Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pure F*ckery: Young Girls Proudly Selling P*ssy

OK look, we here at TIOMAR have a penchant for presenting to you our dear readers what we deem as fuckery around the internet. We're still trying to figure out just why we do it; but, I guess something positive can be gained by the exposure of said fuckery. Yes, we don't do this shit for fun, people!

I dunno, it's sorta like the fuckery check list. You know, after seeing it here, you the reader can then simply check it off your potential fuckery-to-do-list. I mean hell, we're all prone to commit fuckericious acts, no?

This week we bring to you a female rap group based in that eternal-never-ending home of all things fucked up about the black community: Atlanta, Georgia. Sorry Atlanta readers; send me all the hate mail you want, but you folks need to keep the fuckery at a minimum... no shade.

But anyway, check this video out, and please, for the purpose of an upcoming post - a very deep and significant post meant to save lives - answer the question posed below. Seriously, it would be doing this site a huge service by watching this, and answering the question. Yeah, we do research around this camp too:

QUESTION: If your teenage daughter gets pregnant, can you blame it on Hip Hop? I'm only asking because I'm told that Hip Hop promotes single motherhood which is detrimental to the black community.

Like I said, there's more to come on this, but this is what I'm told. Supposedly 50 Cent's line, "Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire," encourages females - young black females - to be promiscuous; are you buying that idea?


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