Thursday, September 11, 2008


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Recognize this guy? That's Zacarias Moussaoui. He was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the 9/11 attacks here in the states. Personally, I think he's just a fall guy. He may have helped plan it, but lets quit calling him the 20th hijacker!!!!

He was supposedly the 20th Hijacker but he didn't show. What happened? Did he show up late? Forget to set his alarm clock? You'd think one of the other 19 hijackers on the way to the airport would've said...

"Hey where's the Charles Barkley looking guy."

No Roll Call ? No head Count? No Al Queda Buddy System? I remember a 6th grade field trip to the firestation where we couldn't leave until the teacher took a headcount on the bus. Al Quaeda doesn't have wake-up calls? He might have driven the shuttle bus to the airport for all the other terrorist's to ride but he wasn't a planned hijacker in my opinion.

Anyways, all of this is beside the point I'm trying to make. Terrorists hate America. I'm not talking about their hatred of democracy or capitalism. I'm talking about tangible reasons why they hate this country. Could you imagine the feeling in your heart if you're sitting in your 1 Bedroom apt. in Baghdad with your 34 relatives STARVING FOR FOOD, you turn on the TV and what do you see?

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A hot dog eating contest!!!

We have so much food in America that we have contests to see who can eat the fastest. And do you know what most people do after these eating contests...they force themselves to throw up. If I were dead broke and I saw this, I'd get pissed too. Not "Shoot at U.S. Troops" pissed but I'd be a bit annoyed. And even if you don't jam a finger down your throat and vomit up the hot dogs, rest assured that when you do sit down to take a shit you can do it in a bathroom that has a TV in it. !!! This country has bathrooms with televisions in them. In Iraq you're lucky if your bathroom has walls around it!!! Running water? Maybe if you're a baller. But in America you can sit and eat 15 Hot Dogs in a row and then take a nice relaxing 2 hour SHIT while watching CSI: Miami.

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Look I know there are plenty of conspiracy theories surrounded 9/11. And to this date they are just that...theories. They havn't been proven nor debunked, so I can't say who's right or wrong. I have my own theories and or suspicions, but that doesn't matter. The important thing is that my gov't has made me feel safer. Yes they have. So what Osama Bin Laden hasn't been caught. Our superior intelligence agency did get his limo driver. Who better to know his whereabouts than the guy who drves his strectch Hummer from cave to cave, right? After all, if it wasn't for the limo driver, I doubt they would have found Sadaam Hussien way down in the hole like the devil that he was. Its probably gonna be a matter of time that leads obtained from Bin Laden's gardener would lead to his capture.

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I find comfort in all my country is doing to keep me safe. Since 9/11, I now sleep better at night knowing that our gov't has done its job by getting the 20th hijacker, and now Bin Laden's limo driver off the streets. Lord knows what next those two could have pulled off in the name of Allah. All they have to do now, is focus on the terrorists who look like this....

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Stuck in my head said...

I'm kind of still on the conspiracy theory that the US government had something to do with it since seeing the video that looks like a plane didn't really crash into the Pentagon.

But I'm not sure.

blackberry said...

I am convinced there was, and there remains, a conspiracy.
You could do a week long series on it, with links to clips and extrapolating theories. It would make interesting reading.
You do realize, that those buildings collapsed the same way commercially demolished buildings do?
And look at the extreme Orwellian laws enacted since. That would be another good week long series.
Bush has put in place a far reaching breach of executive powers that has no natural checks or balances. He has effectively strapped Congress into a corner. Boo, hit it!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

them hot dogs look good folk


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