Wednesday, June 11, 2008


When I look around and see interracial couples in everyday life, I often wonder if any of them are aware that at one point in time, that it was illegal for blacks & whites to even get married in this country. Its become so common to see interracial couples these days, that its no big deal really. So why are you talking about it RiPPa? Because I can muthafucka! Thats why!
LOL...even I had to laugh at that last line.

Most people who have and or do date interracially, will always say that they don't see color when they choose who they choose to be with. They'll also say shit like, love doesn't know color. Or they'll even say something stupid like...

"Jesus loves the little childeren, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world!"

Uh huh, some bullshit like that is what some will say. Listen, I'm warning you now, that Flower Child, 60's hippy shit ain't working with me, OK? If the world or this country was really like that, there would be no stigma attached to dating outside of your race. To be honest, the reason that it was considered taboo was because of white people. Yes. in history, white people have fucked over people of color all over the world. They were the ones who made the rules of engagement, and they damn sure didn't do it with LOVE or JESUS in mind. Am I lying? Maybe I made that up.

I look around and see people today not afraid to step outdoors with someone of the opposite race as a mate. Gone are the days when a black man would be fuckin hung, shot and killed for even looking or being accused of looking at a white woman. Gone are the days when it was easy for a white woman to yell rape, and blame a black man when she had consentual sex and her daddy found out that she fucked a nigger. Gone are the days that it was against the law for blacks and whites to even get married in this country. Yup, that was a long time ago. Nevermind the Genarlow Wilson case in Georgia just a few years ago, that was just a fluke, that stuff almost never happens. Hell, interracial dating is "cool" now. Personally, I think its become a trend. Its not a NEW trend, but its a trend none the less. Its become tolerable (notice I didn't say acceptable) in our society. Its like the old saying, "If you can't beat em', join em'." Its one of the reasons why Barack Obama is a frontrunner to become the next president. Fuck it, I'm just telling you the truth.

Since I'm telling you the truth, I might as well tell you, at one point, and in some cases today, to date outside of your race is considered to be an act of rebellion. It was considered to be moreso rebellious for white women to date, or seek the companionship of black men. After all, black people were beneath white people, and how dare a white woman have sex with a black man. Never mind that white men have always had sex with black women whenever they wanted, never mind that. Hell, the white man ruled and owned black people, therefore, if he wanted to fuck a black woman he could! His friends would even know and it was no big deal. Double standard? Fuck no, they made the rules, and thats the way it was.

But you know whats funny? Though its become "tolerable" today, its obvious that its about class even as races intermingle. Think about it! You never see a broke black dude with a white woman who's considered well to do. And you never see a sucessful black man with a broke white woman. And why do you think I used these examples excluding the black woman? Because more black men date outside of their race than black women do. And trust me, thats no accident. Black men "choose" to date white women as a measure of sucess, and in turn acceptability. And they do this because of slavery. No, its not a payback thing either as some of them would tell you. Like I said, its a measure of sucess. Though I don't agree with it, I understand. And now today, you have white women who date black men exclusively. And they probably don't even understand the reasoning behind the actions of said black men. For most of them (white women), though its still an act of rebellion on their part, its the "in" thing. You know, its "cool", and hence me saying its become a trend. I can go on and on and break this down even further as I see it. But I'll end it like this....

With the black man being the original man of the earth, and with white women making interracial dating trendy. I wonder how many of them would date an aboriginie?


Leo Sundberg said...

White were slaves too. My grandfather sat in the GULAG and worked his ass off during the second world war. And black slaves being sold were captured by other black men and THEN sold to the white man.

Yes, I truly think slavery and racism is wrong, I'm just saying don't make the "white heterosexual male" the villain of the whole world.

Because I was not born and neither were you when whites suppressed blacks. Let's not forget the past but let's focus on the future.

Leo Sundberg

Anonymous said...


i think black guys should not be with white girls. they are too pure n clean.

n stupid ass thugs just want to play them n fuck them.

brown,white,asian,irish, ect. can have sex with black girls, but black guys should only do their black woman not white or any other race.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a blog about interracial dating to bring the assholes out of the woodwork lol

And just to reply to the comment above that stated "don't make the "white heterosexual male" the villain of the whole world."

Well..he is...History tells the story, there is no need for anyone to "make" him out to be that. The shoe fits, they wore it then and still wearing it well now!

Personally I could give a damn who dates who, but what I hate is to hear black men saying is that they date white women because black women have too much anger and drama and white women are calmer and know how to treat a man. that is the biggest sack of bullshit ever sold..

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to mention that you are soooo wrong for that picture LMAO!

Anonymous said...

The picture is wrong?! God, I was about to give my girlfriend 6-10 niggers to gangbang for her birthday party! What should I do now?! Maybe I've got to check them myself first... LOL!

Blackgirlthinking, would you have sex with white boys? You know, huge blonde northmen with hair as long as this guy's cock?

I think interracial sex is more an adventure than true love. I've got nothing against trying it, but in the end each one with his own...

My grandfather DIED in comunist forced labor camps of Romania (one of the most horrible states in the entire world!). Without culture, education and avoiding overcrowding/overpopulation, any society is susceptible of developing pathological phenomenons as racism, class struggle, slavery and other forms of pseudo-speciation. Check Konrad Lorenz "On Aggression" and "The Civilised Man Eight Deadly Sins" for more...

Anonymous said...

dude name is Butch and he appeared in Hustler way back in the day.dude is a exotic dancer in Hawaii in da 70's.where is the hung brutha now.white girl hanging onto da wrong leg.

Anonymous said...

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