Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This year has to probably go down as maybe the best year in Black history. There's a black man making an impressive run for the presidency, and from the looks of it, dude's gonna win. The minimum wage went up for the first time in 10yrs. On top of that, now we have the United States government apologizing for slavery, and the abominable, dare I say, inhumane treatment of the ancestors of African Americans who suffered as a result of those Jim Crow laws.

Some of us probably never saw any of this coming. I know I didn't. But, here it is right in our faces. I'm not gonna lie, it feels good. Some of you reading this might think the apology is bullshit. Some of you may think it makes up for nothing. Well, you're right to an extent. As felonious as slavery was, there's really not much that can be done to change its impact on our populace. Some of you are probably of the opinion that reparations, or monetary compensation would be the way to go. But is it really? Can you truly put a price on what slavery has done to us as a people?

Personally, I don't think it could be ever done. But since black people worked free for all those years, I think its only right that every black person should be exempt from any taxes in this country. The only issue with that would be how long should the tax free season be. I don't know, but a minimum of forever years sounds good to me. Not trying to be greedy, but I think since education is so important to ones sucess, all black people should be able to go to state colleges free of charge. To me, something like that, would make a greater impact on the black populace. They gave Native Americans reservations and casinos, while we got the projects, crack, and Ward Connerly. The least they could do is let us be tax free around this camp, and pay for higher education.

Forever, folks have been saying that black people are full of excuses for their circumstances. They often say this without giving any thought to our history. I mean, its not like we've been given a free ride around this bitch, and mu'fuckas just throw away opportunities. If thats what you believe, then I know of a bridge in New York I could sell you for cheap. I seriously think thats the form of reparations, or settlement that should come to us black people. Rather than a historic gov't funded lottery payout, this is what needs to happen. I could think of alot of other shit that we could benefit from as a payout, but I think what I propose to be well enough. Anything more than that and we'll have white people trynna pass themselves off as black and try to take our loot. I dunno about yall, but I ain't down with that. But then again, if they do, and we allow them, we should be able to call them nigger.

Can you think of a better way?

Agree or disagree?

What say you?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


You know its really funny how people say that Barack Obama isn't black enough. What the fuck does that exactly mean? What the fuck is black enough? I mean are we talking complextion, as in not black as Wesley Snipes? I mean really what is it?!! Ok so the dude's mom is white, big fuckin deal. Halle Berry's mom is white, and so is Alicia Keys, but I don't hear too many cats say, "nah I can't fuck with her dawgg she ain't black enough!"

So why is it that when it comes to him being a black man his "blackness" is questioned? Its like people want him or expect him to start talking about all the whippings he got on the plantation, or worse, talk about what it was like for him in the bottom of the ship that brought him to America as a slave. Yeah, thats the stuff black people wanna hear about him. You know, that way we could relate. I mean, who wouldn't want a president who went through the same shit as us.

The fact that his father was African (in my opinion) makes the dude more black than the average "African American". Because of this, he has a direct connection with his heritage, unlike so many "African Americans" in this country. I mean, the man can actually go to Africa and visit his relatives. How many of you black people reading this can say that you can do that? Probably very few of you can. So doesn't that give him a stronger connection to Africa than the average black person in America? Try going to Africa and looking up your long lost counsins...the Johnsons, and I think you'll see its probably gonna be a task in futility. But for Obama, all of that isn't good enough.

You people wanna hear that he has bad credit, got passed over for promotions because he was black, had to live in the projects with his white mom next to the Evans family from "Good Times" in Chicago, and all sorta dumb shit that would give him credibility. Here's some credibitlity for ya....he smokes weed! Ok, so I'm not too sure if he still does. But he did say in his book that he fucked with drugs when he was younger. He even admitted to fuckin with cocaine for a lil bit. But any person "black enough" can look at his lips and see that he smokes blunts. Look at how dark they are?!! You can't tell me y'all ain't thought of that. If he still does, its probably a good thing. It would mean that he'd be on chill mode, and very relaxed all the while having an elevated mind.

"And whats that gotts do with anything?"

He would be a man of peace and not a president who wants to push wars dumbass!

But oh well, he's just aint black enough is what they say. The man even has a fine ass woman...A BLACK WOMAN...for a wife, and he 's still not black enough. I dunno, maybe if his wife were white and ugly he'd be more accepted. You know, kinda like alotta sucessful black men in America. You know, our heroes and role models who play professional sports. Fuck Obama, those are the dudes our kids should look up to. Nevermind that he was a scholar, he can't dunk a basketball or hit homeruns like real black people can. And just in case you still don't think he's black enough...take a look at the pic above. Doesn't he have that look that says, "BITCH PLEASE!" Now show me a black man in America who has never said that, or ever had that thought. Thats what I see when I look at the pic above, and maybe you just have to be black to see it too. If you're black and you do see it, maybe he's actually talking to you instead of Hillary?

Monday, July 28, 2008


Apparently gay activists are pissed because of this Mr. T Snickers commercial. Me? I'm no homophobe and I do believe in gay rights because they are people too. But fuck alladat, this commercial is hilarious! I mean, I could see what they see with the subliminal messages and shit, but its still some funny shit to me. Sometimes I think people just take stuff to serious. But then again, I'm a fan of those old Mel Brooks movies, like "History Of The World", and "Blazing Saddles". They had a black sheriff in that one, out in the racist old west. Did black people get pissed off because of it? Hell no.

Its kinda like that New Yorker cover depicting Barack Obama and his wife a week ago. Some people thougt it was offensive. Me? I thought it was funny. It would be different if they had depicted him and his wife feathered and tarred. Or maybe worse...sitting around eating chicken and watermelon. That would have been cause for concern. But then again, I've heard black people telling "jokes" about Obama and his family painting the White House black, and having the menu changed to have them eat nothing but Soul Food.

Most people fail to recognize satirical humor, and thats sad. It's sad because behind closed doors (or maybe even in public) we say and laugh at shit in or own sick or twisted way. Actually, we all laugh at the same things unknownst to each other. Think of how many times you've probably uttered the words, "I thought it was just me.." after hearing a joke or a comment about somebody or something.

When I saw the "controversial" cover, I got a kick outta seeing Michelle Obama wearing camoflage, packing an AK47, and rocking an afro. I mean, that took the angry black chick to another level, and thats cool. For years sistas have been haunted by images of that fat, black, head scarf wearing, house-cleaning, "I help you raise your white kids" type of woman. You know? That Aunt Jemima type shit. And in case ya didn't know, thats the reason the sistas have been mad for all these years. Aunt Jemima has killed it for them; thats the reason there are so many single black women raising kids. So seeing her, with an afro, totting a weapon was cool and I laughed. Hey, it could've been worse. They could've given her a Jehri Curl, and showed her counting Food Stamps. Or maybe they could've given her nappy hair, like Condoleeza Rice.

Check out the Snickers commercial....

Lemme know what you think.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Finally being told that Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny aren't real has to be devastating to a kid. But what's a kid to do? For years, they've believed in these characters. For years, their behavior has been influenced by the very idea that these characters are real. So finding out otherwise can affect people differently. Even in dissapointment, some of them accept it and live their lives, grow old as if nothing happened. But some of them are defiant.

"How dare you say that Santa is not real?!!"

"Are you fuckin kidding me!?!?!"

"You're a really bad person for saying that!!!!"

These people hold onto the idea that Santa and the Easter Bunny are real. As they grow older they preserve this ideology, and they even pass it on to their kids. And thats why we have kids today who still believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Fortunately for us, people like this are not violent or hateful in their defiance of reality. I wish the same were true for racists who spit hate conveniently packaged as "white pride". You see, racist people today are just like the kids I described above. They hold on to the ideology that they're superior, and they were meant to dominate the world. They act this way because they have to protect the lie.

