.

Do what?

Take the time to click THIS LINK and do your part to affect change. Thats right! The organization is currently sending letters to the Govenor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, as well as the Louisiana Attorney General to ensure that justice be served. Oh and did I mention that the White would be racist vigilante fuckers have even acknowledged their actions? Seems like with so much "witnesses" that this would be an open and shut case. But, as we all know, things are not that easy for a Black man.

If you don't believe me, just go ask the Black man who was shot after the storm who ran to the police for help. Yeah, a good Samaritan took him to the police for help, but they tossed him into the backseat of a car and let him bleed to death. After which, they burned the car containing his body behind the police station. Oh yeah, and they did all of this after beating the shit out of the good Samaritan for bringing him there.

Look, as easy as it was for people to want change by voting for Barack Obama, I'd be seriously disappointed if nothing gets done about this at all. As easy as it was for so many to get involved in his campaign and give him your support. It should be just as easy to lend your support to see that justice be served. After all, a president only serves for 8yrs at the most. But our constitution, the one guarantee we're supposed to have, lasts a lifetime. So do me a favor: Get involed, sign that letter, and pass this on so that others can help as well.

Click HERE to demand justice.

Click HERE to read the entire article.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Every year at Christmas time, we see these commercials from military families, or servicemen overseas, wishing their families a Merry Christmas. Why Christmas? How come we don't see them on TV when its...I dunno...Labor Day, or maybe...the 4th of July? Or worse yet, Memorial day?

Instead, they choose to do it at Christmas. You might say its the time of year for family, and that's what its about, but I say bullshit. Yeah, yeah, yeah at Christmas people overlook the fact that cousin Frank molested 13yr old Sharon at the family reunion and all, because its about family.

Don't you get the message by having these people on TV wishing their friends and family back home a Merry Christmas? They're not spreading holiday cheer. They think they are, but its actually another gov't propaganda public relations move. Lemme guess, the people here, back home, know exactly when their loved ones or friends are gonna be aired on TV right?! Yeah, they all know when, so that way they don't miss the opportunity to see them. Yeah, that's exactly how they put it all together.

Here's the truth: These commercials are designed to tug at your heart strings. You're supposed to feel bad because these people are overseas away from their families and friends at Christmas time. Upon seeing this, you're supposed to appreciate these "brave" men and women who serve this country, in making that sacrifice. Yup, you're supposed to feel guilty for sitting your ass at home watching football, and eating ham and having a good time with your family, while these people are all in trenches being bombed by the enemy. Get the picture now? Now you understand why this happens? Its all marketing folks. Its just another commercial, or a tool to attack your mind.

"But these people sacrifice a lot for your freedom RiPPa"

Bullshit! The men who fought the British and the men who fought in the civil war are the ones who sacrificed for my freedom. They're all dead now, but those are the guys I see as making a sacrifice that benefits me and my family. I'm sorry but, I'm too smart to get sucked in by propoganda packaged as patriotism. But, there are millions of people who buy into the bullshit and thats why we have wars, or as they would like to call them "conflicts" overseas. They all do it to preserve my freedom? And you call it a sacrifice?

The fuckin military exists because of poor people! The majority of the people in the military are poor. The only "rich dude" that was in the military was Pat Tillman, and they killed his ass. That's a person who sacrificed. The man was under a multi-million dollar contract to play in the NFL, but he walked away from that to serve his country in the fight against terrorism after 9/11. Then he gets killed in action and dubbed a HERO by the military, and everybody felt sorry for him and his family.

I thought that was pretty fuckin genius the way they did it. They used his death to touch the hearts and minds of millions of people. I'm pretty sure plenty people enlisted just based on his story and his death. But low and behold, they failed to mention that he died from FRIENDLY FIRE! They never even told his family that he died after being shot in the back by one of his fellow servicemen. They never told the truth because of the bigger picture. In case you don't know what that is, its called marketing.

How about this? How about we start putting convicted criminals on TV? Yeah, how about every year at Christmas time we see commercials from convicted criminals wishing their families a merry christmas. I mean, I'm sure they miss them too? But I'm sure that wouldn't fly because, well, they're criminals...

"They're not heroes, they never did anything good to benefit me and my family! If anything, them being in prison makes me feel safer!"

I say they might as well start having Bubba the axe murderer and the boys on TV from prison wishing their families a merry Christmas. Hell, just like the military, they've killed innocent people. Plus, them being where they are makes us feel safer. Ok, so people behind bars might be stretch. But can we at least get some Merry Christmas commercials from homeless people? I mean, if you're gonna tug at my heart strings or remind me of what Christmas is about, seems like that would be the way to go. Now there's an idea. Hell, you never know, maybe their relatives will get a chance to see them, claim them, and get them off the streets. After all, 250,000 of them are military veterans, and the gov't isn't doing much for them anyway.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Most of you, probably get annoyed by Christmas music, on the radio, in the office, being played 24/7. Wouldn't it suck if there was a Christmas music radio station that played nothing but Christmas music all year long? And wouldn't it be really messed up if your boss was raised by elves and he kept the radio on that station all year long? Yeah, the though that its not like that, is what gets me through this season at the office. Although I hate the music, I'm thankful that my boss wasn't raised by an Amish elf with a weight problem on a reindeer farm.

My favorite Christmas song (on the radio) is a classic. Come to think of it, they're all classics. But my favorite song every year is "Feliz Navidad". I don't know who sings it but I know its done by a Mexican dude. A pretty nice Mexican dude I might add. Hell, he saw it fit to sing and record the song in part Spanish and part English --- he was probably really trynna get a green card when he did that. For a long time I didn't know what Feliz Navidad meant. Actually, every time I heard it, I thought he was saying..."RELEASE NAVIDAD".

Yup, I thought it was a song about a locked up Mexican dude named Navidad. I thought it was pretty cool how the dude who sung it remembered his friend at Christmas. Not many people think about people in jail at Christmas time, so I thought this song was cool as hell. I mean, he wanted his friend released from jail for Christmas, and I'm sure everybody in jail around Christmas time wishes they were at home with their families. A few years ago at work this lady actually told me what the words of the song really meant. But, I still hold on to the idea of Navidad being released for Christmas every time I hear it.

You'd think by now, since Christmas is like 2000yrs old (at least) somebody would invent some new Christmas songs. New lyrics instead of the same old stuff we hear every year. If that happened, it would make for an interesting Christmas radio season. Actually, they should do that and have like a Grammy Award category for just Christmas music. That alone should motivate a few artists out there. Hell, they'd all be dropping Christmas albums with all new material, instead of the same old bullshit.

