Sunday, November 23, 2008


I've been seeing all over the blogosphere comments which imply that Barack Obama is not the messiah. People feel that they must convey this opinion whenever the discussion is Barack Obama. Could it be that its often said in fear of his failure? Do we feel the need to protect him because, well, he's the epitome of hope? Or at least instilled hope in the minds of many?

The truth is, he's not Black Jesus! He's not because if he were Jesus, a multitude of you followers would miss his message just like the millions of people who call themselves christians do every day. Obama is a man, a politician. A man who works for us the people. Don't get it twisted when people say that "we gotta do our part" and support him. I say support him, but lets not do it blindly. Lets challenge him to be the best employee we've had in a long time.

Even Jesus had to die because he was human...

but thank God he's back...

Lets just hope you people don't miss the message.


Mberenis said...

Great blog! Did you hear the good news !?!?!?! Obama wants to give poverty and middle class americans a bailout. Check out what's available:

Poverty and Middle Class Bailout

What do you think? Will it work?

Da_Kween said...

So what you saying Rip? That we're like Day Day? "You ain't gone get it, Nah he ain't gone get it...I hope he don't get it!"

Two things happen. If he's denounced before he even gets PROnounced...his short comings wont be a shock...yet, if he fulfills the expectations, then guess what...people can't make excuses anymore and actually HAVE to do something.

Or maybe I'm overanalyzing.


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