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"Huh? What lie RiPPa? Da fuck are you talking about? White people are superior! Muthafucka they created civilization as we know it today! We owe everything to white people! If it wasn't for them, your black ass wouldn't even know how to speak english or use a microwave! Hell, the white man saved your black ass, but you're just too stupid to see it! Either that or ungratefull...ya fat fuck! "

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Yup, thats pretty much how most people think, but if only they knew the truth. Unlike some racist black people who spit that "white people lived in caves" bullshit, I'll tell you differently. You see, western civilization as we know it today has been credited to the Greeks. From language, culture, philosophy, medicine and pretty much everything else we know today was because of some greek scholars. Yup, a bunch of famous fat white dudes are who we have to thank for what we know today. If it wasn't for Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and the rest of those dudes I don't know how this world would be. Or so they'd like you to think. You see, most of what those dudes knew, they studied it in a place called Egypt. You probably heard of the place...sand, pyramids, King Tut, Nefertiti, mummies, afro picks, watermelon...yeah that place, Egypt.

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Well Egypt my friend just happens to be in Africa, and the indigenous people were in fact black. These people were already advanced in alotta different things. And it so happened that the Greek cats came thru and they soaked up madd game from the Egyptian scholars. Matter of fact, aa few of the African dudes even migrated north to ancient Greece and even helped to build the Roman empire. But you see, history never shows that. You have to do your own research to find the truth. And even then, you probably are gonna be looked at like an idiot. Look people, everything we know or practice today had to start somewhere. And that somewhere is in Kemet (which is Egypt by the way). History as we know it has been plagarised, and re-written to make black people look inferior. Our history as its told has been deeply rooted in slavery and oppression for thousands of years. Thats what they would have you believe. And they do that because the truth would be devastating to many. To reveal the truth, and give credit where credit is due would undo so much which has been systematically designed.

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Hell, even in the bible black people (the decendants of Ham) were cursed to be slaves. Yup, even in the bible there is racism. I wonder why a book used by a faith, based on love, would endorse such an ideology? Its because they have to continue to perpetuate the lie. And today we pray to God in hopes to get to heaven so we can live forever. I'm sorry but, aren't the same racists people gonna be in heaven as well? And if thats the case, heaven has to be bullshit. Because heaven is supposed to be a beautiful place where everyone is happy and they'll all get along. Yup, in heaven I'm not gonna be a nigger anymore, and I'll be singing praises next to the same people who lied and plagarized history. Yeah, and I'm supposed to trust that?!! Maybe I should! Fuck it! Santa Clause is real, the easter Bunny is real, the bible is the truth, black people were meant to be slaves, white people invented modern civilization, and I my friend, am a nigger, and I can't wait to get to heaven so I can be happy.

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Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, summer is definitely winding down. They've already started showing back to school commercials for the kids this week. I'm kinda sad because it means that I have to take my oldest back up north to her mother's for school. I probably won't see her until maybe the middle of the fall when she's on break. Or maybe even Christmas. Either way, by her living in another state it makes it kinda hard, and in my selfishness, I hate to let her go.

I'm guessing she's ready to go back as well. Not that she didn't have a great time down here. From all appearances, she's been having a blast hanging out with her new "step-sister" who's a year younger than her. The two of them have become quite the pair. The funny thing, is how different or almost opposite they are, and just how well they get along. If only grown women could be like that. But I know she's ready to go back because she foundout that her best friend died in a car wreck last weekend. Unfortunately for her, she was with me here, and unable to go to the funeral. She's been staying in ouch with her friends via MySpace so though she's not at a total loss, I know she's anxious to get back to her friends.

Before she leaves next week, she's gonna have a pleasant surprise. My mother is flying in from New York, and we thought it would be best to surprise her and not announce her arrival. I can't wait to see her face when she sees her grandma walk in the door. Like me, she hasn't seen her grandma (my mom) for a few years. I'm excited because its gonna be her first time here in Memphis, meeting my wife, and subsequently meeting her new grand-daughter who is now almost 9mths old. What can I say, geography is a bitch.

I'm hoping to have a good time with my mom here for a couple of weeks. But I'm afraid of any conflicts we may have. You see, we get along fine, but she's like the super-christian, and I'm not exactly that. Nor am I exactly the lil kid anymore. We often have falling outs when we debate religion and stuff like that on the phone, and I'm not sure if I can even deal with it in person. Shit, she's even made it clear that we'll be going to church when she's here. See how she is? Already coming up in my spot trynna run shit. But its allgood I guess. I'll be able to eat some of her beloved cooking, West Indian style of course. If she thinks shje can just come up in here without any of that GOOD TRINIDADIAN FOOD from up in Brooklyn she's a damn lie!

I'm kinda worried about not being able to get sum from the wife while she's here. Hopefully my wife doesn't pull that shy "we can't fuck cuz your mom's in the next room" bullshit on me. If she does, I'll be really shitty. Oh well, at least I'll eat a Roti or two, and drink some Mauby while she's here. Or even some coconut curry chicken and rice like in the dish in the pic above. I wish I could get that type of "island food" down here in Memphis; thank God she's bringing it with her because geography is a bitch.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Last year when that Jena 6 thing jumped off, and people took up the cause to fight for justice, I was against it. Not that I'm against justice. No never that! I just felt that the situation or the incident was blown out of proportion. To this day, I still say that the fight for which those 6 kids were arrested for had nothing to do with race, or a noose being hung from a tree. But that was last year. People protested, marched, the kids went to jail like they were supposed to, but they found time to make appearances at the BET Awards like they were heros. Those 6 kids were the new faces of injustice; the new Rosa Parks if you will.

Now here we are, several months after that Jena stuff blew over and we have a new story. Not much mention has been made of Baron "Scooter" Pikes from Winnfield Lousiana, or the injustice he suffered. Ironically, he's the first cousin of Mychal Bell, the prominant figure in the Jena 6 case. Also, the town he (Pikes) lives in is a hop skip and a jump as they say, from Jena Lousiana. Baron was arrested for an outstanding warrant by the police. No big deal, black men get arrested all the time. But Baron was tasered several times, while handcuffed, over a 30 minute period and died in police custody. The cops in question have not been reprimanded for their actions to this day, despite his death being officially labeled a homicide by the state coroner.

This happened back in January, not that far removed from the Jena 6 hype, and I'm at a loss as to why this story hasn't gotten any attention on a National scale. I don't wanna think that the Jena 6 was an embarrasment, by it being the wrong case for the cause of injustice. I sure hope thats not the reason activists have been silent on this one. If you ask me, this would be the most appropriate case for people to act on. What better a case to use for the fight against injustice than this one. Especially on the heels of the Jena 6 movement, and not to mention the Sean Bell verdict. Remember him? He was shot 50 times by New Yorks finest while out celebrating at his bachelor party. Oh yeah, he died too, and he was unarmed. But then again, stuff like this rarely happens. Cops are nice people, and they're particularly sensitive towards minorities. So much so, that they go out of their way to help them because they respect them as humans.

They did the same thing in Shenadoah Pn. about a week ago. Don't know if you heard about it, but a Mexican immigrant was killed by a group of white kids. Clearly it was a hate crime, as the suspects were screaming racial slurs as they beat the man to death. Witnesses to the crime all reported that it was racially motivated. One of the key witnesses to the crime was on Democacy Now this afternoon, and said that she knew the guys since it was a small town, but the cops have yet to arrest anyone. She said, that instead of trying to apprehend the suspects as they ran away (she pointed in the direction of their flee) they were more focused on handcuffing her husband, and accosting him. Oh yeah, she was white and her husband is Hispanic by the way. Uh huh, they showed up on the scene while dude was getting his ass beaten because he called them. They were there at his side as he was stomped and kicked in the head repeatedly. This was more of a racial incident than the Jena 6 beatdown, but again, I doubt it will ever gain any traction in the media, or as far as activists are concerned.