Every year, some loser artist makes a Christmas album, and I often wonder who buys that crap (yeah Brian McKnight, what the fuck?!). I mean, duh, we already know the songs, and there's only so many ways that they can change it up anyway! Lets be real, its not like its the Star Spangled Banner ya know. That's the only song thats everybody knows that has a Puff Daddy remix. If the Grammy's had a Christmas category that crap would stop, and we'd have new Christmas music every year, and we'd be happy instead of irritated by the idiot in the office who walks around singing the same songs and spreading holiday cheer. However, I doubt that would ever happen. Instead, we're stuck with life as we know it in the office with stupid, repetitive Christmas songs. I'm just glad that Santa Clause doesn't "Superman Dat Hoe". I'd have to kill myself if that happened.

Merry Christmas folks

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hopefully before reading this, you already knew that after Christmas or the New Year, most marriages or relationships dissolve. Yeah, people usually break up after the holidays. People breakup for various reasons of course, but I think in the spirit of "being nice" for the holidays they wait till after gifts are exchanged and the holidays are over.

You might think its pretty selfish, but I call it being clever. I mean, you never know what kind of gift you might get from your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, if you tell them you're gonna dump them after the ball drops on January 1st. Who knows, you just might get the best present ever, like on those Lexus commercials!! Breaking up after a REALLY nice present has to be hard for some people I'm sure.

Look at the couple in the pic above. Don't they look so cute together with the kid and all? Yeah, they really do, hell its probably the kids first Christmas too. Look at them, cheesing for the camera in bliss as they shop for a Christmas tree....

or so you think....


Yup, looks can be deceiving folks. From the outside, the man in that pic looks happy. But in actuality, he's pissed. He's pissed because he's Christmas shopping in the cold instead of watching football. If only she left him alone, at home, watching TV, they'd probably be together next year. The only way to prevent this is to buy your man something really nice, like, an NFL season pass for cable or Direct TV/Satellite, or maybe a stripper pole for the basement. If this guy opened this as a gift on Christmas day, all would be forgiven. Like I said before, its kinda hard to breakup after receiving the best gift ever. Think about it: you never see couples on Judge Judy fighting over a stripper pole now have you? Hopefully by learning something here today, we don't have to read those "I'm lonely because my man left me" blogs after January 1st.

P.S. Last night my wife and I bought, and put up our first "real tree"...big mistake. Yeah, it was her idea.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I was watching an NFL pregame show on FOX recently and I saw Michael Strahan. When I saw the guy, my initial thought was: "Damn this muthafucka got skinny real quick!" Have you seen him lately? He retired from professional football less than a year ago and he has significant weight and muscle tone loss.

I think its amazing how the non-continuance of "certain" activities impact your life. Like, Mark McGuire for example. You remember how that dude was built like brick shit house and had those huge guns? He used to have tree trunks for thighs! Well have you seen him lately? Nowadays he looks like a white dude who who can get knocked the fuck out on the regular at a local pub for being drunk and trying to kiss any an everybody.,

I used to weigh alot less when I used to drink, smoke cigarettes, do drugs, have sex with random fat chicks without condoms after I left the club drunk at 3am. I was unhealthy. And whats jacked up is that I don't do any of that stuff anymore, and now I'm like about 50lbs heavier. So much for trying to be healthy huh. Oh well, its not like I was a multimillion dollar professional athlete anyway.

I said all of that to say this....

Image Hosted by

What the fuck happened to Mike Tyson ? Look at him. Do you see how fat this guy has gotten? I mean, I know he was a coke head. Hell, I think he still has charges pending for cocaine possession out in Arizona. But look at him. He's obviously not riding the White Horse like he used to. Hell, from the looks of it he's eating horses these days instead of riding them. I swear, dude looks like a fat midget who ate all 75 of Evander Hollyfield's kids.

The messed up part of the fat Mike Tyson to me, has to be that damn tattoo. Having a crazy ass tattoo on your face is cool when you look like a menace. You can be deisel in the hood like he used to be and have a tattoo like that and niggas would give you respect, or be afraid of you. But a fat dude with that shit on his face? I'm sorry fat dude, you scare nobody. You might still be able to knock a few guys out. But err, umm, a dude can smack the shit outta you, run and live to tell about it. Sorry Mike, you're not in shape anymore like you used to be.

Which, ain't a bad thing if you're not boxing anymore. Matter of fact, its a good thing. It shows everybody that inspite of being broke, that you didn't use steriods like the other athletes mentioned in this post. Oh yeah, and the next time you go to court for some not so well thought out act as you're known to do?! Its safe to say that the judge will assume that you're a washed up bum, and not some coke head.

I still love you though Mike. Aside from being the enigmatic individual you are, I love you. And yes, I'd still put my money on you in a Buster Douglas rematch today. If you lose, it wouldn't be as embarrassing as the first time. Hell, both of you fuckers would be fat has beens to the sport anyway. Win, lose or draw, it would still be better watching instead of seeing you wrestle grizzly bears at a circus.

Friday, December 19, 2008


No shit? For real nigga?? You're grown up now? No more ejaculating on the backs of females? I mean, are you serious? Kids look up to you? Ok don't answer that, you had grown folks around the world dancing to your garbage. If the grown ups do it, I'm sure you're right. Yeah, you're right, kids look up to you. So now what? You're now a conscious rapper with wack beats, and nursery school rhymes? Oh you're a five percenter now? Don't tell me you gon' be on that "Peace God" shit??

Listen, I'm not feeling you, and my two teenage daughters are not feeling you. Not only do I as a hip hop head think you suck. My teenage daughters who don't know jack about Kool Herc, Grandmater Flash, Grandmaster Caz, Funky 4 Plus One More etc. think you're garbage. You know why? Because they have a father like me to steer them away from your ignorant talk. Oh yeah, I caught that shout out you gave to our slave masters a few weeks ago. Remember that? Yeah, because of them your Black ass is here in America free to act a fool, and polute the minds of kids. Thank God not my kids.

Like I said, they think you're pretty fuckin stupid, and your music sucks. But seriously, instead of apologizing to the kids who listen to you. You should apologize to your momma. I don't know the lady, but in spite of the new found riches you've come up on. I could only hope that you're an embarrassment to her and the rest of your family. I'm sorry dude. I'm not feeling this forced PR move. You don't sound too genuine. But I gotta give you least you can read a que card pretty well.

Now Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....

get that fuck outta here with your bullshit!

Buh bye

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Through this whole Christmas thing, with Jesus being born in a barn having to smell goat shit n' all, I don't think most people give props where props is due. Here we are in 2008 celebrating the birth of Jesus, and of course all the attention is on him. Ok so yeah, I know he's like "the son of God" and that's kinda a big deal. But just for once, I wished people would give Joseph some props.

I mean think about it...Joseph was a good dude! Either that, or he was pretty lonely and not too cool with the chicks. I mean really?! How many of you women today would date a carpenter? No, I'm not talking about a contractor, I'm talking about a carpenter. There's obviously a big difference between the two, and I doubt that too many women would kick it with "Joe the carpenter".

