Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, so today is Halloween. It being a Friday, I'm sure its gonna make for some wild ass parties tonight. I'm 38yrs old and I've never attended a Halloween party, nor have I ever done the whole costume around the office thing. Not that I have religious reservations about the holiday, I just don't really get into the whole spending money thing. I've seen the prices of costumes and that shit ain't cheap. And lemme tell you, I'm not cheap either, but I'd be damned if I spend my money on some shit like that. I'm guessing some costumes are supposed to have the whole scary theme, and at the same time have that funny/comedic element. Having said that, I see nothing funny about the pic above. I love a good laugh like the next man, and yes, you can tell from my blogs that I spare no mement to make you people laugh. But, I don't know how comfortable I'd be at a party with a few dudes dressed as the KKK in costume. I also know that should I be at such an event, the last thing I, as a black man would be doing, is smiling happily for a camera, while in the company of a few Klansmen robe wearing dudes who are drinking beer.

Like I said, I know funny, but this shit ain't funny.

I know the KKK has endorsed Barack Obama, but this shit?

Question:How does this pic make you feel? Do you see the humor in this? Could you pose for a pic like this? Would you allow someone to wear a costume like the one pictured above to your party?


What have you done to change the world today? What have you done today to make this world a better place? If you have to pause before you answer that question then chances are you haven't done a damn thing. I don't do good things everyday. My streaks of charity usually come in spurts. Sometimes if I do enough good things, then I might skip church on the count of knowing that I had a good week of helping others. The last few weeks have been good.

Anyways I've made a short list of people that I think this world could do without.

Feel free to add to this list as you see fit.


Sometimes when a white guy is "acting black" he looks to black people for social approval. A simple nod from a black guy on the street lets the hip white kid know that he's doing a good job of representing the hip hop culture. I made the mistake once of making eye contact with the passenger of a car next to me and instantly the staring contest was on. I wanted to give him the nod. I have no problem giving the nod but these two idiots were bumping "THUGGISH RUGGISH BONE" by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I have nothing against someone enjoying rap classics, but not in the middle of traffic with your radio turned all the way up. I simply looked at the dude and said, "That song is old". He couldn't hear me so he cut down the music. He asked me to repeat myself. I simply said "Thank You" and drove off. Getting two white kids to cut off lame rap music from the 90's makes this world a better place.


Smirnoff Ice. I've had a few in my life. Smirnoff is the type of drink that some idiotic high school kid drinks before baseball practice. I'm 38 Now. I've graduated to Crown Royal and other random liquors. So I'm chillin at the club by myself. I'm at the bar waiting to get served. Mr Random White Dude is at the bar next to me and then out of now here he says.... "Man I've gotta go get me another drink I'm FUCKED UP." "Really? What you drinkin on?" I asked. He screams out, "Smirnoff Ice! You Want one?" To which I replied. "Nah, I don't want one, I'm not gay." He looked at me kind of weird when I said this. Not sure if he was offended or not but he walked off.

I have nothing against anyone who goes to a house party and throws back a Smirnoff Ice or one of those flavored Jack Daniels drinks. But when it gets to a point that you're DRUNK off of them, you're a coward. You're a coward who'd rather drink 14 Smirnoff Ices instead of doing 3 shots of tequilla and drinking a double crown and coke. As far as I'm concerned you may as well be drinking a mudslide or a daquiri or some other fruity alcoholic slushie. Secondly... if you ARE going to drink something like this, accept the fact that you're a coward. Don't go around the bar offering this drink to other men. The correct thing to say is.... "Hey my man what you drinking on I'll get ya beer or something buddy." But when you specifically suggest a Smirnoff Ice something goes off in the brain of a straight man. You may have said.... "I'm drinking Smirnoff Ice, do you want one?" but what we hear is..."I'm drinking Smirnoff Ice. I sure hope you want one too. Man I really want a daquri, that way I can pour it all over my body and hopefully some strong man will come and lick it off of my body while I lay naked on the bar" I guess what I said to the guy worked. I saw him later that night, he was drinking a Budweiser. I made the world a better place.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Well John Boy, there's less than a week before Americans cast their votes. From the looks of it, you're getting your ass handed to you. Which really makes me question the whole "we got 'em right where we want 'em" bullshit statement you made last week. What's up with that?

You love getting your ass kicked? Are you the oldest member of "Fight Club" who just happens to like getting beat up by black men? Trust me John, I know some white people who get off on stuff like that. If you are, I gotta give you credit for not carving a "B" in your face. I mean, I know you're a war hero and you've been through way much more torture than the thought of having a black man beat you. But lets be honest John Boy, with this loss, you'll be 0-3 in the bid to become president. And as you continuously say on the campaign have the scars to prove it.

Yeah, I know, this was supposed to be your year; hell all your republican opponents all but gave up their bids so you were the man. But you never counted on the Black guy being able to raise as much money now did you. Yeah, there was no way in hell that the Black guy would have been a problem for you. You underestimated him. Not shocking actually, its the same thing your beloved military did when they went into Vietnam, and more recently, that place in the middle east that will soon be beach front property once they pull out.

But like a good military strategist, you needed a surge to win. So what did you do? You decided against your own idea to run an admirable, and clean campaign. You resorted to having to appeal to the idiots who support you instead of the intellectuals who have now abandoned you. And look at you now. Your divisive motivated campaign tactics have backfired on you. Now there's beef between you the war hero, and the airhead beauty queen you have as a running mate. Sorry John Boy, but thats not a good look at this stage in the game. It sends a bad message to your supporters and frankly, to the rest of the world. Oh you don't think the world is watching? Well they are, and you don't look too good in their eyes.

So now you're relegated to having to defend states that were Bush strongholds. Not a bad strategy, but its a shame that this is what you're about right now. You're the white guy John, and you should be way ahead. But instead, you're falling behind daily, and falling behind pretty badly. The way I see it John, its not too late for you to pull an upset. If you do, it would restore the faith the American people may have ever had in you. Lets be honest, they look to you as the defender of Americanism, and as a champion in the fight to keep the black man down. Its just too bad for you that you guys haven't been able to dig up that elusive Barack Obama sex tape with Paris Hilton since he's a celebrity and all.

So John, here we are, the two minute warning has already been sounded, and yes, its the fourth quarter. For any inexperienced team, this would have the makings of a disaster. But not you John. You've been here before remember? Instead of running around from state to state like a chicken with its head cut off. What you need to do is simple. You need to start kissing Black babies John. Yes you do. And you need to be sure that there's plenty of photographers around when you do. Hell, you could even do it in front of Joe The Plumbers house even. Trust me, kissing Black babies would make you look less like the grumpy ol' troll who lives under the bridge. You'll be more likable. Kinda like the guy we saw at that benefit in New York cracking jokes recently.

