Monday, July 5, 2010

Kentucky Patriotism: Wearing the 'Yup I'm a Racist' T-Shirt on the 4th of July

I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again: Barack Obama being elected president has motivated some of the most twisted, yet ingenious minds in America. That said, what better day is there to show your disdain for him as a true act of American patriotism than the fourth of July.

Yep, while some of you were out at your family reunions eating BBQ, and watermelon. Check out how some fine white folks in my favorite state Kentucky (home of Rand Paul) celebrated, or should I say, ingeniously expressed their American pride and patriotism, at a Lexington Kentucky 4th of July festival:

I really don't understand how some white people rationalize stuff in their heads. If this is the best way to protect the country, I suppose we should bring the troops home; because, if we throw in a few bumper stickers then we've won the war against Al Queda, and the illegal immigrants I suppose. Oh well, it's a white thing; and obviously my black-president-loving-ass won't understand.

Sorry, I'm all for the freedom of expression; but defending your bigotry for profit just doesn't sit well with me. But then again, isn't this just what the Tea party has been doing for the last year and a half? Look, as blue as the grass is in Kentucky, I bet there were a few of these proud racist folks buying up these T-Shirts as a Christmas stocking stuffer. On some real talk, I can't knock the hustle; hell, racism is as American as apple pie. And to be honest, I wish more white folks were (to borrow a word from Eric Holder) less cowardly.


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