Monday, August 9, 2010

Does John Boehner's Tan Support Repeal Of The Fourteenth Amendment Too? And Why Is Alan Keyes The Voice Of Reason?

John Boehner's tan should be nominated for an NAACP Image Award. Of course if this were to happen' it would mean that Beohner is racist by association. Which is absurd because by looking at him it's obvious that he's a black man nicely tanned and obviously likes black people... with the exception of Barack Obama, who is a bit too high yellow for his taste. Ha! And you people thought he was against his policies...

But since we're on the subject of birthright citizenship and John Boehner and his GOP talking points. I think he should give cation to tossing around such words that are a threat to the constitution of the United States. I mean look at him! Anybody with a discerning eye can tell that his tan was born in Kenya to a Muslim father with a funny sounding last name. So while he thinks "it's worth considering," repealing the cornerstone of civil rights...

I'm gonna need his tan to show its birth certificate.

The real irony of this situation is that "Coon Brother Number One", Alan Keyes, of all people, has stepped up to condemn the idea of repealing the fourteenth amendment as he did last week at a black republican "Uni-Tea" love-fest in Washington DC. Checkout the following clip; and yes, it's OK to question if he's the same "brotha" who opposes Affirmative Action, and is a self avowed "Birther", with intentions of discrediting the legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency:

Say what you want about Boehner's tan, but it's definite proof that Global Warming is real. As for Alan Keyes? Well, let's just say that the jury is still out in the court of negro opinion. But hey, maybe the soul of his re-vitiligo did the talking.


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