Friday, October 8, 2010

A Good Tongue Lashing

I don’t know what happened to the art of kissing. Of all the boy/girl activities I have striven to master over the years the one thing that has remained my favorite above them all is kissing. It’s my personal experience that a lover who knows how to work them lips on the face is equally good at working THEM lips while GIVING face.

But….I digress.

Kissing is the single most intimidate act there is. Kissing can be more intimate than sex in my opinion since you can have sex with a person and still be distant (before, during and after). But I dare you to pucker up and plant one on a person and not find yourself connecting to them in more ways than just the initial touching of lips.

Kissing involves swapping spit, inhaling each others breath, adapting to each others breathing and having coordinating body language. A man’s kiss has made me fall in love (-ness) and a man’s kiss has made me shun any further affection from him while also abandoning all hopes of him being the ‘next Mr. Right’.

I don’t need words to tell volumes of information about a person; it’s in their kiss. The decision of a man to feel my body, the feel of a his hands on my body, where he chooses to touch me, the intensity of his touch all give me clues as to the type of love he may have in store for me. The feel of the tension in his body when we kiss, the sloppy greed of his mouth during our kiss, pursed and taunt lips reveal that he is not comfortable with himself in this intimate act…so what the fuck am I supposed to do with him?

Kissing requires (usually/accidentally?) looking into each other eyes while kissing. Kissing is not something that can be done successfully with ‘mental’ blocks up; it is not something that can easily be disregarded as a random act (like sex sometimes becomes).

I remember my first kiss at the tender age of youthfulness (HA-mind yo business!) and how giddy it made me back then. I can recall the quickening of my heart when I first realized that ‘it was about to go down’!. I remember the feeling of being lightheaded when it was all over. The sweetest part of a kiss is the pause right before the feel of another pair of lips on mine.

There have been many kisses since then and I still look forward to that ‘first kiss’ with a new potential love. A good kiss can make a woman look forward to the ‘other’ sweet kiss your lips may offer her. A REAL good kisser might actually cause his date to get moved up to RIGHT NOW.

A bad kiss is powerful enough to kill any hope you and she had of finding true love, well at least that’s how I am. See I can’t IMAGINE being with a man that professes to love me but is either unable or unwilling to be vulnerable enough to close his eyes, embrace my body and take me to a whole ‘nother place. After all…isn’t that the core of what two people hope to achieve, be it in a kiss, in love and in life.

Here’s to you good kissers out there. Be you a kissing ass or an ass kisser. You make the world a better place!


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