Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ok look, no more retired football players on "Dancing With The Stars". OK? Look, I don't watch the show, but I watch football. After I got thru watching the New York Jets on Monday night football, and watching Brett Favre lose; yeah I'm not happy right now. And after watching the Packers lose the night before to the Cowboys, I turn on to the NFL Network to play catchup on this past weeks games, and interviews. And what comes on my TV screen? Warren Sapp dancing. No, not that quarterback sack dance for which he was famous for doing when he played. The dude was doing the cha cha. And no, not the ghetto hokie pokey, cha cha slide, that negroes won't let die either. The man was dressed in a suit and dancing...ballroom style. He's a pretty big guy, and I'm sure he's light on his feet, as some of us are. But I think he set us big dudes who wish they played in the NFL back a few years. You can expect newly retired NFL players to be doing commentary on a game, but not ballroom dancing?!!

Shit, I remember when Herschel Walker (who played for the Cowboys at the time) did ballet in the off season. And I could remember dudes thinking it was gay. Actually, I still think there are rumors about Herschel being gay after that deal. But he did study ballet in college. Not that ballet is gay. Nope, you'll never hear me say that. But seeing your once favorite NFL player dance around on TV is kinda gay in my book. Its almost as messed up as seeing your favorite pornstar retire, and start preaching on TV on Sunday morning. But hey, I guess this is just white people's way of getting back at us for laughing at them for having no rythm.

I wanna remember Warren Sapp for being the terror he was to opposing quarterbacks on the field. And now all of that is lost. Now he's the fat gay looking cha cha man. Seriously, I hope he gets voted off real soon, and not go the distance like Emmit Smith did a couple years ago on the show. That shit wasn't hot in the streets. Maybe it was for soccer moms, and white people watching across the country. But please believe, the brothas wasn't feelin it in the streets, or in the locker room. When Jerry Rice did it ( I think he was the first) it was cool I guess. I mean, no homo radars went off or anything. But here we are 3 weeks into the NFL football season, and we have Warren Sapp.


Nothing against gay men, but I don't wanna think that "Dancing With The Stars" has become the coming out of the closet move for former NFL players. Whats next, John Amaechi, or Dennis Rodman wearing a wedding dress dancing together, doing the mambo? I'm sorry, but that stuff might be cool for any athlete other than a football player, but after seeing Warren dance, this shit has to stop. Retired rapper Master P did it a couple seasons ago, and I was shocked that he did. But I guess he'll do anything to try and stay in the limelight. Hell we figured that shit out real quick when he went from rapping to Nickelodeon. Maybe next season they'll have a gay rapper. Suddenly LL Cool J comes to mind. I mean hell, he ain't doin shit else otherwise, and I doubt the ladies are cheking for him like they used to. Besides, LL Cool J doesn't have a sack record, or a Superbowl ring like my man Warren, and his gay lick lipping should be perfect for the show.


blackberry said...

He absoulutely floats around the floor, if this makes your tink defintion solid, well I'm sorry. It is wonderful to watch him; like many large people he is a beautiful dancer.

Dirty Red said...

You are so not right about this...

However you ain't wrong either.

What's next, Michael Jordan or Charles Barkley on Queer eye for the straight guy?

Wait... Is that shit still on?

Eb the Celeb said...

I love it... I am a huge football fan... and an even bigger Dallas fan so I was loving it when my fav player of all time Emmitt went all the way but its even more fun when the big guys get out there and shake a tail feather... granted that smedium vest he had on was the highlight of my night... he was good.. and I hope he goes far in the competition... A man that can dance takes him from cute to sexy


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