Hell, you never see a guy on a game show introduce himself as "Joe Blow from anytown U.S.A. and I'm a carpenter." I dunno, maybe it was cool to be a carpenter 2000 years ago? Now that I think about it, maybe Joseph was a baller? I don't know, but I know that given this mortgage crisis of today, with home construction down, Joseph wouldn't have been a safe bet.

But seriously, think about Joseph for a few. Aside from being a carpenter, Joseph kicked it with Mary, and he never had sex with her. See, people forget that Mary was a virgin, and Joseph married a pregnant virgin. Could you imagine being a woman going to your man and saying "I'm pregnant" when you never had sex with him? I mean seriously! Think about how fucked up that would be. I know it would be messed up in today's society, and it had to be fucked up back then as well.

Not much is said about Joseph, but I'm sure when Mary (his girlfriend) told him she was pregnant, under his breath (or in his mind) he called her a bitch. I mean really, what reason would he have to be happy? He never had sex with her! And I'm pretty sure that he wanted to hit it...I mean what dude you know wouldn't wanna have sex with a virgin?!!

Thats why Joseph deserves props! Joseph didn't dump Mary like some guys do. He never said "BITCH I WANT A BLOOD TEST!" He didn't get mad, and beat the shit out of her and call her a whore like some guys would have. Instead, he stepped up to the plate and decided to be the "baby daddy". Yup, even on a carpenter's salary, Joseph said "fuck it, I'm gonna marry this woman."

How many men do you know who would have done that today? Shit, Mary would've been on Maury in today's age. Seriously, she would have been on Maury crying and looking like pretty much all the dumb chicks we see on that show. And the bible never said anything about Joseph's homies. If he had homeboys, I'm sure they knew that he hadn't hit it yet. Trust me, your boys are the first to know when you're kickin it with a virgin. Chances are, Mary was a pretty hot chick and all the dudes wanted to holla, and they were jealous of Joseph.

Yeah, I'm sure he had some hatin ass niggas talk shit about him for wanting to still be with Mary after he found out she was pregnant. I mean, I doubt he ran out and told them a lie and said he did hit it. So yeah, to them he looked like a dummy. But despite his boys, Joseph stuck around. But I guess Jesus being the son of God didn't hurt either. I'm sure Joseph had his doubts about that, but he decided to chill and wait for the kid to perform his first miracle for confirmation. I mean who wouldn't! Shit, if I knew my step son was the son of God, I'd lay low and maybe hope he could hook me up with the winning powerball numbers too. But I damn sure wouldn't tell anybody...I'd hate to look like a sucker!

Shout out to Joseph aka A REAL NIGGA!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Dear Wonderful Employee,

You're fired!!!

For some weaker-willed individuals with less faith in themselves this can be a devastating moment. But not for you, because you're a champion. You possess a strong sense of determination and commitment that not too many others are blessed with. That's the reason we hired you. You also possess the tendency to be quite an incompetent bafoon. That's the reason we fired you.

Anywhichaways, as the chipper for no apparent reason at all type of person you are, I'm sure you realize that the best things in life are free. So obviously you also realize that the mortgage on your home, your car note, your children's college education, and that luxury we humans commonly refer to as food are not amongst the best things. Don't forget there are alternatives to earning and spending money.

I've heard that one of the most prosperous and rapidly growing industries in today's marketplace is crime. It doesn't require a great deal of start up money or vocational training. At this point, it would also be a good idea to minimize all of your dependants. Get rid of the dog before you end up sharing his bowl of Gravy Train with him. Keep the kids though. At least, they'll come in handy when you're applying for public assistance.

Since the holiday season has arrived, make sure you remind everybody that it's better to give than to receive. That's how I feel while writing this letter. I also want you to remember to never give up. Suicide doesn't solve anything. Allow me to share an anecdote with you. A few paragraphs ago, I ran out of ink. I contemplated delivering the news of your termination face to face. Then I thought about how much I really didn't feel like doing that. So I asked my lovely trophy wife to hand me one of the solid platinum pens, with all the tiny diamonds decorating the cap, that she keeps in her limited edition Dolce and Gabana handbag. She did and, as you can see, my perseverance has enabled me to continue writing this letter up to this point.

I want to reiterate that suicide is not the answer. You've probably decided to collect unemployment. Might as well make the company pay you that last bit of money they owe you since you aren't going to receive any severance pay, right? That line of thinking is not without merit. The worst thing that is certain to happen is that your wife will lose all respect for you. She will then engage in a torrid affair with an old acquaintance or several guys with bigger penis'. After the long, torturous nights spent arguing, she will finally decide to part ways. In the process of leaving she will take possession of the house, the car, the kids and ultimately your pride. That would be an ideal time to kill yourself.

So, in closing, remember that if you ever step foot on company property again you will be immediately arrested. Also don't forget that guns are cheap but peace of mind is priceless. Suicide is the answer...not! Godspeed and Good're gonna need it.

Head of Human Resources/ Director of Dream Destruction,

George W. Bush

P.S. Everybody said that your office secret Santa gift was the best this year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Nothing cracks me up more than when I see news stories of people finding the Virgin Mary. Ever so often, some chowder head, finds images of The Virgin Mary on a potato chip, a corn flake, in a turd, or in a slice of bread. They often through their lunacy manage to draw enough attention to have some news crew come out to their house to run the story.

I'm not mad at them because if they didn't, well, lord knows how much more sin we'd have in this world. I know being a virgin and giving birth is miraculous and all, but I doubt any of you would believe the chick on Maury who says that she was a virgin mother. Thats one episode that I'd like to see. I gotta admit, it'd be kinda cool seeing 10 dudes all hear "you are not the father" after they admitted that they had sex with the chick who claims she was a pregnant virgin. Oh well, so much for that ever happening.

The latest virgin Mary sighting happens to be on the cover of Playboy. Yup, thats the cover above. It would seem that there is some controversy over this model being depicted as The Virgin Mary. This illustration was published on the Mexican version of Playboy magazine, and people are losing their minds. I could understand that happening because the country of Mexico is largely catholic. No wonder people are against Mexican immigrants coming to America.

Now when I first saw this, I never drew the Virgin Mary connection. I just thought it was just some hot chick, and never gave any thought as to what she was wearing. Truth be told, I just thought it was some middle eastern porn version of Playboy. I'm serious! Do you think people in the middle east or the holy land don't jerk off or more appropriately, masturbate?

I don't know about you, but I don't see this as a big deal. Hell the publishers of the magazine even said that it wasn't their intent to carry a virgin Mary depiction. But its to be expected, people gave Kanye West a hard time when he did the now infamous Jesus Christ crucifixion pic even after he said it was a work of art. This is what I call art, and as you know, art can be interpreted many different ways. Having said that, I think people need to chill the fuck out. Hell, even it it was an intentional depiction of Mary, you gotta be happy in knowing that those horny readers upon seeing it would give their lives to Christ, especially for God creating such a fine specimen.

