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I was over at my boy friends blog the other day talking, and going back and forth about the idea of taxes in this country. Its been a pretty hot topic for me, as I was also engaged in a similar discussion concerning Barack Obama's tax proposal with another aquaintance. Now, for the record, I wanna say that I agree with Obama's proposal as compared to John McCain's. I say that because under Obama's proposal, more of the working class stand to benefit, more than they have currently with the Bush tax cuts in place. In case you didn't know, the tax burden has always fallen heavily on the middle class or the working poor as they should be known. Real wages have struggled to keep up with inflation, and as a result, the disposable income of the middle class has shrunk considerably.

But that's not what this blog is about. Feel free if you like to share your take on both tax proposals, or more specifically which is more effective, or even more equitable. What this blog has to with is the income tax. Yes, the tax that each of us, through deductions from our paychecks, give so graciously to our government. Joe Biden recently said that paying taxes is patriotic, but is it really? Sure our taxes go towards many necessary programs, as they do the stupid things like...WAR! But is it constitutional to pay an income tax? In other words, is there a law which requires that we pay an income tax?

This has been an ongoing debate for years now, and to be honest, I'm on the side of the people who say that its not. I think most of us think that we're required by law to pay an income tax because, well, that's just what you're supposed to do. But did you know that there isn't a law written in the constitution or otherwise which requires us to pay an income tax? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy because people go to prison for TAX EVASION all the time. But do you really know the definition of tax evasion?

"tax evasion is the general term for efforts by individuals, firms, trusts and other entities to evade taxes by illegal means. Tax evasion usually entails taxpayers deliberately misrepresenting or concealing the true state of their affairs to the tax authorities to reduce their tax liability, and includes, in particular, dishonest tax reporting (such as declaring less income, profits or gains than actually earned; or overstating deductions."

Did you get that? Tax evasion is the illegal misrepresentation or dishonest reporting of one's affairs. In other words, you can't fill out a W-4 and lie to the gov't. You can if you want, but its illegal. That's what people (mostly rich people or business owners) go to prison for. They had a choice to pay taxes, but they reported erroneous information. I can bet you that none of you reading this can provide me, or point me in the direction of the law which states that we have to pay an income tax, or have money witheld from our earnings to give to our government. I think that the ignorance of the masses have once again been taken advantage of.

Check this out...


So while we argue or debate about who's tax proposal is best, we for the most part are ignorant to the law. And in our ignorance, we get suckered by our government like always. Don't get me wrong, its not your fault. I was as ignorant as you were for years, but not anymore. You see, paying your "income tax" is a choice as much as anything else. Its a choice which one suffers no consequence. You can choose to "do your part" by paying taxes, as equally as you can choose not to pay it. Yes, its hard to overcome death and taxes, as its bee said. Shit, we can hardly go a day without paying a tax on a purchase. You can't even get buried without paying a tax on your funeral. But with a little bit of knowledge through research, you can avoid paying an "income tax" if you so desire.

You can choose to agree with what I say, or disagree; hey its your choice; this is America, you're free to be ignorant. But just remember, there are no free lunches. And even in ignorance, one stands to pay a price. Now watch this video below (its alot shorter than the one above) to gain some understanding of what I mean. When you get done, do yourself a favor, pass it on to your friends and family. They may think you're a loon, but then again, they may one day thank you for it.


Stuck in my head said...

Interesting. I'm going to have to look more into this. Not giving up some of my money sounds like a really good idea.

Thanks for sharing this.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Be very careful, Rippa, about not filing if you owe money.

While the video sounds good, Wesley Snipes tried this on the exact same advice and was sentenced to 3 years in prison back in April 2008. He got off 'easy' - they wanted to give him 16 years. I think two of his financial advisers went down too.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

I think I'm going to have to continue to pay. Prison orange uniforms just doesn't fit into my wardrobe...maybe I'll start a religion so I can become tax exempt!

The Socialite said...

This video is interesting and I think that it probably is true! lol

The scary thing is that if we challenge it, we could end up in jail. Which makes this so called free country scary.

Another thing that is scary, is that leaders of this world have continued to convince us that a lot of things are true, but we don't know it because we do not read!

I am sure if we took the time to read our consitution, we would be surprised of what we would actually find. Or if we read the millions of histroy books out there, we would be shocked about alot of things.


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