Sunday, September 20, 2009

Look Mommy, there's a Negro wearing a cowboy hat, singing and getting those white folks on TV mad at Barack Obama!

"The Black community has not gotten the message yet." - Lloyd Marcus

Well, that's what the wannabe Black Republican "Cowboy Troy" said...

Maybe he knows more than I, or we know...

Whoever he is, obviously he's not one that I would label on this blog as a misguided Negro, right? But then again, maybe he is. Could it be that he hasn't gotten the message just yet like so many other people of color about the Republican Party?

I wonder what Republican leader John Boehner has to say about that socialist label...

So, how am I supposed to believe the argument that there are no racist or racial undertones to the recent protests, when these guys can't even get it together. Lloyd Marcus the authority on politics and Black people says Obama is socialist, but John Boehner says he's not?!! I can't take this new racism thing anymore; it's hard to keep up; especially when people can't even get their shit together.

But yet they're winning the battle as (R-Ky) Rep. Mitch McConnell says?

Sure I know Lloyd has been riding that Tea Party express bus all across the country lately. And no he might not be riding at the back of the bus as some of our ancestors. But who is he taking the country back from and who exactly is he going to get it when they do take it back? Surely he doesn't think his Black ass will be one of the shot callers in this nation should they be victorious in 2010, does he?

Don't let me find out that his silly ass like some of the people protesting health care reform are without health coverage.

I'm outta here...

These silly Negroes are just too much for me today...


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