I teach my daughters to respect the police as all children should be taught. But its really fucked up when in the back of my mind I have to make a decision whether to tell them that the police, the people who are supposed to serve and protect us, cannot be trusted. In a way, I'm kinda happy that I'm not raising a young black man right now. Being a black man raising a son in the wake of whats going on could be a tough one. But then again, cops are known for jumping on buses, grabbing black women, and slamming them to the pavement for giveing them the finger. Shit like that has surely done alot by the way of reducing crime.

But hey...

Whats a black man to do?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


See the girl in the pic? Thats my soon to be 15yr old daughter Dijonna (Dee-jon-Nae). Sometimes she gets on my nerves, but thats probably because she is practically my clone. She's been a "project" of mine for years now. She's super intelligent, and as a freshman in high school, she was an all honors student. As a sophomore, she's gonna continue the displaying the high standard to which I hold her to. She lives in Kentucky, and for a long time she has tested way above the states average test scores for kids her age. She's my first born and my pride and joy, but I have a problem.

You see, I want her to do well in school so she can get a scholarship and go to college. Like many black people, I can't afford to pay for her to go to school. So, I can only hope that she continues to do well, and further her education in college. She says she wants to go to college, but she's not really all that excited about it. You see, she has dreams of becoming a singer/actress. And in her opinion, college is not necessary. In a recent conversation, she said that she didn't think it was fair for her to have to bust her ass in honors class, while all her friends just breeze thru in regular classes. Hearing her say that, was very disapointing to me, but I understand that even though she is very mature for her age, she's still 14yrs old. Seriously, I wanted to choke the shit out of her for even thinking like that. But since she wants to be a singer/entertainer, I think I've figured it out.

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Thats Miley Cyrus in the pic above. She's the star of Disney's "Hannah Montana", and also the daughter on country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus. If you don't have kids you may not know her. But I dare you to front like you don't know who he is! Don't lie, I know your ass was singing "Achy Breaky Heart" back in the day!! Uh huh, yeah...THAT Billy Ray Cyrus! Well anyway, it seems that all the kids love this show on Disney. As a result, she conducted a sucessful concert tour right across the country. Her tour was such a big hit that her tickets were hard to come by. Well, not just that, but because of the scalpers. Thanks to scalpers with the help of genius software, people were paying big dollars for her tickets. Its been reported that tickets were even going for up to $4500!

So now you're wondering how, and why. Well, using that genius software I mentioned, these guys are able to buy all of the tickets from Ticketmaster online. And then they sell them back to the general public at crazy prices! People have been enraged enough to get state governments to investigate the practice. Matter of fact, Ticketmaster plans to sue (if the haven't already) the creater of the software. So much for "live and let live". But this is about my daughter, and I know you're wondering, where I'm going with this.

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Well instead of encouraging her to continue to do well in school, I'm gonna have her drop out. I'm gonna do what Joe Jackson did back in the day. Only difference, my daughter is not gonna be allowed to play with mice. I mean, it can't be hard because its just her as opposed to managing a whole band like the Jackson 5.

So you're wondering, "RiPPa, you're not famous like Billy Ray Cyrus." Of course I'm not! But was Joe Jackson famous? No he was not! But he was a crazy black man that knew how to whoop some ass, and get results! Now, I'm gonna be a little different. I'm not gonna beat my daughter's ass or anything; I don't wanna go to jail. I mean, that would totally ruin my plan. Instead, I'm gonna make her a big star, maybe even bigger than "Hannah Montana". I'm gonna use the internet to do it! I'm gonna use my internet fame and genius marketing skills.

Remember in "Coming To America" what "Mr McDowell" did with resturant? Remember his being a ripofff from McDonalds that he called "McDowells"? He even had the golden M's, remember? Well, I'm gonna do the same thing. I mean, c'mon, what's wrong with a black man stealing from the white man? They stole us from Africa, so I see it as a little payback. I'm gonna make my daughter the black "Hannah Montana".

Instead of Disney, we're gonna do a show on BET and its gonna blow up. Don't tell me that its not! Last time I checked, BET needs programing for kids, and that way people will stop bitching about half naked chicks in videos. So yeah, its gonna blow up, and I'm gonna get paid! Instead of "Hannah Montana" black kids are gonna be screaming "Waneesha Wyoming", and you parents are gonna pay for tickets to her show. My daughter is gonna be happy, I'm gonna be rich, and Joe Jackson will still be wearing a Jeri Curl.


Its definitely summertime alright. There's currently a heatwave hitting certain parts of trhe country right now. I live in Memphis Tn, and unfortunately for me, its hot extremely hot here every summer. With a "heatwave" its extra hot around here, sorta like the gateway to hell hot.

I'm not playing either. Its so hot around here that I just drove past a cotton field, and some of the slaves said fuck it, its too hot to work, beat my ass Massa Charlie. I'm serious. You know that Global warming is a bitch these days. Slavery was fucked up as it was, but could you imagine how it would have been when you throw Global warming in there?

I know I went shopping with the family and it was so hot that my fat ass could hardly breath. Fat people have trouble breathing as is, but damn that, it wasn't my fat rolls fuckin with me, it was the humidity. Yesterday it got up to 112° or 120° with the heat index. We would go into stores, and it would still be hot. And that was with the air conditioning running at full blast. I'm telling you, it was miserable yesterday, and its no better today.

I couldn't help but to think of all the old people who were stuck in their homes without air conditioning. Almost every summer you hear of stories of old people who die from heat strokes because they lack air conditioning, or because they couldn't afford to pay their bill. While some of us take the opportunity to run around half naked, using the heat as an excuse, there are folks dying from it. After reading this, some of you should meake a concious effort, to go check on an elderly person. Be sure to go check on them, and make sure they're not dying from the heat. Get them out of those sweltering homes.

Shit, take them out half naked like you, if you have to. Nevermind their wrinkles, or saggy boobs. They'll love you for it, or even remember to include you in their will. Hell, the old men would be happy enough to be able to see all these half naked young chicks running around in the streets. They'd probably have erections, and thats a great thing. Back in their day, there was no Global warming, half naked women in the streets, and definitely no Viagra. As a man, I don't mind the half naked women running around. Its the dudes wife beaters I can't stand. You know, the dudes with manboobs sporting those extra medium wife beaters? If only I was as brave as those cats. Me and my manboobs would be alot cooler, and alot happier.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BEING A NIGGER AIN'T BAD (its the crabs ya gotta worry about)

You know what? You niggers kill me! Yeah I said nigger. What? I use the word all the time. Surprised? Well I hope you're not. Maybe by the end of this blog you won't feel so bad about it. You see, allegedly Jesse Jackson used the word in reference to Barack Obama. And all I hear or see around here are opinions typical of niggers in this country.

"Fuck Jesse Jackson he's a hater, that fool is just jealous!!"

Yup, that seems to be the popular opinion these days. Some of you call him a hypocrite, but hey, this is America, who the fuck isn't. Lemme guess, did you think Jesse has never used that word. Hopefully you didn't think he's never heard it used before. You see, the word nigger is as American as baseball and apple pie. Its a part of our culture, and the American experience. For me to not use the word would mean that slavery never existed, and life is great for all people of color. Most people are offended by the word, but the thought of life being "great" for niggers is whats offensive to me. The word nigger is responsible for the necessary sucess of men like Jesse Jackson. If it wasn't for the creators of the word (i.e. racist white people) back in the day, there would be no need for the civil rights movement, or people like Jesse Jackson. But here we are in 2008 and people seek to distance themselves from the word.

