Friday, July 1, 2011

The Friday Sex Blog [Trust and Bliss]

Trusting Him

I know too many women who say they have given up on sex. Well, actually, they’ve closed down the box until they find “The One.” It’s unfortunate because “The One” usually turns out to be something with a warranty attached and an insatiable need for an energy source (batteries). In addition, it won’t even snuggle.


I don’t think I’m saying anything revolutionary when I state that most women are capable of very deep, profound sex. I’ll go out on a limb and offer my observation that as women, your body and heart yearn to be ravaged with wave after wave of blissful love. Shoot, I'm willing to bet that some of you yearn for total surrender.

The problem (and this is the reason for the “chocha lockdown”) is that your sexual experience often falls quite short of this.

I hear you, ladies, and I know that most of you know that sex can be better than it usually is. Even that little boy you fucked last summer was ultimately dissatisfying because, well, ultimately a hard dick is just a hard dick. In the end, you were left hanging and while “the sex was good” (you tell yourself and your friends), it left a bad taste in your mouth (pun not intended).

Even for those who haven’t experienced it, you know deep inside that sweet little heart of yours there is deeper sexual potential, although you may not have the map to get you there.

For most women (and men), there are sexual skills to learn and emotional knots to untie. But no matter how good you get at smoking that cock, or how masterful or comfortable you get at the art of sex, you can’t get away from the fact that your partner plays a huge role in how fully you will be willing to open sexually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually together.

Deep, moving, totally ravishing sex depends on the loving play between the Yin and Yang of masculine and feminine forces. The way I’ve been taught, the masculine is consciousness, and manifests through the body as presence and direction. Think about it ladies: isn’t a very present and confident masculine individual sexy to you? On the other end, a sexy feminine person is radiant and alive with the very essence of life force. In this way, presence/ radiance attract one another and create the sexual polarity in which we can realize our oneness in the depth and intimate tangle of the sexual embrace.

I know you want this as much as I do, so stop bullshitting. This is what you yearn for, this is what you chase when you make that “mistake” and sleep with that asshole you met one day at the club or gym or the produce section of your local grocery store. This is what you truly seek when you turn on the BOB and console your pussy to sleep.

To be sure, the masculine and the feminine are aspects of one Conscious Light – what is called The Divine by many names. Many of you are getting it wrong. I hate to be the one to have to break it down, but as no one else is doing it, I have to tell you that for the fullest expression of sex, love is necessary but it is not sufficient. In order for sex to become a divine ravishment/ surrender, the Conscious Light must play as two: one partner embodies the masculine force of consciousness, presence, and purpose (direction), while the other embodies the feminine force of love-light, radiance, life force. Too many women and men are afraid to sexually embody these divine expressions.

I’ve been getting to know someone right now and when she embodies this light, this radiance, she is attractive beyond measure. Her radiance transcends the physical, in the process making her even more beautiful. When she shuts down the light? It’s like being thrust into a frozen landscape and it isn’t too pretty.

Where was I? Oh! There’s a point to all this if only I could find it! LOL

Every man and woman has both masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) aspects within them and being whole unto yourself is a sign of psychological health. However, in order to take it to the next stage, to relinquish boundaries in order to express something larger than yourself, you and your lover must learn to open your boundaries and surrender sexual independence for the divine dance of two-bodied play.

You want to be taken in your femininity by your lover’s masculine presence, taken beyond resistance into the vast fullness of love, consumed into bliss.

The issue here is trust, of course. Too many of you have been burned beyond recognition in this game we call love. The trust you once owned seeped out of a little hole in your back. So, you trust with your face facing the door. And the irony is that you will never know this union I’m describing until you learn to trust him (or her) more than you trust yourself. This shit isn’t for wimps. If you want this, if anything I’ve written today is even remotely attractive you then you must let go and trust in his masculine essence more than you trust yourself. There is no other way.

I hear women (and men) all the time bitch and moan about they can’t find a good man (or woman), or even one to ravish them sexually, but when I look, they don’t want to pay the price of admission. And the price is steep, but ultimately more rewarding than anything you can ever imagine or accomplish by shutting down the chocha or womb.




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