I can only wonder if this was released in America if it would be a big deal. The combination of catholics and religious right wingers bitching would be a deadly assault. Shit, I just wanna know why they don't pitch a bitch whenever Mary is found on a potato chip. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think this is just another example of the protection of the sanctity of the White woman. If this were on the cover of Black Tail Magazine, I doubt anyone would care.

QUESTION: Could you watch Christian porn? Wouldn't it be cool to watch a porno flick where in the end there was a religious message and maybe the chick who just fucked like 6 dudes and got saved? Isn't it the message that's important?

Monday, December 15, 2008


Just when you thought his approval ratings couldn't get any lower. George Bush has once again defied convention. As a matter of fact, today as I type this, his approval ratings are so low, that they've fell to shoe level. He has taken Lame Duckness to an all time low.

I don't know if you guys have seen, read or even heard. But the other day in a surprise visit to Baghdad, an irate Iraqi reporter threw some size 10 Stacy Adams at our beloved commander in chief. I guess thats what you get for a surprise visit. Maybe next time he would call ahead.

But hey, when you've thrown an entire country into turmoil, through military destruction, and lost of lives, all on a LIE, I don't think you can announce your visit ahead of time. He better be lucky he got a shoe tossed at his ass instead of an IED strategically placed at the podium. That would have been ugly. As much as I dislike this man, I'm happy to see a shoe tossed instead of a bomb or something like that.

My only wish was that the shoe thrower to be more accurate. Yup, I wish he had hit him in the face, but instead he missed. Though he intended to hit him, he was off target. I guess that's what you get for not throwing something heavy like steel toe boots or maybe some army issued Timberlands.

The thing that struck me as I watched the clip of this episode over and over as I rolled with fits of laughter, is that there was no secret service. Remember when Reagan got shot? There were like 400 secret servicemen around him at the time. Hell, one of them even took a bullet for the man. But George Bush? Depending on how you're looking at it, no such luck.

To me, it would seem that there would have been at least one brave white secret service dude (I'm sorry, but the brothas aren't that loyal) who would have dove in front of the shoe. If not that, he would have at least scooped up the president and whisked him away to safety. But yet, none of that happened. Instead, our Idiot In Chief was allowed to continue speaking. He even took this embarrassment and turned it into a comedy routine. I really would have liked to see what he would have had to say if that pissed off Iraqi decided to bare his ass and "moon" him on national TV.

Memo to the secret service: Umm, failure to do your job under the presidency of Barack Obama the likes of this shoe incident could possibly lead to loss of employment.

Its been reported that the Iraqi shoe assassin, had been recently arrested and tortured. See how that torture shit can come back to haunt you Mr. Bush? I'm also pretty sure that he wasn't too happy that his relatives had been killed as a result of the occupation either. For that, I guess our president can say that the surge worked. If it didn't, lord knows it wouldn't have been a shoe thrown. It could have been worse.

It may have been a rock. Those Iraqi's are known to be the shit when it comes to throwing rocks at tanks. I'm pretty sure as experienced as they are with the ethnic infighting, they wouldn't have missed. However, I'm glad that it was a shoe, and that Bush is alive today so that I can laugh at his ass. Its better to laugh at him after all of this instead of the country being thrust into mourning. Having to hear people talk about how GREAT he was would make me puke.

I gotta give him credit though, he has some quick reflexes. Did you see how fast he ducked, and avoided being hit? I could be wrong, but I think he picked up that "Matrix" move and added it to his repertoire after Hurricane Katrina, just in case one of those angry Negroes got brave. I don't know, but I know somebody needs to nominate that Iraqi reporter as Time Magazine Man of The Year. Just like my fat ass, I can't help but to think that somewhere in hell, there's a guy with a thick mustache, dressed in military style gear who is laughing his ass off right now.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Umm, I need you to do me a favor. Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask you for money or anything like that. What I am asking is real simple. I'd like you to read the following post. Its a post from a person in my blogroll in the blogosphere outside of this social network. I'd like you to read it and leave me a comment telling me how you feel about what he said. This is a blog written by another Black man who in my opinion (inspite of what I think of this blog entry) is pretty sharp.

In the last 6mths, I've come to know some pretty intelligent bloggers with different views. Some of them I can identify with, and some of them miss the mark from time to time. Lets be honest, we'll never always agree, and we're not supposed to. In my book, if we all agreed as bloggers we'd never learn anything from each other. Its just sad that some bloggers are sensitive, and take offense to the posting of opposing opinions on what they write. But as you know, I love a good debate. So having said that, read this following blog post and tell me what you think. All sections that are bold were done by me, and not the author. These are the just some of the things I take issue with....


By: FreeMan Press

I waited and I told you I would wait before I commented on Barack Obama. I knew if I came out right after the election you wouldn’t be so open minded you would probably think I was shitting on him. So since we are about a month into the president elects pre-presidency maybe just maybe you can look at things differently. I still know some of you are celebrating another BLACK FIRST and as you get ready to go to the Inauguration so you can cry with your folk and say I was there, let me pull your ear to this…….

Barack ain’t Black Like Me! Barack is the son of a African Father and White Mother. He doesn’t share slavery with me, he doesn’t share civil rights with me, he doesn’t share his family migrating from the south with me, he doesn’t share the family structure like me, he doesn’t share the history of anger and frustration with me, he doesn’t even have the same blood from my ancestors in his veins. Just because he happens to have my color I guess I’m supposed to jump in the air like the masses have finally accepted my race. I know I’m pissing some of you off but keep reading! How many Blacks do you know who grew up in Kansas? How many blacks do you know who have been raised only by whites?

I look at Obama from my own experiences of people who are mixed race and don’t know where they fit in. Like usual Black Folks accept our own without conditions and in this case I believe Barack noticed that and felt comfortable. If you see Barack during his younger days you notice he had a Afro, played Bball and from reading his book seemed to feel he was of two worlds. I’m confident until he met other Black people everyone wondered what the hell his name meant, but most Blacks we know someone with a Arabic name or a African name so we probably let it go. He has white parents so I’m sure he cannot go as far as most Blacks go with the white people issue and really nor should he that’s really not his fight.

Barack is the son of a immigrant African and a White Woman from Kansas. He is truly African-American and not to be confused with the way our people like to confuse themselves with these dumb ass titles. We have to understand that just because someone has the same color as us doesn’t mean he truly understands us. If you ever look at most Fiji, Panamanian, and even Ghanian people they are within our Black color hue range. Now our brain lets us know these people might not share in our history but when this fact is brought up about Barack it’s seen as not worth talking about.