All of a sudden "Fight The Power" has been replaced by "Yes We Can". I have to shake my head when I look at some of you niggers with that bullshit. Listen here nigger, if you truly think that you're above the use of that word you're a fool. If you're black in America, thats what you are. Don't get mad at me, its the fuckin rule of the land. Unfortunately the term African-American didn't erase our history. So I really don't care what you call yourself these days because we'll always have to come up with a new label for ourselves in this country. I mean think about it. We're probably the only race of people in America who had to officially change our name to please ourselves. But are we really trying to please ourselves? How much better were we when we stopped being colored and became negros? How much better were we when we went from negros to black people? How much better did we become when we went from Black people to African Americans? No matter how many times we changed our representative name, our perception has not been changed by the majority. Sure those African Americans have come a long way, but the minute they voice their opinions they're perceived as being a bunch of angry, ungrateful, dare I say...NIGGERS.

And us niggers in our ignorance, we do the same thing. Look at the way some of you talk shit about Jesse Jackson. But yet we criticize other niggers and are quick to label them as being "crabs in a bucket". If thats not the most tired cliche to describe niggers I don't know what is. The niggers who are quick to refer to this behavior are often the ones who are so ignorant to see the error in their ways. They never have a problem, yet they're stuck in the bucket like the rest of us niggers. Let them tell it, niggers who complain are stuck in the past; this is 2008, and that black power shit isn't necessary. We're our own worst enemy is what niggers like that often say. They sure do. They're quick at identifying problems, but rarely do they offer solutions. If that doesn't sound like a crab move then I don't know what is.

"But you ain't doin anything different RiPPa."

I know I'm not. I never said I wasn't a nigger. As a matter of fact, I embrace my niggerdom. I even do it so much that I DO show you niggers the error in your niggerish ways. I even go as far as to uplift you niggers from time to time. And in doing so, I never spare a moment to point the finger where it's deserved to be pointed. There is a certain level of objectivity in my niggerdom. Gimme a fuckin break, I am a nigger, and I'll always be a nigger in America until they kick me out this bitch. And that is the reason the word doesn't offend me.

"Everybody wanna be a nigger but don't nobody wanna be a nigger."- Paul Mooney

As people, I think we give certain words too much power. People get offended by the word nigger, but I rarely see them get upset or offended if refered to as an asshole. But then, there's a double standard with certain words. Thats bullshit too, and it shows just how fucked up us niggers are. There used to be a time when the word bitch would piss a bitch off. But nowadays I see and hear women refering to themselves as such as a term of endearment, or a term of empowerment. How can you be offended by a word that is a term of endearment? Beyond that, how can you be offended if someone other than bitches and niggers use the word? Can one of you niggers explain that shit?

"I love America more than any other country in the world and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually." - James Baldwin

I think I'll stop using the word nigger from here on out. As fucked up as niggers are, I think I'll start refering to them as crabs. I mean, thats what we all are. We're all a bunch of fuckin crabs aren't we? We lay at the bottom of the ocean eating fish turds. Yup, we eat whats left over from the fishes (white people). Oh we're not? Then why are we the number one consumers by race in this country? How come niggers only account for 5% as far as business ownership in this country? Yeah, we're crabs snatched up from the worlds ocean, and we now reside in the bucket thats America. Thats who we really are. Sadly, some of us crabs have forgotten the ocean in an attempt to fit in with the big fishes of this country. Now that I think about it, thats probably the reason crab niggers claw on top of one another trying to get out. But we're so stupid, we don't realize that once we make it out of the bucket we get our asse's ate up at Red Lobster.

I'm done fuckin wit yall niggers...

I'm going back to listening to the new Nas CD...

Peace out...


Saturday, July 19, 2008


You people might look at the guys in the picture and laugh. Well, when I first saw this pic I laughed too. But after a while I saw something that wasn't funny. Actually, I saw something that could be beneficial to the black community. You look at that pic and see two black guys wearing skirts. I look at the pic and I see the cure for AIDS/HIV as it affects black women in the black community. According to the "numbers", the black community (in America) is in dire straits when it comes to HIV infection and AIDS cases. Supposedly, more black people die from AIDS than any other ethnic group in America. This also means that more black women die from AIDS than any other ethnic group as well.

Recently, the rise in AIDS cases among black women has been blamed on black men who are "on the down low". I'm sure by now you've heard of it, and I'm sure you've heard some stories about it. Its become somewhat of an epidemic to the point where women have to be careful of the black men they date. They are more cautious about black men who are secretly sleeping with other men, more than any other time in history. And all it took for this to happen, was for one black man writting a book about his exploits and going on Oprah to talk about it a few years ago. Before that happened, this was never something women even took issue with. Women were secure with the black man, and the only thing he was ever suspect of, was having a criminal record and having more than one "baby momma". But nowadays, black women have to worry about whether Jamaal who's been locked up before ever took it up the ass, and liked it.

If you believe the numbers, you'd have to agree that the problem is getting worse. And that my friend is the reason why I say the pic above is actually a cure for the problem. Now, allow me to explain. Assuming that from looking at those dudes that they're gay, its easy to conclude that if you're a woman, you would not have sex with them. I mean, its common knowledge that HIV/AIDS is easily transmitted by gay men and drug addicts who use needles. So knowing that, its safe to assume that a heterosexual woman would think twice about having sex with a guy wearing a skirt. See where I'm going with this now? Yup, we need to get the gov't to pass a law requiring all men who engage in homosexual activity to wear skirts. Uh huh, if that would happen there would be a decline in HIV/AIDS infections among black women. I know, genius right?!! Thats what needs to happen to save our women.

Why should black women have to assume any responsibility for contracting HIV? The blame should all fall on the man, right? Lets be honest, black women aren't mature enough, or responsible enough to have protected sex, and the blame and responsibility should rest on the shoulder of the black man. Lets be real here, black men just aren't honest, and the only way to protect black women is to make black men wear skirts and dresses! That way, if a woman chooses to knowingly have sex with a guy wearing a skirt and contract HIV there'll be no excuses. She knew right? Conversely, a guy who gives a woman HIV, and fails to wear a skirt, all the while hiding the fact that he has or had sex with men, should be locked away in jail. I mean its only right, its only fair. Nevermind wearing condoms, or women not giving up the pussy to black men who refuse to wear a condoms. Damn right, forget about that shit! Its more important to know the other person's sexual preferences than protect yourself aint it? To sum it up, its about excuses and not reasons. Black people rather have an excuse for dying, than a reason to live. If the numbers are right, thats what I think.

What do you think?

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Did you people happen to hear about the 2500 people or so who lined up for Food Stamps in Milwaukee? I was reluctant to blog about this before now. But this week, it seems so appropriate. Yeah, a few weeks ago in Milwaukee, there were a bunch of people who showed up at the Welfare Office at 3am and formed a line. Apparently, there was some two for one give-a-way or something. Or so they thought.

It was reported that they had to send 34 squad cars (police cars for you slow folks) to break up fights, and implement crowd control. I'm kinda glad that this story didn't create a big buzz. The last thing black people need are images of us fighting on the news for Food Stamps. We're just now getting over that Hurricane Katrina looting stuff in New Orleans. Sure there are more white people on welfare than black people, but you'd never know because of all the racist stereotypes that permeate our society. I could see the headlines now...

Image Hosted by


Uh huh, as a proud black man myself, that would be embarrasing. But hey, I'd probably be pissed at the fact that it happened in Milwaukee rather than here in Memphis. I don't know if you've noticed, but food prices are crazy these days. My black ass would have been first in line. I would've probably slept outside the welfare office like all blacks do in this country. But this isn't really a sign of the economy. It turns out that it was announced that the state was gonna be taking extra applications for food vouchers in the wake of the recent flooding in Milwaukee or some shit like that. Once again, black people got it wrong as all they heard was FREE FOOD STAMPS.

So why am I even bringing this all up? Well, because its been bugging me. You see, even though that story didn't get much coverage (for which I'm glad), it was still reported and pictures of the mellee were released showing all black people lined up around the building and acting unruly. Whereas this week, white people have been lining up trying to get their money out of the banks out in California.

