Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Recently there has been much buzz about whether there should even be a celebration of Black History Month. Yeah, the old joke is that "they" gave us the shortest and one of the coldest month to celebrate it. Yes, I'm fully aware of this. But the truth is: they didn't give us anything.

Having said that, it is my belief that Black History Month be continued, and continued to celebrate the achievements of African Americans. I would however like to see it broadened to address African History. I mean, sure we're Americans, but since we have the African tag, its only right. What do you think about that one?

But since as it stands, I cannot tell people how they should celebrate Black History Month. I wish I could because if I did, none of this would be happening. I'm going to assume that you the reader didn't click the link provided in the last sentence. Yup, I know you people are lazy like that. If you clicked the link you would have read the story of an Elementary School in Mississippi who saw it appropriate to add to their calendar of Black History Month celebrations...


Yup, that's right. Last Thursday everybody in the school were supposed to dress up like slaves and, well, pick cotton. I guess the idea was to show kids just how wonderful that job was. I say that because one smart man saw this as unfit and as a result it was canceled. After which they decided to change the name or the event to Career Day.

I'm all about our kids learning our history, but I think making them do this would have been taking it too far. But believe me that I say that with some reluctance because a part of me really wants them to know what it was like. Maybe if people (adults included) had an ounce of an idea of what it was like, maybe they'll stop with the talk of killing Black History Month. The sad thing about it, is that I'm sure the Negroes who are in support of the end to Black History Month all had tears in their eyes when Obama won and was inaugurated.

QUESTIONS: 1) Do you think Cotton Picking Day would have been appropriate? 2) Would you have allowed your kids to participate? 3) Do you think Black History Month should end?


Untouched Jewel said...

Honestly, Cotton Picking Day would have totally been offensive. Hell, they might as well have called it Eat Fried Chicken and Watermelon and drink Kool-Aid Day. Any day named that in any school my children attended, they would be absent, and I would definitely write a note and go to the highest office in the school board.

I don't think Black History Month should end, but should be extended for another month. Reason being, because Black History IS American History. Had it not been for the hard labor our people did for this country, none of us would have the inventions and things we have. I feel the rest of the races in this country need to learn and study our culture the way we study and see and are visually implanted with everyone else's culture. Hell, since we can't be given any kind of reparations for our contribution to this country, the least that can be done is have our history extended for another month.

autoegocrat said...

Why stop there? They could have put a perfect cap on the day's festivities with the Zyklon-B Shower Power Hour.


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