I'm not saying that kissing Black babies are gonna win you black votes at this stage of the game. Hell no, its too late for that son! It will however help you after you lose. When you become the laughing stock of all white America for losing to the Black guy after invoking racial hate into your campaign, you can always say that you at least took the opportunity to kiss some Black babies. And for that, even in your loss, you'll more than likely receive your reward in heaven. Just ask those evangelicals on the right who support you. They'll tell you that I'm right.

Goodnight John Boy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



Ok, this McCain campaign is getting funnier and funnier everyday. First it was "Joe Sixpack". Then it was "Joe The Plumber". And now today, the new guy is.....


These rich clowns are doing all they can to try and appeal to the working middle class, and its not working. The messed up thing, is that they're using all these fake ass people. I bet y'all didn't know that "Joe Sixpack" is actually a nickname of a local eskimo drunk dude who does yard work in Alaska. Uh huh, he has done Sarah's yardwork. Look it up if you don't believe me. Then there was "Joe The Plumber" the bootleg plumber who's house is worth less than what they spent on Sarah Palin's wardrobe for her and her family. Yup, the same dude who was LYING about buying the company he works for. And now today, they have this Tito guy wearing a shades claiming to be a McCain supporter and the owner of a construction campany? I mean hell, I know Tito Jackson isn't exactly raking in the dough like back in the day, but does he have to stoop this low?

Clearly, this dude is a plant and he's fake. They're trying to use these created meme's to appeal to the ignorant. I'm guessing McCain got a clue and figured out that there are more Hispanic citizens than African American. Yeah, I guess Tito is his new strategy. Tito is the face of a new America made up of Latinos, who are projected to surpass the white population in 2042. Slick move there John McCain. I'm willing to bet they picked up Tito outside of a Home Depot in Florida like they always do when they're looking for cheap labor. Its just too bad that Tito is clueless to this scheme. But then again, Tito might just be getting a Green Card out of this deal.

Here's Tito at work....

And here's Tito at work at a Palin rally today....


wasn't it the republicans who were calling for the deportation of illegal aliens?

Hell, I thought they were the ones who stalled the immigration reform bill.

Friday, October 24, 2008


You damn right I'm pissed off right now. Not only am I pissed, I feel fuckin insulted. Your ass got on national TV and tell the world that you were attacked by an Obama supporter, who was a black male. I'm not mad at that, because history has shown that white chicks lie on a nigger in a heartbeat. If you don't believe me, think Sarah Smith the white woman who said a black man car jacked her and took her kids. Remember that woman? Yeah, she lied, and was later discovered to have killed her kids herself.But fuck it, lets go way back in the day. Remember Emmit Till? A white woman lied on that negro and they killed him.

Now today, we have this turd Ashley Todd lying and blaming it on a black man. But like I said, the fact that she lied doesn't piss me off. It doesn't because thats what the hell those broads are known to do. What pisses me off is that she had the balls to say that the black guy who attacked her was dyslexic! Ok, so she didn't directly say that, but she did say that the dude carved a backwards "B" on her face!

Look, lying on some hapless negro is one thing (like I said...we're used to that), but to say he carved a backwards letter "B" on your face is racist. You damn right its racist, as it re-inforces the idea that black men are intellectually inferior. Black men have had it hard in history because of this line of thinking. And here comes this chick, in 2008, resurfacing this bullshit. The thing about this that gets me, is that she didn't do this alone. I'm pretty sure she had help. Nobody in their right or wrong mind has the ability to give him or herself as perfect a black eye as she displayed. Nevermind the perfect backwards letter "B" that she was able to hold still for. Yeah, nevermind that. Whats important is that this was done by a retartded black man.

I gotta give it to her though, she's obviously sympathetic to special needs kids like Sarah Palin. Its just too bad that she's the kid with special needs, and what she needs is a kick in her balls. You damn straight she needs to be kicked in her balls. The nerve of her lying about the intelligence of a black man like that. Do you know how many black men have been held back in school just on the premise that they were retarded? I'm just glad that O.J. Simpson is currently in jail, because if he wasn't the police would have believed this bitch. And lord knows, thas the last thing black men need in America. All of a sudden, we'd all go back to being dyslexic, or intellectually inferior. We'd have to resort to being broom pushers, and janitors all over again, all because of this lyin ass McCain supporter. I'm just glad that she didn't say that she got attacked by the Duke LaCrosse team or sumthin like that. Shit, if she did, negroes would have been in jail already.


I've been thinking about this, and even spoke to my wife about this recently. I'm trying to figure out just what I'm gonna do should Barack Obama's presidency be announced. Running through my head are a host of crazy ideas. I wish I could be in Chicago at Grant Park when it all goes down as its the official site of Obama's campaign party. But I can't fuck with the cold weather like that. I love you Barack, but RiPPa has moved to the south for some years now and ain't seen snow in a minute.

I don't know of any election night watch parties here in Memphis, but even if I was aware of any, I doubt I'd wanna be around a crowd of strangers. That being said, I think I'll just be sitting at home with my wife and kids. One thing I know for sure, is that I am gonna cry. Yes, I am gonna cry the moment that his election has been validated. I'm an emotional type of guy, but even if I were a cold hearted bastard, I'm sure I would still cry given the historic circumstances of his victory. So I know I'm gonna cry without a doubt, but outside of that, what am I gonna do? You see, I'm the guy who wanted to run around my house 10 times yelling happy new year when 1999 came to a close. Nothing crazy about that except that it was cold and I was supposed to wear nothing but my draws. I never pulled it off, but I did go to a club, and made sure that I was in the streets running around in a drunken stupor.

I feel the need to do something, but I don't know just what. I'm tempted to go outside and yell OBAMA at the top of my lungs. But I don't want my neighbors to call the cops on me. It would be kinda messed up celebrating the election of the first black president sitting in jail. But then again, I went to jail on Christmas night before. Long story, don't ask. But I wanna be at a place or a room full of people like me who have waited for this moment to come all of our lives. A place where we could all cry our hearts out especially for the fallen who were not as fortunate as us to see this historic moment. A place where I won't be accused of punching a white girl in the face and carving a backwards "B" on her face.

