Sunday, August 31, 2008


Some people think that Black people are stupid for their unanimous support of the Democratic Party as opposed to the Republican Party. This is an ongoing debate for which I'll be blogging about real soon. Voting is not a stupid thing. Its actually our civic duty. And if you consider yourself a patriot, then its in your best interest to cast your vote in the upcoming presidential elections.

Now, whats stupid is the reasons people have for their choice in candidate, or even the political ideology they choose to identify with. I say its stupid, but hey, people wanna be a part of something, and that's why they identify themselves with certain voting blocks, or groups. Personal choice is one thing, but when you choose to identify with certain groups, and be influenced by them in your voting decision, I think you're foolish, and clearly unable to think for yourself.

Like evangelicals for example. These people are supposed to be the moral compass of our society because they have box seats in heaven. People like this always try and influence the ballot with their issues. In 2004, it was gay marriages, and from the looks of it, this year its gonna abortion. Well I don't know, but I don't think the reason gas was almost $5 per gallon was because of all the women who exercised their right by law to abort a pregnancy. With the appointment of three new Supreme Court justices by the next administration this is slowly becoming an issue for hard line social conservatives, and Evangelicals.

For many, this is why they find favor with the McCain-Palin GOP ticket. Not that its not an important issue for women to have the right to abort a pregnancy. But is this the sole issue that should serve as a deal breaker when casting your vote? Though an important issue for debate, I don't think it should even be in the top five of concerns, or issues facing the American public today. But don't tell that to evangelicals. To them its a very important issue as they for the most part advocate the right to life. But they're so stupid, that they're prepared to cast a vote for McCain because he's pro-life. Sure, give him your vote because he all about saving babies. Yup, the same guy who is all about going to war, or chasing Bin Laden to Hell as he put it. Lemme guess, innocent people don't get killed in war? Even more ignorant, is the fact that some people are pro-life and support the death penalty. If you're one of those people, and you feel up to it, please explain in your comments how you came to that decision. I guess that would explain all those hypocritical people who chose to bomb abortion clinics in protest back in the 90's.

Last week in a U.S. attack over in Afghanistan, they killed 90 people. Of whom, 60 of them were children. The U.S. Gov't refuses to acknowledge the death count, but the U.N. investigation sure has shed some light on it. Woo hoo for those pro-lifers who support McCain! But like I said, Evangelicals are stupid. You'd think that by believing in Jesus, and his ability to provide for them, that they wouldn't even care about what the gov't does. Or what other people do for that matter. But then again, its their job to gain as many souls as they can to have that big bash in heaven when its all said and done.

So they make gay marriages and abortion the real issue in America. Never-mind the economy, the mortgage crisis, unemployment, or that Maury Povich is still doing paternity shows. That shit isn't important; Jesus is the answer. Whats important is what women do with their bodies or their vagina. Well I got a message for you Evangelical, bible thumping, anti abortion women: Just because John McCain has added a vagina to his ticket, doesn't mean that he cares about yours. Personally, for the record, I think abortion is as much a personal choice, as a woman choosing breast implants, or breast reduction. In my opinion, I do not think that it should even be a legal issue.

Whats your take on the abortion issue?


Stuck in my head said...


Amen to the contradictory/hypocritical anti-abortion yet pro war/death penalty/not caring for those children that are born and not living under adequate conditions.

It all makes me sick. And it is disgusting that people will vote for a candidate mainly due to their belief in one issue (two if you throw in gay marriage).

blackberry said...

1. Free.
2. Safe.
3. Legal.
4. On demand.
5. Globally accessible.

blackstar said...

wow - good point on that contradiction. We should blog more about it to call attention to it. Good point.

My stand on abortion is just not the ability to get an abortion - it's protecting a woman's right. Does that mean I'll run get an abortion if I get pregnant tomorrow, no. That does mean that I'm all for human rights and to me a woman's right to choose what she does with a pregnancy is her right.

I'm about leaving things open for citizens to decide. For instance, if Repubs wouldn't argue for family /moral value - then I wouldn't be so critical of Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter announcing her pregnancy. If they would be realistic and understand that in real life - ish happens I could view their perspectives a lot easier. They corner themselves so easily that it's hard to not be contradictory, but nobody seems to care on their side.

RiPPa said...

Blackstar: The timing of the announcement of her (Palin's) daughters preganancy coudn't come at a better time. The far right were just applauding her for knowingly giving birth to her downs syndrome baby (which its rumored to belong to her 16yr old daughter as well). And here her daughter is about t be a teen mother.

Equilibrium can be a bitch.

Or is that Karma?

Stuck in my head said...

She may have been picked for the very reason that her child is pregnant. They can use it as showing her compassion, that not only did she not have an abortion, neither will her daughter. That she is forgiving and will accept her daughter unconditionally. That she is just as normal as any other family (if you call having a child at 17 normal). She is strong enough to step forward to the candidacy despite her family issues.

It might have been part of their election strategy.

Who knows?

I'm pretty sure that the right media will not attack her for this issue as they would the vast majority of the rest of the society in this position. They will not ask her why she was not forcing abstinence onto her daughter. They will not call her a bad mother. They will welcome her and embrace her and call her brave.

LadyCracker said...

"Stuck In My Head" you surely see the subtlties of how issues can be spun out of the various circumstances.

I used to call myself a "hanging Liberal" because I felt taht both abortion and the death penalty were appropriate. Somewhere I became convinced that the death penalty is just not something which we want our government to perform.

I feel that prevention is the absolute first line of defense for womens rights, but if a woman feels that she does not want to bear a baby at a particular time that abortion is her right. Having a baby at a young age changes the course of a woman's life dramatically and frequently not for the better. So prevention--fight the STD's too.

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