Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teacher to Black Student: "I'll bust yo' shit! Have your lip looking bigger than what it is!"

There's no doubt that being a teacher is a tough job. For most, though taking a most noble position in society, being a teacher is somewhat like wiping the asses of elderly folks for $4.50 per hour. Coming from a family of educators, it has long been my belief that teachers should not only be paid more, but should also be respected and revered as the national treasure they most certainly are..

Remember the movie Falling Down? Well check out this clip of a black male teacher as he tries to breakup a fight in his classroom. Yeah, the brotha practically fell down and went smooth tha f@#k off on this kid:

It's safe to say that this brotha was having a bad day, and in his frustration said some things I personally believe any teacher should say to a kid. You may think I'm wrong and seek to justify the teachers words. But think about it: did anything he said to the kid make the situation any better?

Is this the way you resolve conflict? I mean, if this were a white cop in the streets talking this shit to a kid, would he be justified? Um, I seriously would like answers to these questions. Here are his quotables:

"I'm tired of your little fat ass around here running your mouth!"

"I'll bust yo' shit! Have your lip looking bigger than what it is!"

"That's what is wrong with niggas now!"

"I know punks like you. I kick their behinds every day!"

"You're trying to showoff in front of the girls, but I'm about to showoff on you!"


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