The only redeeming value I see in Barack is that his color didn’t let him blend in. I think his wanting to belong led him to the Black Church with Jeremiah Wright. First I’m sure he felt accepted and second I’m sure through his interactions he got the history that was never told to him his whole life. Then since he married Michelle he had to truly take on and understand her families point of view on the world. Also, since he has kids and those kids are considered to be African American. Finally, I believe Barack Obama chose to be associated with Blacks as this is the area he chose to work and we are the race he chose to marry into. I know you have met other people who don’t see themselves as Black and have done a lot to keep themseleves separate.

Solution: I bring all this up to say we as Blacks shouldn’t expect Barack to see the world the way we see, experience and live. Most of your life is shaped between the ages of 5-18 and if you look at Barack it has no similarity to mine or most African Americans who were brought here by slavery. He is pretty much adopted African-American and the most I believe we can hope for is that he has been on the bad side of racism but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t really get it because he doesn’t share our history. So on January 20th when all of you start crying and boo hooing and making a holiday out of the swearing in of someone who happens to look like me remember he ain’t Black Like Me!

Now before you guys start making a issue out of him being bi-racial that’s not what I am saying here at all. Most if not all Blacks from Slavery are mixed race too as it is in my family. So please don’t tell me Tiger Woods is the same because he is not his father was a Black Vietnam War Vet and you can tell Tiger has a true understanding from first hand knowledge. Also, just because you are raised by white parents doesn’t make you lesser of a Black person as I know people first hand whose white parents really tried to make sure their black kid knew they were black. This is really about someone who doesn’t even share not one blood of our history being idolized as if he is one of us.


Now, I think those of you who know me, can pretty much run it back to me what I think of this post. Am I right? Yup, you guys know that I do not agree with what this guy had to say on this. And you people probably already know that I have, and plan to continue holding Obama accountable as a politician. Because him and I share the same skin color, I do not plan on giving him a pass. I'm sure that if you've been reading my blogs you know that by now.

I'm also sure that you're aware of my passion for racial issues, topics or discussions. Having said that: am I wrong to challenge this man's opinion? Am I wrong (based on what he presented) to say that this guy is full of shit? If you click the link provided or embeded in the title of his blog, you can see my response. Matter of fact, you can see the intellectual asswhoopin I put on his ass. Damn I love me. But seriously, I wanted to post this to see what you guys think.

Personally, I'm not into the defending of Barack Obama business, but somehow I can't help but to check people on the ignorant shit they say about him, or the stuff they say on the discussion of race, and race relations. And just because you're Black doesn't make you an authority on the reality of race, racism, or race relations. Trust me, I've read some of the most ignorant stuff about race from Blacks as I have Whites. And me being me, I spare no moment or opportunity to attempt to set shit straight.

The author of this blog and myself have been going back and forth on this for a few days now. The funny thing about our exchange, is that he responded to me thinking I was a White man! He felt that by him being Black and me being White, that I was wrong or was unable to understand racism or the Black experience. I thought that was interesting. Maybe I'm wrong, but unlike him, and many other Blacks I've encountered, I do believe Whites understand racism. They may not experience it as a minority would, but they damn sure understand it or else they wouldn't dish it out. Am I wrong? For my own sanity, I'd like to know what you think. Matter of fact, if you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you click the provided link and leave a comment or share your thoughts over there as you would here. Is Barack Obama a different type of Black person? How does an African American not share the same bloodline of anyone directly from the African continent?


Thursday, December 11, 2008


With the year drawing to a close, and as we tend to reflect and look back on the year. I think in doing so, its only right for me to present the "House Negro Of The Year" award. Considering that there are a few days left to the year, its only appropriate that I announce this years recipient right now. I seriously doubt that any Black person can out do this guy even with a few weeks to go in 2008.

Now, in light of the decision last week for Clarence Thomas to call for a meeting to discuss Obama's citizenship, and subsequent eligibility for the highest office in the land. I'm sure some of you may see him fit for this years award. Oh yeah, in case you didn't know or forgot, Clarence Thomas is Black; don't let his Uncle Tom-ish ways fool you into thinking differently. However, Clarence Thomas is currently the holder of the Lifetime Achievement Award in my book. And thus, makes him ineligible for any future awards. Lets be honest, he's in the "House Negro Hall Of Fame".

This years recipient is none other than Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. If you don't know him, he can be found on pretty much any Fox News program playing the part of the "Slave Catcher". From the first time I heard him speak over a year ago, this guy amazed me. Oh yeah, he's pretty damn good. He said that White people posses a false sense of White guilt. He even went as far as to say that the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement were/are racist. And that White people are falsely accused of being racist. As a matter of fact, he was so good at playing his position I gave him the award last year for saying that Blacks were more racist than whites, and we Black people should stop it. Huh? Yeah, just on that, he got the award. But this year, he outdid himself.

Check it out...

Seriously, you have to watch this...

Now, this year was kind of a tough to call. There have been many instances of Negroes showing out which would make them worthy of this much prestigious award. That dude James T. Harris comes to mind. You guys remember him? Yeah, the guy who begged John McCain to take to Obama in his debate? Yeah, I wrote about him a few months ago, and yes he made me ashamed to be a Black man. But thanking White people for slavery, and saying that it was God's way of helping Black people...

and you're a preacher...??

You are definitely "House Negro Of The Year" material.

Matter of fact, this man has raised the bar. I seriously doubt there is anything anyone Black can say to top that as obvious self hate. Soulja Boy the rapper said something similar, but hey, he's a young man, and a pretty dumb one at that. Thats the shit I would expect from him. After all, he had idiots singing along to his garbage and Super Soaking Hoes nationwide. So yeah, thankfully to our slave masters, we are able to have Bling and Spinners on our cars. Hell, I'd take a beating or having my foot cut off like Kunta Kinte just to have that Bling son!

I promise you, sometimes, I wish we could have a race trade kinda like they do in professional sports. If I had it my way, I'd trade Jesse Lee Peterson just so we could get O.J. Simpson back. Sure O.J. probably killed a White woman and got away with it, but at least he wasn't running around saying stupid shit like this guy. I mean all he did after he got off the first time was screw White women and play golf. Nothing wrong with that. Most successful Black men do that shit everyday; we're used to that by now.

Hell, I'd even take Michael Richards for Jesse Lee Peterson. Never mind his now infamous racist meltdown on stage, at least we know where he stands, and we can claim him as just another ignorant White dude, or somebody for us to beatup and punch in the face once a week. At least he's a comedian, but umm, having Jesse Lee Peterson as a part of my race just isn't cool anymore. Just when we're proud to have a Black President for the first time in American History, we have clowns like him to be accomplices to the system of White Supremacy.

I love White people...

God know I do...

But not as much as this Negro....

