Saturday, May 3, 2008


I don't know if any of you have been following this polygamist cult thing down in Texas. Have you seen the mothers of those kids as they walked into court? I know I'm not the only one who has noticed that they all look like "Mrs. Olsen" from on "Little House On The Prairie", right?!! Damn those are some old ugly looking white women! I had to specify them as being white because I've yet to see a black woman as part of their cult on TV. I don't know if there were/are any black women down in Texas in that compound. But if there were, it wouldn't surprise me. You know us black people always try to fit in with everything thats white? Shit, it wouldn't surprise me if one or a few of them were black. I'm kinda glad they don't show them on TV if there are any though. I'd hate white America to see that and get the idea that slavery was back, upon seeing images of Aunt Jemima. They'd probably think that the sister was the one raising the kids, just like ALL black women did back in the day. Oh you think I'm trippin? Shit, there were black people who died in Guyana fuckin with that dude Jim Jones back in the 70's. Yes, there were black people who drank the kool aid. We "outsiders" of the black persuation can look and laugh and call it "CRAZY WHITE FOLKS SHIT" all day long. But the minute one of us pops on the scene, we hang our heads in shame.

Remember when those make-overs were popular on talk shows? What ever happened to that shit? Oh yeah, paternity tests became the rage, or the new black. Well, I think instead of interviewing these women like they did on TV, they should give them all make-overs. Yeah, that's what needs to be done. I mean really, if you look like the way they look, it's easy to understand why they'd all agree to marry one white man and have 75 babies a piece by him. They're human, and they feel the need to be wanted just like you and me. Some of us do other things to get attention. naked pics of ourselves on the internet, or stalking like Cosmic Brotha does on here everyday. These ladies are no different. Yes, they're as fucked up as we all are, but they look wierd, and thats the difference.

But seriously though, I wonder if this polygamist cult were black, would the gov't or the state of Texas even care. I mean, I know the state of Texas cares about the welfare of black people so much so to incarcerate and execute them in record numbers. Damn, I said I wasn't gonna get too deep with this blog, but I fucked up and did it. Lemme get back on topic. Yeah, those old ass ugly white female polygamists. Look, I'm not a woman, but I'm sure seeing those women on TV dressed like that with those fucked up hairstyles, has to be depressing for women as it is for me. Other than it being a religious cult, who would wanna bang a bunch of old ugly women who look like they just stepped off of a ship from England circa 1495? I know I wouln't! But, its obvious that there are white men into that type of thing. They pass it off as a religion, hence the cult thing, but I really think its more of a fetish. Hey, white people do crazy shit! I was watching "Real Sex" on HBO the other night, and they had a segment on men who like to dress as babies in diapers and be dominated by their mothers. No shit, I saw that shit this past weekend! They had grown ass men in fuckin diapers, going googoo gaaga and drinking baby bottles while the women were dressed like nannies taking care of them. Of course you know I had to look to see if there were any black dudes in the segment who were into that kinda thing. I didn't find any, so I guess thats just one of those things that crazy white folks do.


Anonymous said...

Wow Rippa..
Ok, so I did giggle at alot of this. In defense of the cultist.. What the are to themselves is not a cult. The Morman fundamentalist firmly believe they are to live that way. Free of the trappings of makeup, perfume and all those things that draw attention. They are to be plain and simple. They firmly believe that they are to remain simple and do their work for their God? It seems crazy to us for sure. But in that.. with the seriousness they serve in their faith. I can say that You are so right in it being extreme and crazy. There are a few things in life that make whites crazier than any other race. Just research serial killers, do it in races. Of known and caught serial killers, about 79 - 85% are white. Seems that when something is extreme or just unreal to be done.. You can bet a white person is the center of it. IE cults, vampirism lifestyle, poly lifestyle, cults and even serial killers..
Hell, even now days with the rash of teachers having sex with their YOUNG students.. so far in the last 5 years.. all white chicks..
Peace and glad you didn't give up. Your blogs are pretty amazing..

Reggie said...

I'm scared of white folks.

Kim said...

The outfits and hair would just literally do me in ..that is all


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