Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hey, Democrats: Not Even Charlie Sheen Sees this as Winning

There's an old joke that asks: how can you tell if a car salesman is honest? The answer is simple: an honest car salesman is one who is unemployed. Yes I know, made you bust a gut, didn't I? Given my professional background - in marketing and sales - I've always found that joke to be funny because the basis for closing any deal is as such that, "you get what you want, when other people get what they want." Of course everyone thinks that all car salesmen are dishonest (I've never sold cars), but could it be far from the truth and actually the other way around?

Could it be that consumers aren't honest with themselves and they get what they ask for? I mean, you do get what you pay for, right? After all, you gotta believe a lie before you can sell it to others as a bargain. Which in sales jargon, a bargain is what is perceived. However, perception isn't always reality.


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