To me, that would be the way to celebrate it, but I'd be damned if imma have a bunch of people at my house. Lord knows when you do shit like that, somebody always breaks your toilet, and I can't have that. The last thing I need is for a house full of jubilant Obama supporters like myself having to take turns running up the street to the gas station to take dumps. Should Obama win, I'm pretty sure the cops are gonna be on alert, and pulling negroes over left and right, and I'd hate to have to get a ticket for speeding because I had to take a dump. I still can't think of just what exactly I'm gonna do that night, but like I said before, I know I'm gonna cry, and maybe thats all that needs to be done should he win.

Now if he loses?

Thats a whole other story, but I think I'm gonna make sure I grab a flat screen TV. Either that or a case of beer or two like cats did down in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I dunno about you, but sitting back drinking a case opf beer or two, and watching people tear shit up in protest sure sounds like fun. What can I say, chaos breeds opportunity. I hope it doesn't happen, but should it happen, I think it would be necessary. Hell, it would be the least we should do after having a third election stolen from us the people.

What do you think will happen on Nov. 4th?

Obama supporter or not, how will you react to the news?

I'm open to all predictions....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Since I have come to realize that I have some of the most intelligent readers, this morning I've decided to bring a question to the table. Remember, I'm only doing this because I value your opinions. Before I ask the question, I urge you to click the link at the end of this blog and read what a good friend of mine wrote here on Blogger. After which, you might wanna add her to your blogroll.

QUESTION: If you were the owner of a child daycare center, would you knowingly hire a convicted sexual predator or child molester to do work around your business establishment?

MY ANSWER: Hell fuck no!!!!

I'm willing to bet that your answer would be similar to mine. I mean, no one in their right minds would knowingly do that right? Why in the hell would you endanger children in such a way if you can help it. Thats what background checks are for right?

Another question....

QUESTION: Knowing that Sarah Palin was found to have abused her power as Governor, why in the world would we the AMERICAN people (no not the fake one's who live in fake America) want her to be Vice President?

Ok, so that last question was more rhetorical than anything else.

For the life of me, I don't understand why anyone can't see that this woman has her own agenda. But yet she's supposed to represent political righteousness? I caught her line in the VP debate when she said that the constitution should be amended to give the VP more power. Yup, I caught that, and up until now, I kept that thought to myself. I've decided to bring it to the forefront today after watching her in a recent interview where she said that the VP presides over the Senate. Now, this wasn't the first time she has said that, and clearly she is wrong. Per the constitution, the VP has no such power.

At first I wanted to think that she's just another dumb American who probably couldn't find North America on a map. But then I realized that she is a governor; she runs an entire state for crying out loud! Clearly, being in such a high position, she knows a thing or two about the constitution, right? I mean, she can't be that dumb right?!! I went to bed after that story broke last night thinking...yes, she's that dumb. But this morning, I've come to realize that I was wrong. You see, she's no dummy. Personally, I think its all an act. In my opinion, I think she's playing the dummy role to throw us off.

Don't believe me?


it was reported that she has ran up a helluva bill in purchases for the RNC for the last seven weeks. Trust me, a dummy wouldn't do that. A dummy would have spent their own money. She also speant tax payers money taking her kids on trips with her as she traveled. Ok, I'm sure you think that this is something that is priviliged for any governor. I'm sure you think that comes with the territory. Well, it doesn't. If it did, she would not have LIED in order to have the state use tax payer dollars on her kids. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is not the work of a dummy. This is the work of a woman on a mission, and clearly it shows that she can think. Yes it does. I've done some dumbshit unwittingly in my lifetime, but I also know that I've done some "dumbshit" knowingly as well. Shit, I'll admit that I've purposely writen a bad check before, and trust me, thats something a thinking person does.

When you think about it, Sarah Palin is no different, and she's playing the dumb role to get her foot in the door. Yup, I think she hopes that she could be the brains of the operation in a Dick Cheaney sorta way. have you heard her make comments recently somewhat asserting that she would have done things differently than McCain in relation to the campaign? Lemme guess, you folks didn't catch that one huh. Not only that, have you folks noticed that the whole Troopergate thing she refused to talk to investigators? Not only that, but did you folks realize that it was her husband who really took the fall for the pressure to get 'ol dude fired? Uh huh, just like a good dope dealer, she never made any hand to hand transactions. This my friends is not the work of a dummy. Hell, she even was able to have her house built for free by contractors who have ties to a certain republican senator from Alaska who's on trial right now.

Yeah, so she looked like a dummy in giving the answer she gave to the question submitted by a 3rd grader. Yup, she sure looked like the village idiot on that one. I thought so after I first saw it, but now I think differently. Why? Well, its been reported that she has connections to a seccesionist organization in Alaska. Ok, so she is not directly a member of the organization, her husband was. But she sure did "pall around" with them. Be that as it may, doesn't it seem apparent that she has a hidden agenda? I mean, if Barack Obama is a terrorist by association, couldn't this woman be anti-american herself given her ties to an organization who refuses to adhere to the U.S. Constitution?

I'm telling you...

this chick is no dummy.

Its just a damn shame that that poor 3rd grader who's question she answered, would probably get a failing grade because of her. Thats the real tragedy for America here. That poor kid, Brandon Gonzalez, the 3rd grader, could possibly get a bad grade because of her answer, and prevent him from getting a college scholarship. Poor Brandon, would probably have to sell crack, slap around prostitutes and lead a life of crime, all because Sarah Palin and her "stupidity". With the last name Gonzalez, its safe to assume that luck wouldn't be so kind to afford him the position of president of the United States being a "C" average student, like this dude with the last name Bush that I know.

This folks, is an American tragedy....

Just something for you guys to think about before you hire that child molester.

SUGGESTED READING: No More Welfare For Sarah Palin by Smoke & Passion


You know what? I pride myself in noticing things. Like for example: have you noticed that since the news broke of the results of Sarah Palin's Troopergate investigation, that Sarah Palin has been wearing her hair down on the campaign trail more than before? Have you noticed that? She was found to have abused her power in her position as Governor in an attempt to get her ex-brother-in-law fired. Now, keep in mind, she abused her power as Governor, but she broke no laws, as it applies to the dismissal of the chief who would not fire her sister's ex.

But back to the hair. I think they had her switched up from looking like the librarian/church lady because it would make her look too authoritative in light of the results of the investigation. Instead, they've made her look sexy, or more like the Hockey Mom that more men would like to fuck. Yeah, they've somehow made her image appear a little bit softer. With her hair pinned up, she looks kinda like a bossy Governor who would abuse her power, and take her kids on trips at the expense of taxpayers. Or even the type of Governor who would have her home built for free by contractors with ties to a certain republican Alaskan senator who's currently on trial. But with her hair down, she has an appeal like Stiffler's Mom in the movie "American Pie", a white woman who can do no wrong, even if it means having sex with a teenager. I happen to like Stiffler's mom, and I'm sorry sistas, but that's one white woman that I'd probably stalk if I were single. What? I'm just sayin? Ok, so you didn't think that I would or could possibly wanna have sex with a white woman? Hey I'm man. I'd have sex with a green colored woman like Captain Kirk even if she had three boobs.

