Monday, June 23, 2008


When I was a kid (probably about 6yrs old at the time) living in Trinidad, I could remember my uncle Karl hanging out with his buddies in my grandparents back yard. My uncle was a rastafarian and hangout with his friends was what he did often. One day in particular, I could remember him sending me to his room to get this yellow garbage bag from under his bed. Like any innocent kid, upon fetching the big yeallow garbage bag, I peeked in to see the contents. The bag was full of weed. When I say full, I mean full. That was the first time I saw weed up close and personal, and even then, I never knew what it was.

This morning, when I saw that George Carlin died, my initial thought was of weed. Its been 4yrs since I smoked weed, or took any drugs for that matter. But for some reason, thoughts of him brought back memories of some great times. George Carlin was w well known comic who had his battles with drugs over ther years. But for some reason today, I wish I had the chance to smoke weed with him. His brand of comedy definitely left me thinking. So I could only imagine the conversations I could have with him after smoking that high grade shit. You know them white boys kept the good shit; they never smoked that babitt(LOL). In my heart, I know that smoking some weed, and being able to chop it up with George Carlin would've been the shit. Lets be honest, the guy made us laugh and think at the same time. And when it was all over, we all thought some more. Thats the mark of a great comedian, and he sure as hell left his mark on us who were fans.

There are a bunch of people I'd like to smoke weed with. I don't know if any of you ever gave any thought to being able to do that, but I have. Not that I've put together a list or anything. But there are a few people that I could imagine smoking with. I say that, because I've found that weed elevates my conciousness. I dunno but I think many inventions were a result of being high. Just ask the Chia Pet dude, he'll tell ya. I've smoked weed with fellow nerds where we've had some of the deepest discussions. I mean discussions from philosophy, politics, science, culture, to even porn. And these were deep discussions which never ended in arguments. Why? Because we were all on the same plane of conciousness. People can't do that smoking crack or any other drug. Weed on the other hand brings people together.

I'd like to smoke with Ghandi, and have a debate as to why his ass didn't eat more. Shit, that dude was skinny as fuck, running around looking like a crack head in Jesus clothes. I wish I could have smoked weed with the D.C. sniper. That way I can understand what was that nigga thinking. How in the hell you terrorize a population like he did and then get caught because he fell asleep. I wish I could've smoked weed with Rick James....well, just because! He would probably be a cool cat to smoke with but he'd probably get on my nerves talking about himself all the time, and hoggin all the weed. I hated smokin with people like that, but at least with Rick ther'd be chicks around doing freaky shit. And I'm pretty sure Rick banged a midget or two. Old Dirty Bastard would probably have been a good weed buddy, but then again, he'd probably have me in jail on some bullshit. I definitely wished I could have smoked with Bob Marley because that cat was madd deep. But he smoked too much and that woulda been scary. One time back in the day, I smoked rediculous amounts of weed in a two day period with one of my boys trynna impress these chicks from outta town, and I puked. I never thought that would or could ever happen, but it did. So Bob Marley may be a no no.

There are a few of you on here who I could see myself smoking weed with. Not that I know whether you smoke or not. But I just think it could make for some great stories and experiences. I couldn't smoke with Cosmic tho. His fat ass would eat up all the food and blame it on the munchies, and we'd have to fight. Some of you are deep thinkers and sharing a blunt or two would definitely ignite a meeting of the minds. I've noticed that there are alotta intelligent people who smoke weed. I figure if they're as smart as they are, they must know something and it must be nothing wrong with it. Conversely, some of you are dummies, and I would love nothing more but to smoke up all of your weed. Yeah, I can be greedy like that, especially when I'm not the one paying for it. Awww, don't get mad, we'd have a great time.



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