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Me being of direct Caribbean decent, I've been exposed to African cultural practices not seen by too many African Americans.

Oh yeah, I was born in ....

Trinidad & Tobago....

One of the things I saw as a child living there, was the religious practices of black people, and just how much it had nothing to do with the European concept of religion. I don't know, but this was back in the 70's, and even though there was a strong European influence or existence as far as religion is concerned (Catholicism was and is still big), there was still a very large African influence. This still permeates throughout the Caribbean to this day, unlike the way things are here in America. I wonder why is that? Why is it that as far as African religion, there has been a lasting effect in the Caribbean (and other places outside of America), than it has been here in this country?

If you ask anybody if they believed in voodoo, I think most of them would answer with a resounding no. Most of them have been taught that voodoo is just some bullshit mumbo jumbo. But most of the people who choose to believe voodoo, accepts it as something evil. Well voodoo, or Obeah, as its known in most of the Caribbean (or commonly in Trinidad & Tobago), is deep rooted in Africa, and NO, it is not an evil concept as its been perceived by many. Its a religion like any other religion, but the difference is that it has its roots in Africa. Have you ever wondered why, or how, its considered to be evil as opposed to Christianity? Why is it, that the African influenced religion is considered evil, but Christianity is considered good? Can any of you give me an answer on this?

Check this out....

And here is how it is in most of the caribbean....

And here is how it is in South America....

You might look at all of this as bullshit, or in a negative light. But have you ever given thought to why you look at it that way? You see, that's the thing about religion, everything that's practiced outside of the dominant culture is considered evil. And its no mistake who posses the dominant culture, right? Why is it that way? Why is it that the cultural religious practices of the indigenous people are always replaced, or at best infused with the religious practices and beliefs of the dominant culture? Why do some of you refuse to believe in the power of voodoo, ghosts and bullshit like that, but yet accept the bible, Christianity, and God as he's "marketed" thru Jesus as the way? If man can trace his origin to the continent of Africa, why are the religious practices of African people considered to be evil, and almost taboo? Why are the indigenous people of the world's cultural practices always replaced? Why are these people considered lost or "uncivilized" until Christianity comes ashore?




Mista Jaycee said...

I believe one of the reasons that vodou has had a lasting influance in the caribbian is because of the type of slavery that those groups of Afrikans went through. They had certain freedoms like being able to have a Kongo Square, drumming on Sunday alone without overseers or much of one while in America. In Haiti and Jamacia it served us well. In Brazil it served us well. Americas slavery while all slavery was brutal, America was to the 10th power! America truly was bent on making us believe that we were animals.

Now as far as the influence of voodoo in America, it's seen every Sunday, we open the way to God with Prayer through our innercesor, Jesus right who through the Holy Spirit lifts our prayers. Pentacostals go into the spirit with Music and Drumming. Even White folks do this in a Pentacostal background. This is a definate effect from the Afrikan influence on Religion.
Source Afrikan Orgins of Western Religions. Dr. Yosef Ben Jahaknin (Dr. Ben) Excuse the spelling.


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