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So as I sat here playing "Count The Black People" as I watched the RNC, it hit me: There aren't many Black Republicans. At last count, I think I saw maybe 12 of them in attendance. Why is that? Could it be that Black Republicans are on the "down low" and hiding it from the rest of us? Abraham Lincoln, who had almost the same identical political resume as Barack Obama before becoming president, freed the slaves. For that alone, you'd think there would be more Black Republicans. However, we know the truth to be different.

We also know that it took years for Blacks to gain the right to vote, and we also know the struggle for equality. Could it be that Blacks have been rooting for the wrong team? What do you think? Could it be that the Democratic party has held Black people back? Or could it be that Blacks have held themselves back by supporting the Democrats? Sure I know that there have been more Democratic black appointees in gov't than there are Republican. But just think about it: The Republicans have been running this country far longer than the Democrats have. That being said, are Blacks foolish for supporting the Democratic party?

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Are the Democrats, or have the Democrats "used" Blacks as a bargaining chip without any regard when it comes to winning votes? I'm just thinking out loud about some stuff here and maybe you can help me answer some questions. Of course you don't have to be black to have an answer; honestly I'd like to hear opinions from all who reads this. Other than blacks themselves, who's responsible for holding blacks back politically? Like I said, I'm watching the RNC, and I'm trying to count the black people. And I honestly don't see an outreach for black votes from the GOP. Could it be that they don't need them? Maybe they don't. If you remember a few years ago, George Bush conveniently skipped speaking at ths NAACP National Conference.

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I know I've asked many questions. And I'm sure there are many more that I can ask or could be asked. But, I see alot of rich white people who happen to be republicans, and I see alot of black people who are poor. And lets be honest, don't we all wanna be rich? But then again, very few Black people are comfortable as being labeled "uppity negroes" or "elitists" as white folks call them these days. Nor are they accepting of being labeled "Uncle Toms" if they're sucessful and vote republican. So tell me: Would Blacks be better off if we were to support the republican party the way we've unanimously supported the democrats in recent histor? What if Barack Obama was a republican? Would your opinions be different?

What say you?


James Tubman said...

yes the democrats have held blacks back

the republicans havent been any better

neither one of these groups have emphasized economic development in the black community as the cheif goal of the black community

to me that is the most important issue

once we are economically stable and we can provide jobs and schools for ourselves we will be a force to be reckoned with

good article

blackberry said...

I would follow Obama. If he's Independent, Republican, whatever. Man's a visionary with astute, clear logic.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

a vote is a vote
cause dont matter any way
this country aint a democracy
its a republic

mahoganydymond said...

I am finally able to read your entry without being tossed out.

I don't think that the Democratic party has held blacks back. Like you said it's been a lot of Black Democrats in office. The republicans changed their views back when JDR came into office. Their will be people tell you he is the best president that ever served office. He was a Democrat, a lot of Black looked up to him. So that is the reason so many blacks to this day follow him. I also believe in the views of the Democratic party.

I have been accused of voting for Obama just because he is black. That is not the case. I would have voted Clinton if she was going to be the leader of the country. I don't believe this country needs another greedy ass republican in office.

I had money when Clinton was in office. I been broke since Bush be there.

Mahoganydymond said...

I really need to proof read before I post.. LOL

marcella said...

I'm still not clear in what mannor Democrats held us back. I think politics(ians) in general. I see that you posted pics of very respectable black republicans who've held up well in the public eye (with the exception of C.Thomas) as opposed to those few black democrats in that collage. I guess enphasizing the lack of moral value in black democrats...I guess I said. I've been thinking almost on the same wave link as you except I was wondering why the solidarity as opposed have we been following the wrong party. The basis of democrats is to help our fellow man with the welcome mat freedom of choice, right? The republicans are more so on the lines of one way of life and to live in this country you better follow it. Well that's what I get from them. Very strict and practically no leaneacy. When McCain was doing his speech and he said that "we are all created equal" and "we are all americans" MAN you could hear a pin drop in that building! HILARIOUS! So with us jaded black folks, I assume you think, we more acceptable to the party that seems to be more acceptable to us. We may not be supported properly by the democrats but we sure do feel more welcomed.

marcella said...

I meant to sign *aka TNTMARCIA*


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