Friday, August 29, 2008


You know how it feels to go to a party and see someone else with the same outfit you're wearing? I don't know about the fellas reading this, but I'm sure the ladies can feel me. When you see something like that, you feel sorta funny, sorta embarrassed. I know that's how I feel or have felt before when placed in a similar situation. Well, that's how I'm looking at John McCain's pick for a Vice Presidential running-mate.

I mean the guy got his ass knocked the fuck out like "Debo" did "Red" in the movie Friday from Obama's speech at the DNC. And this is what he comes up with in his announcement for VP? A woman who has only been govenor since 2006?? Not being sexist, or suggesting that a woman cannot run this country. That's not the issue. But hey, I don't expect my 10mth old daughter to start doing brain surgery in 6 months time either.

The funny thing about this, is that for the last month or so, he, John McCain has questioned Obama's experience. He has also questioned his judgement. But yet, this is his big announcement he had lemmings...oops...I meant republicans waiting for overnight. Questioning a resume or voting history is one thing, but to tie that in with his (Obama's) experience is another. Its like two virgins who've never seen any parts of the pussy arguing about who is best to have sex with a prostitute. Yes America is like a prostitute, and we the people have been taking it up the ass for quite some time now. Yep, for the last 8yrs to be exact.

And here comes John McCain to save the day, or at least sell us whores on the idea that he can be the best pimp. What's sad, is that there are millions of people who see this as a good choice in VP. Lord forbid that McCain wins. Lord forbid that he has a stroke the day after the inauguration after a night of drunken sex from his very wealthy wife who owns him. Lord forbid that would happen. If it does, we the people will be stuck with the re-incarnation of the "Church Lady" from "Saturday Night Live" to run this country.

Really Mr. McCain? Is that the best you can do? Clearly he's punch drunk if he thinks he now posses the "dream ticket". I really hate to think that him and his crew believe that by putting this woman on the ticket, that they're gonna attract all those "disgruntled" Hillary Clinton supporters. Hopefully grandpa Moses is smarter than that because Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton. She's a white woman like her, but she doesn't have the draw like our former first lady. If ya ask me, McCain and his team smoked those 18 million pieces of crack that fell from the glass ceiling that is women in politics. Hopefully she doesn't start wearing pants suits next week.

But suddenly, John McCain, Mr. Tough Guy, is viewed as a man who has championed the rights of women or their causes. The guy voted to have legislature make insurance companies cover Viagra, and not Birth Control for women. Hmmmm? Sounds kinda sexist to me, but what do I know. After all, he is a pro-lifer. Why else would he NOT want women to receive coverage for birth control pills, but allow men to have coverage for Viagra. But then again, he's 97yrs old and still has to keep his little shriveled up pecker erect. If I were a woman, I'd be insulted by this man and his attempt to be a reformed chauvinist pig.

Checkout the "Straight Talk Express" at work....


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Yah, Rippa, The more I think about his pick, the more convinced I am that he and the GOP don't want to win, 'cause then they'll have to clean up the mess Bush & Co. did.

Stuck in my head said...

Kit, I have heard from some that that is the plan -- to make him lose, make Obama have to do the impossible hard work, and then come back in four years when every one will be so upset with the prior group's inability to fix everything that the masses will all vote republican.

But, I also really believe that his choice, though not really making sense on the experience, policy, standpoint levels will draw a lot of votes to his side.

Be afraid.

Register all people you know to vote if they are not going to vote for McCain. Make sure if they have moved, they register in their new voting area.

RiPPa said...

Kit: you might be right, but trust me, this clown is not trying to lose. He has been in the backseat to Bush family for years, and he sees this as his time.

The problem is, he just knew he was gonna get this hands down because Obama has that handicap of being black. Unfortunately for him, he has no idea just how much Bush has jacked up this country in the last 8yrs. I guess he's banking on that FEAR bullshit to still work.

Stuck: You're so right, we have alotta work still to do. If you want change, you gotta get out and act like it, and get to work. Thats what we the people, need to be doing. A voter registration campaign is as neccessary now, as it was back in Mississippi back in the day.


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