Monday, February 15, 2010

For Sale: Haitian Children for as Low as $100

Yes, for the sweetheart deal of only $100, you too can purchase a Haitian child displaced by the recent earthquake. Why take a chance of getting caught at the border of the Dominican Republic as a few Christian do-gooders were, after abducting 33 children without the proper documentation? Why do that when you can have that and more for the low-low, by employing the services of Mr. Yis Jean Guerson pictured below as he poses with a would be or eventual child lost to the clutches of evil human trafficking opportunists.

This fine gentleman and stallworth humanitarian just so happens to also be a school teacher who is dedicated to improving the lives of Haiti's youth. He was caught on tape recently by British journalists trying to uncover a child trafficking ring in Haiti. A group of journalists who were shocked that this is so easily done, and at such a low cost:

So now you're probably a tad bit upset, and motivated to do bodily harm to this gentleman. Well hold your horses because after reading this story about this man and his operations. You may have a better picture of just what type of pain and suffering this cretin should endure and just for how long. Human Trafficking is a major business enterprise worldwide, and sadly but necessarily, the situation in Haiti has opened eyes to this crime against humanity.

We all now know about the 10 Americans sitting in a Haitian jail awaiting trial for attempting to kidnap and transport 33 Haitian children recently. What's ironic about that is that now their attorney is being accused of Human Trafficking himself, and is actually wanted in El Salvador for engaging in the practice. This stuff is getting more shiesty by the day, and I hope more people are actually paying attention more than ever, mostly for the sake of the children. Besides, I thought the atrocious concept of slavery was now a thing of the past.


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