Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gabriel Aubry to Halle Berry: My Kid is White, 'One Drop Rule' My Ass, Black Girl

So here I was, just sitting and enjoying yet another day of Black History Month as I basked in the glow of post-racialness of the Obama era. And then my buddy @BenJoBubble just had to ruin the ambiance of it all by introducing me to the fuckery that follows involving Halle Berry and her ex; yup, the white boy:
A simple split has become a nasty race war, and now, it's going back to the ugliest time in American history.

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, battling for custody of their daughter Nahla, have both thrown some mud, but after word about Aubry's alleged racism got out, Berry is firing back.

In a new interview with EBONY Magazine, Berry says (via TMZ), "I feel she's Black. I'm Black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory."

That goes against the wishes of Aubry, who, allegedly, doesn't like when people call Nahla black. That's inconvenient for Berry, who, according to sources, told Aubry he was only good for one thing -- sperm of a different genetic makeup than her own.

Berry's people have also leaked out that Nahla is supposedly afraid to go near Aubry, though the truth seems far too elusive to grab at this point. (source)
First off, lemme just say that both of these parents should be chopped in the throat for this mess. Yes I know divorce isn't always amicable, but the nerve of these clowns bringing the kid into the mix. And about race, too? OK, yeah, it's alleged that Gabriel called Halle a "nigger". But isn't something like the race of any potential kids something that should've been established in the pre-nup?

Now of course with my sick and twisted sense of humor, I couldn't help but to think of Halle in the movie "Monsters Ball" and thought: life doesn't imitate art; there're no happy endings when you're Black and you enter into a romantic relationship with a racist prick like Billy Bob Thorton Gabriel Aubrey. Yep, you don't get Oscars for real life shit, Halle. You get a dude trynna get his Kevin Federline on; yep, cut da check.

Halle should not have even felt the need to address this foolishness, in my opinion. We currently live in a society where more young people identify themselves as mixed. And with Halle being mixed herself, she shouldn't have even dignified Gabriel's down low racism other than to say that's why she dumped his ass.

I know some of you think it's best for the kid to choose her own racial identity rather than having it defined by her parents. But, I think that's a Pollyanna line of thinking. In a perfect world, yes. But the reality is, society has long defined clear racial lines; you don't get to choose (unless you could really pass as white), society chooses for you. All in all I think this is a mess, and I'm sure this would not affect the kid as she develops.

Now, what would make matters worse than they are now? It could only get worse if the kid, Nahla, came out and said, "I'm neither Black or White; I'm actually Asian, and Tiger Woods is my daddy." Wouldn't that be nice?


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