Monday, November 24, 2008


I don't consider myself a violent person, nor do I think I have an ill temper. Ok, so everybody gets mad and flies off the handle from time to time, but we're human, and that's to be expected. Having said that, I'm not feeling the whole "I Bust The Windows Out Your Car" song. Why is this a hit?

Ok, yeah, so a car if often a man's prized possession and vandalizing said prized possession would probably hurt. Hell, it may even hurt as bad as getting kicked in the balls, but is it really neccessary? I'm sure there are people who can identify with the song. Uh huh, I'm sure some of you women out there reading this have fucked up a guys ride at one point in time. And I'm sure that there is a guy reading this who could relate to having your ride fucked up by a woman.

Now whether a man deserves this is irrelevant. Fuckin with a man's ride just aint right. And its not right that Jazmine Sullivan has a hit with this song. I mean, what if I came out with a song where the hook says, "I Bust You In Yo Fukin Mouth." Would that be nice? Would that be cool? Hell no it wouldn't because the guys who have done shit like that to their mates have usually ended up in jail. I've yet to see or hear of a woman going to jail for bustin out the car windows of a dude she's dating, with whom she has a problem.

Ok, so maybe its the fact that I had a chick flatten all four of my tires once. Maybe thats why this is sensitive for me. Ok, yeah, so it happened a long time ago, and I should be over it. But fuck that! I wasted a whole day of work getting my wheels back in order while I had my best friend run me around the city, trynna find her, laughing at my ass because of what she did.

"Well you probably deserved it RiPPa."

Thats probably what most women reading this would think. But would they feel the same way about a woman gettin punched in the face for talkin slick or doin some other foul shit in the relationship? Hell, why don't you women go about resolving conflicts from now on by bustin out car windows. The next person who pisses you off in life, just find them and bust out their car windows. Uh huh, do that because Jazmine Sullivan made it cool. Yeah, and be sure to give her a call or sue her for making you do it.

Trust me, you won't go to jail. You'll probably just end up on Judge Judy or some court show like that. For which you'll become famous in your city with your stupid female friends, and be met with infamy by all the guys who saw you on TV. I've heard of some of the foulest shit women have done to men in anger, but fuckin with a man's ride?? Shit, thats why I'm glad I'm married and not single. If my wife bust the windows out my car, she ain't doin shit but hurting herself anyway.


(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

So what about putting sugar in the tanks? lol

Stuck in my head said...

I heard the tail end of the male response to this song (sorry I can't name the artist). But it was all about how the female had seen things wrong and that she messed up by breaking the window on the passenger side cause that's the side she would have to sit on. Funny.

ShesTooMuch4Em said...

Well really the song is catchy but very odd to me. It's not my fav song on the CD because the 1st thing I thought when I heard it was, " that bitch is crazy!" I'm not messing up anyones anything because I wouldn't want it done to me.

You'd be shocked at how many times I've watched a court show and it's the man being sued because he bust the womans car up for whatever reason. You're think that was purely something women do to men but it's not so it seems. Men are just as ignorant and fuck up her shit too! It's all silly to me. If mess my stuff up I'm gonna sue you do it's not hurting me. You're gonna be fucked your just plain ol paying for anything of mine u ruin.

Da_Kween said...

I love this song...but not b/c of the violence...its that music. But I know WAY better than to mess with someone's ride. I told my friend...I'm not bussin SHIT outta no one's car...then thats gonna give him permission to bust the fronts out my grill. I'm not going out like that. LOL

If you get hurt, go on about your business. Messing up people's stuff and destroying property is foolish. I know if someone mess up ANYTHING I paid good money for, Its gone be a misunderstanding when I see they ass!

Wizzy Jr. said...

the next time you watch the news and some female around 19ish or 30ish comes up missing and the last place she was at was her ex-boyfriends house, just begin to ask yourself did she listen to this Jamzine Sullivan song and try to do this shit to his car.

and that's all I have to say about that.

*Walks away whistling with my hands behind my back like Forrest Gump*

blackgirlthinking said...

Well I bust a window out of a guy's car before..yep I sure did. He was putting me through a lot of emotional distress, and I just blew up. But honestly I felt bad about it afterwards, I even paid to have it fixed.