Oh, and did you guys notice her crying on the campaign trail shortly after the news broke...with her new hairdo? I thought it was a fake ass Hillary Clinton tear jerk moment like she did before the New Hampshire primary...minus the pantsuit of course. Instead, she had her hair down and looked the part of a damsel in distress. I could only think that they wanted people to sympathize with her. Which I'm having a hard time understanding since she said that she was glad that she was cleared of any wrong doing. Yeah, you can change the hairdo, but you can't get her to stop telling lies. But I guess it doesn't matter because she's beloved by many even though her approval ratings have dropped drastically.

And did you notice that every time she appears with John McCain on the campaign trail, that Cindy McCain (John McCain's wife) is always in the picture? Have you noticed that? I don't see Joe Biden's wife in the Obama-Biden photo ops. Which would leave me to conclude that Joe Biden's wife trusts her husband and knows that he's not gay, and would definitely not succumb to the sexual advances of Barack Obama. Not Cindy McCain though. It just looks to me that she has a problem with her husband standing next to a more attractive woman on the campaign trail. But Cindy McCain has more money than Sarah Plain. True, but given the fact that John cheated on his wife when she was sick and sticking Cindy on the side, would probably make her kinda leary.

And speaking of hot women in politics. I think I have developed a crush on Donna Brazile. No she's not white, she's black, and she's quite older than I am. I've been in relationships with older women, but not one that much older in all my single days. But dammit, I'd have to give Donna a shot. She's in her fifties, and she looks good. Lately through this political climate, I somehow seem to gravitate to the channel that has her as a contributor as far as commentary is concerned. Its pretty obvious that my ass is getting older because I never thought I would ever wanna have sex with a woman in her fifties outside of my wife when she's that age.

Somehow I can't help but to think that I'd feel proud to have had sex with Donna Brazile as compared to Sarah Palin. I mean, Donna is not only beautiful...she's smart, and well spoken. And unlike Sarah Palin, I'm sure Donna knows that the Vice President doesn't run the Senate. Its just too bad that because of Sarah Palin, that poor 3rd grader who's question she answered in her interview would probably get a bad grade because of her stupidity. But, you gotta be glad that this is America, a place where that poor 3rd grader can grow up to become president just like the current "C" grader we have occupying the White House. All in all, its good to see Sarah Palin do her part with that whole No Child Left Behind thing. Its the least she could do, after having the RNC pay for a new wardrobe for her and her family in the past seven weeks.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Thats right, they're not all racist. So, to categorize "them" as all being racist ignorant fools is wrong. Matter fact, all generalizations are stupid when you really think of it. Ok, so obviously, the McCain campaign has been purposely negative in the last few weeks. And yes, much of what we've seen in the media paints his campaign negatively. But even in all of that, its important, in an attemot to promote fairness, that I present this clip to you readers.


Now, what you have just seen was put together by an journalist working with an independent news media outlet. Having said that, one can only understand why something like this is not reported in the mainstream media. In other words, its more profitable for the corporate backed media to push negative stories as they have. Now, again, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the McCain campaign hasn't been negative, or motivating their base with negatism. I am however saying that there are people who support McCain who are able to think for themselves, and are willing to speak out against idiots like the folks distributing those bumperstickers at the rally.

Its important to note, that the people who spoke out were both christian and muslim. And thought they support John McCain, they are able to see the reality of campaign bigotry. If only we could get more people in this country to think this way. Just remember this blog whenever you encounter the McCain supporters who you may come across who still think that Obama is a muslim with terrorist ties, as I have in recent days. The next time you encounter some idiot who says that, tell them that they're wrong. When they ask you how can you be so sure that he's not a muslim? Tell them that Jesus was a black man, and since he's the father of Christianity, there's no way Obama the magical negro can be muslim. Besides, there aren't any mulsim cats in the NBA that I know of, but yet we all cheer for them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


If anything, the series of presidential debates have provided me with comedic moments. Matter of fact, this whole election process, has given us a series of comedy relief. You probably don't wanna agree with me on this, but have you seen the "Saturday Night Live" ratings lately? Because of this election there have been numerous spinoff's the likes of "Joey" getting his own show after "Friends" went off the air. In case you didn't know, "Joey's" show tanked and was yanked off the air. So much for his 15 minutes of fame, right?

In steps "Joe The Plumber". Yup, like you, or the people who watched the presidential debate last night, I too thought he was a cousin of "Joe Sixpack". Uh huh, I thought "Joe The Plumber" was just another made up dude used to refer to middle class White America. Well, low and behold, after the debate, I find out that "Joe The Plumber" was a real person. As annoying as it was to sit through and listen to McCain refer to him as if he were an old college buddy last night, today, I have a new found appreciation for "Joe The Plumber".


Well, as it turns out, McCain's man "Joe" isn't even a registered voter. And what's worse, is the fact that he owe's the gov't a substantial amount of back taxes, and that he's not even a licensed plumber(YOU CAN READ IT ALL HERE). He is what is known, as a "Jack Leg"; a Jack of All trades and a master of none. Now, as a person who has had the privilege of working in the construction/home improvement industry in the past, its not common to come across a person like "Joe". To be honest, most self employed contractors or "Jack Legs" usually have their share of tax problems. But, not all of them have the opportunity of becoming famous overnight through the continued reference of the losing candidate in a presidential race. Not all of them have news networks setting up camera crews in their homes as they watched the debate, only to find out hours later that they can't even fuckin vote! Joe can't vote, so who the fuck cares about what he thinks!!

I'm pretty sure John McCain feels like an idiot right now. Hell, he has yet to meet the man. But the way he looked at the camera and said, "Hey Joe, you're rich..." makes me laugh. I'm sorry, but its obvious that "Joe" isn't rich. If "Joe" were rich, he damn sure would have a plumber's license. He damn sure would have sounded credible when he said in his street interview with Obama that he's trying to buy a company. But once again, John McCain didn't do his homework. Just like he failed to do homework on Palin, he failed to do any on "Joe The Plumber". What if "Joe" had a $1000 per week crack habit? What if "Joe The Plumber" dare I say, was related to Timothy McVeigh? Would that not make McCain look like more of an idiot than he is today? There's a rumour going around the internet that he's somehow related to the Keating 5, but you now how the internet can be, so I don't believe it. But either way, Joe The Plumber's 15 minutes of fame is up, and has run its course. Damn the internet can be so cruel.

