Thursday, December 23, 2010

Secret Santa Surprises Memphis Goodwill Customers

by JuJuBe (Joanna)

The other day I had a conversation with a friend. I told him that, unlike most people, I would NOT want to be rich. We discussed that notion, and came to the conclusion that when people say they do not want to be wealthy, what they really mean is that they do not want to be corrupt, and unfortunately, the pursuit of money often corrupts even those who started out as well intentioned.

After hearing this story about an anonymous stranger giving away money to strangers at a Goodwill store in Memphis, TN, I have come to the realization that while wealth causes some people to compromise their values, for those with a generous spirit, having a lot of money can help them bring joy to the lives of others.
MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A stranger recently walked in to the Goodwill at Shelby Drive and Riverdale and handed out $50 bills to everyone in the store.

Chestine Dunn, an employee at the store, witnessed the giveaway spree. No one knows the name of the mystery person who handed out the cash. Dunn said the man carried a stack of envelopes with him. Inside each envelope was $50, a surprise for strangers who weren't expecting it.

"It's very nice of him to do that," she said.

Betty Ridenour, who is 86-years-old, was one of the recipients of the stranger's generosity.

"I think everybody was stunned," she said.

Inside the envelope the stranger gave to Ridenour was a crisp, new $50 bill.

"If you know who that man was, I would like you to thank him a million times," she said.

Witnesses said the man didn't make any purchases at the story, and asked for nothing in return. He simply gave lucky strangers an envelope, wished them a merry Christmas, and moved on.

"He just popped in and popped out," Dunn said.

A Goodwill spokesperson said the company doesn't know who the man is.

I hope that people will hear the story of this anonymous man and be moved to do something kind for a stranger. Most of us do not have the same sort of resources this gentleman obviously does, but even those of us who are struggling can probably afford to throw a few coins in the cup of a homeless man on the street, or buy an inexpensive toy for a child who Santa Claus might be missing this year!

Although I am not a Christian, I am a lover of all things Christmas, and the generosity of spirit that comes with the season is my favorite part of it all. Merry Christmas to all!


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