Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've never had a tattoo done on any part of my body, and I doubt I ever will. I'm pretty indicisive about stuff thats, well...permanent. So I know that if I ever decided to get a tattoo, it'll probably take 5yrs for me to choose what the fuck I want imprinted on my body permanently. Other than that, I still think my mom would whoop my ass for doing it. Having said all of that, I doubt you'll ever see me tattoo'd up anytime soon. I say to each his own when it comes to that stuff. But for a while there, it did become like this trendy thing to do. And you know me...I don't do too well with the trendy stuff. Hell, I just finally learned how to do the Electric Slide six months ago; hopefully I'll get the Butterfly down by the end of the year (I know yall remember that dance...). So no tattoos for me, and hopefully none for my daughters. I know I can't stop them once they're grown if they decide to do it. Shoot, they don't even have to consult with me. And to me, thats the scary part. But hey, as a parent you have to let go right? I've seen alotta teenage kids running around with tattoos, so I guess parents are letting go more and more, and earlier than yesteryear.

I just hope that none of my girls would ever do this....

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Talk about creative advertising. I wonder how I'd react if one of my daughters came home with a tattoo like the one in the pic above. Right now I can't say just what I'd do. I'd be pissed of course. I mean, what father wants to be known as the father of a dick sucker?


(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

have you seen the photo of the woman with the full ass tattoo of a butterfly?? LOL!

Auntie Mango said...

Greetings Beautiful People--

(Exhale) You think no one could've, perhaps, mentioned to this sista that covering an obvious "love" tattoo with one that announces her falaiousness (I hope I spelled that right) was a bad idea? Guess not.

Anonymous said...

tattoos are fine and dandy as long as its not something you will regret in a year as for the tattoo above that is a disgrace why would you want that on your body in the first place and then to get it where every one and their mother can see is just plain triflin' and i know what i would do i i had a chils and they came home with a tattoo like that .... i would beat the living day lights out of them i know that much i guess some people have no self respect whats so ever how would explain a tattoo like that to your kids or anyone for that matter?

Anonymous said...

This girl must have been out of her mind. I was completely disgusted to see this. I don't know how much grosser anyone could possibly get. I'm pretty sure she would get the award for nastiest tattoo EVER.
Personally I would love to hear the story of what in the world she was thinking when she got this on her body, her chest nonetheless. Not to mention the fact that she actually paid money to get this done. Tattoos aren't cheap. Talk about a waste. I wonder what the person who gave her this tattoo was thinking.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she didn't have any choice in the matter and it was done for 'advertising purposes' to benefit her man's pocket-book.

Shit happens y'know...just a thought.

Tabitha M. Woodruff said...

Sex traffickers, AKA 'pimps,' are notorious for 'branding' the girls and children they hold hostage, sexually exploit, and earn lucrative profits from. I've worked with survivors and seen a few different types--it's usually a name or symbol tattooed or burned into the skin of the child or girl on the back on the neck, the chest, stomach, or arm. It's incredibly common, and is part of the brainwashing process and mental breakdown that it used to enslave these prostitutes on a more permanent basis. If that victim is sold or kidnapped by another pimp, he will cover that brand with another--it looks like there's an old brand there on her left breast. Notice the scars around her lips and on her chest--these may be signs of STDs or beatings. I've never seen a branding as degrading, horrific, or obvious as this one.

I work with the Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition in Columbus, Ohio, addressing human trafficking in our area. I also volunteer with a shelter, Gracehaven House, where underage victims of sex trafficking are rehabilitated. This is a big problem in the U.S., and, as is obvious from the comments, these victims are often called whores and ignored while no one bothers to look deeper into the situation. If you know where this photo came from, who or where this woman is, please contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-3737-888. For more info on domestic minor sex trafficking, check out;;


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