Image Hosted by

On the news, they've shown white people patiently lined up and waiting to withdraw their money. Some of them even had fuckin lounge chairs! The black people in Milwaukee didn't think of that now did they? No wonder they were pissed off and unruly...their feet hurt.

Yesterday there was a press release which alluded to the racial divide in this country. According to the release: There is still a racial divide in this country despite the progress made by blacks. Duh! Well no shit Sherlock!! Most people in this country don't even have regular contact with people of other races at work. And trust me, thats where we spend most of our time. Forget about that shit, everytime I turn on my local news, the first thing I see are the mugshot pictures of black men, along with stories of their arrest. They really need to do something about that. Taxpayers pay good money, but the cops aren't properly trained to catch white criminals. You'd think our tax dollars were better spent in police training. But hey, thats a different blog for a different day.

President Bush said this week that the economy is growing. He also said that he wasn't an economist. I'm no economist either, but I can surely look around and see whats happening. Its obvious that Bush isn't too smart now is he.

"I'm not an economist...I'm an optimist." - George Bush

Well, I'll be damned. Boy am I glad he cleared that up. All this time I thought he was a circus clown! The economy is jacked up. Inflation is at a 17yr high. People are losing jobs. More people are sucking dick for gas. And George Bush says that the economy is growing. Sure Mr. Bush, its growing alright.

America is the land of opportunity, and I'm guessing those white people withdrawing their money from the bank are opportunists as well. I'm guessing they're withdrawing their money so they can buy foosstamps from those unruly negroes in Milwaukee. I mean, why else would they? White people don't qualify for foodstamps now do they.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've been meaning to get Erykah Badu's latest offering. I like her music, but I love the subject matter of her songs more than anything. She's a positive force as for the upliftment of the sistas out there. I love her unique style, and her love for hip hop, and the way she represents it, gives me erections. Hip hop is often seen as a man's sport, but it excites me when I see women embrace it. My wife recently fell in love with Lupe Fiasco's CD "The Cool". She even called me from work one day to tell me how much she loved it. She almost never listens to hip hop, so just hearing her go on about the CD made me feel good.

This might sound stupid, but as a man, as far as sexual attraction to Erykah Badu, I have none. Don't get me wrong, she's a beautiful sista and all (I love her piercing eyes), but she just doesn't have that Beyonce, Alicia Keys type of appeal to me. But before you people come at me with the hate in your blood, for the record, I don't think she's ugly. Miss me with that bullshit in your comments. She's a beautiful black woman, but if I were single, rich and famous and had the chance to hit it...I probably wouldn't. Actually, I know I wouldn't. You see, I think Erykah Badu has the best pussy in the world, and frankly, it scares me. I've had my share of some good sex, but I'm afraid having sex with her would be a whole other ball of wax.

Look at all the cats she's knowingly been with. She got with Andre 3000 from Outkast, and she turned that nigga out. Look at how fuckin weird he started to dress after he got a piece of that pussy. The dude started wearing turbans and shit. Love in itself will have a man doing some stuff he cant explain. But ain't no nigga is about to look like the Taliban out of love. He did that shit because of the pussy. Yes it was that powerful. They even had a kid together. I cant remember if it was a boy or girl, but I know they named the kid Seven.Then she got with Common, and he got all weird and shit too. They was supposed to get married after they had a kid, but I don't know what happened. He was fucked up and weird acting for a while. Shit, he just got back to being himself last year. See what good pussy does?

The shit is really scary man. And now I hear she's pregnant with a third child by some producer cat in the industry. I don't know who he is, but I'm sure his ass got turned ot too. What bothered me after hearing she was pregnant again, is the fact that she's three kids, and three baby daddies deep.

"Why should that bother you RiPPa, she's an independent Black woman?"

Sure she's an independent black woman. A sucessful one at that. But even so, she still has three kids by three different dudes, and is unmarried.

"Well that ain't your business RiPPa!"

You're right, its none of my business, and my concern should not be about or for her. I understand that, trust me. But my concern is not actually her. Its the however many women who are sitting at home singing "Call Tyrone" and loving her, who are in the same predicament. Yeah, you know, the sistas who unlike her are not rich, but are unmarried with multiple kids by multiple men. You know the chicks I'm talking about, right? The ones that everybody calls trifflin. You know the ones that dudes and females alike refer to as hoes? Yeah, thats who my concern is for. You know, the regular people.

While some of these women sit around bashing men, and their irresponsibility, they almost always fail to hold themselves accountable for their decisions, or choices. Its never them, but rather some no good man who was the problem. Well folks, we're all grown, and we know thats not exactly true. There are many women who play a major role in their own demise. But let them tell it, its all Tyrone's buddy's fault. Really? Is it Tyrone's buddy's fault?? Shit, Tyrone's homie got put out remember? He moved on just like you did. I don't know how he's doing these days, but hopefully he didn't do like you and have three or four kids by different women. Hopefully, Tyrone's buddy got his shit together after he left, even if the pussy was that good. Hopefully, Tyrone's buddy now has a great job, making mad loot and paying his own way into the club, while you're stuck at home without a babysitter.

As people we idolize celebrities, and are drawn to them. We often see ourselves in them. They almost always have a rags to riches story which gives us hope. But we almost always forget that they're people just like us. They eat, breathe and shit just like we do. The only difference, they have more money. So while you idolize them, sing their songs, and wanna be them...don't forget that you're really not that different. You may not have Erykah Badu money or her problems. But you may have three kids and three different baby daddies, and that in itself ain't cool. Hopefully, you didn't name one of your kids Adidas or some weird shit like that.

Don't ya wish he never called Tyrone?

Monday, July 14, 2008


Remember when back in the day, they had the Scared Straight programs? They would have shows on TV where they'd take teenage kids to prison and have prisoners expose them to the harsh realities of life behind bars. This was supposed to be a deterrent, for kids to go on and live productive lives as citizens. I don't know if those programs ever worked, or could be considered a failure. But I do know that there are more people behind bars in this country than anywhere else in the world. Its either people just don't know how to act, or they missed those scared straight shows when they were kids.

SIDENOTE: In this country black men are over represented in the prison system relative to white men. Its time for us to stop assuming that this is a direct result of racism. Could it not be that all the black men in prison grew up in homes without a television, and hence we not able to see those scare straight programs?

I've never been to prison, but I've been to jail before. It wasn't that bad; they had cable TV. I wasn't there long enough to witness any rapes or anything. I assume if prison is anything like the county jail when I was there, those guys are having a good time. Maybe thats why they're that many people in prison? Its a fun place, maybe they like it? Maybe the gov't knows something we don't know?


Lately, I've been good, and I've not commited any crimes. So I don't worry about jail or prison as much. But I occasionally catch the show "Lock Up" on MSNBC. Its a pretty cool show. Its kinda like the grown mans version of those scared straight programs. This show exposes you to the harsh realities of being in prison in no other way ever seen on TV. Some of the people on the know, the prisoners? They'll scare the shit outta you, and remind you that murder, rape, child molestation etc. isn't a good option for one in life. Having to spend a great portion of your life in a place where some of the most hardened criminals reside has to have an effect on you. I don't know what the effect is, but I know I damn sure don't wanna find out.

I was reminded of this the other night when I was watching the show, and they featured one of the coldest cats I've seen on the show. His name was Fleece Johnson, and he's an inmate in some correctional facility in the state of Kentucky. I don't remember what he did to get there, but I know he's been there a long ass time. If I'm not mistaken he's been there since the 70's. In his interviews, he described some of the really hard shit he's done to people since being in prison. He's known to terrorize correctional officers, and inmates alike. Well, at least thats what he said about himself. I thought he was just bullshitin and trying to be hard, as all locked up muthafuckas do. But then I saw this interview on him last night that showed me differently.