Speaking of fame, and declining 15 minutes thereof...James T Harris, you know, the Black guy who is supposed to get his reward in heaven as John McCain put it last week? Yeah, that negro. I think his run is just about over. He appeared on CNN in an interview, and got heated about being called a sellout, and stormed off the stage in the middle of the interview. Oh well, so much for him ever having a shot at replacing Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson as the resident self hating Black guy on Fox News Channel. The funny thing about the confrontation is the fact that his ass got called out by another Black republican. Now you know the "brother" has been catchin hell from negroes all across the country for his "Jig" act at the McCain rally in Wisconsin (a state that McCain has since pulled his campaign out of I might add). But to get blasted on National Tv, by a fellow Black Republican? Yeah, thats definitely a signal that the game is over.

Somehow I can't help but to think of Jay Z's old song...

"It Was Allgood Just A Week Ago"

As Dave Chappelle would say...

"Tough break nigga."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I consider myself to be passionate about Black people and the Black experience. That being said, I think its understandable that I will always fight for the underdog. Today is BLOG ACTION DAY, a day where thousands of bloggers around the world will focus on poverty. Its important that we never forget the poor among us in our world society. For its the number of poor among us that represents our success at large. Having said that, I wanted to take this day to shine some light on a little discussed subject here in America in the mainstream media: The Genocide In Darfur.

I don't wanna get to deep, and share my thoughts on the current state of affairs. But sometimes, I have to wonder if Blacks in America are better off by being here, given the history of racism on this continent, as it relates to our African American History. I'd be interested to hear your opinions on that in your commentary. I will say this, I'm not pleased with the fact that this civil war in the Sudan has been taking place since 1983, and the U.S. Gov't has done very little in my opinion. I think its really sad that it took the current energy crisis to make our gov't shift focus and create AFRICOM. Under the guise of creating better opportunities for Africans in the Sudan, we'll soon see American troops on African soil. The truth is, our gov't is only concerned with the cheap source of oil that the continent and the region supplies on a world scale. Personally, I wish they would have acted sooner in an humanitarian effort, because lord knows how many lives could have been saved.

If you're unaware of the situation...

Do me a favor and be sure to checkout this video...

If this doesn't touch your heart then I sincerely feel sorry for you....

This is just a short insight into the plight of our brothers and sisters across the ocean. It is my hope that you spread the word to your friends and family, or even direct others to this post because I think this is a very important subject. I urge you to do what ever you can to assist our brothers and sisters by donating what ever you can monetarily. Its not about how much you donate, its about taking a stand and making a difference.


Again, its not about how much money you donate, its about making a difference.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I really hate to continue discussing this guy James T Harris, but dammit, he just won't stop it with the cooning. I mean, this guy has taken his 15 minutes of fame to new heights. I've even read his blog, and since this all broke on Friday, he has written three blogs about his instant fame, and as he sees it, racist notoriety. Yeah, he said he's been getting death threats, and that most of the negative commentary, and blogs about him are coming racist black people like me.

After begging John McCain to "take it to Obama" at the next debate, this black man is now making the news circuit. In the following clip, here is he beimng interviewed by Fox. I think its funny that he's being interviewed and not the angry old white man who stood up and spoke at the very same rally. Instead of him, they're parading the BLACK MAN to speak thru the media of his support for McCain.

See how they use black people? Especially when its to go against another black man, and create divisions. Sure it can be said that I'm guilty of this by posting this. But, do you really think thats what I'm doing here? No, I'm trying to show you people, just like I always have, how race is so much of an issue in America, that they will seek to exploit it. Now this guy is gonna be all over Fox News Channel like I expected. I swear, I wish we could offer a trade and get O.J. Simpson back in exchange for this guy. At least nobody wanted to poke microphones in O.J.'s face. Its too bad that this dude didn't do his jig at a McCain rally in las Vegas. You know what they say...what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas; just ask O.J. Simpson, and he'll tell you. If only this negro would stay off the airwaves, we'd all be happier.

Watch the video, and tell me...

doesn't he look less rehearsed in answering the line of questioning?

Kinda makes it look more and more like a publicity stunt at the rally the other day doesn't it?

Lemme know what you think.


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I think today is a holiday. I'm not sure, hell I don't work at a bank, but I think its Columbus day or some bullshit like that. All I know is, the fuckin bank is not open, and the kids are out of school today. Today celebrates Christopher Columbus' discovery of America. How significant is that? Its pretty fuckin significant! If Columbus chose to be a pimp and focus on making money off of some chicks instead of being a sailor, there would be no McDonalds and hence the Egg McMuffin which I love dearly. That's how significant this shit is people! I don't know if you've ever thought about it, but where would we be without Columbus? Think about that for a second. White people would still be living in Europe, Native Americans or the indigenous people of the new world would still be alive and well, and black people would still be listening to Tupac while driving Cadillac Escalades on 28 inch rims in Africa. Yup, things would've definitely been different for everybody.

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Have you ever gave thought to why Columbus did what he did? In grade school they taught us that he did it because he wanted to eat curry chicken so he decided to go to India which was on the eastside; you know, over in the hood where Habib has that corner store next to the half a chicken and fired rice shack? But instead his OnStar wasn't working so he made a wrong turn and ended up kickin it with some people who ate corn. He had to be pissed after that! That would probably explain why white people had beef with Sitting Bull. Hell, I get mad when I go to my fridge for Kool Aid but can't have any because somebody left a fuckin empty pitcher in there, so I know Columbus was pissedoff when he got to his destination! And that my friend explains all the death and destruction, diseases, slavery, taxes and Soulja Boy that we have to suffer with today. Here it is hundreds of years later, and we're still catching hell because Christopher Columbus wanted to eat curry chicken. Come to think of it, that's probably why all the people of East Indian decent own and run all the motels in America.

Check out this video...

Aren't you glad that you stopped by? Now you can run out and tell all of your friends that thanks to me and your grade school teacher you now understand why Columbus Day is celebrated. Hopefully now you can understand that society as we know it was no accident. Columbus didn't set out to prove that the world wasn't flat. He did it because he wanted to eat curry chicken. And because of him, the bank isn't open, and you have to worry about your kids burning down the house because they're out of fuckin school today!

Thanks Chris

Friday, October 10, 2008


After telling you people of my decision to vote for John McCain because he has a Black daughter, I am now ashamed. Why must my people belittle themselves the way they do? And why does it have to be often on national television?? I mean seriously, when will the Jigging stop?!! Wasn't "Flavor Of Love" and Flavor Flav enough?

