Friday, November 7, 2008


Independent candidate Ralph Nader has come under fire recently for a comment he made concerning Barack Obama recently on the radio. He was speaking on the choice that Obama has to make once in office as far as governing. He was confronted by Fox News Channel host Shepherd Smith on his comment.

Check it out...

Now, you tell me, was he wrong to say what he said?


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

That was racist as hell. Nader could have gotten his point across by asking if Barack will be Uncle Sam or Corporate Puppet. He took a vicious low road that destroyed the message.

Nader really has been a spoiler. If his egotistical ass hadn't run previously, Al Gore might have won. Wiki fact: In the 2000 presidential election in Florida, George W. Bush defeated Al Gore by 537 votes. Nader received 97,421 votes.

Nader knew this potential but went ahead anyway. He may see himself as beneficial to the people, but his vanity and self-righteousness has led to pure evil by the Bush Criminals. He tried it again this week and now his racism has come out. Disgusting.

I swear, this election has truly let black folks know who their enemies are.

monte said...

i actually agree with Nader on this subject. i love it when people stop being politically correct.the media is trying to turn this into a racial issue. that is not the case. he is absolutely correct in stating Obama is going to be held at a higher standard than past presidents just because of his skin color. when i heard his statement, i felt he was well meaning but you can tell there is some bitterness there. i am glad the election is over and we can now get to the "SHOW AND TELL" portion of the program.

monte said...

BTW, i feel Karl Rove is a socially illiterate fool. he is always coming with that "putting the foot in the mouth" action.

James Tubman said...

he is an uncle tom

thank you so much for this post rippa

ZACK said...

Uncle Tom? Then you niggs are orphans, because I wouldn't believe that anybody raised you to be so foolish!

He's not an Uncle Tom! Ralph Nader is an escapee from the nursing home who is a professional hater. That's his purpose on this job- to hate on people. He needs to keep the shit for his diaper, rather than starting it when people come around him.

In fact, any black person that tears down another black person is the REAL Uncle Tom! I'm not accusing you of anything, James, but if the shoe fits...

ZACK said...

*on this earth, not on this job. My bad!

RiPPa said...

Kit: If Nader were a Black man, in the same context of his message, would he be considered racist?

Monte: I'm like you, I'm ready for the show and tell. I also agree with you in that I don't see his statement as being racist. I believe we should hold all elected officials accountable, and Obama is no different. However, him being black will open him up to more scrutiny than usual, and I think he's up to the task.

James Tubman: Why do you say Obama is an "Uncle Tom"?

Zack: I agree in part with you. I do not see Obama as an "Uncle Tom" in the context of him running for president or "selling out" Black people. However, I don't see Nader as a hater. He actually speaks directly to the consumer society that we are. Alot of what he says makes sense, but given the 2 party system bias, he's not seen as such.

Siditty said...

Didn't Nader learn earlier in the election when he said Barack was "trying to talk white"


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