After seeing this, I was dying laughing. Not that it isn't a scary thought having some guy like him ass rape you. But rather at how matter of fact the dude was about it. In no uncertain terms, he let us know what being a man in prison was about. being away from pussy for years is nothing. There are many muthafuckas who are free who ain't had no pussy in years....

But not being able to compromise on the booty??!!

Thats some fucked up shit!!!

Any man in prison who tells you that gettin "the booty", is more important that water, is a scary muthafucka to be around. And just think, he's one person; there are many more like him. As a man, If this clip doesn't wanna make you be a good citizen, then I don't know what will. In my opinion, they should take Fleece Johnson on a tour of high schools around the country. He should be one of the speakers for career day. If he doesn't motivate young men to go to college and live productive lives, then I'd say there's no hope for the future of America. If you have son's, I'd urge you to be sure they watch this clip. Show it to them, and re-inforce the fact that being perceived as a punk in the streets ain't shit. Its when you're in prison its important.

Shout out to Fleece Johnson...

A true American hero, that I hope I never meet.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Have you ever seen those commercials on TV for the pill called EXTENZE? Its a commercial for a male enhancement pill, that's supposed to increase a man's size, as the commercial says..."Down there." Allegedly, by taking this pill, your penis is gonna grow, and hence get larger. Now, I don't know if the pill works or not because I haven't tried it personally. But I'd be interesting to see the stock information for the company that produces it. Chances are, their stock is only worth $1.75. Lets be real, if the pill worked everybody would be talking about it. Not only that, it would be dispensed by prescription only.

But luckily for the impulsive, desparate, or the idiots who buy everything they see on TV, they'll give you a weeks worth of pills for free if you call. I'm 37yrs old, and if there was a pill I could take for only one week to make my dick bigger, I doubt I'd be able to get my hands on it. If there was a pill that effective, after only taking it for a week, chances are everybody would be taking it, and quite naturally, either it would be scarce, or cost at least $50 per pill. The other funny thing about the commercials are the testimonials. What a bunch of fake crap if ever. In the commercials, the Extenz people comb the streets to find users of the pill. Surprisingly, they always seem to find happy customers.

Really? I bet I can take a camera and walk around the city of Memphis, and not find a single user. But then again, this city is 70% black, and you know what they say about black men and their sex organ...anything more than 4 inches is just too fat. At any rate, these folks patrol the street with a camera and mic in tow to seek the testimonials of unsuspecting users. The real funny thing about this, is that the men they speak to are almost always white. So much for myths huh. Not only that, they never interview or ask a younger guy. The men are always some old looking middle age child molester look-a-like, and as expected, they all say the pill has worked.

The guys asked always seem to have a female companion at their side who are always used for confirmation. Not a bad idea. Most women lie to their men anyway when it comes to sex; its only natural for her to tell him his lil shriveled up dick got bigger. Sure it has? But when you look at the women, they're always some hot looking young chick. Have you ever noticed that shit? Thats the way they market products to stupid men. They always use hot models. Just like they do with condoms dispensed in those bathroom machines. There's alway a picture of a hot chick on the machine, to draw dudes in. Thats bullshit. If they were smart, they's put a picture of an ugly pregnant chick on it. I bet that'll boost sales.

But ExtenzE is an effective pill minus the bullshit infomercials and commercials on TV. Its so effective that the FDA has chosen to bypass giving it their stamp of approval. Either that, or everybody who works for the FDA has a big penis. You ladies reading this probably won't care too much about this. Nor probably have given this much thought, but I'm sure your man has. While you're curled up with your man watching TV one night, and this commercial comes on, you should test him. You should tell him that you thought about ordering it for him and see what he says. I'm pretty sure later that night you'll have the best sex you've had in a long time. Hell, he might even pop a viagra and drink a Redbull before he breaks you off.


Saturday, July 12, 2008


Barack Obama, the moral compass of this nation, has lectured/checked another black man. It would seem in his ongoing quest to become the least black president of the United States of America, Mr. Obama has set his sights on cleaning up the comedy circuit. Yes folks, Barack Obama, the candidate of change, has now launched an attack against black comedians.

Roll tape....

CHICAGO - Comedian Bernie Mac endured some heckling and a campaign rebuke during a surprise appearance Friday night at a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Toward the end of a 10-minute standup routine at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago, the 50-year-old star of "The Bernie Mac Show" joked about menopause, sexual infidelity and promiscuity, and used occasional crude language.

"My little nephew came to me and he said, 'Uncle, what's the difference between a hypothetical question and a realistic question?'" Mac said. "I said, I don't know, but I said, 'Go upstairs and ask your mother if she'd make love to the mailman for $50,000."

As the joke continued, the punchline evoked an angry response from at least one person in the audience, who said it was offensive to women.

"It's not funny. Let's get Barack on," a man shouted from the crowd, which paid $2,300 each to support the Illinois senator.

About 15 minutes later, Obama tried to smooth things over with a joke of his own.

"We can't afford to be divided by race. We can't afford to be divided by region or by class and we can't afford to be divided by gender, which by the way, that means, Bernie, you've got to clean up your act next time," Obama said. "This is a family affair. By the way, I'm just messing with you, man."

The incident drew response from Obama's campaign, which criticized Mac for his choice of material.

"Sen. Obama told Bernie Mac that he doesn't condone these statements and believes what was said was inappropriate," spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement after the event.

Mac, a Chicago native, said he's a longtime Obama supporter and called the presumptive Democratic nominee a "man's man" while offering him advice for the duration of the campaign trail.

"People like rumors. They're going to say things like you was at the club with Lil' Kim, and you and Kanye West got into a fist fight," he said. "You can't get upset. You've got to keep hope alive."

Mac's appearance was Obama's first celebrity event of the evening. Later at a Lincoln Park nightclub, Obama spoke to a raucous crowd of music fans, who paid up to $500 per person to see a performance by Wilco lead singer Jeff Tweedy, and two other band members.

"Before these guys go, I want them to know that I had heard a rumor that they had suggested that I had nothing by them on my iPod," Obama said. "That is not true. I love Wilco."



Now I don't know what the fuck were they thinking inviting a well known black comedian from Chicago, to do a monologue at a fundraiser. Lemme guess, Robert Townsend was too busy? Berinie Mac is a comedian and like all comedians, when on stage, all bets are off. Now I don't know if Bernie was warned or instructed as to the type of material he was supposed to bring to the table (if he was and I were him I'd be insulted), but I personally found the joke hilarious.

But hey, I guess you're not supposed to say filth, flarn flarn filth, in front of uppity negroes. Shit at $2300 a plate you damn sure know that there were no regular "I have a sense of humor" type people there. I'm sorry but after paying $2300 to be at this event, I'd be disappointed in just having Bernie Mac as my entertainment. For that kind of money, they shoulda had a fuckin circus, or maybe even Michael Jackson doing a duet with R.Kelly with a rendition of "The Greatest Love Of All". Hell I dunno, but they got Bernie Mac, and they got what they deserved.

Its pretty obvious that those upiity fuckers have lost the ability to laugh, as their financial portfolio has improved. Lighten up fuckers, stop holding your anal sphincters so tight, its just comedy. Hell, if you're not laughing at a joke its probably because you're not paying attention. You know, like Bernie's comeback to Obama about "Keep hope alive"? That was a reminder to Obama from bernie that like Jesse Jackson, he too is from Chicago, but unlike Jesse, he won't fail at cutting Obama's nuts off. Fuck Obama, that summumabitch! Bernie Mac shoulda buss his head to the white meat. No and not the white grandmamma side of the white meat either. That fool shoulda known better. And why was he at a night club where people paid up to $500 bucks to get in? He sure is a campaigning, get that money type nigga thats for sure, with his hustlin ass.

Who the fuck is Wilco by the way?

