Thursday, August 21, 2008


Onetime my boss overheard a conversation I was having with another employee about religion. My boss is a devout Jehovah witness. Though he never spoke about it at the office, I figured it was a matter of time before he gave me the "ol sales pitch". He asked me about my religion. Of course I told him I was Catholic... or at least christened in a catholic church; hell its been a long ass time since I've been to mass. He was even surprised to hear that at one point in time I was an ALTAR BOY. I know what your thinking..."aint no way"...well yeah I was for years. It was the coolest thing in my opinion. Hell it was like performing on stage every weekend. Truth is, I did it for the chicks. There's something powerful about being dressed in a gown and helping "the man" serve communion to a chick you wanna bang.

I haven't read the bible in a while. I've read certain parts of it, but not enough to have a 'Bible Scripture War' with someone and back up my view points of the world with corresponding Bible quotes. Rather than read the Bible in one sitting, I'd much rather go to a church where there's a man who reads the Bible every day and serves up his own interpretations.

When you think about it, that's all religious harmony is. A group of people who agree on one set of religious principles getting together with other people who believe the same principals. Across the board this is the one foundation for peaceful group worship; whether it's Christianity, Devil Worship, Jehovah's Witnesses, or those annoying Star Trek and Star Wars people who go to conventions dressed as their favorite characters .

We laugh at these idiot "Trekies", you know why? Because we don't agree with them. You don't agree with them dressing up in Starship Outfits. But hey, for as long as people wearing Star Trek Outfits are chillin with other people wearing Star Trek outfits then It's fine by me. It's a healthy outlet.

If you don't agree with someone's style of worship there's only a few things you can do anyway... you can

A) Leave them be and Accept the fact that they're different and respect their beliefs.
B) Tell them that their religion is wrong and politely attempt to sell them on your religion.
C) Declare a Holy War and throw rocks at their tanks.


D) Leave them Be and Laugh Hysterically.

I'm still trynna figure out this whole "religion" thing. Not sure if I ever will. But hey at least I know I can go to a STAR TREK convention and nobody would care. Isaac Hayes, was a well known scientologist, and he died last week. Nothing funny about that because we're all gonna die eventually. Whats funny, is that they had his memorial service at a Christian church. It just goes to show that once you're dead, you really have no control, and nobody gives two shits about your beliefs. Well, either that, or in his case, there wasn't a Star Trek convention near by, or in Memphis for the week.

My boss told me that ther isn't any racism within the Jehovah Witnesses. I guess he thought I was gonna buy that. I don't think he found it funny when I asked if they had a Jehova Witness protection program.


Tom Rook said...

Well, an adult Star Trek Fan is a "Trekker", not a "Trekkie", and I have been all over the world and can affirm that there is no racism among Jehovah's Witnesses...

except for the occasional person that is just learning about JWs that holds on to his racism that he brought with him.

Having public speakers and teachers of all races give lectures at the Kingdom Halls three times a week makes it pretty clear there is no racism, but of course, there is always that someone that "doesn't get it".


Anonymous said...

I am a white woman (one of Jehovah's Witnesses) who once had the opportunity to visit the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean. My husband and I decided to just take a leisurely walk in the public park. There we happened to see a familiar sight: a lady (who happened to be black) holding a piece of literature that was immediately recognizable to us as what is known commonly as the "Require" brochure. That, or a Watchtower. She was discussing the literature with a man seated on the bench next to her. We strolled closer to make sure we were correct in our assumption, and we were. We greeted her and told her we were Jehovah's Witnesses, too, from the United States. She leaped to her feet, hugged both of us, and then turned and told the astonished gentleman still on the bench, "This is my brother and my sister from America!!!" That was a beautiful experience of the brotherhood between the races within the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. This kind of thing has happened to us several times during our travels. Admittedly there are those who have a hard time letting go of their predjudices when they come into the brotherhood, but they will eventually let go of the racism if they are going to be true followers of Christ Jesus, who purely reflects the qualities of his Father, Jehovah. He knows no boundaries of color, race, or social position. So, RIPPA, you can believe what your boss says.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

So you were a cradle Catholic and an alterboy? Cool. I was too (the former not the latter) and went to Catholic school in the early years. Yeah, y'all were cool alright. And so was Star Trek. Loved the original show the best.

Liked your post; funny as usual.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

LOL throwing rocks is the ticket

blackberry said...

Tolerance is alright with me.

robusta barista said...

You know that's messed up! There's no way you can convince me that your crazy ass was EVER an alter boy. No way! (LMBAO)

I didn't know they held service for Ike in a Christian church. Now that's messed up! Who arranged for the funeral? Obviously someone who didn't belong to Scientology.

Question. Are you comparing Scientologists to Trekkies? As with Jehovah Witnesses, they're kind of "out there." But I'm sure that was said about Christians some 2000 years ago. (LOL)


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