Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Can you believe that money was spent at Stanford, to do research via a poll of about 2700 white people on race? More specifically, on race being a factor in their choice of candidate? Ok fuck it, lemme make it real simple: they asked a bunch of white people how they felt about Obama being president given his melanin affliction. About 40% of them (who were all democrats) said that this was an issue for them. Its enough of an issue that they plan to vote for John McCain. Really? Hmmm, I guess being a democrat automatically makes you sympathetic to black people. Lemme guess, all white democrats are supposed to be magically black now because of Barack Obama? Damn. Who knew?

Some of you think I'm probably crazy for always blogging about racial issues. Ha! Shit, the white folks paid money, did a study, to tell you what most of us have known, or have been saying for only the last 400yrs since Al Gore invented the internet.

Did you notice the timing of the press release? They waited until McCain had a shitty week in the polls against Obama with the news of the current economic crisis. Is it me, or did they just do that to remind folks that Obama is black, and possibly incompetent to lead the free world? Oh well, maybe I'm just trippin as usual.

Oh well...

enough of this race shit...

lets have a good laugh at the expene of...



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

gotta love and respect paul

brightstarr said...

LOL, the man is hilarious. I love him.


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