Ok, so late last night I'm up watching Rachel Maddow's show, and I see a clip of one of yesterday's McCain stump rallies. I wasn't really paying attention as to who or what was gonna be said, but I figured it had to be more of McCain or Palin lies being espoused. That's what I expected to see. I mean, that's what they've been doing, right?

Instead of that,

I got this....

This brother (yes he's still a brother because he's black) has set us Negroes back 400yrs. Some of my caucasian readers may not feel me on this, but I know my black readers will. Upon seeing this, images of a black man begging his white master to keep him on the plantation as a slave after the emancipation proclamation flew into my head. Now I wasn't alive 400yrs ago, but I'm pretty sure that's what it looked like or sounded like. What the fuck is wrong with this Black man? Clearly, he's a republican, and a supporter of John McCain. Which would mean that he's not gonna vote for Obama. Could it be the fact that McCain is losing ground in this campaign that invoked this man's inner Uncle Tom? Yes I called him that, because that's what he is. Could it be that he's just another blind black man unable to see ...

the reality of this campaign's current stance


Why didn't he beg for McCain to offer solutions to the economy? Instead, he begged...HE FUCKIN BEGGED...John McCain to go hard on another Black man with racially motivated hate. That's what I saw or got from it, and hopefully you did too. Like I pointed out in a recent entry, people...white people have been calling for the death of Barack Obama at McCain rallies. They even started throwing racial slurs at camera man who just so happened to be black at one event. Pretty sad ain't it? And the McCain campaign, has yet to say anything against the recent barrage of negative responses from their supporters in the crowd. And what do we have to back up the bullshit rhetoric? A black man who chose to step up and pretty much get on his knees to suck the dick of John McCain.

Look, I really don't care who you support in this election, but dammit, don't lose yourself in doing so. Because of this brother, I'm now afraid of the white people I encounter in the public. Because of him, I think that I am now expected to enter restaurants at the back door, sit at the back of the bus, drink at the colored water fountain, and shine shoes for the rest of my life. I hate to have to do all of that, but this guy has left me no choice. But then again, he may have just been a paid actor the McCain campaign picked up the the rent-a-negro store. I mean, have you noticed that there's always a speck of blackness sprinkled here and there in their television appearances? A part of me wants to think that this is just strategy; a paid appearance by some unknown struggling black actor. Yeah, I find comfort in that thought. It keeps me from getting enraged, or even crying in shame.

I know there are Black Republicans, and I know that they're sometimes seen as "sellouts" by other members of their race. But umm, this dude sure as hell doesn't do much to dispel that stereotype now does he? Its one thing to be a white McCain supporter spitting racial hate for the opposing Black candidate. But its another thing to be a black suporter encouraging and motivating racial hate in your support. Its no wonder blacks unanimously support the democratic party. I'll stop for now before they bring out the fire hoses, and police dogs to get my ass. Or worse...get shot for wearing Barack Obama t-shirt.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Thats right! You read it right!! I'm gonna vote for John McCain in November!! Yeah, so what I've made my support of Obama public up until now. Can't a man change his mind without being considered a flip flopper? Believe you me when I tell you I have my reasons. And no, my decision has nothing to do with his most recent debate. No it doesn't, and I don't care that he refered to Obama as "that one". Nor to I care that he still refused to shake Obama's hand after the debate. None of that means anything to me because I don't get caught up in all that racial stuff like the rest of you.

That being said,

my number one reason for voting for John McCain is....

Image Hosted by
Cindy McCain and their daughter Mehgan McCain

He has a black daughter. Ok, so she's not really black, but she looks like it. Hell, she looks blacker than Obama. You see how much darker than him she is? Besides, if Obama wins, we'll have to score a victory for light skinned people, and Al B Sure might take it seriously and try to make a comeback. The last thing Black people need in this country is for Chritopher Williams to come back singing "Don't Wake Me I'm Dreaming". If him and Al B Sure do comeback, brothas are gonna start buying that "Duke" hair processing perm shit like they used to back in the day. I'm sorry but Al Sharpton with a perm in 2008 is enough. Suddenly, all light skinned blacks are gonna think they're the shit, and lord knows we don't need any of that divisiveness within our culture. Hell, I'm just now getting over the Don Imus "nappy headed hoe" thing, and I don't need to start hearing light skinned people refering to "the other ones" as such.

Secondly, voting for him because of his black daughter would be a moral victory for all black people. Yeah, I know you probably think an Obama victory would be more significant. But thats not true. We blackl people have gotten used to the fact that there'll never be a Black president. I say it would be a moral victory because in 2000, when McCain ran against Bush, the Bush campagin, or some Bush supporter, through PUSH POLLING convinced republicans to NOT vote for McCain. They convinced them to NOT vote for him because he had an illigitimate Black child. Nevermind the fact that his daughter was adopted. Facts don't matter to republicans. They didn't vote for him because of it and freakin Bush won! And I guess we all know how the Bush victory in 2000 has changed our lives.

So what Obama is more of a populist as a candidate. Big deal. He's only more popular or ahead in the polls because, well...his mom is white! That plus the fact that white people are voting for him because they refuse to vote for McCain because he has a Black daughter. I'm telling you, this PUSH POLIING stuff is serious, and people easily buy into this stuff. They believed it back then in 2000, and obviously they still do, and thats why Obama is ahead right now. You say McCain has an ill temper and is an asshole, and thats why you're not voting for him? Well, would you still be happy if you lost an election beacuse of your Black daughter?

Its imperative that we put aside the racist bullshit, and stop voting against our principles. The republican party, sad to say, has been effective in gaining votes because of this. We should all realize voting for Obama is an error in judgement. We need to vote for McCain if not soley on what I've laid out above, but also because if he loses, Madonna and Angelina Jolie would stop adopting kids from Africa and other third world countries. Its time for us to put our country first, and not let them send back adopted kids like they did Elian Gonzales when they sent him back to Cuba. After all, there's no Disney World in Africa or Cuba.

*Its a good idea to click the links in the blog above to understand my sarcasm. If you don't, well drink a glass of warm bleach, and call it a day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Do like they're doing in Philadelphia right now. With Philly being in Pennsylvania, a heavily contested battleground state, it looks like racist fuckers are strategically trying to suppress the African American vote; again!

They're currently circulating fliers in poor Black neighborhoods informing citizens that they will be arrested at the polls if they have outstanding warrants, and or unpaid parking tickets. Can you believe that shit? Not only do Black voters in Philly have to worry about having their vote stolen by electronic voting machines like the ones used in Ohio in 2004, they now have to worry about potential arrest.

