Friday, December 11, 2009

Hoes wit no clothes showin' love, shakin' that ass in the club, n*gga wh'ut (NSFW)

I haven't been to a nightclub in quite some time. The last time I went I vaguely remember what happened and that was 10mths ago. Luckily my wife was with me and I had her and other people watching my back. Nobody ever wants to be drunk dude who gets knocked tha fuck out just because he had a little too much to drink in public, right? But for women, the consumption of alcohol without moderation in the club, bar, or wherever could have some serious consequences. Never mind ones reputation; it can be worse than that.

Like this:

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OK, I know women take that panty line shit seriously and at times venture into the wild outdoors without underwear. But did this woman really have to take it to that extreme. And somebody tell me she's not pregnant. Ok, so yeah this may have been a wardrobe malfunction, but dammit this ain't just some Janet Jackson titty falling out. This woman's whole behind and vajay-jay is saying his to the world knowingly!

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Yep, and obviously she likes the attention she's getting from the fellas. Which is really sad because I get the feeling that any minute a baby would fall from her crotch as one of them gets her pregnant just from looking. What club is this where this type of thing is allowed? OK, don't answer that because I could imagine the type of things some of you have been witness to.This doesn't look good and I'm afraid that this has the potential to have a bad ending. You know the type where she may have to lie about being raped, or a gang bang gone bad?

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Wait, is dude on the right smiling and holding his dick? Seewhumsayin? Uh-huh, and yet people were outraged when a teenager left a high school dance and was raped by a group of guys after she took a swig of an alcoholic beverage. Not making excuses or blaming the victim; just pointing out how stuff goes down. Hopefully she makes it out of this joint unscathed other than being felt up by a few dudes. Which brings us back to the very first picture above of her outside of the club.

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Wait a minute... did she just pee on herself?

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Um, looks like she did! Yeah, this young lady is obviously trashed and this is not a good look. At this point I'd really like to know who took the friggin pictures! Maybe it's one of her girls. If so, I don't know if this was a joke or some sort of way to show her just how she's playing dangerous game. But then again, I doubt a friend would let things get this far.And I know you're thinking I'm dead ass wrong with the title or referring to this young woman as a hoe. But I'm sorry, this is what I would call sincere hoe-ish behavior, and I'm just calling it as I see it.

Yeah I know I may be as guilty as the person who took these pics for posting this, but isn't this the voyeuristic society we have become? You know, a society where stuff like this circulates the internet at every turn? This isn't funny to me; and as a matter of fact, I've shown these pics to my two teenage daughters and used it as a teachable moment. Yes, they now know that if I ever hear of them actin' a fool in this manner even as adults I wouldn't hesitate to...

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Oh well, hopefully she made it home safely.


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