Saturday, July 26, 2008


Finally being told that Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny aren't real has to be devastating to a kid. But what's a kid to do? For years, they've believed in these characters. For years, their behavior has been influenced by the very idea that these characters are real. So finding out otherwise can affect people differently. Even in dissapointment, some of them accept it and live their lives, grow old as if nothing happened. But some of them are defiant.

"How dare you say that Santa is not real?!!"

"Are you fuckin kidding me!?!?!"

"You're a really bad person for saying that!!!!"

These people hold onto the idea that Santa and the Easter Bunny are real. As they grow older they preserve this ideology, and they even pass it on to their kids. And thats why we have kids today who still believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Fortunately for us, people like this are not violent or hateful in their defiance of reality. I wish the same were true for racists who spit hate conveniently packaged as "white pride". You see, racist people today are just like the kids I described above. They hold on to the ideology that they're superior, and they were meant to dominate the world. They act this way because they have to protect the lie.

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"Huh? What lie RiPPa? Da fuck are you talking about? White people are superior! Muthafucka they created civilization as we know it today! We owe everything to white people! If it wasn't for them, your black ass wouldn't even know how to speak english or use a microwave! Hell, the white man saved your black ass, but you're just too stupid to see it! Either that or ungratefull...ya fat fuck! "

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Yup, thats pretty much how most people think, but if only they knew the truth. Unlike some racist black people who spit that "white people lived in caves" bullshit, I'll tell you differently. You see, western civilization as we know it today has been credited to the Greeks. From language, culture, philosophy, medicine and pretty much everything else we know today was because of some greek scholars. Yup, a bunch of famous fat white dudes are who we have to thank for what we know today. If it wasn't for Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and the rest of those dudes I don't know how this world would be. Or so they'd like you to think. You see, most of what those dudes knew, they studied it in a place called Egypt. You probably heard of the place...sand, pyramids, King Tut, Nefertiti, mummies, afro picks, watermelon...yeah that place, Egypt.

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Well Egypt my friend just happens to be in Africa, and the indigenous people were in fact black. These people were already advanced in alotta different things. And it so happened that the Greek cats came thru and they soaked up madd game from the Egyptian scholars. Matter of fact, aa few of the African dudes even migrated north to ancient Greece and even helped to build the Roman empire. But you see, history never shows that. You have to do your own research to find the truth. And even then, you probably are gonna be looked at like an idiot. Look people, everything we know or practice today had to start somewhere. And that somewhere is in Kemet (which is Egypt by the way). History as we know it has been plagarised, and re-written to make black people look inferior. Our history as its told has been deeply rooted in slavery and oppression for thousands of years. Thats what they would have you believe. And they do that because the truth would be devastating to many. To reveal the truth, and give credit where credit is due would undo so much which has been systematically designed.

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Hell, even in the bible black people (the decendants of Ham) were cursed to be slaves. Yup, even in the bible there is racism. I wonder why a book used by a faith, based on love, would endorse such an ideology? Its because they have to continue to perpetuate the lie. And today we pray to God in hopes to get to heaven so we can live forever. I'm sorry but, aren't the same racists people gonna be in heaven as well? And if thats the case, heaven has to be bullshit. Because heaven is supposed to be a beautiful place where everyone is happy and they'll all get along. Yup, in heaven I'm not gonna be a nigger anymore, and I'll be singing praises next to the same people who lied and plagarized history. Yeah, and I'm supposed to trust that?!! Maybe I should! Fuck it! Santa Clause is real, the easter Bunny is real, the bible is the truth, black people were meant to be slaves, white people invented modern civilization, and I my friend, am a nigger, and I can't wait to get to heaven so I can be happy.

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"Civil" said...

it`s sunday i`am reading the blogger
some is sad the others are just sad.
it`s good to smile.

NaturallyAlise said...

Praisssssssse Santa! to this blog.

Kirk said...

this is now officially in my google reader. Yo, where or how did you research this information I would love to be able to study it for myself and show my people. good looking hit me back at


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