Vote-scam fliers target black neighborhoods

With just weeks to go before the presidential election, voter intimidation has reared its ugly head.

An anonymous flier circulating in African-American neighborhoods in North and West Philadelphia states that voters who are facing outstanding arrest warrants or who have unpaid traffic tickets may be arrested at the polls on Election Day.

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison, who learned of the flier last week, said that the message is completely false.

"The only thing that police officers are going to do that we'll be encouraging that day is that they'll be exercising their own individual right to vote," Gillison said.

He plans to put up statements on the city and police Web sites to let citizens know that the handouts are false. He said that he also will record a public-service announcement for broadcast.

Gillison referred the matter to the U.S. Attorney's Office and the district attorney.

"We are not going to stand for any intimidation of voters," Gillison said. "Not in this city."

He said that he did not know who was behind the fliers, which appear to be targeted at supporters of Democratic candidate Barack Obama.


Now, the shit has since been debunked, and has been recognized as an old practice. But even with that being said, you can't deny the psychological effect the tactic has. Do you think that Pookie who is a first time voter will be willing to go to the polls on November 4th, and run the risk of sitting in jail when he knows he's behind on child Support? Do you think that he's gonna believe this to be just another racist attempt at voter suppression? Hell no he's not! Instead, he's gonna run and tell all his friends, who like him, are upstanding citizens of the ghetto. And with the whole STOP SNITCHING movement, you already know where their alliegance lies, and they're all gonna believe him. And why wouldn't they? Hell, they still think Tupac Shakur is alive.

Urban legends aside, I could only imagine the number cities across America, where this practice is being used right now. And just think, this is being done in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, and not rural Mississippi like the good ole days. Its really sad when you think about it, but its to be expected living in this shining beacon of freedom and democracy that is America. Kinda makes me wonder what fliers they put out in the suburbs, or where the white people live.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I'm beginning to think that Iraq is like some good pussy: easy to run up in without protection, but hard as hell to pull out. And the thing that's been getting on my nerves is all the talk of THE SURGE, and how it worked. I swear, I hear so much about the surge that I now think its some big bad character on WWE Raw. You know, kinda like the new Mr. Badass on your cable network wrestling show on a Monday night? Think Booker T. Yeah, thats the surge, cuz he sure has been getting a push. I wish they would just stop it with all that talk about it, because at the end of the day, soldiers and innocent civillians are getting killed everyday. Hell, if they did it right after deciding to invade the place there would be no need for the surge. But don't tell that to the war mongering presidential candidate who I shall remain nameless.

But here in America, we have this false sense of competence when it comes to the military. We all have the confidence that the U.S. military can go anywhere in the world and kick ass. I mean who could really kick our asses right? We've been kickin asses and taking names for years right? Well, if you're a John Wayne/Audie Murphy fan you just might feel that way and I would understand why you'd feel that way. I mean after all, those films were based on some old Korean war pre-Vietnam bullshit. But I'm a kid who grew up in the 70's and 80's so I look at the shit differently.

Remember this dude...

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Yeah thats Mr. T. He was a member of The A-Team. If you remember that show from the early 80's, they were a bunch of dudes who were fugitives from military justice. They basically were framed (or so they say) for some bullshit in Vietnam, and they escaped the military stockade and were living in Los Angeles. I used to love that show and I watched it every week when I was growing up. But now that I'm grown I could look back and say that the military was really wack. They couldn't even catch the fuckin A-Team! Four fuckin dudes riding around in a Black van in L.A. should not have been hard to catch. I mean this is L.A., even "Kane" got shot and killed in "Menace To Society"! But the military could never catch The A-Team or even fataly shoot one of those guys. I mean c'mon the cops caught Rodney King who was driving a Hyundai and beat his ass, but the military couldn't catch B.A. Barrackus? Whats the odds of putting Bin Laden in handcuffs? Are you with me so far? Oh ok, so you think I'm trippin huh?

Ok, here's another reason, remember this guy...

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Yeah thats John Rambo. He too was a Vietnam vet. He was homeless or crazy pretty much like most of those dudes who came back from Vietnam. I don't know exactly where the fuck he was when this shit went down but all I know is he flipped out on some fat sheriff and went into the woods to hide. Well since the cops couldn't get him the military got involved. The military were the only ones who could understand him and calm him down. Sure they could, but they couldn't catch The A-Team. They eventually was able to convince him to go on covert missions and wreck shop in a couple of different conflicts overseas. And guess what? They brought him back again! Yeah Rambo came back last year. See, the military aint shit because they use people. I don't know if they ever thought of sending him to Iraq this time, but I think they should. He kicked ass here in America with 1 knife so I think he qualifies for Iraq. But since he's old, he can't do it by himself. Trust me when I say he'll need help.

I think between him, The A-Team, and this guy....

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They'll be able to get it done. Now you're wondering...The Fresh Prince Of Bel Aire? No not that slacker. I'm talking about the dude who beat the Aliens in "Independence Day". I don't know what his name was, but I know he was black and he looked alot like Will Smith. You can't leave that guy out of this conflict. I mean he killed aliens and saved the world for crying out loud! Tom Cruise ran from the aliens like a bitch, and he's into scientology. Did Will Smith run? Hell no he didn't! Like many black men before him he did what he had to do in the face of grave danger and he saved the world. He fuckin won! Not the military...Will Smith! He single handedly saved the world!

The U.S. Marines have a slogan, "We're looking for a few good men", well by George I think I found them. If we put together these dudes there'll be less spending and casualties in the war in Iraq. And we'd be talking less about the damn surge. And once again, this is why I say the military aint shit! History has shown it but you people just weren't paying attention. Do you people realize how much money would have been saved? The gov't has spent over $600 billion dollars on the war effort to date. That money spent could have done so much more here in the country, but instead we depend on our military leaders to get it done in Iraq.

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I guess nobody listened to Colonel Decker on this one


The very first of the American Bill of Rights begins, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . ." The Supreme Court of the United States has long interpreted the first amendment of the constitution to mean that the government cannot use its enormous resources, power, and influence to favor one religion over others. In this doctrine, the State and the Church must remain independent. This is the principle of "The Separation of Church and State."

The intention was to prohibit the establishment of a specific state religion and to protect other religions from persecution. Thus, America became a land of religious freedom, tolerance, and diversity.

Again the goal was to protect the religious freedom of all citizens, i.e., the complete freedom of human beings to determine their own religious beliefs, which can only exist if the power of the government is not used to shape the religious beliefs of the citizens. To protect this most holy freedom, there must be NO actions by the State favoring one form of religious belief over any other.