QUESTION: If we could have a race trade, who would you offer up for whom, and why? Sorry White people, but Black athletes are not up for grabs. You guys already own them.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The other day I was talking to my dude up in Indiana. I found out that a good friend of mine is doing a bid (that means prison time for you ebonically challenged folks) for trafficking. Yeah that means drugs dumbass. Without putting all his business out there, he basically was driving his vehicle inappropriately, out of state and was pulled over.

In the car with him was a whole lot of "shit" he was transporting back to Indiana. Sad thing is dude had just graduated from college finally after years of sacrifice. Tragic? Yes. But if *prison is a place to reflect on your mistakes, not plot how to make new ones...maybe there's a good ending in store for him. I’ve never been to prison but if it’s anything like the week I was in jail back in 2001 for driving on a suspended license, then I’m sure he’s uncomfortable.

Yeah, going to jail on Christmas night that year was definitely not in my plans. Surprisingly, the cell I was in had two people and a box filled with Christmas care packages. I thought it was cool that some organization looked out for the people on lock down around Christmas time. I was especially happy that the three of us in that cell/pod was able to eat up all the goodies before the cell was filled to capacity the next morning. I guess the police was busy that night as they are each holiday season.

Much like the hospital, jail is a lonely place where those on the outside forget about you. It’s got to be nice to get a card or something thoughtful from someone on the outside, to help keep your spirits up. The problem is that I’ve walked through Hallmark a few times and there’s no…
”I Heard you got locked up card.”

I thought about sending him some money. But Its not like there are any weekend bus trips to the local mall. I can’t send him CD’s of some of the hottest shit on the streets because prisoners can break the CD’s and use the sharp edges as knives. My dude suggested that I put the CD’s on cassette. I’m guessing I’ll have to do that but I’m pretty sure you can mold plastic into a weapon too. He's big into music so that's a thought.

Oh well, he’s in prison for a while so I guess I have some time to think about it. Hopefully by the time he gets out I'll be rich and I can give him a job. He damn sure won’t be my limo driver. Maybe I should send him some Rough Rider condoms...

*There are an estimated 905,600 African-American inmates in prisons and state and local jails. In several states, incarceration rates for blacks were more than 10 times the rate of whites.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Sometimes I wish I could be like a bear or a squirrel and just sleep the entire winter so that I can miss the holidays and the hypocrisy of it. Its been estimated that "Black Friday" this year saw an increase in holiday shopping spending. On that day alone its estimated that $10.3 million dollars was spent, and that's not counting the weekend sales, or even "Cyber Monday". So much for it being a bad economy with, increased foreclosures, high unemployment and skimpy dime bags of weed.

I mean, people lose their freakin minds at this time of year! Forget WWE wrestling, if you wanna see some bloodshed, wake up about 3am and find a line of idiots waiting to make purchases the day after Thanksgiving. Its even better if its real cold...the colder it is, the more aggressive the consumers are. Yeah, just don't try cutting the line in front of anybody or else you'll be the recipient of a serious beatdown. People take this Christmas shopping thing seriously.

I've always had a sincere problem with people who equate price tags to happiness. Or, "If you don't get me something nice then it must mean you don't like me". The biggest mistake people make during the holiday's is assuming that everyone around them has the same level of "Give-a-Fuck" that they have. I like the holidays but I get sick of running around the mall for 5 days straight trying to find the "perfect" gift for someone.

This is why God invented Gift Cards. I don't have to stand in a store wondering if this shirt will fit you. Or keeping up with the receipt so you can take back something I know you're not going to like. I love gift cards. They're all I'll ever ask for. I don't even care what store. Hell if you know a stripper that offers gift cards please grab me one.

Asking for a gift card only frustrates the die-hard Christmas shoppers that much more. These people are DETERMINED to force-feed the true "spirit" of Christmas down your throat by DEMANDING that you specify a gift and not a gift card. Newsflash you Shop-A-Holic Chowder Head, the true spirit of Christmas has nothing to do with $380 shoes or a wish-list. It has something to do with this dude named Jesus (ever heard of him?). Swing by church next Dec. 24th and you might learn a thing or two. He's the one who "allegedly"started this Christmas stuff so give me my damn Gift Card and shut up! Hell, Jesus was born in a barn and had to smell goat shit and sleep on hay, but all you people are concerned with is an Xbox game system.

Personally, I think all Christians should get like a refund check from the church as a gift for Christmas. Instead of presents you'll look forward to that check like a tax refund. I mean after all, your money went towards the work of God in the form of tithes and offerings, and your preacher drives a new Cadillac. And God DID so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son? Since he was so generous, how about a check?!! Besides, no man over 21 years old should have a "Santa Wish-List" anyway. If so, he should be beat unconscious and then revived...and then beat unconscious again. But like everything, you take the good with the bad.

As an independent thinker I see the Pro's & Con's of the Christmas holiday season:


1) You get present.

2) You put up color lights on your house so your electric company can benefit.

3) Some people don't act like dicks in the weeks leading up to and after the holiday .

4) It's the best window of probability for someone you don't like to kill themselves .

5) Drunk drivers who get away with it all year get caught.


1) Pedophiles dressed as Santa get to feel children up unimpeded at the mall.

2) Gas prices usually peak around Christmas filling the coffers of those Saudi bastard.

3) More people kill themselves on Christmas than any other day in the year.

4) Christmas music on the radio 24-7 is a vicious assault.

5) Being asked what you got for Christmas – That's as intrusive as asking your mom if she ever gave your dad head. Mind your own fuckin business!

Lastly, a message of Christmas is to be good to each other because "it's that time of year" is fucking bullshit. You should be good to others and treat people well throughout the ENTIRE YEAR. If you're only nice to people during the holidays because of Hallmark, then you should have been aborted.


So our microwave broke the other day. I guess it just got tired of gettin all hot an bothered and everything being over in a matter of seconds like some women. Oh well, I guess we'll have to get a new one. Maybe a new one for Christmas. I know its Jesus' birthday and all, but I think he'd hate to have us go back to the days of having burnt offerings. Or maybe even not be able to eat popcorn.

Speaking of which, my wife made some the other day on the stove. It brought back memories of my childhood. Its amazing the stuff we used to do before technology came around. I mean, now we have computers to access our porn needs. Back in the day, all I had was my mom and dad's porn stash. Sometimes I wish it could be all so simple again. Bump the microwave. Maybe I'll just buy the family a set of Uno cards for Christmas. I bet the teenager in my house would love that. Now all I gotta do is find that remote for my TV and everything would be just fine around here.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


A friend is one who'll bail you out of jail, but a real friend is a person who'll be sitting next to you in a jail cell laughing with you about how dumb you both were to get there. There are many definitions as to the meaning of true friendship. But this one sticks out in my mind for right now. I have many associates or people that I know, but I have very few friends. I don't know if you've ever sat and tried to re-evaluate your friendships, but I have.