Friday, July 11, 2008


Earlier this year, we commemorated the 40th anniversary of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was killed here in Memphis Tn, and as I'm sure you know, this year there was a massive turnout to the Lorriane Motel (where he was killed -- now the National Civil Rights Museum). It was a somber day here in the city, as well as a rather rainy one.

Nonetheless, thousands braved the weather to listen to speakers eulogize Dr. King. The one thing that stood out to me that day, was the fact that there were presidential candidates in attendance, and they all gave speeches. Even John McCain was present, and apologized for voting against the King Holiday as him being a Senator from Arizona. It was a great day here in Memphis, but unfortunately, Barack Obama never showed.

He was off on the campaign trail in another state. To me, that was disappointing. As significant a day as it was, surely, he could have taken the day to stop here in Memphis as the other candidates did. I don't know his reasoning for not being there. But I sure hope that it wasn't because he didn't feel the need to pander to black voters as the other candidates did. Maybe he thought that he has the black vote sewed up because he's a black man? Then again, maybe he didn't wanna appear to be TOO BLACK. I really don't know, maybe it was not a big deal to you, but it was to me because I pay attention to shit like that.

Do you remember who was there when Dr. King was killed? Surely you've seen the now iconic picture by now. Maybe you haven't seen it in a while, but Jesse Jackson was there. He was there as Dr. King laid motionless at his feet. Oh what a sad day I'm sure it was. Fast forward to today, and its still a sad day. Jesse Jackson, the same man who was there, is now the house nigger of the week. because of his statements.

As I'm sure you know by now, he was caught while making a comment about Barack Obama. A private comment I might add, which he gave upon being asked his opinion. Lets be honest, he didn't actually go on record with his statement now did he? But for some reason, there are many black folks who see him as being jealous of Barack Obama. Yeah, Jesse is a hater, for having an opinion. I guess the thing that bugs me about all of this, is that people are acting as if Obama is above critique. Are we that desparate for a black president that we're willing to throw Jesse under the bus? If you say yes, it wouldn't surprise me. Barack Obama has sure done his fair share of denunciation, and has quite become an expert at throwing people under the bus himself. But yet, black people continue to support him blindly, as he can do no wrong.

All of a sudden Barack has become the voice of black America despite not directly addressing black America about the issues which affect us directly. Maybe I'm wrong, but if you know differently than I, feel free to enlighten me. Jesse on the other hand, has been fighting in the trenches for at least the last 40yrs. Unfortunately for him, people feel like he's irrelevant, and a house nigger for saying what he said. Very few of us have taken the time to speak or focus on what his concerns were.

Personally, he has a very valid opinion in questioning Mr. Obama and the manner with which he spoke to black folks directly. He's spoken to other groups and organizations and he has yet to speak negatively or bring up their negative points. But yet, when it comes to us, we get the lecture. How much longer must black people be "lectured" to? Are we the only ethnic group in this country with problems?

If it wasn't for Jesse Jackson and the efforts of others like him, there'd be no Barack Obama. But how soon we forget. He's old school and is irrelevant. Lets not forget that he's a hater as well. These are sentiments that I've heard or read for the last two days. Frankly, it saddens me that black people can turn on another as fast as we do. Especially when its an issue brought to light the way it was by a right wing news media establishment who has a beef with Jesse. In case you forgot, Jesse blasted Bill O'Reilly for his racist comment last fall about visiting that resturant up in Harlem. Remember that?

Jesse made that bastard look like a fool in an interview. Now conveniently, three days after these comments were recorded, they were released on Bill O'Reilly's show. Get the connection now? Oh well, none of that matters. Jesse is the house negro of the week and everybody still loves Obama. Thats cool. Jesse has been here fighting the good fight for over 40yrs and he damn sure ain't going anywhere. If i were him, I'd probaly say fuck black people, and just stick to going overseas and negotiating hostage releases. He's more appreciated that way I guess.

But I do know that he was here in Memphis Tn. and spoke at the Martin Luther King Jr. 40th anniversary commemoration of the assasination when Barack Obama was a no show. I'm guessing Martin Luther King Jr. is irrelevant as well. Why even celebrate his birthday next year? He's not inportant. Obama is whats happening now, and he's gonna be the one to bring change to a system which has worked against us for over 400yrs. Its all gonna get better once he's sworn in. Am I saying that Jesse was right for what he said as for wanting to cut off Obama's balls? No I'm not, but I do understand his frustration. Hopefully Jesse has cable TV in the retirement home he'll be relegated to by Black America. After all, the revolution will be televised.

But hey, don't listen to anything I have to say....

Here are some thoughts from a pretty smart black man....


Thursday, July 10, 2008


For the life of me, I don't understand why black women refer to themselves as "STRONG BLACK WOMEN". Why not refer to yourself as a black woman period. Why the adjective? Is it really necessary? I mean, who are you trying to prove your worth or strength to? I don't know, but I think a woman knows her worth, her strengths, and her relevance in our society. That in itself should be understood and go without any need for adjectives; especially from black women.

And how can you be sure that you're a strong black woman? I don't actually hear women refer to themselves as being weak woman. So that being said, how can you really quantify or qualify your strengths? My mother raised four boys after my father and her were divorced without any help from him by way of child support or gov't assistance. An unfortunate way to grow up, but definitely not exclusive or unique. With 70% of black kids being raised in single parent homes ran by single mothers, its clearly the norm. I never once heard my mother refer to herself as a strong black woman. I mean hell, what did she do different than the thousands of black mothers out there? Nothing but do what she was supposed to do. But somehow, women find a way to seek comfort by calling themselves "STRONG BLACK WOMEN".

To me, thats selfish. What? Am I supposed to give you extra props for your circumstances for which you had a hand in? Well I'm sorry, I'm not with it. Listen, you're black, and the last time I checked, being black was a significant disadvantage for all black people. Just as much as you're "suffering", there are thousands doing the same, and doing even worse in other countries. But for some reason here in America, its appropriate to be considered "A STRONG BLACK WOMAN". I've yet to hear white women to refer to themselves as being strong white women. Despite them fighting for equality with white men, you never hear them refer to themselves as such. Hell, you don't even hear feminists refer to themselves as such. But I guess, its important for black women to do this.

I'm guessing the distinction gives black woman something extra in their minds. Maybe its their way of saying that they're strong enough to make it wothout the black man. I don't know, but unless you're able to benchpress 250lbs like the lady in the pic above, there's no need to use the word STRONG to describe yourself. Its quite obvious that she's a fairly strong black woman. I don't see too many black women walking the streets looking like her. So why walk around with the extra chip on your shoulder? Shit, its hard being black as is, and black women and black men alike need to get off that bullshit. Being black and being able to survive in todays world is strength in itself.

Stay black...

you can't help it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So the other night I'm watching the replay of the BET awards with my soon to be 15yr old daughter. Lil Wayne won some award (I don't remember for what or don't really care) and walked on stage to accept his award. The first words out of his mouth were, "I am nothing without God." No big deal really. All celebrities find it convenient to remember God when they win an award. Its funny how God has given them talent which they use for their own monetary gain without any thought of giving him 10% of their earnings each Sunday. But let them win an award, and God gets all the props before the fans. Hell the fans are usually thanked last. This really sucks because I doubt God has "Lollipop" on heavy rotation in his Ipod.

Did you guys see Lil Wayne when he accepted his award? The fact that he thanked God didn't bug me. It was the fact that he had like 50 people on stage with him. I swear, it looked like he had a bunch of Katrina victims up there with him on stage. He's from New Orleans so its quite possible that they were victims of the hurricane 2yrs ago. Why won't they? There's still alotta homeless people down there. Some of them are probably still on rooftops waiting for the gov't to send helicopters. Unfortunately for them, FEMA gave away $85 million dollars worth of supplies for the affected or needy victims of the hurricane. Yup they sure did, and that one was swept under the rug as it never made the everyday media news cycle.