In 1994, this inspired doctrine was clarified further when the Supreme Court concluded that "government should not prefer one religion to another, or religion to irreligion." The government's sacred job is to protect the complete freedom of sentient humans to determine their own religious beliefs, and to do so, the government must not enter into the business of promoting any particular form of religious belief.

Many of the religious fanatics who want to do away with the Separation of Church and State actually harbor the paranoid delusion that their most sacred holiday, you know, the one where they celebrate the immaculate conception and birth of God's son to a virgin by engaging in a frenzied orgy of shopping and consumption is in grave danger! In their conspiracy theory belief system, the dark forces of secular humanism (comprising far less than 10% of the American population) have declared a War on Christmas. And, of course, the Christianity that each such group of religious fanatics propose to make part of America's legal Constitution just happens to be THEIR particular version of Christianity.

Anyone in the mood for a few hundred years of religious warfare? Apparently, a large segment of the American electorate needs a reminder of what it is like to have governments controlled by one group's religious point of view.

In the face of such widespread historical ignorance about why the framers of the Constitution felt a need to separate the state from religion, religious freedom cannot be taken for granted. This divine freedom enshrined in the Constitution could be eroded and eventually vanish altogether. For the maintenance of freedom in a democracy to be assured, a better educated electorate is required; the people must have an understanding of the relationship between laws and rights. And the understanding needed for the maintenance of religious freedom in a democracy is diminishing in America.

For example, many Americans found nothing wrong with the Bush Administration's erosion of the Separation of Church and State when Bush instituted long prohibited government grants to "faith-based" organizations.

And the religious right has been able to generate growing support for another apparently reasonable initiative, one that would supposedly enhance freedom and improve the quality of education: school vouchers.

School Vouchers to the Rescue!

So how do our political leaders respond to the critical importance of education in the maintenance of a robust democracy? In their ostensible concern about the quality of education that children receive in public schools, many of America's elected officials are now promoting school vouchers. Vouchers will turn taxes collected by the government over to parents who can use them to send their children to the school of their choice.

More freedom! Choice and competition (the almighty engines of the free market) will improve the quality of education! Sounds good, doesn't it? Yet a little consideration of the consequences should make it clear that this would pose a far greater threat to American democracy than Saddam Hussein with real WMD's!

The 8yr reign of the Bush administration should make clear, today only a precarious allegiance to the Constitution is maintained by politicians put in place by an electorate that hasn't much of a clue about the importance of the Separation of Church and State. This precarious allegiance could very well reach "a tipping point" (to coin a phrase). Indeed, school vouchers should enable the religious right to reach their stated (!) goal, the destruction of America's religious freedom.

Consider this. It is the very same people who want to make the U.S. a "Christian" nation and are terribly concerned about "the carnage" from the War on Christmas who are the most vociferous supporters of school vouchers. Why? Because what will inevitably happen is that an even larger number of families will then be able to afford to remove their children from public schools (that are currently prohibited from fostering any particular religious notions) and send them to private, parochial (i.e., religious) schools.

The end result of such a change in how the government spends/disburses tax money earmarked for education is that many more millions of American children will be withdrawn from secular, public schools and sent to parochial schools. So don't worry; since parochial schools are believed by some to provide a better all-around education, we can rest assured that the next generation of Americans will have a more thorough understanding of the importance of the Separation of Church and State!

Yeah, right!

How about a little Sunni versus Shia, American-style?

Friday, October 3, 2008


As I look back at the debate between Obama and McCain, the one thing that stands out is the absent mention of Africa in the discussion of foreign policy. They touched on Iraq, Iran, Israel, Russia, and even Georgia. But there was no mention of Africa, or more specifically the genocide in Darfur. Obama did draw a reference to Henry Kissinger, and thats as close to Africa as they got.

"But Henry Kissinger isn't from Africa, he's an old white man!"

True, he's definitely not of African decent, and yes, he's an old white man. An old yet powerful white man I might add. You see, Henry Kissinger, is currently an advisor for to John McCain's presidential run. He's as influential to McCain as he has been to most of the presidents in modern history. You see, at one point in time he was the Secretary of State. This meant that he, like Condi Rice now, flew around the world representing the good ole U S of A, and helping to shape or influence U.S. foreign policy on other world citizens.

"Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World." - Henry Kissinger

Yup, thats a direct quote from the man who guides McCain on foreign policy. The same guy who said that it would be the interest of the next president to sit down and talk with the Iranian Prime Minister without any preconditions. A statement which he quickly retracted after Obama so skillfully exposed it on the debate. The above quote was taken from National Security Memorandum #200, which was signed into law under President Jimmy Carter. This policy (i.e. police action) was and still a part of what America is about when it comes to thrid world countries, and the continent of Africa.

But while we can look to McCain's advisor for this, Barack Obama has an advisor with foreign policy experience as well. His name is Zbigniew Brezinski. Obama's foreign policy advisor, is responsible for National Security Memorandum #46. This document basically promotes division within the black community, and people of African decent here and abraod. If you don't believe me click here and read for yourself; conect the dots while you're at it. And all this time you probably have wondered why blacks can't stick together in advancement of their own causes.

I don't know, you probably think blacks are crippled by playing the victim. But when you have policies written in the gov't which promote such division, you can't help but to wake up to whats really going on in America. Its no wonder that the candidates never even touched on Africa or the genocide in Darfur. Why would they when their foreign policy advisors are against the interests of Aficans here or abroad? Somehow today, I feel like I was duped when I bought that USA For Africa T-Shirt, and sung "We Are The World" back in 1985.

Thankfully it took Gwen Ifill, a black woman, to even mention Africa or Darfur in the Vice Presidential Debate last night. Thankfully she didn't sucumb to the pressure of writting a book on race and politics, and having to bow out of hosting the debate because she's, well...BLACK?!?!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


You mean to tell me, we have a Black man running for president, and you wanna run around the neighborhood drunk, terrorizing kids wearing a Cow Suit? Really? And you live in Ohio? One of the most important swing states in the country when it comes to this years presidential elections? No wonder them white folks stole votes in Ohio back in 2004. A cow suit? I seriously hope she works for Chik-Fil-A or sumthin. I mean, is that what's hot in the streets??


I have no more words on this one except...

We gotta do better...



Sure there's been alotta hype surrounding the recent financial meltdown. But like both candidates, I believe in the will of the American people. Americans are hard workers, and have led the world through their efforts to make this country the beacon of capitalism that it is today. With that being said, I think its important that our politicians listen to the voices of the American worker.

This is what we truly want....


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