Monday, April 11, 2011

Donald Trump Says Obama's Grandparents Brought Him to America to Get on Welfare

I'm tellin' you, folks: Donald Trump is that turd that doesn't wanna get flushed. Damn straight; he's a friggin floater with mangy hair, and he won't go away. Of course last week I told about how much he's gotten on my nerves while I was in recovery from eye surgery. But this week, though I really hate to discuss his ass, he has sunken to a new low with this birther garbage.

He's already concocted some cockamamee grand conspiracy about Obama's birth in Kenya involving the FBI, the CIA, and the Three Wise Men on Morning Joe the other day. Now, this past weekend appearing on CNN's State Of The Union, he provides another twist to justify what I honestly see as racism.

Obama's white grandparents brought him to America as part of a scheme to get Welfare. Yeah, I know; unbelievable, right? But hey, you gotta give it to him for keeping his racism consistent enough to throw the Welfare Queen meme often used by Conservatives in the mix. Hell, this asshole is covering all the bases:
TRUMP: The grandparents put that [birth announcement] in [the newspaper] because obviously they want him to be a United States citizen because in those days, people were much more proud than they are today unfortunately for being a United States citizen.

So they wanted him to be a citizen of the United States, for that purpose, and also for hospitalization, for welfare, for this, for that, for all the other assets you get from being a United States citizen. So there are a lot of very smart people who say that is routinely done and that was done by his grandparents. [...]

CROWLEY: I will tell you we’ve checked with both these papers early on — not to the latest when you brought it back in the headlines — but the fact is that the hospitals reported this information to the papers, and the papers printed it.

TRUMP: Who knows? You’re talking fifty years ago.
Sure it was fifty years ago; and, Donald's actually right. Fifty years ago, unlike today, with the exception of rich people like Madonna and Angelina Jolie. White folks imported black kids from Africa to reap the benefits of the public dole. I tell you, that Donald Trump guy is a friggin' pure unadulterated genius.

Here's to hoping he doesn't start killing all first-born sons of Kenyan citizens. You know a guy with his kind of money, could pull that off in a movie studio and make it believable in a biblical or 'Avatar' sorta way. Hear it for yourself:


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