Saturday, August 28, 2010

White House Black Media Liaison Quits, But Why Was He Hired?

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

After scouring the internet to read the bio of recent and abrupt White House resignee, Corey Ealons, I am totally not impressed by his credentials for the position he was appointed.

When I read an article, I was like, Corey Ealons who? Who the hell is this guy, and what sky did he drop out of because it is not the chitlin' circuit black press that I know and study.

As of Monday, the former black press liaison announced his departure from the Obama Administration. However, his presence will not be missed if you read his experience. He doesn't have a lick of practice or knowledge of the black press and the negroness that it operates under.

According to the White House site, Ealons bio reads:

Corey Ealons, Director of African American Media and Coordinator of Special Projects
Ealons served as director of African American Media during the General Election for the Obama-Biden campaign. Prior to joining that operation he was deputy chief of staff and communications director for U.S. Representative Artur Davis of Alabama for six years. A communications professional for nearly 15 years, Ealons’ experiences include three presidential campaigns and active duty service as the public affairs director and photojournalist for the 3rd United States Infantry (The Old Guard), the Presidential Honor Guard in Washington, D.C. Ealons graduated from the University Of Alabama School Of Communications with a concentration in public relations and political communications.


I've worked for some black papers and frankly, he didn't have the pimp juice to deal with the "niggeration" (excuse my French) and back-handed bullshit that goes on in African-American papers.

Have you heard about the iron hand that Desiree Rodgers has to use to deal with the Tom-coon foolery @ Ebony. She had to bust them out for paying a white firm goo-gobs of money to upgrade their image and robbed them of their money. Then they hired a junior flip of an executive who was just a fresh face without the backbone to create real change.

Or maybe Desiree has found some twisted way to get back under the thumb of Obama by getting in through Ebony. She is quite the cunning little diva. I absolutely love her. Go get your man Desiree, but be careful. Michelle looks like she will blacken your high-yella tell with a South-side right hook.


KBH Expressionz said...

I- be- lobby -GotDiyum! Every time i turn around, folks are leavin dis Mofo. Things don't look so great for Obamamy, now does it? Get da bum out and put in sum other Trash pieace.

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