I felt bad that is..until Jazmine Sullivan came out with that song

**humming I bust the windows out your car, ha ha ha**

jk. But seriously you should never allow yourself to go there. If you have that kind of problems with a person you need to let their ass get gone.

Dirty Red said...

And the Chuuch says AMEN.

Eb the Celeb said...

NO its not necessary but I'm jut going to play devil's advocate here...

Is lying to women necessary?

Is cheating on women necessary?

Is being a playa playa from the himalaya necessary?

I think not... men drive women to drink, smoke cigarettes at night, and YES bust windows out of cars because they play so many games.

If they were just straight up it would never get to this point!

ShesTooMuch4Em said...

Is that to say women don't drive men to do the same things? That stuff works both ways. I know plenty of women who play games. none of it makes sense to me and none of it is justifiable

RiPPa said...

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik]: Fuck that sugar in the tank shit. Just g'head and buss my windows instead. I could put a garbage bag over that shit but I can't put a hamster in my engine and make that muthafucka run dammit!

You just got me riled up cuz I had this chick threaten to do that shit to my car back in the day. I had to run out and buy a cap with a lock.

Stuck in my head: Oh really? They have a male answer version to the song? Figures I haven't heard it because women run the

Shestoomuch4EM: Nuh uh! You aint seen no dude on court on TV for that shit. Dudes dont do no shit like least I hope not.

Da_Kween: Thats right girl...don't fuck with a man's car. Just pour hot grits on his ass instead. He'll be too embrassed to tell the people at the hospital what really happened...CTFU!!!

@Wizzy: Bro aint nuthin gonna be missin but a few teeth from these women who do this shit.

@blackgirlthinking: See, thats that Memphis 10 in your blood. Chicks down here are crazy. Well, not you, you're cool, and you've changed...LOL!!!

@Dirty Red: Don't forget the collection plate playa.

@Eb The Celeb: Playa Playa from the himalaya...LOL...I aint heard that one in a while. Now I'm not gonna say that alladat id necessary...but don't mess with the ride! Well thats unless the dude aint have no insurance and he's gon catch hell fixin his shit. But even then, that would be sayin alot for a chick to be messin with a broke dude who cant afford GIECO.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

When I first heard this song, I loved it. Played it for several days until I got tired of it. I like a good payback, and liked the song for the same reason brothas like songs about having hoards of women he treats like 'hos. It's funny how men dig on that shit but get all sensitive and reactionary when they hear a woman sing that tune.

I've never destroyed a nigga's property, but have thought about it back in the day before I learned how to spot the liars and users early in the game and cut 'em loose.

damn she pretty (i) said...

One time i got mad and bleached my boyfriends velour sweat suit. I had to leave the house for 48 hours because the entire apartment smelled like bleach! I damn near killed myself over some shyt he did!

I've attempted to bust the windows out this mans car once and broke the heel on my pump! that was it for me. LOL

I do not participate in those type of activities. The best revenge to me always takes place in my head. Ninja's never see me, comming!


Kjen said...

I've never liked the whole destroy his ride, damage his home, run up his credit card bills revenge tip. It always seemed so weak to me, an admission that you have no other resource to 'get even' - e.g. no power in the relationship. By the time most people (men and women) have gotten to this point, it means that he/she is no longer treating you respectfully/screwing around on you. Once at this point, the relationship is O.V.E.R.

Move on people.

and that hitting your partner cuz she abusively touched your ride...uh,uh,that isn't a fair comparison.

First, women destroy property exactly to AVOID such a direct physical altercation with their mates - plus they don't really want to hurt their men, they just want the men acknowledge how much they've been hurt emotionally. (Yes, sometimes it takes a broken window before the man will at least say out loud what he might have done to upset the female)

Next, I've never heard a story of female busting out the window leading her boyfriend to eventually lose his self-esteem, stay with her in an unsatisfying relationship, and/or eventually his death. Just saying again why the two scenarios are not similar.
Happy Belated Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.

Mista Jaycee said...

Damn it RIPPa,
You gon have us having to register cinderblocks and Bricks the way you talking! Can you imagine going to Home Depot and not being able to get bricks cause there's a restraining order against you?
Just kidding!
Mista Jaycee


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