I've categorized the people that are in my world on and offline. Right now I can say that I have one "true friend". His name is Greg, and he's a buddy of mine from college in Indiana. I swear to this day, him and I are like "Bubba" and "Forrest Gump"; there's nothing I would not do for this guy as a friend. I don't know about going to jail together over some dumb shit, but I know we'd talk each other out of even risking it. To this day I consider him my closest friend. Other than my wife, I can tell this dude anything in confidence. And when I tell you that I don't trust too many people, I'm not lying. But this isn't about the people that you distrust its about the ones that you do. Are the people you trust as your friends true friends? Can they be trusted? Before you answer that question, go back to the first sentence of this blog. Now if the people you're evaluating as "friends" would fit the description, then boom...there you have it. See its only when you're in trouble that you find out who your real friends are.

You know kinda like this guy...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Everybody by now thinks that Michael Vick is an idiot. You know why they do? Because he was rich. It's not because of his involvement in dog fighting. Again, it's because he was rich. I mean why would a rich guy like him get involved in dog fighting?

The answer is in one word...


I seriously doubt whether he woke up one day and just decided to get involved in dog fighting. I think only after years of involvement with an individual or individuals (i.e. friends) he decided to get involved. I don't know, but I think his boys pitched him off and on for a while, before he got in the game. I'm pretty sure that he thought about it for a long time but eventually he gave in because after all, those were his friends. But were they really?

In my opinion, they were not. Wanna know why I say that? Its simple...when the shit hit the fan, they were the first to flip on him. Yeah that's right! They fuckin snitched! See that's the thing that was lost in that whole fiasco. People were so focused on the crime, race and the wealth of Michael Vick that they've overlooked his friends. Its just like the Duke LaCrosse case. Everybody was focused on the rape victim and more so the white dudes who "allegedly" raped her because she was black. Everybody forgot that we were talking about a stripper, and not once anybody focused on her pimp. Nobody was worried or said shit about him. I'm pretty sure as a result of that "scandal" her pimp lost money with all the heat surrounding her. But like I said, nobody cared about him.

But back to Vick, yeah he went down because of his friends. Could he have chosen better friends? I don't know or do I really care at this point. Hell I don't know where the fuck he came from or his background. So for me to be judgmental like some folks when you don't know the dude is pretty damn dumb! But I sure can talk about it.

There's an old saying...

"There's no loyalty amongst thieves"

I used to be a believer of this in theory but now I have to question it. I mean personally, in the past I chose to do my dirt by my damn self and never got friends involved. If you were involved you were a business associate and not a friend. Maybe I'm wrong, but friends don't make money together. You can watch any mob flick and figure that shit out real quick. And to me, that's where O.J. Simpson went wrong in putting his "posse" together to run up in that hotel room. His silly arrogant ass thought those guys were his friends. Lets be real, its not like he woke up that morning and decided to call his "buddies" and ask them to back him up in bumrushing the hotel room. Nope, they called his dumbass, and he went along with them instead of calling the cops. The bottom line here is the fact that friends and business don't mix.

Well that's unless you're this guy....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yeah Vick and O.J. Simpson should've had friends like this guy. I mean think about it, Bin Laden has been public enemy number one for years. Uh huh, and where is he? The fuck if I know. But I know that he's not in jail or giving press conferences saying that he found Jesus like Vick did. Nor has he ever stood before a United States judge and sounded the part of a recently caught runaway slave just like O.J. did at his sentencing. I swear I thought that Negro was gonna break into an old Negro spiritual afterwards. Seriously, O.J. surprised me sounding almost like "John Coffee" the magical Negro in the movie "The Green Mile". Shit, I didn't know O.J. still had that much Black in him. But instead Osama is free and doesn't give a fuck. And he can only be that way because of his friends.

Its obvious, his friends are pretty fuckin loyal. If I had friends like Osama has I'd be at the strip club every damn weekend. They'd pay for me to get in and also give me money to tip the girls. Most importantly, my wife would never findout. I mean c'mon people, there aren't that many caves in Afghanistan. I'd say that he has some pretty good friends, and those are the type of friends we all should have. With friends like that, bill collectors, the repo man, and the child support people would never be able to find you. And Michael Vick would be playing football, still fighting dogs, and not finding Jesus. And O.J. Simpson would still be free to be the most hated Black man in America.


Me being of direct Caribbean decent, I've been exposed to African cultural practices not seen by too many African Americans.

Oh yeah, I was born in ....

Trinidad & Tobago....

One of the things I saw as a child living there, was the religious practices of black people, and just how much it had nothing to do with the European concept of religion. I don't know, but this was back in the 70's, and even though there was a strong European influence or existence as far as religion is concerned (Catholicism was and is still big), there was still a very large African influence. This still permeates throughout the Caribbean to this day, unlike the way things are here in America. I wonder why is that? Why is it that as far as African religion, there has been a lasting effect in the Caribbean (and other places outside of America), than it has been here in this country?

If you ask anybody if they believed in voodoo, I think most of them would answer with a resounding no. Most of them have been taught that voodoo is just some bullshit mumbo jumbo. But most of the people who choose to believe voodoo, accepts it as something evil. Well voodoo, or Obeah, as its known in most of the Caribbean (or commonly in Trinidad & Tobago), is deep rooted in Africa, and NO, it is not an evil concept as its been perceived by many. Its a religion like any other religion, but the difference is that it has its roots in Africa. Have you ever wondered why, or how, its considered to be evil as opposed to Christianity? Why is it, that the African influenced religion is considered evil, but Christianity is considered good? Can any of you give me an answer on this?

Check this out....

And here is how it is in most of the caribbean....

And here is how it is in South America....

You might look at all of this as bullshit, or in a negative light. But have you ever given thought to why you look at it that way? You see, that's the thing about religion, everything that's practiced outside of the dominant culture is considered evil. And its no mistake who posses the dominant culture, right? Why is it that way? Why is it that the cultural religious practices of the indigenous people are always replaced, or at best infused with the religious practices and beliefs of the dominant culture? Why do some of you refuse to believe in the power of voodoo, ghosts and bullshit like that, but yet accept the bible, Christianity, and God as he's "marketed" thru Jesus as the way? If man can trace his origin to the continent of Africa, why are the religious practices of African people considered to be evil, and almost taboo? Why are the indigenous people of the world's cultural practices always replaced? Why are these people considered lost or "uncivilized" until Christianity comes ashore?



Friday, December 5, 2008


Ok, so by now you know Barack Obama has to put up or shut up. Yeah, by now you guys are aware that there a few people who are questioning his citizenship, and hence questioning his ability to be sworn in as president of the United States.

