Thursday, October 16, 2008


If anything, the series of presidential debates have provided me with comedic moments. Matter of fact, this whole election process, has given us a series of comedy relief. You probably don't wanna agree with me on this, but have you seen the "Saturday Night Live" ratings lately? Because of this election there have been numerous spinoff's the likes of "Joey" getting his own show after "Friends" went off the air. In case you didn't know, "Joey's" show tanked and was yanked off the air. So much for his 15 minutes of fame, right?

In steps "Joe The Plumber". Yup, like you, or the people who watched the presidential debate last night, I too thought he was a cousin of "Joe Sixpack". Uh huh, I thought "Joe The Plumber" was just another made up dude used to refer to middle class White America. Well, low and behold, after the debate, I find out that "Joe The Plumber" was a real person. As annoying as it was to sit through and listen to McCain refer to him as if he were an old college buddy last night, today, I have a new found appreciation for "Joe The Plumber".


Well, as it turns out, McCain's man "Joe" isn't even a registered voter. And what's worse, is the fact that he owe's the gov't a substantial amount of back taxes, and that he's not even a licensed plumber(YOU CAN READ IT ALL HERE). He is what is known, as a "Jack Leg"; a Jack of All trades and a master of none. Now, as a person who has had the privilege of working in the construction/home improvement industry in the past, its not common to come across a person like "Joe". To be honest, most self employed contractors or "Jack Legs" usually have their share of tax problems. But, not all of them have the opportunity of becoming famous overnight through the continued reference of the losing candidate in a presidential race. Not all of them have news networks setting up camera crews in their homes as they watched the debate, only to find out hours later that they can't even fuckin vote! Joe can't vote, so who the fuck cares about what he thinks!!

I'm pretty sure John McCain feels like an idiot right now. Hell, he has yet to meet the man. But the way he looked at the camera and said, "Hey Joe, you're rich..." makes me laugh. I'm sorry, but its obvious that "Joe" isn't rich. If "Joe" were rich, he damn sure would have a plumber's license. He damn sure would have sounded credible when he said in his street interview with Obama that he's trying to buy a company. But once again, John McCain didn't do his homework. Just like he failed to do homework on Palin, he failed to do any on "Joe The Plumber". What if "Joe" had a $1000 per week crack habit? What if "Joe The Plumber" dare I say, was related to Timothy McVeigh? Would that not make McCain look like more of an idiot than he is today? There's a rumour going around the internet that he's somehow related to the Keating 5, but you now how the internet can be, so I don't believe it. But either way, Joe The Plumber's 15 minutes of fame is up, and has run its course. Damn the internet can be so cruel.

Speaking of fame, and declining 15 minutes thereof...James T Harris, you know, the Black guy who is supposed to get his reward in heaven as John McCain put it last week? Yeah, that negro. I think his run is just about over. He appeared on CNN in an interview, and got heated about being called a sellout, and stormed off the stage in the middle of the interview. Oh well, so much for him ever having a shot at replacing Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson as the resident self hating Black guy on Fox News Channel. The funny thing about the confrontation is the fact that his ass got called out by another Black republican. Now you know the "brother" has been catchin hell from negroes all across the country for his "Jig" act at the McCain rally in Wisconsin (a state that McCain has since pulled his campaign out of I might add). But to get blasted on National Tv, by a fellow Black Republican? Yeah, thats definitely a signal that the game is over.

Somehow I can't help but to think of Jay Z's old song...

"It Was Allgood Just A Week Ago"

As Dave Chappelle would say...

"Tough break nigga."


Anonymous said...

Just for your OWN edification, it is NOT true that this guy is somehow related to THE Charles Keating of the Keating 5....better check your facts before you post rubbish and gossip. You'll look like one of the childhood "gossip game" participants.

RiPPa said...

ANONYMOUS#1: Did you miss the part where I said I didn't believe it? Lemme guess, your emotions got the best of you?

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Tough break nigga indeed! Whoopee!

Rippa, great post, and I loved the video. Hadn't seen that, and was pleased as punch that JT Harris ran away on CNN like a lil' crybaby. This means the media Right won't be offering him a cushy job no time soon if ever.

And WTF is Anonymous trying start crap here? Lemme take a guess... his candidate is losing and this is giving him a McFit. To him I say, tough break, dumb-dumb.

monte said...

i want to say this is an awesome post. it reminds me of the fact that there are some mentally unbalanced political fanatics out there. LOL

msladydeborah said...

LMAO at the caption on the McPhalin' picture. That is funny!

I live in the O-State and believe me when I tell you that we have been cracking up at this one.

I enjoyed reading your post.

Roadhouse said...

Thanks for checkin' out my blog.
Now, about "Joe".

You seem to missing much of the point. First of all, Obama knocked on HIS door. Joe is not running for office and never claimed to be anything but a plumber. He is nothing more than a guy who asked a question of someone running for office.
His tax situation has nothing to do with anything. Nore does his voter status or membership in a union. The only thing that matters is his question, which Obama answered.

Who's fault is it that Obama left the socialist cat out of the bag? Not Joe's.

Joe asked the exact same question that I would have asked if I had been there. I have others as well.

Even a hardened criminal has the right to ask a question. It's the answer that you should be looking at not the person asking.

RiPPa said...

ROADHOUSE: Obama never knocked on Joe's door, he was in the neighborhood. Now the thing that we should question, is the fact that right wing talk radio was already talking about JOE THE PLUMBER before Obama set food in that neighborhood.

You're right, he has as much right to ask a question of any politician as we all should. Holding them accountable is something I promote. However, in questioning Obama, he displayed a flaw in character, by lying. He is not who he said he was, as my blog and the media has shown. That in itself should be an embarrassment to him, and the McCain campaign, who have since seen this as an error in judgement for bringing him up.

McCain has since apologized for even bringing the guy up the way he did.

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i want to say this is an awesome post. it reminds me of the fact that there are some mentally unbalanced political fanatics out there. LOL

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