Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pure F*ckery: 40-Year-Old Woman Caught Naked in 16-Year-Old Boy's Closet by Mother

Um, so yeah; I'm sure you're wondering if that's her in the pic, right? Well, I hate to break it to you, but yes it is. I mean, not every woman can look like Halle Berry, wear as occasional wig, or even those horrible lace-fronts, right? Of course not. And yes I know that what she did was sick and how she looks doesn't matter. But dammit I can't help it; shit, I'm a man and I have questions. Hell, I was sixteen and horny once; but, having sex with an older woman with a part in her head the size of the Red Sea wasn't a fantasy:
MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A 40-year old woman is facing rape charges after being caught naked inside a closet with a 16-year old teen.

In Brief:
Mary Magdalene Collier was caught naked inside 16-year old boy’s closet.

Both Collier and 16-year old admitted to sexual relationship.

16-year old's mother found them inside closet and filed complaint.
According to an affidavit, 40-year old Mary Magdalene Collier was arrested for aggravated statutory rape after the teen’s mother discovered they were having a sexual relationship.

Both the 16-year old and Collier admitted to having an on going sexual relationship since January of 2011.

The teen’s mother called police after unexpectedly returning home and finding her son partial naked and Collier completely naked inside her son’s closet.

Collier is still behind bars at Shelby County's Jail East and currently has a $50,000 bond. Her next court date is March 3rd. (source)
Ok, OK, Ok... aside from looking like the love child of Mike Tyson and "Uncle Phil" from The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, what's kind of ironic, is that her friggin name is Mary Magdelene. You know, the chick who was rumored to be an ex-prostitute turned lover of Jesus Christ in the Bible? Yeah, that Mary; not the virgin one. Which if you really think about it, maybe she was "witnessing" to the kid and trynna get some peen on the sneak tip, like some preachers do.

But then again, maybe she's doing an R. Kelly remix...

QUESTION: How do you see this "relationship" coming about?


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