Yes, and by now you know that Black America's favorite uncle...Clarence Thomas, is responsible for the review of the case by the Supreme Court in the case of Donofrio vs. Wells. It would appear that for some reason, and no I won't dare say racism, there are people who have a problem with Barack becoming president even in the wake of the fact that his election was mandated obviously by the polls casted on November 4th.

Chances are, none of this will stop him from being sworn in. However, what if it did? What if somehow the Supreme Court, or the Electoral College came up with the idea, or exposed the fact that Obama is not a natural born citizen. How would you respond to that? Would you think its just another form of racism? I really would like you to think about that before you answer. I say that because I know it would be easy to pull the race card and call foul. And yes, I think the whole notion of him having to prove himself to be racist.

But aside from that or the motivation. What if it were true that he wasn't a natural born citizen? Would he lose some credibility with you? Could you honestly say that he was irresponsible in his efforts to become president by hiding that fact, and took your(s) and the public trust for granted? Or would you just chalk it up to the same old racism as usual, and in doing so, give him a pass?

What if...

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I found this pic over at Brown Man Thinking Hard and I found it, and his blog to be heart warming. When I look at the pic, I can't help but to get a sense of security. Sure I've never hugged Barack Obama, but if I did, I can't help but to think that I'd probably feel just like that little kid in the picture. But then again, me hugging another grown ass man and having warm fuzzy feelings might not be cool with Mrs. RiPPa.

Not just her, but society who is always lurking in the recesses of our minds says its not masculine for a man to hug another man in public, but it is to carry an unregistered gun into a nightclub. I don't know, but maybe its cool, to hug another man behind closed doors just as long as your pastor doesn't see it, but in public, its a no no. I can't help but to think that this stems from a lack of affectionate interaction some boys have with their fathers.

Somehow, I think we're conditioned to think that such displays of affection between two men isn't masculine because of it. Come to think of it, its probably why the whole "gimme five" thing was invented. Yup, and ironically the giving of "dap" is a Black thing, or invented by a Black man. Damn! No wonder. Black men have a way of being absent in the lives of their kids. Now I have to wonder who that man was, and wonder if he had a daddy.

Not only that, but I also have to wonder if this is the reason many of our women run around looking for men to hug them. I dunno, I'm just thinking out loud as usual. The last few days I've been shuffling the 14yr old to the library after school to do some school projects. I have to wonder if I wasn't around or she didn't have a man in her life to represent a father figure...would she grow up feeling the need to hug random dudes in succession all in an attempt to find love?

What do you think?


So folks were pissed because Jeremiah Wright said that the U.S. Gov't is responsible for the HIV/AIDS virus as an attempt to eliminate black people. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? I mean why in the world would the gov't want to eliminate black people here in this country. Shit this country wouldn't be where it is if it wasn't for the backs of slaves. So why try and eliminate them? Is the gov't just ungrateful? And why in the hell would the people of color in other countries fall victim to the agenda on the U.S. gov't, namely the people in Africa? Why? What the fuck Rev. Wright?!! Silly old man!!!


Lemme introduce you to National Security Memorandum #200...

National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM200) was completed on December 10, 1974 by the U.S. National Security Council under the direction of Henry Kissinger. Its full title is National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. It was adopted as official U.S. policy by President Gerald Ford in November of 1975. It was originally classified, but was later declassified and obtained by researchers in the early 1990s.

The basic thesis of the memorandum was that population growth in the Lesser developed countries (LDCs) is a concern to U.S. national security, because it would tend to risk civil unrest and political instability in countries that had a high potential for economic development.

13 countries are named in the report as particularly problematic with respect to U.S. security interests: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. These countries are projected to create 47 percent of all world population growth.

The report advocates the promotion of contraception and other population reduction measures. It also raises the question of whether the U.S. should consider preferential allocation of surplus food supplies to states that are deemed constructive in use of population control measures. The report advises, "In these sensitive relations, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion."

Ok, so lemme break it down. A bunch of white people got together in the U.S. Gov't and conducted a study and decided that there were too many people in the lesser developed countries; people of color of course. They believed that the growth in population of people of color in these lesser developed countries were a threat to survival of our society (i.e. White people). In case you didn't know, there are more people of color than caucasians in the world. They've even conducted studies that concluded that white people will become instinct given world population growth by the year 20...whenever! Its their fear that created this memorandum. And it was done back in 1974.

But before this, there was Dr. Donald MacArthur. He was a spokesman for the Department of Defense who went to congress in 1969 looking for money to fund research on germ warfare. He explained to them that this was to be a "super germ" that obviously would be genetically engineered. The gave him the money, president Nixon signed to it in 1971 and in 1977 the first cases of AIDS/HIV showed up in the United States. Coincidence? Possible! But only a fool would look pass the evidence to support this claim. Here we are in 2008, and there have been various notable biologists, virologists and researchers who are in agreement that HIV/AIDS is in fact a manufactured virus, and not natural. And here today, people call Rev. Wrights claim to be rediculous. Why would the gov't wanna do such a thing? Never mind the fact that they were also behind secret studies with cancer cells on Puerto Ricans which led to death of about 13 of them kinda like the Tuskeegee Experiment was done on black men. Yeah, never mind that, its all conspiracy theory. This is true, at this point because the gov't has yet to come out and acknowledge that they're responsible. Shit, they haven't even apologized for slavery(ok so they DID say they were sorry but where's our reparations?), so why would they ever admit to this? Oh, and lets not forget that Margret Sanger was already successful in carrying out the ideology of racist Eugenicists with Planned Parenthood and subsequently The Negro Project in America.

So here we are today with this disease being of pandemic proportions. It was passed off in Africa as immunization shots. Immunization! Can you believe that shit!!! Well, maybe you can if you remember that Native Americans were knowingly given blankets infected with smallpox. I know some of you probably always felt that HIV/AIDS was manufactured. But you just didn't have anything to base it on. I used to be like that, but I did my homework just like the people who were curious, and this is what I came up with. And no, this is nothing new for me as I've looked into this a long time ago, well before Jeremiah Wright spoke.

But this isn't about me, its about the design of white supremacy. You may wanna continue to be disillusioned if you want. But I urge everyone of you to question everything and question what you know twice as hard. Its only in doing so, that one can begin to find the truth. Once you do, its your duty to pass it on. The video below is very interesting. Its long, but it uncovers alot of the myth associated with the disease as brought up by researchers and experts. They explain just how this disease now is a money maker. I bet alot of you didn't know that there's a patent for the cure. Yeah there is, but the money is made in drug treatment and not curing the disease. You gotta believe that if they can make it, that they can cure it.

Gary Null

Oh well, Rev. Wright should've kept his mouth shut. What the hell was he thinking trying to wake up the ignorant people in this country. Hell, most people outside of America already believe this to be true. The nerve of this man being so arrogant to hold the gov't accountable!

Fuck you Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

God Bless America!!!!!!!!



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