Thursday, April 29, 2010

BREAKING NEWS:Lil Wayne is Sandra Bullock's baby daddy!

I'ono y'all, but I'm feeling like something ain't right with this whole adoption thing, and how it all just came out of nowhere. Shoot, for all we know, why ya' bullshittin, this is prolly why Jesse James stepped out with the next chick! I'm just sayin', how you 'posed to be the man with your skinhead buddies when yo' woman creep with a black dude with a yuckmouth?

I mean c'mon, the kid is New Orleans, right? Didn't have like 4 or 5 chicks pregnant all at the same time? Of course that don't mean nuthin 'cuz Lil Wayne leaves his skeet in all fifty states and Puerto Rico. But I think there's more to it than we really know, son. But anyway, checkout the exclusive interview with Lil Louis and tell me if I'm lyin'. Word is born, son? I think they coached that kid on this whole adoption thing, yo:

Nah, nah, nah son... I ain't buyin' that adoption story. But son, I swear, I put this on e'ry thing! When this lil dude starts smokin' weed, tottin' burners and catchin' charges, yo? Don't say I ain't never told y'all. I'm just sayin', don't belee e'ry thing ya hear in the media! And I know you ain't gon' tell me that baby don't look like him...




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