I don't personally like Lil Wayne or his music, but if he did have hurricane victims with him on stage, I say good for him. He sold like 1 million copies of his recent album in the 1st week of its release a couple weeks ago. In other words, the dude is bringing in some serious cash. Shit, he's the hottest rapper in the game right now. He's also known to make it rain on hoes. Now that he's gettin paid like he is, its cool that he's able to provide for his fellow New Orleans hurricane victims. At least he's doing something, because FEMA sure as hell isn't. I guess Bill Cosby was right when he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."


Monday, July 7, 2008


If you don't believe that Affirmative Action is necessary here in the year 2008, remind me not to smoke the shit you're on. I'm often surprised when I hear black people look down upon one of the triumphs of the civil rights movement. And in recent years, I've encountered more and more black people who are against it. The folks I've encountered see it as an unfair and an unecessary practice. I've even heard the "Reverse Racism" argument. I dunno, but its like people have forgottten that we're only about 40yrs removed from a period in time when folks fought for their rights, or some form of a leveled playing field.

I mean, we're not talking about some stuff that came about 200yrs ago. We're talking about 40yrs ago. It took a movement to make significant, and necessary changes for the future of minorities, and now some people think its not necessary. If there was no Affirmative Action or Equal Employment Opportunity laws, there'd be no black middle class. This policy has been directly responsible for the upward mobility of minmorities and women, or more specifically blacks. But yet today there are a number of white people who see it as racist.

Now, if you're white and you too feel its unecessary, I could understand. I understand your stance although I don't agree with it. Something like Affirmative Action wasn't meant to help your entitled ass white man, but it sure did help white women didn't it? More white females benefitted from Affirmative Action than blacks, but yet in arguments against it, nobody ever acknowledges this. Let "them" tell it, Affirmative Action was some bullshit passed to gain black voters back in the day. Thats something thats debatable especially given which side of the room you sit as far as politics is concerned.

"But people should be selected based on merit and not race!!"

Oh really?

Report: Justice Dept. passed over Dems, liberals

By LARA JAKES JORDAN, Associated Press Writer Tue Jun 24, 6:17 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Ivy Leaguers and other top law students were rejected for plum Justice Department jobs two years ago because of their liberal leanings or objections to Bush administration politics, a government report concluded Tuesday.

In one case, a Harvard Law student was passed over after criticizing the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. In another, a Georgetown University student who had previously worked for a Democratic senator and congressman didn't make the cut.

Even senior Justice Department officials flinched at what appeared to be hiring decisions based — improperly and illegally — on politics, according to the internal report.

"Individuals at the department were rejecting any of our candidates who could be construed as left-wing or who were perceived, based on their appearances and resumes and so forth, as being more liberal," Kevin Ohlson, deputy director of the department's executive office of immigration review, complained to Justice investigators.

The report marked the culmination of a yearlong investigation by Justice's inspector general and Office of Professional Responsibility into whether Republican politics were driving hiring polices at the once fiercely independent department.

The investigation is one of several that examine accusations of White House political meddling within the Justice Department. Those accusations were initially driven by the firings of nine U.S. attorneys in late 2006 and culminated with the ouster of Alberto Gonzales as attorney general last September.

The report issued Tuesday concluded that politics and ideology disqualified a significant number of newly graduated lawyers and summer interns seeking coveted Justice jobs in 2006.

As early as 2002, career Justice employees complained to department officials that Bush administration political appointees had largely taken over the hiring process for summer interns and so-called Honors Program jobs for newly graduated law students. For years, job applicants had been judged on their grades, the quality of their law schools, their legal clerkships and other experiences.

But in 2002, many applicants who identified themselves as Democrats or were members of liberal-leaning organizations were rejected while GOP loyalists with fewer legal skills were hired, the report found. Of 911 students who applied for full-time Honors jobs that year, 100 were identified as liberal — and 80 were rejected. By comparison, 46 were identified as conservative, and only four didn't get a job offer.

The political filtering of applicants ebbed for the three years between 2003 and 2005, the inquiry found, then resumed by 2006.

Of 602 Honors candidates that year, 150 were identified as liberal — including 83 who were cut. Five of 28 self-described conservatives were rejected.

Investigators blamed two political appointees on a three-person screening committee for the preferential treatment. It also singled out one of them, former deputy attorney general staff chief Michael Elston, for failing to make sure the hirings were proper — and giving evasive and misleading answers about why they were not.

An attorney for Elston, who is now in private practice, did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

Although federal law prohibits discriminating against government job applicants based on their politics, it's unlikely that any of those involved in the hiring process will be penalized since they no longer work at the department. A Justice official said the department is not considering pressing criminal charges or taking or civil actions against them.

Democrats quickly seized on the report to bludgeon the Bush administration for playing politics with a department sworn to uphold the law fairly.

"This is the first smoking gun," said Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee. "We believe there will be more to come. This report shows clearly that politics and ideology replaced merit as the hiring criteria at one of our most prized civil service departments."

Under Gonzales, the Justice Department last year moved to prevent politics from influencing the hiring screening process. His successor, Attorney General Michael Mukasey, said Tuesday he "will continue to make clear that the consideration of political affiliations in the hiring of career department employees is impermissible and unacceptable."

Obviously, this article above wasn't above race, but if they can do this on Capitol Hill based on political ideology or affiliation, why in the world Affirmative Action laws aren't needed. And to think this exposes the Justice Dept. The fuckin JUSTICE DEPARTMENT!! Can you believe this shit??!! Oh well, its the same administration who's responsible for removing some of our civil liberties under the guise of national defense. Why should they even care about the laws of this land when it comes to hiring employees.

These days its not good enough to have a sense of "white entitlement", you gotta identify yourself as being republican or a conservative. Now ain't that fucked up? I don't give a damn what political party you identify with, but I dare you to say anything which justifies what was done by the Justice Department in its hiring practice under the Bush administration.


I don't hear you republicans saying anything now do I?

Thursday, July 3, 2008


So I'm sitting here wondering to myself: Should black people celebrate Independence Day? I dunno, but I think we were slaves when the Declaration of Independence was signed. I wasn't there that day, but I don't think they bgave black folks the day off on that day. Nor did they invite any of us to the family cookout. But hey, black people celebrating the 4th of July is just some ole' copy cat shit we picked up through assimilation; we can't help it; we always find a reason to celebrate and party; 400yrs of slavery and oppression will do that to ya.

Fuck it, I can't be mad at that. I'm gonna go to a cookout, drink lots of sodas (no beer), and raise my blood pressure fuckin with that pork we all love so much. I just wished as black people that we'd celebrate the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION as big as we do the 4th of July. If you ask the average black kid, or adult for that matter what day we were emancipated, they'd probably tell you it was Decenber 25th when Jesus was born. But who's fault is that? Ours of course. We've failed to place a significant importance of that day, all the while bitching about being given 28 days to celebrate black history. But its not too late for us. We can get to work and be as progressive as the fine folks of Barnsville Georgia...


We need to have our own celebration as big as the 4th of July all over this country. I recently heard about "Juneteenth" and hell I'm 37yrs old. Not too many people celebrate that day in regognition of the emancipation of the slaves. But if there was a NIGGA DAY, I think you'd see it take off all over the country. Not exactly the most dignifying word to use for the title. But lets be honest, the word NIGGA is pretty catchy. Hell, the word still lives on even after the NAACP tried to bury it last year. Besides, the rappers would be able to give us free advertising.

I think its high time that blacks in this country embrace their niggerdom and celebrate it nationally. Its pretty sad that we celebrate all these "white folks" holidays and reject our own. Somebody get me Obama's phone number. I need to give him a call and try to make this shit happen....

Fried chicken & watermelon for everybody!!

BTW: If you fail to see the humor or sarcasm in this post don't get mad...I'm as American as baseball, apple pie, and cotton fields. Relax, its a part of our history. And if you're still mad...drink a warm cup of bleach.


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